Defense Secretary Leon “Panther” Panetta might have broken the news yesterday that the Pentagon would lift the ban on women serving in combat positions, but nothing really seems official in Washington until someone tweets a tasteful photo of President Obama somehow taking the credit. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz stepped up to fill that void today, tacitly giving the president credit for making this historic step.

The quote is taken from the White House’s official statement on the decision, released today.

Earlier today I called Secretary of Defense Panetta to express my strong support for this decision, which will strengthen our military, enhance our readiness, and be another step toward fulfilling our nation’s founding ideals of fairness and equality.  I congratulate our military, including the Joint Chiefs of Staff, for the rigor that they have brought to this process.  As Commander in Chief, I am absolutely confident that — as with the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” — the professionalism of our armed forces will ensure a smooth transition and keep our military the very best in the world.


Drudge photo highlights White House’s ongoing war on women

  • twinx

    I volunteer those 2 harridans for service in Afghanistan. No cheating by carrying guns, either.

  • Dan Thorpe

    I have no problem as long as they have to pass the physical standards as men.

    • AmandaJeff Day

      Dan, that’s not the agenda. It’s about Faiiiiiirrrrnesss. They will make the requirements much less stringent and before you know it, we’ll be sending wussies into combat. But, hey, a chick won the Hunger Games…..right? That’s real 😉

      • Dan Thorpe

        I know your being sarcastic but requiring equal atandards is what’s going to keep those female soldiers alive and the people that theu serve with.. What happens if they have to carry a fellow squad member out of a hot zone? Is a 120 lb women going to be able to drag or carry a 200+lb man carrying a full ruck?

        • TomJB

          Dont forget the 70 lbs of body armor, weapon, and ammo they both have to carry.

    • sixbravothree

      Women have never had to pass the same physical standards as men for anything. That’s how they prove they’re “equal to men in every way”.

      They’ll probably do away with any physical standards tests for women on the grounds that reality is sexist. And they’ll get their way. No one will do anything about it.

      But hey,it’s a good day for libs. They hate to see anyone who isn’t a patriotic American dying for their country.

    • Deborah JR

      But they won’t. They never have. Females are required to come in every 3 days even now from combat areas for hygiene. I have no problem with females in the military. I’m female and was in. But, this is going to go FUBAR quickly.

  • sleazyrider

    No doubt they will lower the standards Dan. just like they have in the educational system.

    • Dan Thorpe

      then they will get people killed

    • TocksNedlog

      They are claiming that they won’t alter the requirements.

      We’ll see.

      Remember, the libs see no problem with grading minorities on “the affirmative-action scale” — where a “D” counts as a passing grade for the entrance exam to join the police or fire departments. So . . .

      • Raye09

        Which is just dangerous, this could get a lot of people needlessly killed. Besides, I thought the liberals were anti-war, so why this?

  • Bolt Upright

    Women are safer in combat than the South side Chicago….so why not?

  • Jack Deth

    Load a standard ruck with 60 pounds of sand and let whatever female hump it. Along with an M-4 and 120 rounds, standard load bearing gear, two quarts of water and 100 rounds of belted .5.56 for the squad’s SAW all night long. While maintaining noise discipline. And then we’ll talk.

    Until then. All you are doing is needlessly endangering lives.

    • 2ifbyT

      Don’t forget about what will happen if they have PMS while trying to do this.

  • Dawn9476

    First of all, there are women in Obama’s cabinet. Second of all, because of this ban, women who know Arabic are being denied military intelligence positions. Makes no sense since in a lot of Muslim areas, women are not allowed to talk to men, who are not part of their family.

    • dmacleo

      hell I guess the woman MPI and CID officers I worked with were just squirrels

      • Guest

        no one saying any thing about MPI or CID, this about being deplayed to the front line with other troops and going head to head with the enemy

        • dmacleo

          did you even read the comment I was replying to?
          the key is where the comment said women being denied positions in MI.

    • sixbravothree

      You know what makes no sense,doing the same thing that has failed over and over and looking for different results.

      Or,in other words,doing things that have been tried by other countries who lost wars against us because they did them.

      The Soviet Union had women soldiers. They never put them on the ground against us. If women soldiers are so awesome,why has no other country put them up against our all-male military force?

