Now that she’s feeling better, Hillary Clinton really seems anxious to answer all those questions people have been asking for the past several months. And why not? Her testimony before Congress on the Benghazi terrorist attack quickly turned into a cross between a love-fest and campaign kick-off party, so imagine how much more praise she could garner from a “global town hall” streamed over YouTube.

The event begins at 9:30 a.m. Eastern and ends as soon as someone asks one of the following questions, submitted via the #AskState hashtag.

Can’t you people think about anything but Benghazi?

  • nc

    Why aren’t you (cheerfully) volunteering the Benghazi answers that you know we want?

  • HARP2

    Hillary…..what difference does it make if Bill had 1 or 7 affairs ?

  • TugboatPhil

    Hillary, where are the 30-some survivors of Benghazi and why aren’t they able to answer questions from the public?

  • Jack Deth

    #AskState: What does twelve year old single malt scotch taste like through a Bendy Straw after a sixteen day bender?

  • almarquardt

    Why do they even bother to open up questions to the public in the first place? Everyone knows the tough questions like those asked above will be ignored. Makes me wonder if it’s some litmus test to see if people are still paying attention to what happened in Benghazi and other “hot-potato issues” the State Department and the President wish would simply go away.

    Or to think like a tin-hatted conspiratorialist, perhaps it’s a way to take down names and add them to their ever-growing domestic enemies list (queue X-Files music).

  • Garth Haycock

    Mrs. Clinton – why the hell should anyone trust you to be POTUS after the debacle in Benghazi? You say that you take responsibility for what happened, yet you will not accept the consequences for what happened. Are you just a lying, hypocritical termagant or an incompetent flibbertigibbet?

  • GTJessop

    #AskState What about being a victim of adultery, being a Sen. from a state you didn’t live in & fighting for LGBT rights in Uzbekistan makes you qualified to be the president of the US?

  • Insubordinate

    #AskState Why were you still preaching about the “offensive video” while the coffins were being unloaded?
    #AskState Why did US taxpayers pay $70,000 on a commercial about the “offensive video”?

  • Steve_J

    #AskState What good are youi?

  • dmacleo

    bunch of good questions there and here in the comments. sadly they will not be answered.
    burn it down.

  • michael s

    Hillary,Did john McCain say you were incompetent?

  • michael s

    Hillary,Did john McCain say you were incompetent?

  • Jack Deth

    #AskState: “How does it feel to be linked to two massacres, Waco and Benghazi?

  • Steve_J

    #AskState Ms Clinton, would you have handled the situation in Benghazi differently had the phone call come at 3:00 AM?

  • orringtonmom (D)

    #AskState: If Charles Dickens wrote your life story, what order would you like the four ghosts to visit you?