Organizers of the first national Gun Appreciation Day urged responsible gun owners to visit gun stores, gun shows and gun ranges “to send a loud and clear message to Congress and President Obama” on Second Amendment rights. Many took a more direct approach, converging on state capitals to take their message directly to their elected representatives. For a first-time event, crowds were impressive.

Widespread, peaceful demonstrations proved how essential citizens’ First Amendment rights are to the preservation of their Second Amendment rights — if only convincing people of the reverse could be done so simply.

  • Love of Country

    Some beautiful pictures there, Twitchy … thanks!

    Liberals want to take away our guns because their side always uses them for crime hundreds of times every day around the country.

    Hey libs, if you’d raised your kids with conservative values they wouldn’t be panhandlers and criminals, mkay? Don’t trash our constitution for your failures as parents …. it’s unconscionable.

    • Rob

      I like your train of thought.

      Of course liberals consider guns bad. They assume that everyone out there wants what other people have.

      With guns people don’t have to go through legal channels to relieve others of what they want.
      With guns people who don’t want to give up their stuff don’t have to go through legal channels to keep it.

      How dare individuals have power. That’s only for the people who give us things.

    • Jazzee

      at right there is a video of a new york senate person and an article showing what the lefties really wanted to do in new york…and yes, it was take the guns…go read it makes a person sick……….we know the truth we must stand together all of us…left, right, male, female, etc. protect 2 amendment

  • BeeKaaay

    Leftwingwackos love it when people have no right to defend themselves.

    Defenseless people make very good victims to abuse. Criminals know this. Tyrants know this. Totalitarians know this.

  • Benjamin Nanke

    Oregon Rally was hopping! That picture was taken ~1 hour before the rally started. What a great turnout.

  • Bryan

    45 minutes to shoot at the range and the gun counter was taking numbers like the Deli counter! I love this country and so do alot of other patriots!!

    • Just Another Guy

      Was an awesome sight here too! Nothing like the sound of gunfire and the smell of gunpowder while having a moonpie and an R/C Cola (yeah, with the peanuts in it) to bring back fond memories of my youth.

      Was awesome seeing fathers and their kids at the range, teaching them how to shoot their new 10-22s. Saw one with pink furniture (that’s the “wood part” for ignorant Liberals) on it and one “Hello Kitty” as well.

      I still remember my grandfather taking me out “chuckin'” and have a great time. And learning respect for firearms at the same time, since a dead woodchuck makes a point about the danger of firearms fairly effectively.

      *sniff* I think I need to go clean some guns and get the smell of Hoppes wafting through the porch…

  • Johnq_public

    2500 at the State Capital in Salem Oregon!

  • Lady 12

    Love the “Come and Take It” banner.

    • Jazzee


  • TJCrane_NCC1701

    @teamtwitchy : One tweet said at 49 state capitols. What was the state capitol that didn’t have a rally ? Just curious.

    • Carol W

      I heard it was Alaska due to weather. I would imagine everybody in that state has at least 1 gun!

      • TJCrane_NCC1701

        TY for the info Carol.

        Was there a Global Climate Warming Change conference in Juneau that Al Gore was flying to (heh, heh) ? Maybe a masseuse was saved from the “Sex Poodle”. LOL

      • Rob

        If it was Alaska it was because only 30,000 people live in Juneau and if the other 700,000 people in the state wanted to join in they would have to purchase a plane ticket. (No roads to Juneau)

    • Hauntedgirl

      Alaska’s rallies took place in Anchorage and Fairbanks, travel to our Capitol is a bit diffucult.

  • almarquardt

    I missed Gun Appreciation Day, but we did go to a gun show this afternoon. Not only were hundreds attending, but well over 10% in the hour I was there were signing up for Concealed Carry permits – many of whom were women with young children and grandmothers.

    Note to criminals: North Dakota is not the place for you.

    • Just Another Guy

      I’m down in tthe “Gunshine State” of Florida. We even have road signs posted (by Brady campaign, no less!) warning that we’re armed. It appears that more than 1 in 20 adults in Florida have their Concealed permit. Including “old guys” like Samuel Williams when he took 2 wannabe thugs to task.

  • sqeptiq

    You mean conservative Second Amendment supporters. Liberal Second Amendment supporters were neither wanted nor welcome at these ill-concealed hate-all-liberals rallies.

    • lainer51

      there is no such thing as L.S.A.S.

      • ceemack

        You might want to check with Nat Hentoff on that.

        I wonder if “Sqeptiq” actually went to one.

    • lana ward

      If you love the 2nd amendment, you were welcomed

    • Mack Bonham

      You’ve got some pair of balls complaining that you’re “hated” after a month of your side blaming gun owners for Newtown.

      • Guest

        If anyone would check, he/she would find that the killers in most, if not all of the attacks, including VA Tech, were either registered Democrats or raised in a Democrat family.

