Yeah, morons. Listen to José Canseco.

Wait, before you ask what a “gravity clown” is …

If you won’t believe Canseco, whom will you believe? Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson?

  • Brent Guthrie

    I think Obama and Congress should make a bipartisan effort to ban gravity!

    • Tugger – not quite dead yet

      Yeah, gravity sucks!!!

  • Matt Jones

    Well, technically he’s right. It’s just the the effect is extremely small!

  • Stone Bryson

    Whew, so it’s GRAVITY which pulls me toward Vegas. Thanks goodness – I was afraid it was the slots…

  • nc

    Exhibit A why people should not drink and tweet.

    • aegean1

      He ain’t drinking, he’s smoking.

      • nc

        I stand corrected.

  • Frank Drebin

    People in Hawaii and most of Arizona do not ‘fall back’ like the rest of us do.

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      No, but they probably figure they get enough sunshine anyway.

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    I tell ya, pure sand has more gravitational pull than regular ground. Because anytime I knock a golf ball near some, BOOM! that fffkn sand sucks it right down out of the sky.

  • ceemack

    Gravity is NOT constant in our lives…assuming, of course, we live at least part of the time on Mars, or the Moon…

    • TomJB

      No, even then, it is constant. A constant “G” actually. Gravitational force may vary, but that depends on what body of mass is being multiplied by G to get that force. :)

  • Sean Minturn

    So I guess he’s moved on from ‘roids to something a bit heavier.

  • Alexander Ivan

    EPA alert! To conserve energy, gravity will be turned off at 9:00 tonight. Recommends tethers be checked ahead of time.

    • Joel A. Edge

      If you cut the gravity you might want to cancel the inertia also, tethers won’t help if you don’t.
      “Due to lack of interest, inertia has been canceled.”

  • Joel A. Edge

    “gravity clowns”
    LOL, how would that work? It does seem, as I get older, gravity seems to be increasing. If memory serves, when you pick up an eighty pound ruck it’s a lot heavier at the end of that ten mile force march than at the beginning. Maybe gravity is relative.

  • BristolGOP Backup


  • jacksonjay

    Gravity sure as hell made that baseball fall back to Earth and bounce off his hard head! Funniest MLB blooper of all time!

  • AmandaJeff Day

    See, I TOLD my wife that ball he took to the head years ago was gonna have an effect………Ball bounces off head, over fence…..HOME RUN!!! Zero gravity.

  • disqus_7hkhUDBQGq

    Gravity: The force that makes a batted ball land on your head when you’re playing right field.