Sen. Rand Paul didn’t reach for a sip of water during his Tea Party Express state of the union response, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth watching. Paul’s speech was all about limited government and responsible spending. Mitt Romney took a beating in the press for suggesting that the promise of “gifts” was partially responsible for President Obama’s reelection, but Paul wasn’t backing away from the idea.

Where to cut spending? Paul’s suggestions ranged from F-16s for Egypt to the Obamaphone.

  • ceemack

    Can we nominate this guy now?

    • Spatial Awareness

      As long as he locks his dad in the basement. ~_^

      • EastValleyConservative


      • Love of Country

        my sentiments exactly. I am liking him more and more – but his dad scares me!

        • Moonbeam

          Yup, it’s in the genes!

        • Celestial Time

          What scares you?

          • Slapweasel

            The idea that Ron Paul likes “Leaving Israel to Israel” makes sense. The fact that “Leaving Israel to Israel” also means that it “Leaves Israel to the U.N.” does not.

      • ceemack

        Amen to that!

      • Michael Finley

        He says the EXACT same things that his dad said for 35 years. But somehow, you find Rand more palatable than Ron?

        • Bristel

          Mostly because Rand doesn’t say or do the other crap that Ron does.

        • Ronald


        • Ronald


    • Elaine

      I like him so much more than his Dad.

  • Dick Beninya

    Rand Mf’n Paullllllll!

  • EastValleyConservative

    I really like Rand, but being the spawn of the Ron, I worry. Ron has a lot right, but loses badly on national security. It’s just plain insanity. I worry that behind the scenes, Rand holds the same views on this, and that he would just automatically pull the military back and view terrorism as a reaction to “occupying” their countries. (Obama’s words as well) I agree, bring the military home, but don’t ignore what the terrorist is really going after, and that is destruction of the U.S. and Israel regardless of our presence anywhere. Rand is saying what I want to hear right now though….. :)

    • Robbie C

      National security deals with security in the nation. Not overseas wasting our time in countries that don’t want us there. So bring back the military, lock down this country and worry only about this country. If we get attack, we pummel them to the ground and leave. Leave it as shit and say: Mess with us and you end up like this.

      • walterc

        That’s what we should have been doing before now. This whole bringing democracy to the people will make them like us, BS isn’t working.

      • Hiraghm

        I agree, but I don’t think Ron Paul does.

      • Ronald

        Right on.

      • Ronald

        Right on.

    • Cruz2016!!!

      Rand Paul is not a wacko when it comes to foreign policy like his dad….Rand Paul respects our military…Ron Paul doesn’t

  • Red Fred

    Really appreciate Rand Paul stating facts. Back to basic Constitutional government.

  • BorderLine Guy

    “A trillion dollars every year?” I wish. It’s $1 trillion every 279 days.

  • Kaysa Alexander

    What America needs: Not full of himself, common sense, educated/fact checking, calm kinda guy! Not the most exciting personality, so I hope the less educated would take the time to get to know what he stands for before simply looking for a “personality” for our 2016 candidate!

  • Cruz2016!!!

    We need more Rand Paul’s and less Marco establishment Rubio’s…

    • Slapweasel

      Rubio really showed his cards on that whole, “I trust the Congress to defend the borders.” -debacle. Is it ironic or serendipitous that, right around Groundhog Day, we went right back to 1986? Ironic, perhaps.

      “Serendipitous” would be watching “Back to the Future” while that little congregation occurred.

  • CJWhodunit

    2016?? This is what real LEADERSHIP looks and sounds like!