Dana Loesch’s calling out of CNN’s “real journalist” Piers Morgan over his error in categorizing the caliber of the Bushmaster rifle used in the Sandy Hook massacre might seem petty, aside from two reasons. First, Morgan believes he’s fully qualified to determine what weapons American citizens should and should not be allowed to own. Second, he himself wastes no opportunity to call out his detractors on their spelling errors, like so:

If you don’t take the time to spell-check your tweets, you’re not worthy of addressing Morgan. Getting basic information about guns wrong? That’s not the point — just ban something, already.

It’s .223, but who cares about facts. Why not pivot to an attack on the character of your opponent? That almost worked on your show the other night.

Why yes, yes she is. And she’s not alone.


It’s AR-15.

That’s good, because when it’s Morgan’s turn to respond to an argument, you have to be prepared to wait a while.

Ah, so rather than correct himself on the facts, Morgan would prefer to set up yet another straw man — if a gun isn’t defined as an “assault weapon,” you must believe it’s harmless. Got it.


Is this, at last, the “national conversation on guns” that everyone’s been calling for?

Accurately identifying firearms, and knowing the laws which already exist to restrict access to them (unless you’re a journalist, that is), is important in any honest debate. Perhaps that’s why this tweet from the official show feed, @PiersTonight, implying that fully automatic weapons were part of the gun control debate was quietly deleted.


How are we supposed to have an honest national conversation if you gun nuts won’t shut up and agree with everything we say?

Morgan did manage an apology to Loesch, sort of.

We weren’t aware that Loesch was a gun lobbyist, but that certainly sounds like an invitation to appear on Morgan’s show. In the meantime, Piers and his musket have been welcomed to the gun range.

  • HARP2

    Poor Morgan. Still trying to compensate for his lack of virility. Must have Mommy issues.

  • FreedomFighter

    Now that was entertaining to read…lol. No need for a petition, Piers is going to self deport pretty soon. What a tool

    • Nevin

      Dpav-since piers is fond of ad hominem attacks on those who prove him an idiot, couldn’t we call him an “assault tool” and get him banned from the US that way?

    • John Bradley

      Calling him a tool, implies he’s useful for something!

  • CCarrey

    Does anyone honestly get tired of watching Morgan get his pompous arse kicked in these “discussions?”

    • David

      Nope, I enjoy watching him get his arse kicked . . . and the more the better in my humble gun totin’ opinion . . . LOL

      • http://www.facebook.com/lisa.dean.564 Lisa Dean

        I especially like watching him get his arse kicked by a knowledgeable, gun-owning, conservative chick.

        • krackatoeowww

          shapiro handed piers his azz a couple nights before to,..and larry pratt did as well,..i think pratt deliberatly stated the 970 figure to show he could manipulate piers like piers did to alex jones several nights earlier,…you know,.. make him blow a gasket on national tv. tee hee.

          • Jewish Right Winger

            Absolutely, Shapiro showed up with facts figures and a rational argument, Piers countered with a british accent, ignorance and a stack of Sudafed.

            Last time an arrogant brit tried telling Americans what we should do, we kicked their ass and got a whole country out of the deal.

    • Joe W.

      Never….its great with buttered popcorn and and ice cold sweet tea…..

      • CCarrey

        You got that right!

      • http://twitter.com/who_me_too RadicalRebelWhoMeToo

        Chex Mix here.

        • sardiverdave

          Bourbon here.

          • tjcuzns

            IPA here

    • Frustrated Teacher

      Does anyone actually WATCH Piers Morgan. If I did, I would grind my teeth to nubs inside of an hour. I think it may be time to just ignore him and his show. Usually if there are no viewers it will eventually go away (unless it gets sold to Qatar….).

      • CCarrey

        I don’t either, he was run out of England for false stories, that’s why he’s here. He has no viewers, that’s why he’s so hard on this subject, controversy equals viewers in the world of “pop news.”

        • Zombie Prep Network

          You are correct – Piers is a whore.

          • SDN

            No, whores actually give something of value for the money….

          • krackatoeowww

            an UGLY whore too!

      • AMSilver

        I want to know what his ratings are when you take out all the airports, restaurants, and waiting rooms that broadcast CNN on the assumption that it’s neutral politically and therefore people would prefer to watch it over a ‘biased’ news source.

    • http://twitter.com/BDavidWilson Bryant David Wilson

      I stay away from his drivel. I like keeping my dinner down.

    • Hawkeyeted

      No. But the bigger problem is the ignorant watch this ignoramus without question.

      Ignorance begets more ignorance, and the next thing we know, the Constitution is getting scuttled.

    • Kleverabevera

      I only watch the clips offered on the web, but yeah I am getting a little bored of watching his nose get socked over and over. Monotonous isn’t it?

      • gtwreck

        NO. It’s fun. All you need is popcorn and a 32Oz. soft drink.

        • http://www.facebook.com/travisby Travis Beatty

          I live in NY. Those are banned, too.

    • http://twitter.com/who_me_too RadicalRebelWhoMeToo

      no. >:-]

    • irishgirl91

      We see him getting his butt kicked, he sees his name trending. This man is shameless in his pursuit of having his name “out there”. He knows his reputation w/intelligent Americans is meaningless, celebrity is what he is after. Kim K. and Paris are proof that celebrity pays.

    • http://twitter.com/LadyLiberty1885 LL1885


    • http://twitter.com/MoueLaMoue Moue La Moue (D)

      Heck to the no! He enjoys belittling others, when clearly he is in the wrong. Let’s deport him, and import Jeremy Clarkson, and The Stig! Way better!

    • Hiraghm

      Nah, that’s something that never grows old 😀

    • Jack Levitt


    • Penmar

      No, I don’t because he’s a buffoon.

    • gtwreck

      Heck No. Popcorn and a soft drink (32Oz preferred). Enjoy.

    • EastValleyConservative

      Oh no–I can watch that over and over again.

    • Bob Parkman

      I think this is one of the problems. Before this, very few people were paying attention. We need to just dismiss him and ignore him. In the future, if someone asks about Piers Morgan, we should just reply, “Who?”

    • Ronald


  • Avey Owyns

    LOL … I witnessed the end of it.

    Piers tried to exit the conversation by saying he was going to dinner, but replied at least two or three time after that.

  • MovingToNevada

    And I bet Piers has never shot a firearm of ANY type in his entire life.