    • SDN


    • almarquardt

      I’m sure not one person at those rallies asked others for their political affiliation before they could participate in the rally. I personally know plenty of liberals that staunchly defend our 2nd Amendment rights. I would even bet if you held a sign that said, “Proud Liberal Supporter of Second Amendment,” you’d have been welcomed with open arms. Your argument holds no water.

      • Just Another Guy

        Yep. Actually talked to someone who voted for Obama but who values the Second Amendment.

        From his point of view, it is a way to make sure that when the Conservatives are back in power and getting to extreme Right, that SHE has the Right, as a last option, of replacing the government.

        And I agreed with her. Either extreme is bad. One would be Communistic totalitarianism and the other a Christian theocracy. Neither is good for individual choice and freedoms.

        But Liberals don’t think that they’ll ever lose power again…and as history has shown, they will.
        But then History, and Math, are ‘hard’ subjects for Liberals.

    • BeeKaaay

      There is a such thing as a leftwingwacko that supports the 2nd amendment? It goes against everything leftwingwackoism stands for – bloodthirst. Leftwingwackos don’t believe in people being able to defend themselves from armed thugs, rapists, and criminals. Thus, they enjoy it when people die at the hands of criminals because they didn’t have guns to defend themselves with. “Don’t worry, when minutes count, the police will be there in a half hour. ” is the leftwingwacko belief.

      • Just Another Guy

        Lefties/Libbies, yeah…they can’t handle it. There are a few, and I met one, but she is a social libertarian, though she can’t accept that yet.

        • BeeKaaay

          True liberals believe in freedom, so they are pro-2nd amendment.

          But the “liberals” who are really Marxists, leftwingwackos, leftists, regressives……those HATE the 2nd amendment.

    • ricci

      that’s redundant there’s no such thing as a liberal second amendment supporter, every liberal in existence wants guns banned period……..well except to protect themselves with.

      • peoplectr

        no such thing? i know 5 right off hand that are registered dems and they all would never give up their right to possess a gun. NEVER. Maybe you live in a conservative and moderate liberal free zone?????

  • TundraThunder

    1200 to 1500 rallied at Black Sheep Sporting Goods in Coeur d’Alene today. Sarah Palin’s dad, Charles R. Heath, was in town, but couldn’t make it to the rally, as he had a speaking engagement at another location.

  • $30158943

    So the way to celebrate is to accidently shoot five people? I wonder if those people still appreciate guns?

    • lainer51

      can the same be said when “weinie greenie cars” accidentally bump into each other? Should they then be banned?
      1.2 million abortions are performed every year, I can only assume most of them are performed due to “accidents”….

      • $30158943

        No it can’t be said, because cars aren’t designed to kill people. What a bogus analogy, its logic like that contributes to the decline of the conservative movement.

        • almarquardt

          Yes guns are designed to kill. Dynamite is designed to destroy. That doesn’t mean neither can be used for good. Statistics have shown that more people are saved from harm because they owned a firearm. Many times not one shot was fired, because the mere presence of a firearm was enough to scare the criminal away.

          Think like a criminal. If you see a victim with a firearm, would you attack? If the chances of a victim having any kind of protection are nil, would you attack?

          The same goes for government. When the populous can defend itself from tyranny, the chances of that government running roughshod over its people are greatly reduced.

          The main reason the USA has never been invaded is because the populous is armed. The Japanese openly admitted that during WWII.

          You have every gun owner to thank that you still enjoy a certain measure of freedom, and the chances we would ever be invaded by another country are slim indeed.

          • peoplectr

            Exactly, thats why Japan hesitated coming here after Pearl Harbor

        • ricci

          your statement shows your lack of knowledge, but nice of you to point out the obvious “that guns are made to kill” you also are obvious in pointing out that the liberal mind is an oxymoron since liberals dont have a mind only feelings……sorry if i stepped on yours ……NOT and lets try and use some liberal logic shall we…………..put up gun free zones and Ill show you places that mass shootings take place. To be so educated and be so dumb is simply amazing

        • peoplectr

          Your analogy sucks big time. Knives are not made for killing, yet they are used for killing and they are mass produced. Fertilizer, deisel fuel, etc, can all be used to kill. And bought legally. What your analogy shows is just what gun advocates preach. It’s people that kill people not, knives, fertilizer, deisel fuel, gasoline or GUNS……….

          • $30158943

            I didn’t make an analogy, but I can see why you are named husty.

            husty: grumpy, hostile, irritated, unsettled, bitter, upset, angry

          • almarquardt

            Now, now, let’s refrain from name calling please. Otherwise you appear to have nothing more of value to add and are merely attempting to have the last word.

          • $30158943

            That’s his name, what he calls himself. So tell the husty one.

          • $30158943

            Must suck to live in ND, you are forgiven.

          • almarquardt

            Hahahahahaha! Is that really the best you could do?

          • $30158943

            Funny, exact same thing I thought about living in ND.

          • Grandma HeadInjury

            You could tell Turtleboy figured out the weakness of his own arguments when he went all PeeWee Herman on everyone…

          • almarquardt

            Time for the popcorn!

