Yes, it does sound a little bit creepy.

Props to Don Lemon, though, for not resorting to a “subtweet” but instead addressing the Emmy Award winner by her account name. No response yet from Susan Lucci.

* * *


  • Tangchung

    Better than sitting next to Michael Moore.

    • bidentime

      In my opinion anything would be better than sitting next to that fat bastard,


    You dont sound creepy, YOU ARE CREEPY!!!!!

  • Brown Bear Mike

    There isn’t enough brain bleach in the *world* to erase that image from my mind …

  • Maxx

    I remember the final years of her soap career. It seemed every time the camera panned to Lucci, it looked like someone had covered the lens with a quart of petroleum jelly, it was so soft-focused.

  • Rob Stevely

    Wow, she can turn a guy straight?