    • greywulf1064

      Gun oil would ruin his manicure

      • MovingToNevada

        He’d probably freak out over the recoil of a .22

        • TundraThunder

          We could have Dana start him off with a popgun, if he can handle it without fainting. But to him it might be an assault gun.

          • Jer

            Maybe we should ban his assault microphone.

        • WisconsinPatriot

          The Ruger 10/22 can be modified to LOOK VERY SCARY. If looks are everything, we could start there. Hope he doesn’t “get the vapors”

        • sardiverdave

          You mean “.23”.

    • Vennoye

      I’m beginning to wonder if journalists even do any research about what they report anymore. Watched a video of George Stephanopoulos reporting on the Mother protecting her sons in Georgia. He talked about her shooting the intruder with a “36”.

      • MovingToNevada


      • TundraThunder

        Maybe George thought she threw an “assault” bra at the intruder.

        • Vennoye

          Had not thought of that! :-) Thanks for making me laugh!!

    • Steve Fox

      Would be unlike a hipochrit

    • Ronald

      Would you take him more seriously if you found out he has fired many guns before? I wouldn’t. I personally don’t care if he has a gun, has fired a gun, or sleeps with one beneath his pillow. The arguments, and the facts are what matter here. Piers makes a very weak argument which only serves to weaken the entire case for gun control. He is doing his side a disservice by his ineptitude.

      • MovingToNevada

        My point was, you can’t take the guy seriously if he knows nothing about firearms. Which is pretty obvious.

  • Michelle

    TwitchyTeam – is the heading intended sarcasm? If not, the names ought to be switched.

    • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

      I was wondering that until I got the end of Morgan’s tweets. It was sarcasm.

      • Michelle

        Ah, I see it now (the Tweet I missed and explains the heading). Thanks Phil.

  • Johnny Blade

    Piers Moron needs to stop standing on the graves of dead children to push his political agenda

    • Joe W.

      “How dare you…?”—-Piers Morgan….

      • Wraith

        “How dare I” tell the truth, Mr. Morgan? Very easily. Maybe you should learn how.

  • http://www.awinninghabit.com lissa

    He’s beginning to have his meltdown. When he starts correcting your spelling or grammar, you know he’s trapped without an exit strategy. Pathetic.

  • david fitch

    No bushmaster was used in the killings, only handguns were found and a shotgun was removed from a trunk of a car…

    • TJ

      So when the cops and medical examiner who said that an AR-15 was use are all part of the conspiracy to ban guns.

      • almightybob

        Might be. You can’t trust liberals. They have dreams of dictatorships.

        • TJ

          Trust but verify. The police who now have to bury 26 of their own do not have dreams of dictatorships.

      • ranchdancer

        there is a video from a helicopter showing the long gun being removed from the trunk of the Moms car..all of a sudden the media got hush hush about it…why?

        • TJ

          There is a lot that the media became silent about. Like who really was the mother. Some said she was a prepper gun nut but what does that mean. Most have their soapbox to jump on like Piers so added facts that disprove their point are not important and they do not want to be wrong like Piers when the facts do show up. So they don’t talk about them.

        • Nergal

          The long gun in that video was almost definitely a shotgun. It looks like it may have been a Saiga 12, with a Dragonov-style stock. Whatever it was, it was definitely NOT any model of Armlite Rifle.

      • Richard Carter

        the ar was in the trunk ,, was not .223. but a shot gun. 3 9mm hand guns were used acording to ME. cops say the long gun was in trunk , not used only press say it was used

      • Ken Alan Draper

        Have you seen the press conference where that ME was on camera? that guy came across as a clown. all loopy, like he’d smoked a lot of pot just before going on camera.

        • TJ

          One press conference he said it was his first in his 30+ year career. Not much experience when dealing with this will show up in a front of a press scrum.

      • BigDogJunction

        Why not? You care to explain how several Fed agencies, were on site within minutes of the 1st reports? You ever look up, Newton on a map?

        Lot of stuff not adding up. Characters in the bureaucracy claiming something, means nothing to me. I saw a long gun, being pulled out of the trunk.

        • TJ

          Having distrust in anyone with a badge will led down the rabbit whole of conspiracy. That is what happens when Piers Morgan is give a TV show.

          • BigDogJunction

            Like the Newton police, who say they will now prosecute any whistleblower (blogs) media, that reports on anything they haven’t released? So the First Amendment is out the door now to.

            But, we’re just conspiracy nuts, right?

          • BigDogJunction

            You make a lot of assumptions. Who said I have distrust of anyone with a badge? I am pro-military, pro-law enforcement. I understand “Need to know basis” and fully support it.

            Doesn’t make the questions any less relevant.

        • http://www.facebook.com/leaann.maldonado LeaAnn Maldonado

          Yeah….google the United Way Sandy Hook Relief Fund! Notice the date of the page and the date of the shootings.

    • Michelle

      And yet Connecticut State Police Lt. Paul Vance said on National TV that a Bushmaster AR-15 was the primary weapon and Lanza used the pistol to kill himself, that was a lie? Yikes. That’s not good. I can’t find any info about this lie, where can I read more about it?

      • MojaveDesertDave
      • Vennoye

        I watched coverage of that shooting all day in real time. Over and over we were told that two pistols were used and that a .223 was found in the car. No wonder people are beginning to question the whole thing so much.

        • TJ

          The media also go the name wrong at first. And flashed the brother Facebook page. Someone in a New York studio is not the best to get information from in instant real time speed.

        • Michelle

          You’re going by speculative reports from the media that were being giving while it was going on and no solid facts could possibly be known at the time versus what a Lt. w/ the CT State Police reported when the facts were known? This member of the law enforcement agency that handled the situation said he used an AR-15 on the victims, also had a Glock and a Sig Sauer handgun, and that a shotgun was found in the trunk. I think this man might know what he’s talking about, I’m going with what he said.


  • http://GonzoEcon.com Tony Lima

    No cure for stupid. Morgan, however, should be allowed to stay. He can serve as an excellent bad example on many levels.

    • sleeper48

      I really get a kick out of him…he’s so clueless and tries to look so smart.

  • Biggus_Footus

    There was a reason (or two) that the colonists expelled the British from these shores in 1781, and again in 1815. Something about a “train of abuses and usurpations” by the government that by today’s standards were child’s play. Head on back to England, Mr.Morgan, where you can cower under your covers and be prepared to give up your life to the next knife-wielding bloke that breaks down your door.

