New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo held a press conference tonight to brief the media on gun control proposals he has negotiated with the state’s legislature.

YNN Syracuse’s Caryn Littler was on hand to live-tweet the announcement.

YNN reports:

The centerpiece of the measure would update the state’s assault weapons ban of 1994 and limit high-capacity magazines from 10 bullets to seven. Having eight or more bullets in a magazine would result in a $200 fine and a misdemeanor charge. The assault weapons ban would apply to semiautomatic weapons with a detachable magazine.

Private sales would be subject to a background check, with dealers serving as the middle-man and would be able to charge a small fee. Private sales over the internet would also end, according to the draft legislation.

Not everyone listening to the announcement of Cuomo’s “common sense approach” to gun control was impressed by what they heard.

New York State Sen. Greg Ball has been one of the most vocal opponents of the Journal News’ plan to publish the names of gun permit holders.

In a nod to the recent outing of gun permit holders by the Journal News, the legislation reportedly includes a provision which would allow gun permit license holders to petition to have their names withheld from public disclosure if they feel the exposure would pose a danger to their safety.

Cuomo said the state Senate is expected to vote on the legislation tonight.

The full text of the bill is available online.

* * *

Update: That was fast.

  • Brent Guthrie

    1911’s use seven round magazines. He’ll have to reduce that further.

  • J.N. Ashby

    Infringed: (verb) regulated, controlled, etc.

    But the states can, blah blah blah.

    Nope, 14th Amendment says they can’t violate the Bill of Rights. Cut the crap, Cuomo, ya douche.

    • Let’em Crash

      The US Constitution has many amendments with wording “States” and/or “Congress.” The 2A is very clear using “people,” even going as far as using lower case implying nobody special, just us folk.

      • GaryTheBrave

        Other amendments also use people to include the entire body of society. The First, “. . . redress of grievances . . .” The Fourth, “. . . shall be secure in their papers . . .”

        For those points where it states a person, it means a particular individual under specific situations. Trial by jury for example.

  • detroit19

    You give up your armed detail first, Gov. Cuomo, then we’ll talk about why YOU get to be protected against the bad guys and We, the People. don’t.

    • Bexcee

      Hope his body guards don’t ever need more than 7 shots to fend off an attack. You don’t know how many bullets were needed till AFTER the fight. Cuomo is a fool. And so are the legislators writing this legislation, and the people who voted for them.

  • Michelle

    10 round mag is “high capacity”? Interesting. Three bullets makes all the difference and appeases the ill-informed masses? Again, interesting. I’m pretty sure…no wait, make that 100% certain that anyone (including Gov. Nanny of NY) who thinks lowering standard mags to 7 rounds will solve the culture of violence problem has never, EVER shot a pistol. Clearly they have absolutely no clue how simple and fast it is to drop the empty mag with the touch of a thumb while using the other hand to pull a new mag from waistband and reload – it’s literally a matter of seconds. So for them to think insisting standard mags be dropped down to 7 rounds is a solution is nothing short of completely hilarious.

    • HARP2

      7 round mag and 1 in the chamber. That`s 8….. Bet the Libs weren`t bright enough to consider that.

      • Michelle

        That one in the chamber is good only at the start. But seriously, isn’t it quite obvious these folks have NEVER shot a damn handgun if they think limiting mags to 7 is part of an effective solution? I can drop my empty mag with the thumb of my gun hand, simultaneously reach for another mag with my other hand and reload in seconds. Why are people so shockingly unfamiliar with guns the very same people who are defining what I can and cannot own?

    • Richard Polito

      It is just a baby step,wait for the next and you will see the direction he is walking in.

  • HARP2

    It`s so obvious libs don`t have a clue about guns. I can change this magazine faster than Cuomo can spell weapon.

  • Dan Thorpe

    So banning all semi-automatic guns with a detachable magazine? So basically the only guns that would be allowed would be revolvers and shotguns? Most handguns are semi auto with detachable magazines including the Glock 26 I own. Hopefully the congress in NY votes no because I see this law being ruled unconstitutional very easily.

    • Michelle

      I really don’t think they have enough understanding of what a semi-auto weapon w/ a detachable magazine means because clearly they don’t understand the magnitude of a ban like that. If they (they = government) eventually knock us all down to being allowed to own only revolvers, please Dear God don’t let them learn about speed loaders or they’ll ban those too.

      • Dan Thorpe

        It’s obvious they don’t have any understanding because this law shows a lack of understanding of what semi-auto means.

        • Michelle

          I have a handful of friends who insisted that “all semi-auto guns” be banned because they heard on the news that Adam Lanza used semi-auto guns. I asked each of them to define “semi-auto” gun and what they each gave me was the definition for fully auto. I politely suggested they educate themselves on what it is they’re trying to ban. One even said to me, “People can keep their regular handguns, but semi-auto guns were intended only for military battlefields” The extreme ignorance is astonishing. I explained to her that for most law-abiding, safe and responsible gun owners, a “semi-auto handgun” IS IN FACT their “regular handgun” then assured her our troops are not out fighting wars with semi-auto handguns.

    • Let’em Crash

      I love how the .22 tube fed rifle is always addressed in these kind of bills. That Marlin 60 lobbyist racks up plenty of frequent flyer going directly from CA to NY every few years.

