Either Soulja Boy didn’t get the memo that America is particularly gun shy at the moment, or he just doesn’t care. We’re going for the latter, seeing as he’s chosen Instagram to show off what he’s got. While violent video games have attracted a lot of attention since the Sandy Hook massacre, with Vice President Joe Biden devoting a day of his gun violence task force to a meeting with game developers and publishers, he seems to have overlooked the music industry.

Though we can’t deny that the hundred dollar bills look nice, Soulja Boy’s followers weren’t particularly impressed with the hardware.




Oh man, don’t tell Piers!









  • KansasGirl

    This is what we’re up against…geez.

  • sqeptiq

    Good for him. Guns are good for everyone.

    • https://twitter.com/coachanthony79 coachanthony

      Ah, yes…..as long as he attends an NRA gun safety course!

    • https://twitter.com/coachanthony79 coachanthony

      Ah, yes…..as long as he attends an NRA gun safety course!

  • Global Annal Wordpress

    What is it with Soulja Boy,?.. Why all this show-off of guns and cash..?

    • Franklin Tabor

      this may be a subtle form of protest. He’s coveting the two things most likely to be confescated by the ‘progress’ administration– money and firearms.

  • Lord Foggybottom

    Sounds like he’s confused. By the looks of things he doesn’t care for people who don’t like guns or jobs, e.g., Obama supporters.

  • SpinMeNot

    He’s apparently learned everything he knows about guns from Howard Kurtz …

    Perhaps Soulja should enlist and try being a soldier … no, on second thought I wouldn’t do that to my beloved Army.

    • http://bobtheump.com/ BobTheUmp

      What Army would accept a volunteer who wears pants with a belt around his knees? Well…wait…no more don’t ask don’t tell so….never mind.

    • Amy

      Despite his ‘tough’ sounding name – Sir Gangsta is not a fan of the military. In fact, at one point in the not so distant past, his products were removed from most PX’s due to his obnoxious rapping about our military members.

  • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

    With one of those hundies, I’m sure he could go and purchase himself a pair of pants that actually fit, and maybe stop shopping at the little boys section of Sears.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EeBeq0i03bg Booker

    Careful, you might shoot your nutz off.

  • ImYer Huckleberry

    One day he will grow up to be like Treyvon. Stupid fuck, go buy some skittles.

  • Grandma HeadInjury

    Based on the position of his pants, did he take these pictures while on the toilet?

  • kelly curtis

    You know, if you go to your iPhone settings you can turn on the spell check and that way you won’t sound like your an adult who is struggling with the GED. Stupidity is never cool, unless your voting for you know who.

    • VerminMcCann

      Sorry, had to vote you down for misspelling “you’re” twice in a post about literacy.

  • Amy

    Oh Sir Gangsta – Your trousers are descending…

  • Bob Khan

    Kid, pull your damn pants up!

  • K-Dubya

    He’s using his mama’s purse strap as a belt.

  • itzyaboi95

    It’s good that more celebrities speak out against the left.

  • David Shrock

    I had to do a double take, in one photo it looks as if he is blowin’ mud in a plush outhouse…..soldier on.

  • David Shrock

    Little information for you Soulja, clips are used in the M1. Those are called magazines.

  • $7421226

    yep, that’s what voted for obama. pants down around his knees and look at the wad of cash. we know out there’s plenty of people who would relieve him of it with absolutely no thought to if he’s still breathing afterwards.