  • Russell Larson

    Mr Morgan….I have to say… If your arguement is based on Need …. Do you need the size house or apt you live in ,,, the kind of car you drive or driven in .. the kind of suits you wear, and the Quality of dinner you were served… or even the daily Starbucks you drink…. and the number of Body guards you have
    If the issue is need then you misunderstand the purpose of the capitalist system that . your success is based upon…. May I ask you this …. Why do you feel the need to deamonize and regulate lawful citizens into Criminality?

    • http://twitter.com/hamybear Michael Hampton

      All of those things have an intended purpose other than murder. Guns do not.

  • Jeff Robinson

    Yeah, go to dinner and maybe you could yell at a waitress to feel more masculine to make up for your lack of something. You just seem like the type too.

  • Kevin V Gantnier Sr.

    Morgan is a douchebag……if you don’t like our constitution then go back home…we need jobs here and you are filling one that an american should be doing….go home.

    • Grumpa Grumpus

      Kevin V Gantnier, Sr.:
      ‘…filling a job an American should be doing.’

      I respectfully disagree.

      We don’t need Americans to set out to be unmanned (original definition, not= automated), purposeful failures, or hysterical idgits, or completely lacking couth.

      Seeing as that’s what CNN wanted, imports are ok there.

  • Guest

    I’m so sick of idiots on both sides bickering about what is essentially useless information. Before all of you say “hey, dlouis, this is really important, this is about our Second Amendment rights!” We’ll to be honest with you, I couldn’t care less about what Musket or Dana think about the issue, because neither of them are policy makers (and one is a British expat)

    Furthermore, I have full faith in our government (crazy, right?) that they will do the proper thing and strengthen the system of background checks without being overbearing on law abiding gun owners. I’m certain of this because any solution would have to be agreed upon by both parties and it is in everyone’s best interest to do something. The liberals are forced by their gun control constituents, and Conservatives will be forced to do something in order to not be tagged as enablers of child murder. As unfair as that label is, it’s coming in 2014 if they excessively obstruct the liberals efforts on this one.

    • Madfoot713

      Why do we need to “strengthen” background checks? Why is it if you don’t want to pass more pointless laws you’re an “obstructionist”?

      • ranchdancer

        I agree but here’s a catch we have Hippa laws, privacy issues and patient confidentiality to consider. Liberals will fight against the intrusion on these. Anyone who is taking a medication that alters mood or behaviour etc., should not be allowed a permit, many on both sides won’t like this, but as we know all of these senseless and horrible mass murders were committed by people with mental illness. I guess those who prefer to hide behind Hippa and confidentially laws really don’t care about saving children.

        • Madfoot713

          “Anyone who is taking a medication that alters mood or behaviour etc., should not be allowed a permit”

          That sounds a little extreme. Not everyone on meds is a violent threat.

    • greekdish

      Ask the people at Ruby Ridge, Waco, and the Japanese Internment Camps whether they have faith in our government.

    • Mark Mascorro

      You are a fool….

    • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.cordes.969 Daniel Cordes

      Strengthen background checks? How about you go get a background check for your 1st amendment right? They can stick a national registry up their ass too.

    • flagged

      While the Republicans own the House, the Conservatives better force them to do absolutely nothing on ‘gun control’!

    • Nan

      If they institute a registration system it’s so they know who has the guns when they go to confiscate them.

      • Grumpa Grumpus

        “Gee, officer, I’d love to register my firearms— but we were ferrying them across Lake George when the row boat overturned… and wouldn’t you know it – it was that deep part w/the half-mile trench – and they all fell out!

        Did we manage to keep any from going down?

        We tried! but keeping Grampa Grumpus from drowning – he was really old ya know – was more important than those firearms!”
        — Grandson of Grumpus when asked about family’s firearms.

        • Nan

          Guns are heavy and they sink, which is why there are reports of many similar tragedies.

  • Dave Barton

    Stop giving Morgan the time of day or watching his show. All you are doing is increasing his ratings and that is why he is doing this in the first place.

    • http://www.facebook.com/rob.merrifield.1 Rob Merrifield

      The snippets I see on Fox News are entertainment enough. Morgan’s show is like Jerry Springer. It is hard to divert your eyes from a trainwreck. Keep it up Piers. There is nothing quite like a sanctimoneous ignoramous using ad hominem because his knowledge is so limited. I think Piers is just acting like this for attention; standing on the graves of the children for a ratings boost. .233 LOL

  • Jeffrey Rutter

    Doesn’t anybody see that Piers Morgan is acting as a lightning rod, and letting the real gun grabbers avoid the spotlight? Morgan by himself is a pusilanimous jerk, of no consequence.

  • http://www.facebook.com/don.k.ochoa Don Kyle Ochoa

    I wish I had spare time to spend at a gun range :-( All I do is work these days

  • Charlie

    I could not tell you anything about Piers Morgan – CNN is such a second rate News agency he is never own any of my televisions and I do not take the precious time to read the babbling about him in other medias since they all have lost all credibility as worthy news providers.. I do my own research, what they are not telling us is scary..

  • Michelle

    He uses .233 and AT-15, and also calls an AR-15 an assault rifle, but then says Dana has a lack of gun knowledge? THAT IS THE FUNNIEST THING I’VE READ IN A LONG TIME!!!!!

    • HARP2

      He also thinks a clip is a magazine.

      • Michelle

        So does Mikey Moore – he tweeted a few weeks back that he wants “mega-clips” banned. I laughed out loud! WTH is a “mega-clip”? An extremely large paper clip? Old lady synchronized coupon clipping?

        • Scott Harrison

          Did someone finally (after 100 years) put together a 10 round stripper clip for the lee-enfield? Where can I get them???

    • Ken Alan Draper

      yes, an AT-15 would be an anti tank weapon.

  • John Simon

    Who give a rats butt what that limey tard has to say about America…. Really???? Lord knows all the guns in New York could kill all of England as it is………

  • Mark Langlois

    Its kind of sad, and ridiculous that he thinks (or at least says he thinks) anyone who knows anything about guns or owns and cares about KEEPING their guns is a lobbyist. Just what IS a lobbyist anyway? I spend a great deal of my time answering and posting to stupid people like Peirs, but I don’t get PAYED for it. Don’t lobbyists get payed?
    no really, I wanna get payed…

  • http://www.facebook.com/gary.w.strobridge Gary Wayne Strobridge

    @ Piersmorgan, Looks like you’ve been “owned” again! Funny how Ignorance gets people in trouble isn’t it?