      • BeeKaaay

        Those 1.2 million abortions are approved by leftwingwackos due to the leftwingwacko approved way of killing children – ripping them apart from limb to limb, with suffering maximized. Shooting them at school is condemned by leftwingwackos because they don’t suffer as much.

    • jasperjava

      Gun nuts aren’t even fazed by the murders of twenty first-graders. They want to fondle their weapons of death, and even getting wounded won’t stop their sickness.

      • B. Simmons

        So the mother who finally made it out of an abusive relationship with her little girl, emotionally scarred from seeing her father beat her mother almost to death does not have the right to have a legally purchased firearm to protect herself from the man who has promised her that he will kill her, that first he will kill her little girl, his little girl, because he knows the pain of losing her baby will hurt her far more than her own death? So her having gone through the process of attaining a gun, attending the classes, exercising her Second Amendment right makes her unsympathetic to the vile murders of innocent little boys and girls? Yeah- I follow your logic. As much as I follow the logic of the Hollywood elite who feel that they deserve to have armed body guards because they have overzealous fans and armed guards at their children’s schools but the aformentioned mommy does not have that right to protect her baby and herself because she is one of the common people who needs the government to take over all areas of her life and make all her decisions for her. You and other puppets of the socialist nuts who want nothing more than power power power over everyone in America because of their agenda of control have fallen into the trap of thinking saying some outrageous comment like you have spewed here will make us conservatives slink away, shamed into seeing the truth as espoused by BHO and his bevy of czars and terrorists. We see you for the pitiful example of leftist thinking that you are. Sadly unable to make an argument that makes any sense you attack the caring of the people you fear.

    • Just Another Guy

      How many THOUSANDS of people were at the range and at gun shows?

      As a percentage, even for the one day, less crime or “gun violence” than in Chicago.

      Yeah, it sucks that ONE person failed to make sure that their firearm was clear and that TWO others had a problem…one a ricochet and another shooting himself.

      So a total of only THREE incidents throughout the country. And given the number of people that are newly minted gun owners, in large part due precisely to Obama’s 23 step plan, I’d say it was a pretty good success rate.

      NO deaths…while there were at least 2 in Chicago. And no one applauded the injuries except the vicious Liberals who want all gun owners killed.

      But we know why..Liberals can’t handle having a gun, being the emotional creatures they are. They think that just because they can’t be responsible with a firearm that no one else can. All part of that emotional, immature and egocentric thinking of Liberals in our country today.

  • Moue La Moue (D)

    Went to the Denver Rally myself. Had an excellent time. No one was shot, hurt, maimed, set fire to. Met some great people, some who don’t even own weapons but are generally concerned about the Constitutional Rights of others who do. It was fantastic.

  • Grandma HeadInjury

    So….did they have to have “rape tents”?

    • BeeKaaay

      This event was not run by leftwingwackos, so no rape tents, and no rapes were done.

      • Grandma HeadInjury

        My point exactly. I guess my sarcasm quotient wasn’t as tangible as I meant it to be. :-)

        • BeeKaaay

          Yup. The best sarcasm is stealth sarcasm.

          Bridge to engineering, activate cloaking device.

  •!/dudgeohpolitix Dudge OH Politics

    Funny how lefties decry our logic of comparing death rates, yet maintain that 5 injuries at a national event involving tens, possibly hundreds, of thousands of people prove that guns need more control.

  • Just Another Guy

    And yet the MSM will give more coverage to 3 Code Pink protesters someplace..

    • BeeKaaay

      ONLY if Bush was president. But since Obama became president, no such thing as anti-war protests anymore :)

  • patteel

    How many protestors showed up to these rallies ? I bet the numbers were low. LOL

  • kayCee18

    Didn’t make it to the Capital here in MI, but I did go to the range. I was totally shocked at the amount of people there, and shelves were EMPTY! Two Classes were taking place with 40+ for concealed weapon. He may want to lead from behind, but the citizens sure don’t.

  • michael s

    Not 1 post mentioned governor Cuomo who actually passed a anti assault weapon and magazine capacity restriction law.

    • TexSizzle

      A governor by himself cannot pass a law.

  • BeautifulAmerica

    We need to do this every weekend until obadma is out of office.

  • Patsplacepp

    2nd Amendment Rights… take another look people “It is vital that Americans separate myths from realities, because what many of us seem to have forgotten is that, in the vision of the founders of the United States of America, the right to bear arms carries with it enormous burdens and responsibilities.

    In fact, if we restored the Second Amendment to its original meaning, it would be the NRA’s worst nightmare. Invoking the Second Amendment ought to be a more effective argument for increased regulation than it is against it…”, Saul Cornell is the Paul and Diane Guenther Chair in American History at Fordham University

    Read more:

    Also if you have a chance listen to speak here

    I didn’t have much understanding of what the 2nd Amendment Rights. Maybe everyone needs to take a bigger step back and look at what this is all about. Just my two cents