    • TomJB

      I guess when I was at DLIFLC learning Arabic, I didn’t happen to notice that the percentage of females also studying Arabic were significantly higher than the percentage of females in the Army at large. And in my individual class of 10, from all branches of service, there wasn’t a 6-4 male to female split. Nope.

      And on my two deployments, they certainly didn’t take great pains to have females available to talk to or search female Iraqis. People like you would not believe the lengths the military goes to appease local cultures – because that’s not what you are told by the media and popular culture. We are all just a bunch of knuckle-dragging neanderthals looking to shoot something.

      What was it Lincoln said about opening your mouth and removing all doubt?

    • TocksNedlog

      Of course there are women in Obama’s cabinet!
      It’s just that the privilege of appearing in that photo is above their pay grade . . . as is EVERY man in the photo.

  • Joe W.

    So much for the ages old tradition of men protecting the women and children in their society.

    • rinodino

      Yeah that’s so Hollywood … Oh wait!

  • Dave Alcantara

    So Rep. Pelosi, are you saying there has been no female Flag Officers?

    • TocksNedlog

      Do NOT press San Fran Gran Nan to “think”!

      That last Botox needle went a little too deep and froze some of her cogitatin’ parts.

  • dmacleo

    notice they didn’t push for equal strength requirements….

  • Karl Morey

    Is it just me, or does the photoshop poster in DWS’s picture above look more like Big O massaging a terrible headache at his temple, than offering a proper salute?

  • Randi Starr

    I suggest dropping congress into the taliban strongholds, I bet they’d kill themselves after congress sucked all the air out of their environment like they do ours.

  • HARP2

    Great. The enemy won`t stand a chance. 50,000 women with PMS carrying a gun.
    Goodbye radical muslims

  • aegean1

    Oh damn, they think this is a good idea? In that case I’ve changed my mind about the ban. x_x

  • Garth Haycock

    Will Pelosi and Schultz scream sexism when women get shot and killed by the enemy on the front lines?

    • DontlistentoMassMedia

      Or something worse than shot and killed?!

  • nc

    I’m not going to say, “Nancy and Debbie, you first on the front lines.” I’m not. I’m not.

    • Garth Haycock

      I will. Pelosi and Schultz, prove that you fully support this by signing up and volunteering for front line duty.

  • TomJB

    I now fully expect these 2 women to co-author a bill in the House requiring all US citizen females to register with Selective Service, and if the time ever arises again where citizens are forcibly conscripted into the armed forces, that women are treated the same as men. The bill should also require women who volunteer for, or are drafted into, combat arms jobs to be required to take birth control. It is no coincidence that in the last 10 years, pregnancy rates have gone up just before deployments. Having these Soldiers who cannot deploy be a part of a team/squad/platoon/company that has been training together for over a year puts every other member at immediate risk.

  • IronButterfly

    Will the physical requirements for front line combat positions be the same for men and women. The answer is no. Just go to the West Point website and you will see that the gap is pretty big. Its the only way you can get females to qualify, on the physical test, is to lower the standard. Front line combat is a lot about pounding the ground with a load that has really become too big, but that is another topic all by itself. Here is the website for the academy.

  • ReeKimBop

    I remember in the 1970’s when critics of the Equal Rights Amendment were disparaged for warning that its passage would eventually lead to women being drafted and unisex bathrooms. The amendment wasn’t passed, but it appears the feminists really did want women on the frontlines, and now you don’t know if the woman next to you in the bathroom stall is female or a man “born in the wrong body”

  • TocksNedlog

    The Obama cabinet is where reason, accountability and the right to self-determination go to die.
    Definitely not a safe place for women!

  • philip bergen

    having our wives sisters and daughters killed in combat make hillary,wasserman,and pelosi cheer. how dreadful can they be.

  • Raye09

    Debbie Wasserman Shultz and Nancy Pelosi are too old and not in physical condition to serve. And by all accounts neither of them ever have been enlisted and probably had no intention to. This does not affect them. This is all just feel good, live for the moment, politically correct drabble. At the end of the day they will go back to their cushy homes and give themselves a pat on the back for being so “forward thinking”. Most American oppose this, despite what the media says. Political correctness has no place in the millitary, this is a lethal decision that could cost even more lives.