  • Russell Larson

    You must be oblivious or unaware that in 2007 there were 86 Million lawful Gun owners with 256 Millon lawfully owned firearms….
    then in 2009 ,10,11,12 Backround checks have hit record highs
    surpassing each previous year ……
    The stores are selling out of these “types of rifles”, as well as the “clips” and the ammunition……
    I have a Idea …. If this admin comes clean about Fast and furious, Operation Castaway, Project Grenade walker and the Botched Arms Deal in Bengazi….. I would be willing to a trade up program….. a ” Assault Weapon ” for
    M1 Garand and M1 Carbine that this admin Blocked from South Korea in 2009….. They only hold 8 Rounds
    a ” Assault Weapon ” for a M107 with 10 round Mags or a M86 only 5 round mags……with a even trade on Mags to mags and round for round

    Hows that for “Reasonable”

    • Russell Larson

      Peferred the Lapua Rounds for the M86….. they are just awesome

  • Tanker74

    Anti-Second Amendment nuts like Piers Morgan appear to be compensating for some personal inadequacies by trying to grab others’ guns. It’s probably deep rooted and sexual in nature, as are most things with left wing kooks.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Albert-Dailey/1645539954 Albert Dailey


  • John Hope

    I am not sure Piers understands the definition of an assault rifle. The definition has nothing to do with military looking physical characteristics. It has to do with military CAPABILITIES. Specifically, a switching mechanism that allows you to switch between semi-automatic, and full automatic. I do not believe there was an assault rifle used in this shooting, or in any other mass shootings I am aware of. Anti-Constitution Liberals love to throw the term “Assault Rifle” around, even though they don’t know what the hell they are talking about!!!

  • ranchdancer

    asses deserve kidding especially this dishonest Brit..who should shut the f up and go home….but even they don’t want him

  • almightybob

    Dana has a gun and she’s getting me all fired up. And Piers Morgan is a limp wristed buttmunch.

  • Lewis Trammell

    A full auto M-16 doesn’t fire 5-6 rounds per sec. And i have others make this statement. Fools

    • http://www.theconservativevoices.com/ dmacleo

      cyclic rate on A1 version (the one I carried) was 700-800/minute. so at 750/min thats about 12 per second.
      but the machine could not do this w/o melting barrel, it was basically theory and people use the cyclic figure as gospel.

      iirc the max sustained was around 20/minute

      • Grumpa Grumpus

        I’ve grown tired of clueing people in on cyclic rate vs actual rpm.

        The cyclic rate is the theoretical maximum rate of fire. It is what is listed in Janes, (along w/ a footnote explaining the difference…).

        I’ve come to the conclusion that the continued confusion is willful disinformation on the MSM’s part.

        This willfulness is the “kick me” sign on Morgan’s back — and on the back of every other MSM commenting.

        The point I’ve started making to people is that if a person needs to lie to produce a somewhat convincing argument, what they want must not really be necessary— nor what they’re really after.

        Why does the increase in this sort of slaughter track with the penetration of Progressive “values” in our culture and the increase of federal gun control? (/rhet. question)

        This sort of thing was unknown most of my life… well, the first 70 yrs, anyway. I’m sorry, everyone, for the world my generation has bequeathed you.

        • http://www.theconservativevoices.com/ dmacleo

          I think the continued confusion over cyclic is (possibly) from movies.
          good blanks could keep it up for a bit so people see that and think its real.
          someone needs to show what REALLY happens to one when cyclic is obtained.

          it isn’t pretty.

  • goldmankc

    i believe they found lanza to have 4 handguns on him and a shotgun in the trunk of his car, where did they come up with an ar 15?

    • Michelle

      From Connecticut State Police Lt. Paul Vance

  • LyleLovett666

    Until these talking head,mattress stains learns the difference between a magazine and a clip STFU!

    • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.cordes.969 Daniel Cordes

      Thank you! I have been screaming that

      • LyleLovett666

        It just shows how little these progressive types actually know about a subject they are all screaming expertise on.Lazy,dishonest blowhards.

  • http://www.facebook.com/helen.yelen Helen Yelen

    Don’t worry, anyone with any sense can see he’s not operating with a “fully loaded magazine” if you know what I mean….

  • Sonor100

    It never ceases to amaze me how large of a fool this male can be. Said male because I don’t believe he is a man. Doe he realize his right to spout off his incorrect “facts” exist because guns exist? He is STUPID!!

  • DanCB

    All this publicity for Piers and still nobody watches his show lol

  • DanielBuckner

    Within the disingenuous world of MSM,Piers holds a particularly celebrated Clintonian ability to blatantly lie and walk over the corpse of mangled truth.

  • http://www.facebook.com/wsu911 Scott Upson

    After the sick ba**ard attacked the school it was said he had 3 handguns, then 4, then 2, then 3 and a rifle, then 2 and an assault rifle. Days later it was all about the newly found .223 Bushmaster and hi cap mags. Once Eric Holder and Obamas’ administration got involved I am sorry but I do not believe a GD word. And no one even talks about fast and furious anymore. The press would not touch when it went down because it was a “non story” and not news worthy. 100s killed in Mexico and that was a “non story” Once the justice dept, state dept, or obama are involved it hasnothing to do with the truth or anyones saftey. It is about lies, taking away your rights and your guns.

    • Richard Carter

      i doubt that sick b****rd even knew how sick he was , with all the meds he was on lucky that s*it could even walk

  • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.cordes.969 Daniel Cordes

    I say we go dump a boat load of tea in that limey bastard’s swimming pool

  • WilliamAmos

    Piers Morgan Piers Morgan riding through the land. Steal from the poor give to the rich http://youtu.be/qLkhx0eqK5w

  • syvyn11

    Why does Dana stay at CNN when she has to deal with clowns like Morgan.

    Come to FNC honey. You’ve got a home here. Not to mention a sure fire seat in the ‘leg chair’ on Red Eye.

    • TJ

      Once her lawsuit with Breitbart.com is solved she will head over to TheBlaze.com to get her own show over there. And more people have a paid subscription at TheBlaze.com than watch Piers.

