As Twitchy reported earlier, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie today drove an even deeper wedge between himself and conservative groups by calling the NRA’s recent web video “reprehensible.” That video has been targeted by critics on the Left as well as the Right for, without mentioning them by name, bringing the president’s daughters into the fight over Second Amendment rights by pointing out that they are protected by men with guns.

It’s handy that Ariana Huffington provided the context of the governor’s remark in her tweet, or we might have thought he was talking about one of four new videos posted to the official White House YouTube channel featuring the same children who shared the stage with the president at his announcement of  23 new executive actions Wednesday. Here, for one, is Julia, 11, saying to the president, “I beg you very hard to make guns not allowed.”

How can you argue with that logic? Do you hate children? Oh, and no rush, but #NowIsTheTime.

The kids’ letters are awfully brief, so the White House has padded out the videos with comments from President Obama taken from Wednesday’s event.

It’s not really exploiting the kids, is it, because they’re just regular kids and therefore not as important as Obama’s children. Let’s just agree their value is somewhere below Obama’s kids but well above yours.

Who said American adults can feed themselves, wingnut?

Conservatives on Twitter were asking earlier when #ConservativeKidLetters would receive a similar spotlight. While we await that turn of events, here’s a thought to ponder.

Yeah, what if that happens? In America, we do not say no to cute kids. Congress might have to step in, consult that “little book” and figure that one out.


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  • Howzah123

    Can’t let this slide. Someone needs to create a WH petition to stop using children as propaganda pieces. It’s soulless opportunism disguised as altruism.

    • Lalalisa

      They’ll just delete it.

    • $21367552

      Would that also include cases like when Pres Bush had a bevy of children standing behind him to announce his opposition to stem cell research? Or I guess that’s OK because he was Republican.

      • Howzah123

        It’s not OK for any politician to use children as political props/propaganda tools. Since you seem to be perfectly fine with it, how about we have children write anti abortion letters and read them in front of a camera. We can have them surround the President when he signs an EO overturning Roe vs Wade.

        Instead of “No more guns”, they can plead “no more murder”, or “no more abortions”, or “Please stop the bad men from killing more of us in the womb Mr. President.”

        Yea somehow I don’t think that would go over so well with you. You’re a hypocrite just like Obama.

      • lainer51

        aahh – need a kleenex?

  • Mapache

    Lets see the letters from kids whose parents are unemployed asking Obama for jobs, or the letters from kids who want school choice but were denied in the District of Columbia?

  • VL123

    future little liberals…

    • sleeper48

      They will be then as now, victims of ideology.

  • Richard J Sunkle

    It don’t get much lower than this scumbag coward of a “president”.

  • TugboatPhil

    Using kids to help deny them God given rights when they are adults.

    • paddyND

      I can pretty much guarantee these kids don’t come from households where God is part of the equation.

  • Garth Haycock

    I’m sure those kids wrote those letters without any help from their hyper-progressive parents. /sarcasm

  • lainer51

    I am sure Brian Terry’s parents would love to “discuss” the murder of their son too, but, shockingly, that hasn’t happened.

  • Joe W.

    Barack Obama is a tool of Satan. Of this, I am convinced. God forgive me, but I absolutely hate the man.

    • sleeper48

      I can’t watch him speak anymore because it engenders feelings of hate that I am so not used to feeling when watching a president speak.

  • Jillane Kent

    Well, it already appears as though children and those with childlike minds are advising the President regarding fiscal and energy policy so I cannot say this surprises me.

  • Snarky D

    The “Life of Julia” at needs to add taking part in a White House propaganda video at age 11 to the timeline.

    • paddyND

      When she said her name was Julia, I nearly feel off my chair.

  • detroit19

    :'( Sad for my country, angry at the soulless buffoons who ‘run’ it, praying, for my granddaughter’s sake, that the end is further away than I fear it is.

  • HARP2

    Did someone tell these kids they already owe 50,000 dollars.

  • HARP2

    Well at least they will have birth control. Isn`t that enough ?

  • digitalPimple

    My 2 year old recently said it’s cold outside and the squirrels in the yard need to go put jackets on. President Obama please get on this ASAP.

  • CR

    Maybe some of the kids who survived abortions who Obama wanted to leave die alone could write to him and apologize for not being born “limp and dead” like he wanted… I wonder if they’d put those letters on YouTube.

    Alternatively, maybe some of the 3,000+ kids aborted every single day in the United States could write letters asking for an abortion ban… Oh wait, they can’t, can they?

