No, it can’t be Twitter goggles alone that explain Newark, N.J., Mayor Cory Booker’s way with the ladies. Maybe it’s the topical collectivist poetry.

Or is it the hair?

Is it his gentle but firm way with the kids (of all ages)?

Whatever it is, the magic is working.

If such a thing as Twitter goggles exist, the big question is, will citizens be allowed to bring them into the voting booth with them when Booker makes his inevitable run for United States Senate?

Rest assured, not everyone owns a pair.

  • poljunkie♪

    The thing about Cory Booker is he seems like a genuinely nice guy. He has charm.

    That said, we have to remember if he runs for Senate- and wins he will always vote along party lines- to keep the Dems in the Majority.

    • justlittlolme

      >> He has charm.
      So does an adorable new puppy – but you know for a fact he’ll eventually take a dump on your best rug. :-)

      • poljunkie♪

        So true.

  • dmacleo

    I think I respect booker more. I don’t often agree with him but he seems consistent.

    • Drew Longview

      Just as they had hoped. The democrats are a clever bunch.

  • Joe W.

    He’s still a progressive liberal…..and they are EVIL.

    • Rulz

      He is, but I think I’d take him over Joe Biden or Barack Obama.

      At least he has some private sector experience.

  • Ben Bollman

    Whether it is a blizzard outside or not, a politician telling me someone they can’t go outside is creepy to me.

    • GaryTheBrave

      I don’t know what is scarier, a politician telling a citizen they cannot go out or said citizen asking said politician for permission to go out.

      • Ben Bollman

        or Arby’s telling them to listen to their mayor like he is their parent

  • Stone Bryson

    I kind of like the guy. Hardly ever agree with him, wouldn’t vote for him if my life depended on it, but I got to admit (unlike the current occupant of the White House, who is very UN-likable), Mayor Booker seems like a decent, almost humble individual.

    Well, humble for a politician, anyhow…

  • Maxx

    I think it’s entirely possible to admire those we disagree with politically. Labels are for soup cans. There’s just so much hate out there. Booker seems like a decent man, albeit one whose path to the beach is different than the one I choose. However, that should not require me to dislike the fella.

    • BristolGOP Backup

      Al Capone and Pol Pot also seemed decent.

      • Maxx

        I think it’s a stretch…and silly one at that, to connect Pol Pot with Cory Booker. Come on TN, that doesn’t advance the political discourse.

        • BristolGOP Backup

          Fair enough. But their ideologies match and the end results of that ideology being applied are the same.

          On a separate point, I don’t think there is any meaningful discourse left to be had.

  • nc

    I’ll always have a soft spot for Booker after he went on NBC’s “Meet the Press” and let the nation know he was nauseated by one of the president’s campaign tactics against Mitt Romney.

    But he’s still a lib and I don’t forget that.

    • grais

      Same here…until he got taken to Obama’s woodshed and changed his tune.
      No courage, no conviction…just another Obama slave.

  • Lord Foggybottom

    Fuck the mayor, Jimmy! Go get your Arby’s and don’t let anybody tell you what you can and can not do.

  • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

    It’s funny, because he talks about people helping people, but his true and hardened belief is government is there to take care of you, i.e., him. Don’t be confused by the soft and delicate wrapping.

  • disappearing moderate

    I am a victim of the Booker allure also. He’s far too liberal for me, and I can’t vote in NJ anyway, but I can’t help myself. I like him. He always comes across as so busy and on top of things. I definitely like him better than Christie.

  • Drew Longview

    I don’t trust him. He is a media creation and people are lapping it up.

  • BruceMajors4DC
  • Rulz

    Booker may be too responsible and too conservative to run for anything higher than Senate.

  • poljunkie♪

    Booker is always in the right place at the right time. A house is burning, he saves the woman. Someone doesn’t have power, he lets them charge their ipod. He’s a nice guy…BUT he’s still a politican.