Senator Patrick Leahy was quick to praise the president for doing the right thing tonight and directing the Justice Department to share with Congress classified information about drone strikes against Americans suspected of terrorist activity. Of course, he could have done the right thing before tonight, but with NBC leaking the memo Monday and John Brennan facing a confirmation hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee tomorrow, the timing just seemed right.

NPR’s Carrie Johnson reported that, according to the administration, “the release is extraordinary and does not set a precedent.”

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who wants to take weapons of war off American streets (and perhaps keep them in the air over foreign countries where they belong), was also pleased to be included in the process. Like David Frum whined yesterday, making these decisions is a “heavy, heavy burden” for the president, and Congress could do its part to shoulder that weight (now that the memo has leaked and Congress has been let in on the secret).

Hypocritical, certainly, but wrong?

Exactly. It’s nice to finally hear it from the Left.

  • Tangchung

    Obama puts the toilet seat down. Feinstein applauds.

    • Jillane Kent

      Obama replaced the toilet paper before it ran out and practices the courtesy flush. I sense a new Peace Prize in the making.

    • Noah Lee

      no. He says “Bush put the seat up, but i will commit laser-like focus on putting it down in my next four years”.

    • Hal Burton

      Of course he does. He’s a sit down pisser.

  • HARP2

    So obama thinks it`s OK to kill Americans but the muslims he wanted to bring to New York for a fair trial.

    HELLO……MEDIA….cat got your tongue ?

    • marvgoux1

      In Libland you don’t have to be consistent.

      • $23988033

        That is for sure….

        Ban smoking and then they want to legalize marijuana
        Say they Love Zerocare and paying fair share and they exempt themselves from it
        Want to ban guns to protect kids and then support forced abortion, partial birth abortion, gendercide, infanticide
        Criticize Bush’s Patriot Act and then renew it after making it more draconian than ever
        Rail on Bush’s spending and then outspend 8 yrs of Bush with Katrina, 9/11 and 2 wars in under 4 years under Obama
        Campaign on spending cuts and then refuse to come up with a budegt or even a debt ceiling
        Say they support women’s rights but support Sharia Law, gendercide and forced abortion
        Raise taxes and call for sacrifice and then try to give themselves a raise to offset tax increases
        Tell us to follow the laws while they shred Bill of Rights, Constitution, immigration laws, tax laws etc
        Raise taxes on Americans while allowing Obama aides, and fed Gov’t emplyees to skate on billions of taxes they owe

        Rail on 1% whose wealth grew over 60% under 4 yrs of Obama while avg American is at 43 yr low in net worth…their policies do nothing BUT benefit the 1%

        Dems are godless hypocritical crooks and liars…..

  • George Washington Mclintock

    Leahy The Socialist and Diane The Gun Grabber getting on board with Barry. Tyrants of a feather flock together.

  • Maxx

    Apparently it’s ok to drone kill Americans as long as you tell ’em first? Feinstein….you’re a national embarrassment.

  • Angie (D)

    Yeah, there is no legal groundwork to justify killing US citizens without due process because of a little thing called the US constitution — I don’t give a damn which side of the aisle you are on. GWB didn’t target US citizens with drones – for the left & the MSM to pretend otherwise because Dear Leader is POTUS is in the top 5 vilest things this administration has been allowed to get away with (and sadly, I had to write “top 5” because of the plethora of vileness this administration has been allowed to get away with).

  • HARP2

    Following their logic, the UK should be able to send drones over America to kill violent IRA members.

  • SJ’s Dad

    Obama, ushering in a new era of Opaque Transparency in America!

  • Hal Burton

    Why does he need armed drones for hunting deer? Libtards told me guns were for hunting deer.

  • $23988033

    Here are the Dems Top 5 ways of murdering Americans:
    1. Using drones
    2. Arming drug cartel
    3. Arming Libyan Islamists who killed our unarmed Ambassador and Seals
    4. Infanticide, forced abortion, partial birth abortion, and gendercide
    5. Death care panels from which they are exempt

    Dems are the Party of Death!