The word “occupy” has received plenty of use over the last few years, and viewers of the president’s state of the union address had different reactions to Obama’s characterization of the war on terror as an American “occupation” of foreign countries.

Others had different words for what the United States has been doing in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

Critics of the administration’s drone program weren’t about to let the president off the hook either.

For the sake of simplicity, we’ll give this tweeter the final word.

  • KansasGirl

    He is such a hateful person.

    • Tel-Jonah Stern

      Yes, ma’am. He has contempt for our Nation especially the military.

  • JohnKettlewell

    How much of it is was directed more toward Israel? That’s my belief since it was no expounded on.

  • Marcus Porcius

    Obama doesn’t like it when we turn other countries into occupied territories.

    It’s competition for the occupation he’s pushing here.

  • waltermitty2012

    We certainly didn’t occupy Libya and that has worked out well so far. 😉

  • nc

    I’m sorry I missed this part of the speech. Well, not really. After 15 minutes I was hoarse from yelling at the TV, so I changed the channel and watched Long Island Medium. Much better!

  • Maxx

    As a military veteran, it is insulting for the President to assert that we are “occupying” other nations. Veterans are there because YOU continue to send them there. You’re the Commander in Chief….if it annoys you so much, bring our warriors home and stop treating them like political pinatas.

  • EastValleyConservative

    Occupy was used deliberately to please the Israel haters. That and even though HE himself is doing the “occupying”, he still thinks it’s occupying. What an arse.

  • sako204

    Can we find someone else to “occupy” the Oval Office for awhile?

    • Rulz


    • Tom Bannigan

      The pentagon should invade washington and force a revote of all those in office, with mandates that current occupiers can not run again EVER.

  • Jd1367

    Wish he felt the same way about the illegals occupying the US right now

  • Cold War Grunt

    The only ground in a foreign country that has ever been occupied by the US, is occupied by the remains of our fallen men and women.

  • Noah Lee

    i thought Obama loved the occupy movement?

  • walterc

    Watch Dinesh D’Souza’s 2016 movie and this comment makes sense. Obama believes that America is an imperialist nation, and he wants to destroy it.

    • michael s

      You mean the fraudulent Christian conservative Dinesh desouza? The one who said Pres Obama is undermining family values while undermining his own family, the college that correctly removed him,all while claiming he didn’t know his actions were against his Christian faith? By the way what is he up to now?

      • walterc

        I don’t much care for D’Souza either, but his 2016 movie explained what drives Barack Hussein Obama.

  • Rulz

    As far as I know, we are in other countries at the request of their recognized governments.

  • Hiraghm

    I, too, am opposed to “occupying” nations.
    I’m also opposed to “liberating” them.
    Wake me up when we get back to good old fashioned CONQUERING other nations.

    • Lisa Dean


  • Aldog

    Mr. President – if you want to stop occupation – do not give guns and plane’s to our enemies. How about stopping all foreign aid for a year. The world will knock on our door inviting back.

  • Lisa Dean

    US occupied countries!?! You mean like Germany “occupied” other countries during WWII? Or is Obama planning to screw up other countries and not just the US?

  • Laurel

    This is yet reason #1223 why Afghanistan should not exist. Idiots use protracted wars to exploit, lie, cheat, perpetuate deceit for personal gain.

  • EffeminateIvyLeagueFob

    I wonder if leftists will ever evolve to the point where they develop introspection and decide that their political gamesmanship within their own countries is just as bad as the oppression their nation inflicts upon other nations,and so decide to stop occupying this country.

    That would be a fantastic day for the rest of us. Unfortunately, when leftists say “we”, as in “We need to pay more taxes” or “We have to do something about guns”,they really mean “you”.

    This pack of hypocrites will never apply the same standard to themselves that they do to others,because they know that all their way of doing things does is destroy the group who implements them economically,socially,etc. That’s why “we” need to hurry up and push their agenda through so badly.

    The ironic thing here is that their headlong rush to impose radical lesbian separatism,a.k.a. feminism, on impoverished nations will destroy and oppress their citizens more surely than a thousand Hiroshima bombs or a 100-year occupation. Watch as birthrates decline,social cohesion disintegrates at an exponential rate, half their population winds up in prison,fatherless,impoverished,violent,and destitute in real time. The only reason we’ve survived this long is because we were one of the wealthiest and most powerful nations on earth formerly. A struggling nation of impoverished seasonal farmers has NO chance at all of overcoming the disastrous effects.

    Keep an eye on those feminized nations. Watch what happens to them,and then decide if the left’s imperial passive-aggression is good for US or not.