The Journal News has pulled from its website its interactive map of gun permit holders in New York’s Westchester and Rockland counties, but publisher Janet Hasson wants readers to know that the decision was not a reaction to the controversy but a move to comply with New York’s sweeping new gun regulations.

Whoa, gun nuts? That’s not what Hasson says. Hasson posted an open letter on the site today explaining the Journal News’ actions, and if there’s a gun nut behind the pulling of the map, it’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

So intense was the opposition to our publication of the names and addresses that legislation passed earlier this week in Albany included a provision allowing permit holders to request confidentiality and imposing a 120-day moratorium on the release of permit holder data.

Today The Journal News has removed the permit data from Our decision to do so is not a concession to critics that no value was served by the posting of the map in the first place. On the contrary, we’ve heard from too many grateful community members to consider our decision to post information contained in the public record to have been a mistake. Nor is our decision made because we were intimidated by those who threatened the safety of our staffers. We know our business is a controversial one, and we do not cower.

It appears that some of the most grateful community members were burglars who were looking to get their hands on firearms. Two incidents of burglary at homes identified on the Journal News map have been reported.

So, the Journal News now has managed to anger both gun rights supporters and opponents, as well as empower criminals. What next?


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  • HARP2

    Liars….We told you this would happen.

  • Love of Country

    Darn straight you pulled the maps!

  • lainer51

    ” we’ve heard from too many grateful community members to consider our decision to post information contained in the public record to have been a mistake.”

    Yeaaaaaa, righttttttttttt – name ONE!

    • Ken Alan Draper

      they were probably hearing from the criminals who now have a list of homes they can try to steal guns from. it saves them having to go downtown & buy former police issue weapons from a car trunk.

    • AaronHarrisinAlaska

      If there had been grateful sentiment to the extent they’re suggesting they would have been using it as a defense from the onset, not after the fact. So, yeah, I’m with you.

  • TheKingJAK

    Actions speaks louder than words, and they knew they were wrong. Also, the Rockland County Clerk wrote a letter to the rag requesting them to adhere to the spirit of the new law, and hours later they did. Thank NYS Greg Ball too, because he kept up the pressure on them, and they admitted that the law (From his bill) was a factor in their pulling of the interactive map.

  • Ken Alan Draper

    You’d think that newspaper’s legal department would have blocked them posting that information as it leaves them ripe for a big ‘ol class action lawsuit. guess they should have hired better lawyers.

    • beebop1952

      Their legals are all ACLU types ….


    Its things like this that prove the left is a joke. When confronted with real consequences, the collapse.

  • $35072932

    Sure, after the damage has been done.

    Is it dawning on the Oppressive left that it overreached this time?

    • beebop1952

      Overreached? Doesn’t reaching a conclusion first require examination?

      • $35072932

        I do not understand your point – are you saying that people haven’t examined the words, actions and deeds of the Oppressive-Left as of late in their efforts to deprive the innocent o their right of self-defense?

        • beebop1952

          Wasn’t the question whether or not the left had determined if it has over reached? In which case, my comment stands.

          • $35072932

            I still do not understand your point – explain it clearly, and then we can determine if it stands.

          • beebop1952

            I am happy with my statement and I don’t need your approval to determine if it stands. You might want to focus on something else.

          • $35072932

            So you’re happy your statement doesn’t make any sense?

  • josh1

    Too late damage done. The thousands that canceled that waste of a paper should never go back. My neighbors canceled in droves and we aren’t gun owners. Can’t pick on the innocent for profit.

    • beebop1952

      They are beginning to see how successful a model their attitudes are: insult the folks who can afford your worthless rag just long enough and they will find alternative new media that better suits their views. Too late.

  • rant stocks

    Little late don’t you think,been there 2 weeks damage done if any. This whole thing is like telling the public that I have a safe in my house or where my jewelry is….so wrong !

  • Marcy Cook

    HA! If she really had the courage of her convictions she would have kept the map up and cited the fact that it was done before the law was passed and therefore legal. But the backlash was severe and they are losing a ton of money. Contrary to what she says she did COWER. The coward cowered big time.

  • disqus_D87XRi0Gy7

    What? I thought they were out of business already