Saint Paul, Minn., Police Chief Tom Smith today issued a statement to appease critics offended by a photo of an off-duty police officer wearing a hijab costume. The photo, posted to Instagram several weeks ago but recently discovered, offended some Muslims who launched a #CultureNotCostume hashtag in protest.

Smith wrote:

I respect Officer Buth’s efforts to apologize to those who may have been offended by the recently publicized photo of him. I believe his apology is sincere and that he will work to correct any negative perceptions brought about by the image.

In his 13-year career with the Saint Paul Police Department, Officer Buth has been recognized by our communities for his service. We expect that he will once again draw upon those experiences as he works to rebuild their trust.

Officer Buth’s apology also signifies an understanding that as a Saint Paul police officer, we are responsible for our actions both while on-duty and off-duty.

  • StandSomeMore

    Had only he dressed as a nun, all would have been rosy.

    • Garth Haycock

      Or rosary, as it were. 😉

    • Brett McMicken

      who knew it was racist to dress up as a person of another religion?

    • CatHerder

      The same thought crossed my mind.

  • TugboatPhil

    There should be outrage. I’m sure there are NEVER any Muslim males hiding from law enforcement who go around wearing burquas so they won’t be stopped.

    • Brett McMicken

      he looks more like a california raisin in that photo

      • TugboatPhil

        I was reminded of John Effin Kerry wearing the “sperm suit” and crawling out of that tube.

  • Brett McMicken

    it’s funny to read all of those pretentious tweets. i bet none of them would have a problem with someone dressed as Jesus Christ in a derogatory manner, jokes about people from the American South, or classifying all Christians as what is depicted in the latest hollywood production. no….they are “enlightened.”

    • 1972patriot


    • $21367552

      Well unless you have tweets or other written proof that these exact same people featured above did anything in your list, your “bet” is nothing but you talking out of your ass, sir.

  • $29520529


  • roccolore

    Did Hamas-CAIR threaten to sue if he didn’t apologize?

  • PatrioticDissent

    Muslim is not a race. It’s not racist, it would be called bigoted. Below what Brett McMicken wrote. You are so right! They have selective outrage, very typical.

  • 3seven77

    Remember all the references to Romney’s “magic underwear”? Yeah, me too.

  • NCRelite

    Antisemitism and homophobia are accepted forms of bigotry however…

  • CatHerder

    Now they need to come down on transvestites for being ‘racist’ toward women. Islam…Is…Not…A…Race!

  • SJ’s Dad

    Where’s the outrage at a Police Officer sporting a STOLEN Target Badge!!!!!!
    (No way he moonlights!-)

  • sleazyrider

    Fake vaginas offend me…

  • brewerandpatriot

    I thought he was rocking a Snuggie! OMG, now I’M a racist too!

  • BorderLine Guy

    Mpls/St Paul Cab companies bent over backwards for the Muslim cabbies that don’t want to transport dogs and booze after some jackass leader decided to whip up his stupid masses back in 2005. This is just more fallout from the hyper-PC post-9/11 sensitivity to these whiners.

    • SJ’s Dad

      If a Rum Keg toting St. Bernard needed to get from MSP to Hudson, WI . . . .
      . . . you could bet your mortgage Muslim cabby takes THAT fare!!!

  • 1972patriot

    “Would’ve loved to see coverage on why this is offensive since many don’t seem to get it. There’s an info gap” Ramla Bile

    I would’ve loved to seen the coverage on why it doesn’t matter if this offensive. This is America. It is not a constitutional right, nor a right endowed by our creator, to not be mocked. Good grief.

  • Joe W.

    But the “Piss Christ” is just dandy, right libs???

  • walterc

    I’m offended by people that are so easily offended. At least he didn’t let his buddies bury him waist deep and throw rocks at him. Now that would have been offensive.

  • NCRelite

    The islamofascists have quickly learned that the word “racist” is like kryptonite to white folks. Just toss it around whenever someone does or says something you don’t like

  • Kevin Miller

    Makes ne think of “Life of Brian”, the Monty Python movie. He looks like the mother. That movie poked a lot of fun at Christianity. I don’t recall anyone getting their panties in a wad over it.

  • Sasha Williams

    Other cultures are not costumes. The fact that you think it is fun to “dress ethnic” or mock other religions/cultures is sickening. If the cop had put on a slutty nun costume you would all be shitting yourselves with rage

  • Julie the Jarhead

    It’s not funny. And it’s sexist. On the other hand, conservatives’ knee-jerk reaction to the liberals’ knee-jerk reaction — now that’s funny!