  • Frustrated Teacher

    I think that the worst part of him even being INVOLVED in this debate is that he tries to come off as an expert and, of course, HIS country is so much better since they banned their citizens from such weapons. Except that the violent crime rate in HIS country is almost 4 times what it is in ours with all of our horrible weapons! Piers, lad, STFU!!!

  • https://twitter.com/JayCryptic John McClelland

    Just you wait- in another 24 hours Piers is going to think up a really, um, lame come back.

  • mikesensei

    I say let them ban these “.233 caliber AT-15s” and congratulate themselves on how much safer this country is going to be.

  • tinker_thinker

    Hope his crow was good.

  • J.B.

    Piers is worse than Bounty. He gets wiped all over the floor and picks up nothing.

  • Steve_J

    And I used to think “Slow” Eddie Schultz was dense.

  • http://www.facebook.com/willis.f.junior Willis Fouts Junior

    Anything short of the repeal of the 2nd amendment, will be as successful at preventing these violent acts as the confiscation of personal firearms here in rural east TN.
    Good luck on the repeal angle. As five major cities are the driving force of the liberal path, the rest of us knuckle draggers will make sure common sence and reason prevail.
    I’d challenge anyone to forward legislation that would prevent these tragedies.

  • peteee363

    shows what a wuss piers is, he gut his butt kicked by a girl!

  • APW

    Oh dear….I think someone had better tell Piers the difference between an advocate and a lobbyist. Another can of worms.

  • greywulf1064

    Breaking News – Piers Morgan is honored at IHOP with the breakfast named Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N’ Fruity.

  • AFMomXs2

    I want to know what he did in GB that brought his up tight sphincter to this country ??

    • Steve_J

      He was hacking phones.

    • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.cordes.969 Daniel Cordes

      He just an immoral hack for the UK tabloids. He hacked Paul McCartney’s ex wife’s cell during their break up for the voice mails. He published so stolen letters of Princess Di, He is basically just famous for being scum. He claimed Tony Blair’s wife was conspiring to have him fired. Most Most Brits consider him garbage. Members of Parliament wanted him to go back to answer to this but…

    • Peter Griffin 2016

      he aired fake photos of Britsh troops torturing iraqi’s

  • Pope Sparkles (F)

    I love Dana!

  • Richard Carter

    i would guess that my M16/ar style 410 shot gun must be a terriable assult weapon to hear the limie prattle on

  • Eliz C

    Who would Piers have to “debate”, if no gun rights guests would appear on his show? As long as he gets a soap box to stand on we all have to listen to his drivel. I wish all gun rights people would just refuse to appear on his comedy show.

  • http://twitter.com/texasdawn123 dawn

    Dana Loesch exposed Piers Morgans’ lack of gun knowledge, not the other way around. This headline needs to be fixed.

  • Annieg

    I wander how his foot tasted…

  • http://twitter.com/InfidelMaximus Mark King

    Piers should be a judge on dancing with the stars. Not a real journalist.

  • Pat Loudoun

    Musket really needs to stick with an Alex Jones level of intercourse. He just gets his arse handed to him otherwise. Dumb limey.

  • Sean Allen

    I remember this kind of shit from 2003 on Gaia Online. Anyone remember Extended Discussion? No? Just me? :<

  • Renny

    Piers Morgan only seems good for ass kicking. As in getting his kicked. He really should shut it. As in his mouth. Or is that his ass?

  • http://twitter.com/jdf_firmware JDFletcher Tech

    Stop playing Morgan’s game of unearned moral superiority. He’s burning our energy. Bill Whittle is right, we have to attack them at the point of their imagined moral high-ground, not engage in “proper terms” or correct caliber sizes.

    • Jon Weiss

      Not playing any game, merely citing the fact that his “Facts” are totally non factual.

  • gracepmc

    Since we all seem to keep playing with the poorly informed, attention seeking Morgan can we at least make him some kind of honorary Twitchy “boy toy”?

  • Jon Weiss

    Morgans comments contain so many errors it is hard to keep up.

    For example, the AR-15 is not a “.233” it is a 5.56mm or .223. Second the AR-15 cannot fire 6 rounds a second, it does not have full automatic ability. The M-16 CAN fire 14 rounds per second if it is given an uninterrupted ammo supply and does not malfunction. But that is in the full auto mode.

    The M16A2 and M4 military rifles would have the same rates of fire except they have been made with a three round burst ability rather than a full auto ability, the delay for each new trigger pull slows the rate of fire, just as it does for the AR-15. The AR-15 in order to meet the requirements of Federal Law, has only semi auto ability and cannot fire in full auto or burst mode.

    • v1cious

      I don’t know why you guys keep insisting this isn’t possible. It’s extreme easy to mod an AR-15 into an assault rifle. In fact, it’s legal: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXwSdJmdaWg


      • Gekk

        So if we’d banned the rifle that was left in the car something different would have happened?

        I’m confused how that works… did the rifle left in the car get used to kill anyone?

      • http://www.facebook.com/scott.myself.5 Scott Myself

        that would be a bumpfire stock and i can see banning those. but banning the weapon it’s self is just dumb. more importantly look up the ar 15’s history. since being produced for civilian use it has been used in only 14 shoots to my knowledge. most rifle shootings are hunter mishaps. and it is common knowledge the brits fudge there crime reports to make it look like there doing better than they are. ask an actual brit how there weapon ban is doing vs there crime rate. and ask them about the poor sob in jail for life for defending himself and home against 2 armed robbers. who repeatedly broke in beat him and robbed him. on the 3rd time he shot one with a double barrel shotgun killing him in self defence is now in jail for life. the other robber did 3 years is out now and sueing the home owner who is still in jail for his friends death. pierce you can keep that dumbass system over there. we have proof gunbans dont work here already look at dc’s crime rate or chicago’s

  • http://www.facebook.com/mark.aulita Mark Aulita

    News reports claim the ar15 was left in the car,and he used two pistols.so why are we talking about ar15’s

    • R0nin

      Exactly! Problem is, that news report didn’t get much coverage, because the facts don’t fit the Lamestream Media’s narrative. But that doesn’t excuse Piers from the responsibility to know what he’s talking about. (As if.)

  • natve son

    I love shooting my lmnop 46.9 magnum assult revolver! Lmao!

  • hooligansailor

    Send the half wit Brit home…What do we care what he thinks or says.

  • JSebastian

    I think this is why everyone hates the Brits. Hell, its probably why they hate themselves. Is there some kind of “stick up the ass, foot in the mouth” gene?

