Yes, many people are again seeing the same malware warning in Chrome they noticed back in December when visiting the Daily Caller. If you’re seeing it on primarily conservative sites, it might be because those are the sites you’re trying to visit. The San José Mercury News reports that even YouTube was blocked for many Chrome users, even though Google owns both the browser and the video service. The problem seems to stem not from the content of the site but rather from the server providing the advertising.

The errors are similar to the experience of many Chrome users earlier in the week, when error warnings spread wide Monday morning after a Silicon Valley advertising-services company’s website was hacked with malware.

In the earlier case, Santa Clara-based Netseer’s corporate website was infected, which caused Chrome to block it; however, the company’s ad-serving infrastructure and corporate website used the same domain, so any ad served by Netseer caused Chrome to block the page.

This tweet from Feb. 4 was prescient:

  • René O’Deay

    google probably had more than a hand in putting the malware there.

    • TugboatPhil

      I’m sure that the CEO of Google having a key to the White House is coincidental in this matter.

    • Elilla Shadowheart

      Well it’s fun to say that, here’s the reality. When you sell your sites ad space, advertisers can buy bidding space based on impressions. And malware providers will do this too, by outbidding normal ad rotations when available to get their malware in the open.

      So an example, an normal ad rotation goes for $0.0011389/view/impression. The malware provider will overbid at $0.0011438 the only way to stop it is sell your adspace to only select individuals, no bulk advertisements, only allow ads that you personally approve, and only use trusted adnetworks. Remember that google bought up a couple of really scummy adnetworks it really never changed from that.

  • V the K

    Have any left-wing sites been blocked by this phenomenon?

  • Nick Karels

    I had the suspicion almost a week ago:

  • waltzingmtilda

    One of my go-to (non-political) sites, Television Without Pity, is having the same problem.

  • Conservative First

    I had this problem going to a CBS Los Angeles article today, it’s the ad that’s on the site.. This happened with Drudge a while back where an ad he posted had malware in it.

  • dmacleo

    they all (from what I could see) are google adsense campaigns too.

  • CatHerder

    I’ll stick with Firefox.

  • scotth

    I was seeing it last week at Breitbart using Firefox

  • KahNayNay

    I don’t use any browser except internet explorer. Never a problem. When are people going to learn that Google uses all your information, for free, to then give to the DNC and Obama for America?? I just joined for my private email for 40 dollars a year….GMAIL, HOTMAIL, YAHOO, etc ALL SCAN YOUR PERSONAL EMAILS TO GARNER INFORMATION FROM WHAT YOU THINK IS PRIVATE INFORMATION. Why do you think you get such targeted ads sent to your email pages?? The advertisers pay Google and Google uses that money to make contributions to the DNC. So using “free” browsers, email, etc. is not free. They get your personal information in exchange for the “free” service. When will people learn that Google, Face Book, etc. is not free.