As Twitchy has reported, mainstream media outlets have been omitting large portions of hunted ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner’s manifesto, in which he praises several television personalities from MSNBC and CNN. He directly addresses Chris Matthews, Joe Scarborough, Pat Harvey, Brian Williams, Soledad Obrien, Wolf Blitzer, Meredith Viera, Tavis Smiley and Anderson Cooper and asks them to “keep up the great work and follow Cronkite’s lead.”

CNN is reporting now that Dorner days ago had mailed a package to Anderson Cooper, which some sources say included a DVD and a note saying, “I never lied.”

We know already that the media are withholding portions of the alleged killer’s Leftist manifesto; how completely will they report his apparent attempt to reach out to them?

Here’s a still of some of the contents of the package, including a DVD hand-labeled, “Chris Dorner Exoneration,” and a sticky note reading in part, “Here is my vindication.”

christopher dorner-anderson-cooper


  • daeghrefn

    The ending of “Seven” is coming to mind.

  • Bob Smooper

    I haven’t been following this story but I bet the Koch Brothers have something to do with it.

    • KansasGirl

      You wish.

    • Jillane Kent

      He’s a liberal hero, according to at least a few, who admires many of the pundits you have expressed support for. I am surprised you haven’t been following this one.

    • Rabid

      You’re kidding? He heaped praise on your sweetie, Musket in his manifesto and you didn’t know about it??

      • Bob Smooper

        I bet Morgan was thrilled with that heh

  • Jim De Arras

    It’s Bush’s fault.

  • Tangchung

    Cooper brothers, Anderson and Mark confirm they have small packages.

    • RadicalRebelWhoMeToo

      AAAAahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhaha!!!! XD

  • Media Bias

    Idiot Dead Old Media will not report this fairly. That we can all count on.

  • robcrawford2

    Why is Cooper reporting on this? He’s now part of this story; he’s not a disinterested journalist.

    • Rob

      He’s never BEEN a disinterested journalist. Or even a journalist for that matter.

  • Matthew Koch

    He’s probably not the only guy to show Anderson Cooper his package.

  • Susan D. Onem

    Close your eyes and say this out loud:
    “Anderson Cooper gets package in mail”.
    Well duh, right?

    • dmacleo

      heh heh
      cooper gets package from male….

  • Sasha Williams

    Look at all the sick Conservatives cracking jokes and ignoring the fact that there is a crazy person on the loose. Note: You can be crazy no matter what politics you support

    • Mark Cogley

      well it helps if your a democrat left wing nut job crazy killer is only a step away

      • Sasha Williams

        And there you go with the ignorant crap as if a right winger has never murdered anyone. People have killed others since Cain and Abel. Don’t recall the Bible mentioning him as a liberal. You take the cowards way out of talking about mental illness by using these stupid political claims

        • Mark Cogley

          cain was a democrat able was a Conservativ its always the same

          • Sasha Williams

            You are blasphemous. May God have mercy on your dark soul.

        • amona demona

          Chris Dorner is that you?

        • David Shrock

          He will get off all trumped up charges because the weapon did the killing.

    • Guest

      You can’t make an opera without breaking a few legs..

    • John (it true me am)

      Way to just paraphrase Piersy. Pro-tip: “Cracking jokes” about Anderson Cooper and calling the left wing media on blatant mishandling of the story and covering up of facts is hardly the same as cracking jokes about the situation itself. In fact, even a casual look through the posting history of probably every last person here will find wholesale condemnation of Dorner’s actions to a level at which the left will never hold for him(blah blah blah victim of racist LAPD) with sarcastic comments directed at the journalists and not the story.

      • Patrick Dennehy

        Well Said, John.
        Sasha, save us the rhetoric please.

      • NCRelite

        exactly. this creep is a hero to the Left. they worship villains

    • TugboatPhil

      I just hope those police don’t have more than 7 round “clip magazines.” Someone might get hurt.

    • Marty Luther


    • bluewaternavy

      Grow up…OK?
      We are well aware that here is a nut-case liberal dirtbag on the loose-and that he’s murdered innocent people. We also know that he loves the above mentioned Anderson Cooper’s stance-as well as the stance of Piers “Musket”Morgan and other assorted and like-minded schmucks.
      Liberals tried to pin the Gifford shooting on Sarah Palin despite facts that shooter was no conservative-now they get their panties in a twist over a self-avowed leftist being laid on THEIR doorstep. Look at how fast Musket said tht this shooting should NOT be politicized-despite doin the same with Newtown, CT
      Hypocrisy, thy name is the Democratic Party!
      Go off and get a clue, kid-you can get them 3/$10 at Target.

  • andycanuck

    Did Anderson blame Palin for the Giffords’ shootings? If yes, then it’s time to hold the Left to the same standard and blame Anderson for this.

    • souphands

      What standard is that? Did Anderson Cooper call police officers Communists? No?

      You’re not too bright.

      • John (it true me am)

        Your reply is nonsensical. I don’t think it even qualifies as a strawman it is such an unrelated comment.

        The standard is obvious: The Giffords shooting was blamed on Palin because of a website graphic featuring a target. So if the blame there is so tenuous, why should there not be blame placed on those who IN THE SHOOTERS WORDS OUTRIGHT INSPIRED the current shootings?

        That isn’t to say I think Cooper or anyone else but Dorner is to blame, simply pointing out the hypocrisy.

        • dmacleo

          it was blamed on palin due to using a typical cartographic symbol, same one used on many maps.
          thats whats truly aggravating about it, its not a target.

  • 1azuce

    Cooper likes receiving other mens package.

  • amona demona

    Seems like somone got an early Valentines Day gift .


  • amona demona

    It should read “Anderson Cooper gets male-in package.

  • Sylvia

    OMG I lawl’d thru these comments. Awesome! <3

  • souphands

    Saddest website on the internet,

    • Maxx

      please stick around, we like it when you visit. Every kingdom needs a court jester.

    • TruDat

      We love exposing you loony libs for the hypocrites you are, and when you whine about it, well, that’s just icing on the cake.

      • bluewaternavy

        Look at it this way, when a liberal whines it’s entertainment fo the rest of s.

    • JHX

      Go derp somewhere else, moron.

    • bluewaternavy

      What’s sad is the media parsing out the parts of Douchebag Dorner’s manifesto that praises the uberleft such as Cooper, Morgan Obama, etc. Sadder still is that YOU seemingly have no problem with the innocents that died at Dorner’s hand.
      THAT is sad

  • Marty Luther

    OK, rushed down to the comments section to make a “package” comment. I’m late.

  • J.N. Ashby

    It was tube-shaped and smelled of latex with the message “I thought you’d love this. For the mold I used…well you get the idea…”