  • JSebastian

    Can someone ask Piers why there aren’t any photos of any bullet holes in anything or even any blood from the Sandy Hoax show? And the parents never saw the bodies of their kids. How do they even know they are dead?

    • ForTheRepublic

      If you’re the type of person that wants to see photos of dead kids just to disprove your crazy conspiracy theory, you’ve got some serious issues.

  • Jer

    Piers really is a special kind of stupid.

  • Jack Levitt

    I want to visit Dana’s favorite ranges with her! Damn that limey bastard with the invitation!

  • http://twitter.com/Thunderchin Joseph Stuewe

    He thinks he’s so much of a gun expert, eh? Someone put one to the back of his neck and ask him to identify it by the sound of the hammer being pulled back. He gets it wrong…BANG

  • Terry Garland

    Do not ignore this man. He has a nationwide audience to which he spews made up statistics and false facts. Deride him, force him to argue publicly, and let those who think as he does see the foolishness of their arguments. You don’t triumph over ignorance by ignoring it, you triumph over it by education and reason.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gene-Stephens/1677889547 Gene Stephens

    actually Piss, it is not an assault rifle it is a sporting firearm or a varmit gun. An assault rifle is capable of automatic fire, which no one in the U.S has been attack with in decades as they require a special license to own.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gene-Stephens/1677889547 Gene Stephens

    Piss, go to a shooting club and learn some things about firearms. Debating with you is useless as describing a sunset to a blindman.

    • ozconservative

      Gene it won’t ever happen. You see, in Pee-arses liberal utopia, it is morally superior for a person to be robbed, raped and murdered in their own home than it is to defend their life and property

  • CaliNative

    Morgan is a dope

    • CaliNative

      I simply blocked CNN, MSNBC from my cable tuner. easy to ignore stupidity that way.

  • Huckleberry2012

    I carry an AR 15 for a living, and train more wth it than almost every occupation outside the miitary. With just a few minutes practice, anyone can become proficient in changing magazines in literally a split second. Magazine capacity is irrelevant. Any soldier can demonstrate it for you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Bill-Boyce/100002441735091 Bill Boyce

    Piers Morgan, whilst again standing on the the graves of the murdered children, again puffs: “How dare you accuse me of standing on the graves of the dead children!”

  • Voting Female

    Piers Morgan, the great white goose, lurching and flapping about festooned in a snare of his own making. Thank God Obama appointed him as the mutton head spokesman against illegal full automatic military machine guns while standing on the graves of children he uses like a dinner napkin and attacks civilians who know .233 is not a caliber and AR-15s are not full automatic machine guns illegal since the 1930s.

    Piers is probably against full automatic machine muskets as well.

  • Joel A. Edge

    I’m amazed that this man is so closed minded that he doesn’t realize he’s spewing ignorance and seems to be proud of his own lack of knowledge. Scary.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1189361981 Rachel Penabella

    Just in case no one was aware, to be a qualified journalist at CNN – one must report out their arse. They should rename Pier’s show – Smoke and Mirrors for the lack of integrity. They’re just ‘monkey see, monkey do’ trying to reflect the current administration pathetic attempt to lead this country. Deleting tweets just proves what a complete buffoon we’re dealing with.

  • Zombie Prep Network

    Let me suggest this to you. Piers Morgan is not anti-gun at all. He could care less about gun laws, or guns. What he is doing is whoring his way onto a controversial topic in order to gather an audience (even one that hates him). His ratings and relevance were nil until he started to face off over gun control. Maybe we should stop paying attention to him.

    • Hiraghm

      Call it the Geraldo Effect…

  • avnrulz

    Wait, you’re saying judge from teh British version of “idol” has a ‘news’ show too? LOL Actually, seeing that the BBC fired him for a falsified photo used in a story, I put no weight behind anything he says, or CNN for hiring him.

  • Mistertbones

    Wow, Piers Morgan doesn’t even know that there’s no such thing as a .233 caliber!

  • http://profiles.google.com/dutra123123 Joe Dutra

    The bloody rotter might be gobsmacked on occasion when confronted with the truth. But, he is so thick and up with himself, it will never happen. He just keeps snogging with the liberal puppet masters.

  • Brian Sprouse

    hey morgan, what should the UK ban next? After all is has the second worst violent crime rate in europe. Which is much much higher than the violent crime rate in the USA. Also, please explain why all the the cities that adopt an open carry law see a reduction in all crime?

  • Justin Case

    Yeah, I don’t think twitter bickering is going to do much. At the very least you all should get 2A tattooed on your right shoulder so you can identify each other in the camps and also to know whose a** to beat.

  • Hiraghm

    I wonder if Morgan ever heard of the “Mad Minute”?


    ” Many riflemen could average 30+ shots, while the record, set in 1914 by Sergeant Instructor Alfred Snoxall was 38 hits.”
    *Aimed* shots. In a minute. With a bolt-action that had to be cycled between rounds, and held 10 rounds loaded from two 5-round stripper clips.
    26 people killed at Sandy Hook… Bolt action rifle capable of 30-38 AIMED shots in a minute, while stopping to reload at least 3 times. Please explain to me again how a semi-auto AR-15 would have a greater body count than if he’d used a Lee-Enfield from WWI?

    (EDIT: corrected info on stripper clips)

    • Hiraghm

      In other words, for progressives for whom math is hard… if you have a bucket that holds 5 gallons, it doesn’t matter if you fill it from a bucket holding 7 gallons, or Niagara Falls.

  • Michael Meador

    Dana brings up a very valid point. We have people making decisions and law concerning a subject that they have absolutely no clue about. With many things, it’s amusing, with firearms, it’s damned dangerous and irresponsible. I submit that any law maker that wants to introduce legislation concerning firearms be required to take ALL of the NRA safety courses, pass at least 20 beginner and intermediate level gunsmithing classes, and put at least 40 hours a year for range time actually shooting these firearms. As far as I’m concerned, 99% of the media and Government are total idiots when it comes to knowledge on firearms. But then again, I’m biased, I actually took the the time to learn first hand vs. listening to drooling retards drone about it on the news.

  • RevDrEBuzz

    of course he’s right, he’s British!

  • Jack Levitt

    So I’ll talk about the .36 Special, .356 Magnum and my all time favorite, the .31 carbine if it will get me an invitation to shoot with Dana Loesch at her favorite range!

