As Twitchy reported, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney last week tried to enlist Twitter’s help in pinning the looming sequestration cuts on the Republicans, offering up the recycled #GOPamnesia campaign hashtag. For their part, House and Senate Republicans fought back with #Obamaquester, and several members of the GOP even replaced their Twitter avatars with a highlighted passage from Bob Woodward’s book, “The Price of Politics,” showing the inception of the idea in the White House.

Surprising no one, NPR has decided to run interference for the Obama administration, calling the sequester “a Republican invention.”


So, just how wrong is NPR this time? Even the Obama fan club at PolitiFact rated as “mostly false” the president’s debate claim that “the sequester is not something that I proposed.”

Defund? But, but … Big Bird!


Biggest gaffe of the night: Obama’s sequestration blunder

Flashback: During Oct. 22 debate, Obama said sequester ‘will not happen’

  • Terry_Jim

    Why are we funding this pack of lies?

    • lainer51

      because we fund all that crap and no one seems to have the “stones” to stop it…

    • Elaine

      The mouthpeice for a progressive agenda must play the blame game and would never bite the hand that feeds them.

  • HARP2

    My grandson likes to fart and then blame Grandpa……..I smell methane here now.

  • SpinMeNot

    As if facts ever presented a real problem for NPR or any of the LSM/Left?

  • Tangchung

    NPR calling Bob Woodward a liar? Popcorn time.

  • RadicalRebelWhoMeToo

    In an attempt of pure Joseph Goebbels propaganda .@nprpolitics #CarriesWater for 0bama and the FAILING Leftofascists. #SurprisingNoOne #LiarsRUs

  • Sheik Yerbouti

    NPR will never retract, because they don’t have to. The Guild will protect them.

    • CatHerder

      The Spacing Guild? I think these clowns have been overdoing the spice.

  • Princess_Jen

    They just keep spoonfeeding bs to low information voters.

    • lainer51

      and to morons…. oh, sorry, you just said that.

  • Penny Robinson Fan Club

    Is Red China a free country yet? I feel like moving somewhere.

    • Todd Hill

      Makati in the Philippines is supposed to be pretty nice and expat-friendly.

  • Guest

    Just the Comrades of the mainstream media protecting their ideological figurehead;
    nothing to see here, except the demise of the American culture.

  • JCRocks

    State media at work

  • dennylee60

    I am continually amazed the among of lies and distortion needed to prop up this failed president.

  • mwmichaels

    NPR phoned me tonight asking for money. Alas, they went away mumbling. That is how they get the message.

  • Weeper of the House

    But guess what, the GOP voted for it and Boehner said it was 98% of what he wanted and Cantor backed it and rallied the caucus behind it. Now they all pretend they never voted for it. Full flop.

    • John (it true me am)

      The GOP’s failure was to keep Obama in check and falling for the Democrat’s crap voting for it. That doesn’t mean the scam wasn’t Obama’s to begin with. Classic redirection nonsense, no one has once said that Boehner’s and his clown car of mediocrity didn’t vote for it like morons. The bottom line is simple… Obama’s WH proposed it, thus it is their invention, not the GOP’s. Therefore the NPR story is a blatant lie.

      • Todd Hill

        Also, if Obama didn’t want sequestration, he could’ve refused to sign the bill and let it pass that way, or he could’ve vetoed it. He did neither and now that albatross is laying about his neck.

    • La’Milton

      you are terrible at this.

      • Weeper of the House

        Apparently not as bad as the gop

      • Weeper of the House

        Apparently not as bad as the gop

    • La’Milton

      you are terrible at this.

  • Gary Keller

    Why do we fund these bunch of leftist ijits.They would be the first to go in any kind of a sane world..

  • Garth Haycock

    Politifact says it’s mostly false? How can something be mostly false? It’s either false or true. It’s no different than a woman being pregnant; she either is or isn’t.

    • Matthew Hoy

      It’s only “Mostly False” because Republicans were in the same room as Obama. If there’s even the flimsiest excuse to blame the GOP, Politifraud will grasp it like a drowning man grabbing for flotsam. The only reason Politifraud is even worth quoting is that them calling it “mostly false” is an admission against interest.

  • mahilena

    what a bunch of crap…Obama did not proposed the idea…the most that has been alledged is that Obama’s team in particular Lew was thinking of a trigger…but not Obama…yet the Republicans immediately agreed a trigger was necessary and agreed to it overwhelmingly
    When President Obama signed the bill shortly after it was passed by the Senate.

    In doing so, the president said, “Is this the deal I would have preferred? No. But this compromise does make a serious down payment on the deficit reduction we need, and gives each party a strong incentive to get a balanced plan done before the end of the year.”

    Obama went along as a way to compromise but he did not himself came up with the idea
    so the claim that it is Obama’s idea is FALSE