The campus of the University of Virginia at Wise was placed on lockdown tonight after reports spread of a gunman on campus.

Some have tweeted that they’ve heard gunshots, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

Twitchy will continue to monitor the situation.

A tweet from the Wise County/City of Norton Commonwealth’s Attorney indicates that the incident was a hoax.

David Frum managed to sneak in a call for some sort of action just about 10 minutes before the incident was revealed to have been a hoax.

  • VL123

    This hyper vigilance is getting annoying. is every fucking gun crime in this country gonna be reported from now on!?? WTF.

    • Guest

      that’s really not an appropriate response when there are people who could be in danger.

    • Brynne H.

      that really isn’t an appropriate response when there are people who could be in harm’s way. this is a way for them to get information.

      • VL123

        ya…2 hrs later….I still am not hearing a damn thing about it. So ya…my response was appropriate.

        • Brynne H.

          that’s because they lifted the lockdown.

          helps to check your information.

          • TheAmishDude

            It would make sense if they lifted the lockdown since it was a hoax.

        • $36103485

          Ya, seems stoopid. any way, they kin pry it from my cold dead fingers. I only got 8 cause i shot the other 2 off. sick of them libruls whinin.

    • SpinMeNot

      I hope it turns out to be a false alarm … some kid walking around with a rubber dart gun playing a game.

      • VL123

        not a false alarm…A HOAX! The little punk intentionally called the cops.

    • June Clinkenbeard

      So in your estimation, a gunman on a college campus is not news? This is not a run of the mill situation and cannot be compared with an ordinary gun crime. Thankfully, this situation is rare and most certainly is news.

      • louisiana_mom

        If they want to report on dangerous situations, why doesn’t the MSM report the deaths in gun control city of Chicago? The murder capital….

        • June Clinkenbeard

          What makes you think they haven’t? While I am not a fan of the MSM as a whole, it is a fallse narrative that they haven’t reported on it at all. However, they definitely haven’t reported on it *enough*. Here are some examples of the coverage. There are many more available:

          Here is Al Sharpton’s take on the tragic death of Heaven Sutton, which was widely reported, though he claims otherwise:

          The situation at UVA is not an every day event, thank God. Unfortunately, random acts of gun violence do happen every day. Yes, it is the same type of crime, but with a vastly different meaning. A college campus is still a school. Our sons and daughters are at the mercy because schools are gun free zones. They are sitting ducks for every nut job with a grievance–real or imagined.

      • TheAmishDude

        Actually, no, they shouldn’t report on reports of a “gunman” on campus. A shooter, sure. But think about it, how would people know there’s a “gunman” on campus? He’s running around waving a gun and not shooting? Unlikely.

    • txj0311

      No.. only the ones in/near schools or with a SCARY looking AR15s. The percent fractions of crimes that fall into those two categories are what fuels the media/anti-gun crowd’s fire to use an “assault weapon” ban as a stepping stone for their agenda, not the inconvenient 15-20 handgun murders that happen any given day. Why would they want to contradict themselves with everyday news and FBI data?

    • $36103485

      I mean, WTF. just another gun crime in Amerka. I mean, there has already been over 1,000 gun deaths since them little kids were killed in that lib state. For pete’s sake, when is the librul media gonna get over it?

  • TheKingJAK

    “Tactical weapons”? Oh, you must mean those evil, scary black rifles.

  • Brent Guthrie

    It’s 11:11 pm ET on 1/23/13 right now. The time stamps on those tweets are WAY off! What gives?

    • Brent Guthrie

      The earliest one was stamped 2:34am ET 1/24/13. Over three hour difference.

      • June Clinkenbeard

        Twitter has been verklemped for days. Supposedly, NFL football combined with the inauguration and a few other things screwed the pooch. I had a Twitter overload message an hour ago! Not sure if that is why the times are off but it could be a factor.

  • Terry

    I bet every one of those who was there and truly scared were wishing they had some protection. Glad to know everyone is ok.

  • June Clinkenbeard

    Glad it wasn’t real. Sad that someone would do such a thing. Inexplicable…

  • VL123

    IT WAS A HOAX!! WTF. This little punk ass should be jailed. Yes…my response WAS appropriate.

  • dovie leboeuf

    All these gunmen in schools ” calls” have got to b mostly hoaxes so the gov’t will get more support to ban guns!!!!! U all know tht!! Nothing like this has ever happened this close together, one incident after another, yea right!!