President Obama told the press today that he likes a good party, and he’s getting a little lonely in the big old White House. If he can just be patient a little while longer, he’ll enjoy several hundred thousand visitors to his inauguration Jan. 21. That number is down sharply from 2009’s attendance figures, when 1.8 million witnessed Obama taking the oath.

That should save a buck or two, shouldn’t it? Still, the inaugural committee is hoping to raise $50 million to cover costs, which is comparable to the $53.2 million raised in 2009.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that party planners are about $8 million short, despite the fact that the Inauguration Committee is accepting donations up to $1 million and this time around welcoming cash from corporations, although only 8 corporate donors have pledged money.

It is smaller. There will be only two official inaugural balls, compared to the 10 held in 2009. Beyonce, who in September co-hosted a $4 million fundraiser with husband Jay-Z, will sing the national anthem. Speaking of Jay and Bey, we wonder if they had any say in the party planning.

  • HARP2

    Some of his loyal followers are already there.

    • Fire and Adjust!

      Good one, although I almost mistook the picture as being a welfare line.

  • Jim Denney

    For the more intelligent half of the population that doesn’t support the wannabe Emperor a funeral dirge would be more appropriate than a hip hop rendition of The Star Spangled Banner.

    • Grumpa Grumpus

      @Jim Denney:

      Hip-Hop rendition or Dirge rendition?

      As if there’s a difference…

  • waltermitty2012

    So only 8 corporations donated to the inauguration committee, the rest are saving their money to pay for Obamacare and more in taxes.

    • RightThinking1

      Nah…, they are are just racist. Anytime one says ‘no’ to this administration, just assume that they are racist.

  • Charlene Lewis

    as a service connected disabloed veteran, and with the va havig no increase in budget, it angers me, the total disregard for fiscal accountability with the Obama circus……..

    • Robert Hoover

      He spends other peoples money with disregard. He is the worst president ever.

  • Love of Country

    Is fascism really worthy of a celebration?
    That’s right …. if you’re gullible, lazy and on food stamps it is.

  • lillymckim

    AT&T and MicroSoft corporations to donate money I thought Obama said he didn’t take money from corporations?

    • nc

      He also said in 2008 that raising the debt ceiling was “irresponsible.”

  • Jack Deth

    Unless you live around Washington, DC. Who the Hell travels to DC in late January?!!!

    The weather’s crappy to miserable. There’s no reliable public transportation. Cabs are exorbitant and usually don’t travel outside North West. Though there may be discounts on many, many empty hotel rooms.

    I live fifteen minutes from the Romulan Neutral Zone (D.C. line) in Maryland. And I wouldn’t go into D.C. if my life depended on it!

    • TheOriginalDonald

      IS there actually a difference between Marylanders and Washingtonians?????????

      • Jack Deth

        Hi, Don.

        Why, yes there is a difference between Marylanders and Washingtonians.
        Even though parts of Prince George’s and Montgomery Counties are literally annexes for lots of the lower middle class, DC populous.

        Marylanders KNOW that they do NOT want DC brought back into Prince George’s County. Which gave up a good sized chunk of swamplands to help create what is now parts of Northeast and Southeast DC.

        • coreopsis has set in

          Meanwhile, Northern Virginians regularly thank the presence of the Potomac River for protecting them from direct contact with DC. Not as formidable a barrier since MetroRail, but still an inhibiting factor.

        • TheOriginalDonald

          Considering how BaltiMORONS act, I thought I’d ask.

        • TheOriginalDonald

          Considering how BaltiMORONS act, I thought I’d ask.

    • Purple State

      I agree! What was Obama thinking when he decided to hold his Inauguration in January?

      • Noah Lee

        this just in: January is raaaaaccciiiisssstttt!

  • michael s

    If it was Pres Romney this wouldnt be an issue.

    • Fire and Adjust!

      Why, because he would pay for it himself or refrain from such extravagance? Next time you want to throw out a half hazard insult, try following it up with a reason based in some rationale instead of simply implying a double standard.

  • RightThinking1

    And yet…, they still owe Charlotte double-digit millions for the convention. It appears to me those bills will never be paid. The Dems do not understand, well…, you know, paying for things.

  • RightThinking1

    “Matea Gold

    With days to go, inaugural fundraisers race to meet $50 million goal. Gap is under $8 million:… via @latimes”

    She said ‘race’. Is that some kind of code word? Get Chris Matthews on the phone…

  • ForTheRepublic

    Donald Trump should right out a check for the $50,000,000 bucks,, then rip it in half right in front of Mr. Obama. I think that would send a very good message.

  • Adela Wagner

    We ALREADY KNOW he is the President, he reminds us every time he speaks. I say no second term inauguration party for anyone. Have a small ceremony, televised with a re-swearing in using a BIBLE. And that’s it, get back to work…or in this case, golf.

  • $30423294

    My friends, it is bad news that the left is not showing Obama the affection they once did. I’m very serious about this.

    It means that the Obama voters don’t love him. They just hate us.

    It means that the democrat operatives were effective in transforming America into a divided country.

    Neighbor against neighbor. What a sick man this Obama is, and how sick his minions are.

    But I wonder, in the spirit of hope. Isn’t there a dramatic theme in history where neighbor has been turned against neighbor, and where this tension was resolved precisely when the neighbors recognized they were being used, and subsequently united against the tyrant who turned them against one another?

    The transformation Mr. Obama enacted is not a stable one. It is very possible, in my opinion, that this terrible experiment will backfire.

    God might not be finished with this situation. We are now looking at a partial view, in between shadow and light. We haven’t seen the full story yet.

  • Steven Dietrich

    Maybe attendance is down because you MUST show Photo ID….

  • Steven Dietrich

    Maybe attendance is down because you MUST show Photo ID….

  • JL

    This is so nauseating! There are so many much needed areas for this money to go towards and they should start with taking care of all the disabled veterans!

  • G.

    Our liar-in-chief does not GAF about other peoples money or WTF Americans think as long as he is admired and his overwhelming ego is fed. Bottom line. His mission for America is clear….

  • $23089169

    Where are all the people who helped steal the election? Don’t they want to go watch?

  • lainer51

    they could give up one vacation a year.