    • iconoclast

      What about those hypervelocity exploding 2mm rounds? We should ban those too!

  • phillylee

    Can we please stop giving Morgan a national venue? Almost no one even knew he had a tv show until recently.

  • bluesdoc70

    Classic example of liberal, democrat “debate”. I don’t know what I’m talking about but I care. You don’t agree with me therefore you don’t care and are evil.

  • armst

    the day a group of Islamic jihadists …attack a school …like they did in Russia….we will all wish that nearby civilians were armed with heavy rifles, handguns, semi automatic weapons and full automatic assault rifles….
    Think they won’t…ha…training and planning docs all ready talk to how shools in US are vulnearble and appropriate targets…..

  • RickRoma

    I’ve got to think even the gun-control liberals are getting a little fed up with Piers making their efforts into a running joke lately.

  • Marnie McCallister

    How the hell did something as lame and barely usable as twitter become some popular? 140 character conversations, or even points…ridiculous beyond belief. Read some of those tweets. They are for the most part empty little remarks with no detail, and thus no substance. It’s just a mind boggling lowest common denominator “I can’t hold a thought longer than two sentences” new era tool that shows how far we’re slipping as a society of thinkers.

  • David Gillies

    Among the many reasons to love the great Jeremy Clarkson is that he once decked Piers Morgan. I don’t know what you Yanks did to deserve the loathsome creep, but you can keep him. We don’t want him back.

  • LiveFreeOrDie2012

    The beauty here is that this moron constantly fails to recognize when he has been defeated. The utter arrogance of a foreigner coming into our country and openly advocating to change the Bill of Rights is astounding!

    • SDN

      He hasn’t been defeated as long as he can keep lying louder. Having a debate with Leftards like Piers is a waste of time.

  • Guest

    Who’s Piers Morgan?

  • iconoclast

    Ben Shapiro said it best. Morgan is just exploiting the dead children for his own pathetic show and idiotic policy agenda. Typical leftist–set up the conditions for catastrophic failure then, when the catastrophe happens, insist on more of what caused the catastrophe.

    Morally the same as shooting the children himself.

  • kevinp2

    Piers Morgan is another sneering Brit who comes to this country and demands that we change our laws and society to soothe his paranoid sensibilities about guns and gun owners.

    He invited the articulate and well spoken gun rights advocate Larry Pratt onto his show, berated him and called him unbelievably stupid:


    Larry Pratt was calm, composed, had good arguments and made Piers Morgan look like a fool.

    So Piers Morgan looked around, found a conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones, and invited him onto his show so that he could look better. Alex Jones performed as expected, and Piers Morgan got to say that “that man should not have a gun”.

    On a subsequent show, Piers Morgan and his guest Buzz Bissinger then joked about shooting Alex Jones with a semiautomatic weapon:


    Wow, this is really classic journalism that adds substantially to the civil debate in this country. Piers Morgan has First Amendment rights, but honestly, this country is better off without sneering Brits like him. He really should return home and sneer into his warm beer.

  • Donald Giannatti

    Piers Morgan is an absolue idiot. Why in the hell do people listen to this moron? Beyond idiotic, he is also mean spirited and a totally hateful person with no, I mean NO redeeming value. Somebody flush… please.

  • Teddy Edwards

    Maybe Piers Morgan is taking this absurd anti-gun position in order to ingratiate himself with the anti-gun British justice department so he can go back home and avoid prosecution for when he was a tabloid editor wiretapping phones of celebrities and the family members of the Lockerbee victims. Possible? Probable?

  • http://twitter.com/hamybear Michael Hampton

    Does any of this bickering change the number of people that get murdered by these type of weapons?

    • Jeff Coil

      If we banned every single objet in this world that has ever been used to murder another human what would we have left? We would have to ban sticks .. . .

    • Dick Beninya

      Exactly, we need to ban automobiles. Immediately.

    • Gekk

      So we should follow the UK’s rules and ban most guns; because that’s worked well for them?

      How has that worked since their ban.

      UK murder rate UP, US murder rate without the ban, down.

      UK rape rate UP, US rape rate without the ban, down.

      UK mugging rate UP, US mugging rate without the ban, down.

      UK home invasion rate UP, US home invasion rate without the ban, down.

      But we should follow THAT plan regardless. More murder, rape, mugging, and other violent crimes will be good… right?

      No wait, let me guess. It’ll work THIS TIME even though it has failed every other time it’s been tried?

      If you want MORE people murdered (possibly not quite as many with “THESE” weapons) I’m confused why you think one murder is better than another.

      If you don’t want more murders; why propose a policy that has resulted in more murders when implemented?

    • Abiss

      Agreed. I think its time we start talking about banning ‘liberalism.’ It’s killing millions of people worldwide. http://wattsupwiththat.com/2013/01/13/we-have-met-the-1-and-he-is-us/

    • http://www.facebook.com/scott.myself.5 Scott Myself

      how many people have been murdered by these types of weapons? look it up. since the ar’s been around for many many years. see how many shootings its been used in. you will be surprised by the actual numbers how low it really is.

    • http://www.facebook.com/noah.lee3 Noah Lee

      do gun free zones change the number of people murdered?

      • http://twitter.com/hamybear Michael Hampton

        No one is asking for gun free zones. We are asking to reinstate the ban on assault weapons and high capacity clips.

    • http://www.facebook.com/noah.lee3 Noah Lee

      do gun free zones change the number of people murdered?

  • Thucydides_of_Athens

    Maybe Paul Krugman meant that Piers Morgan should be wearing the clown suit. It is hard to debate a topic if knowledge of it is non existent, as Morgan seems determined to prove.

    Best for everyone to set him and his network to “ignore” and carry on with serious discussion of the issues.

  • GarandFan

    The only thing Piers Morgan wants to promote…….is Piers Morgan.

  • http://www.tempeteaparty.org Lee Reynolds

    What I don’t understand is why this nincompoop is on the air.

    Seriously though. Stop and think about it for a moment. Piers Morgan isn’t some guy standing on a street corner spouting absurdities. He’s a guy that CNN has put in front of a camera and handed a microphone so that he can spout absurdities.

    What is wrong with the people running CNN that they actually believe he represents a sane and honest individual?

    • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

      What is wrong with the people running CNN that they actually believe he represents a sane and honest individual?