    Maybe the 319 Chicago public school kids shot dead in the 2010-2011 school year could write to Obama and ask him to come back to his home city and become a community organizer there again since that did a lot of good the first time. Oh, wait, they can’t write letters either. I don’t remember seeing their parents invited to any white house summits.

    Maybe some of the victims of gun deaths caused by Fast and the Furious could write a letter to Obama and ask him to please stop arming Mexican drug lords. THAT is a form of gun control you’d think POTUS would be on board with…

    • Grumpa Grumpus


      About the Mex.Cartels, he’d not be “on board” with that sort of gun control!

      Who’d get him his bales of choom? Or even his bricks of snow?

      (**WARNING: Celebrity Endorsement**)
      And now, a word from The Obamassiah, our Emperor:
      When I’m out on the Links, or playing a game of ‘Horse’ in the WH, or on a super-secret mission in my combat gear killing Ben Laden, or– when I can afford it– snorting a little ‘blow’… I like to keep a bale tucked between my cheek and gum— for that smoooooth flavor that made me a winner!”

  • marcellucci

    Tell me again why the Social Security Administration ordered 174,000 rounds of hollow point bullets?

    Ya know….for the kids…right?

  • twolaneflash

    You can’t trust a man who won’t defend the 2nd Amendment to protect the rest.

  • Brent Guthrie

    Obama and his thugs are taunting America with someone else’s children. They know damn well this is low-class and they’re doing it purposely!

  • Terry

    Kids should write to him about the crappy food now mandated to be served in school lunchrooms. Especially the poor kids who get a free lunch.

  • Jim Denney

    ATTN: “investigative reporters” … how about some background on these kids? Did one of Obamas Hollywood pals furnish these special little actors from central casting?

    BTW, who paid for their travel expenses to the District of Corruption?

    • TugboatPhil

      Also wondering if the parents have any ties to DNC or Soros funded NGOs. Nahhh, that could never happen!

  • Michelle

    The folks behind the Ivory Towers in the White House may not read these comments, but thank goodness folks are letting them have it in the comment section of their YouTube channel. The majority of comments are slamming them for making this video and using children as political pawns. On the other hand, they’ll just ignore the outrage and do as they damn well please anyway. This is the epitome of pathetic.

  • AlertUpUSA

    On the subject of Presidential Orders limiting Gun Rights, here is a reply I posted tonight to perhaps parley some reasonable response to a liberal gun owner’s predictable arguments on recent Presidential Orders restricting (telling us what to do) our Gun Rights …

    …You have some well formed points some of which are hard to argue. Yes, we need less knee-jerk on both sides of this issue, and more cool heads discussing it.

    However, if we have more guns than 17 countries, I would think it is because we have more people, and many of them are legal gun owners. Japan did not invade the US mainland precisely because of this.

    Also, I did not see any comparative statistics regarding the now legal abortion of over 1.5 million unborn or partially born babies each year vs. the accidental deaths and murders of children by sick minds with guns. These tragic abortions are needless deaths and loss of life encouraged by “planning” clinics. They prey on poverty and ignorance, which to me is unacceptable. Another very hot and debate-able topic on many levels as well.

    I find it disturbing that prevention of life (contraception) and termination of unborn life via the violence of suction abortion used daily in DNC procedures, as well as the horrific partial birth abortion of well formed babies by ghastly, ghoulish practices like sucking the brains out of living but yet “unborn” babies, is rampant and supported and encouraged by the very same Govt.

    I am all for sensible limits, as a gun owner, but remember if you tell someone they can’t have something, they will want I more than ever…. Especially if it is a Govt. doing the telling.

    Rather than rattle sabers and drive fear, why not just say what you have said in this post! If all knew these 2nd amendment rights will NOT be infringed with absolute certainty, there might be more real communication on this. The spectre of “Gun Bans, Gun Control, and Ammo restrictions is like throwing gas on a fire.

    It could be so much simpler without the cloak and dagger implementation of Presidential Order, and veiled murky threats, and vetted through the normal legislative process.

    Hopefully, a few cents short of an additional $1.50, and equally

  • Dennis the Dreamer

    Child exploitation points to the WH. Its like using palestinian kids as human shields.

  • ClinkinKY

    Just when you think this administration can’t possibly get any more disgusting it proves you wrong.

  • tim62

    i just have to wonder , were these kids prompted to write these letters by their teachers , maybe as a class activity ??

    the wording does not fall in line with the thought process of children without coaching.

  • overboosted

    So “Julia”, the cradle to grave government leech featured in the Obama campaign is for real? I guess they forgot the gun control slide in their little presentation……..