      • thetreyman

        i loved my marlin 60 when i was a kid. those damn things last forever too.

  • HARP2

    I`m sure the bad guys are writing all this down. What a bunch of morons.

  • Howzah123

    Never let a crisis go to waste


    • fmahoney

      You are so right that is what the NRA said and guns are selling like hot cakes. GO NRA. See ya at the GUN Day Rally. Yahooo

  • Michael Smith

    Good thing there is a 5 round mag for the AR-15, because it is required for hunting with it in florida.

    • thetreyman

      even pigs? i didnt think they gave a damn about those animals. last i heard they wanted them eradicated.

  • GaryTheBrave

    Whatever happened to the deliberative process? A bill becomes law 24 hours after its introduced? The problem is the legislators “negotiate” with the Governor or the President.

    If the legislators would deliberate they would soon realize the problems the tweeters and the posters on this board have with this bill. This is a perfect example of why laws passed in the emotions of the moment are always bad laws.

  • Bexcee

    The 2nd amendment does not give us the right to bear arms. GOD gave us the natural right, that every law abiding citizen of sound mind is endowed with, to protect ourselves from crime and tyrants. The 2nd amendment only clarifies that issue, restates it, stating it in no uncertain terms, so that Gov knows it has NO right to disarm citizens.

  • Obama Lies

    Keeping the “jerk” in knee-jerk reaction…

  • Angie (D)

    In 1776 the New York delegates were the main hold up in declaring war with England & didn’t even sign the Declaration of Independence until they were basically *forced* to when English troops were on their shores — those sheep have *always* loved tyranny.

  • dunst43

    “A single standard across the State will ensure that legal gun owners obtain
    their licenses expeditiously while those prohibited are denied that privilege.”

    Privilege? I don’t recall every hearing about a Bill of Privileges.

  • lillymckim

    Cuomo has no right under our constitution to ban the 2nd amendment.
    We should start banning stupidity and Cuomo should go first.

    Cuomo and whoever votes yes with him will also be responsible for the Remington plant in upstate NY to lay off. The plant currently employs 1000 people.
    The plant is also in a very Republican Senate district and I wonder how they will vote in 2014/2016 if Republicans vote YES with Cuomo not only to ban their 2nd amendment rights under our constitution but also put half of them out of a job?

    • journogal

      Perhaps they could relocate the plant? I hate the idea of hard-working people loosing a job, but…

    • fmahoney

      The tea party is looking for some people to help them get their face off the ground. Maybe the republicans can orchestrate another war and employ these good old folks. Hey do like the rest of the country vote democrat

  • lillymckim

    We either have a 2nd amendment or we don’t.
    Is Cuomo a constitutional lawyer like Obama?

    • fmahoney

      Are you a constitutional mental midget like Perry???

  • $35072932

    Gov. Andrew Cuomo proposes SAFE Act, including immediate ban on assault rifles; THE RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS.


  • An American Veteran

    Will New Yorkers sit on their butts and do nothing while their rights are taken away by the Dictator in Chief of New York State. You have to take a stand New Yorkers .

    • fmahoney

      We are taking a stand against senseless gun violence. We cleaned up the city before when criminals from all over the world had made NYC home. We sent all the criminals back to their country. We will clean up crime again. Between me and you I do think 7 shots is a bit on the low side. My first hand gun was a beautiful barrette 92F 15 rounds and 1 in the chamber, even a 10 round mag would be nice. See if those idiots at the NRA came back after that shooting with a reasonable solution we all would not have to face this very serious crack down.

  • Everett

    The flyover states welcome you with open arms and fresh “magazine clips”, LOL.

  • Joe W.

    Thank God I live in Texas….Guns are essential here where I live. We got coyotes, skunks, coons, bobcats…not to mention the occasional muzzie or fairy…

    • fmahoney

      Come to NYC we got… Well just come and see what we shoot in the city. Bring your pointy hat so we can recognize you.

      • Joe W.

        Why on Earth would I want to visit that cesspool y’all wallow in? We have clean air, traditional American Values, beautiful country and natural resources, and morality anchored in our worship of God. We keep our liberal moon bats confined to Austin, where we can keep ’em corralled and watched closely. Wild horses could not drag me to NYC, lady. I would rather be boiled in oil….Bless your little heart…

  • BeeKaaay

    Here come the bloodthirsty leftwingwackos saying to criminals “yes, you can have guns! We are trying to outlaw them for law-abiding people!”

  • fmahoney

    Funny how you right wingers don’t like people who have very little knowledge of guns to be making decision but you were ok with a bunch of old white men making decision on women’s reproductive organs. Oh year that’s right one can produce life which you have to protect at all cost and guns can take life which you have to ensure at all cost

    • Joe W.

      Our guns are to protect our lives, Needlenose. As far as women’s reproductive organs?? No one cares about ’em. We do not want to pay for y’all misusing them either. Do what you wish with your “ladyparts”, Toots. Just do not ask the rest of us to foot the bill.

  • Herman LaClair

    glad to say, i didn’t vote for the prick (sorry, i meant pussy). watch for a 2016 w/h run. i won’t vote for him then, either.