      That idea that CNN actually cares whether he’s sane or honest is laughable.

  • S H

    I’m glad someone is calling him on this stuff; I wish it was on air

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004095851781 Bob Parkman

    PIers is a very emotional guy. It’s overcome his ability rational thought.

  • http://MajorNoogles.Wordpress.com/ Major Noogles

    The problem with all of this is that it’s a typical leftist/democrat/communist method – a lie or made-up statement today becomes “fact” tomorrow. That ‘s how we lose – by continuing to debate with them, expecting them to have an honest debate.

  • http://MajorNoogles.Wordpress.com/ Major Noogles

    The problem with all of this is that it’s a typical leftist/democrat/communist method – a lie or made-up statement today becomes “fact” tomorrow. That ‘s how we lose – by continuing to debate with them, expecting them to have an honest debate.

  • truthsayer

    Mr. Morgan Has a home country that is Fantastic(according to him), why is he here. Please go home your opinion is not needed.

  • truthsayer

    Mr. Morgan Has a home country that is Fantastic(according to him), why is he here. Please go home your opinion is not needed.

  • DocRambo

    Seeing as how the police removed four handguns from the scene and one Bushmaster from his vehicle, just what the hell was used?

  • DocRambo

    Seeing as how the police removed four handguns from the scene and one Bushmaster from his vehicle, just what the hell was used?

  • rbeccah

    Piers Morgan secretly wants to kiss Dana Loesch’s feet in gratitude for paying attention to him at all.

  • rbeccah

    Piers Morgan secretly wants to kiss Dana Loesch’s feet in gratitude for paying attention to him at all.

  • Dick Beninya

    Piers is a lying, self serving, pseudo intellectual who is grandstanding on the graves of dead children.

  • Dick Beninya

    Piers is a lying, self serving, pseudo intellectual who is grandstanding on the graves of dead children.

  • krackatoeowww

    i wonder if cnn knows how many viewers are just following this carnival like sideshow of lies and stupidity until congress acts ,or more than likely doesn’t,..and will go drink champagne celebrating the fact that they will never have to watch cnn,or listen to piers MORON ever again?,….i betcha dimes to donuts after the dust settles cnn loses a lions share of prior viewers due to this rude,ignorant and smug imbecile,…it’s a shame,..i used to enjoy cnn.

  • krackatoeowww

    i often wonder if perhaps piers was sodomized with a rifle as a child,…it would explain why he hates guns so much,and also why he cant identify the difference between a hunting rifle and a machine gun,after all he doesn’t have eyes in the back of his head,…ya know?

  • krackatoeowww

    new reality show,….take piers moron and nancy grace drop them off on a small desolate island,and see how long it takes for a homicide to occur,…you would get 400 million viewers.

  • Colorado Wellington

    The splendid Piers Morgan Clown Show. I wish it would never end.

  • Abiss

    For some reason, I can’t stop thinking about the Upper Class Twit Olympics from the old Monty Python show. Piers would have won gold I think.

  • Michelle

    Really? Who cares if he doesn’t know models or calibers? Most Americans agree with his position on assault weapons and high capacity magazines. The gun nuts really need to get a life!

    • Mr. Fever Head

      Why consider facts and stuff when SOMETHING MUST BE DONE!!!!!! FOR THE CHILDREN!!!

    • Kleverabevera

      We have lives and we do not want you or your ilk meddling in them. Certainly not people who are as ignorant as Piers. Be yourself! By yourself! Stay away from me!!! Walk on by piers.

    • SameJerkDifferentName

      No we don’t

    • richard40

      Piers is proposing large policy changes when he does not know basic facts, what the various gun types are, what has already been banned. Typical of gun banners.

    • GTFOBigGovt

      Of course you don’t care about “details” of terminology. You probably don’t even know what’s in the details of Obamacare to this day. FREE healthcare, tho!

      FYI in the deleted tweet that shooting was neither an assault weapon nor a high capacity magazine.

      The anti gun nuts really need to read the CONSTITUTION and Gun 101

    • GTFOBigGovt

      Also that’s because “most Americans” that you cite (claiming most which I deny) have no idea that a guy can still kill you after you shoot him 5 times and even run away and drive his car. Or do you not read the Georgia news from last week? Just Twitchy?

      Once again you cannot call something an assault weapon just because you want to.

    • KhadijahMuhammad

      So spake the gun control fascist.

  • http://somercet.livejournal.com/ somercet

    Why is the title of this article WRONG?!?

  • SameJerkDifferentName

    That’s the thing about the gun grabber crowd. They’re not concerned with accuracy or facts, they just want to spread the, ‘Oooo scary guns gotta go’ diatribe.

  • Sigivald

    If the rifle was “modified” to be a machinegun, that’s a big story. Why does only Morgan “know” about it?

    (I know, he was just talking out his ass, but still…

    And if they’re death machines with no decent uses… why do cops have them?)

  • GTFOBigGovt

    In the tweet he deleted mentioning the Chardon High shooting, that was another shooting (with a handgun) where

    -the shooter had been KNOWN to threaten others,
    -had a violent past beating up people AND being arrested,
    -came from a screwed up family w/ a father with a record including attempted murder,
    -didn’t even attend that school but was in the cafeteria early in the morning,
    -was already in another public school for problem students,
    -stole his grandfathers unsecured firearm,

    and the math teacher who saved the kid in the tweet had a BULLET PROOF VEST right in his classroom, so apparently this was not unpredictable.Never the parents, family or schools always the inanimate object.

  • Guest

    When obama decides to secure our southern border,
    THEN there might be a basis for worthwhile discussion about firearms.
    Meanwhile, Americans would rather have suitable weapons and not need them,
    than need suitable weapons and not have them.

  • William Johnston

    Everyone, especially fools like Piers Morgan, seems to be missing the point of the 2nd Amendment…it’s to guarantee the populace having firearms to defend themselves from a tyranical government. Hunting has nothing to do with it!

  • AWomaninTX

    Why does anyone give him the credit he has? He was a tabloid journalist (who was involved with the whole phone-tapping scandal, I believe) and a “Britain’s Got Talent” host!

  • KhadijahMuhammad

    Piers, Piers, Piers…….

    If it wasn’t for you, Americans would never know the joy of using the term “pompous ass.”

  • The Kman71

    Also, according to reports, the AR-15 was NOT used in Newtown. Only handguns..the AR was in his car.