As Twitchy reported, a sick hoax started by Internet trolls eventually led to the hashtag #cut4bieber trending on Twitter today. Before the hashtag and the associated photos were revealed as a hoax, many reacted with shock and concern. Singer and former Disney Channel superstar Miley Cyrus retweeted a message urging people not to joke about the cutting phenomenon.


That tweet from @OfficialCANCER has since been retweeted more than 25,000 times, seemingly reflecting the views of a lot of people who were outraged by the hoax.

Is it funny? No. Do trolls care? No. Attention is what matters, so why not leapfrog off of the success of #Cut4Bieber by adding some “victims”? Here’s a screenshot from the 4Chan boards announcing the launch of #Justice4Jazzy. The associated photo of the late Mary “Jazzy” Richards, though, is the mug shot of 14-year-old Cassidy Goodson, who was charged with strangling her newborn. Hilarious, huh? Trolls would also like you to @RememberAddison.


Sadly, despite the reality of self-harm, some just couldn’t help themselves from making a joke of the whole sick trend. Why? Because Justin Bieber is involved. It’s hard to believe that something as ugly as this hoax could be made uglier, but this is a tough crowd.

“No joke” is right.

  • mike_in_kosovo

    sick people…

  • $21367552

    No shortage of jokes with thumbs up in the comment section of your original article.

  • TJ

    Remember they are the people who will vote for the first time in 2016 or later as they are 12. And they still will be low information voters.

    • BeeKaaay

      “low information” is giving them too much credit.

    • dmacleo

      they keep it up some may be low blood level voters too…

  • Anonymous

    Just looking at this makes me sick. It makes me ashamed to be associated with the human race.

    Could people really react this much to a joke?

  • Thomas Watkins

    Is it funny? Yes.

  • david

    we can all thank 9gag for this…

  • not you

    so much butthurt, so funny

  • EatTheMonkey1373

    Miley Cyrus did no such thing. it was a fake page known by the two “u”s rather than one, sheesh.

  • lechon8

    9gag has gone too far on this one!

    • Cherry

      4chan. not 9gag.

      • John

        9gag is blaming 4chan!!
        4chan created anonymous and they would never do anything like this!
        Get your facts right female. its a hoax in a hoax!!!
        Why are you even on the internet?

        • disqus_uNNY7eT3qa

          how do we know YOU aren’t 4chan? Nobody can trust internet anymore.

          • wargerbil

            9gag has a hard enough time finding enough cock to suck let alone come up with something like this. this is 4chan getting back to what 4chan used to do best

      • Gemuese11

        you 9gaggers are sick, blaming us.

  • T Davkin

    Remember this is the community that the world steps on everyday, the group of people that are outcast from society. This is everyone’s fault for being sheep and not thinking for themselves. The few people that actually prove this and your over looking that point.

  • Josh

    Wait, so this #CutForBieber #Cut4Bieber thing was a hoax? What am I supposed to do about this nine inch gash on my leg??

    • dmacleo

      fix it ?
      just a thought :)

    • disqus_uNNY7eT3qa

      tell ur kids u survived the zombie apocolypse of 2012

    • Michael Snead

      Get some Obamacare. It’ll fix you right up – for free.

  • merk

    Self-Harm in this fashion is absolutely nothing more than an Attention Seeking device done by Morons. If it was real self harm, the cuts would be down the arm, no one would hear about the deed until the corpse or near drained body was found. People who hurt themselves don’t flaunt it for everyone. They keep it Private. FACT. also: 4chan, I love you.

  • radicallyalyssa

    Remember…4chan is responsible for Rebecca Black. What’s more sick?

    • robcrawford2

      Everything else on 4chan?

    • asfdasfd90821

      Huh? No they aren’t.

  • Le9Gagarmy

    9gag has gone too far son i am disapoint.

  • disqus_iKPLoGjdow

    The sad thing is, people are actually hurting themselves for someone who they don’t even know. It was their choice to hurt themselves.

    • asfdasfd90821

      No they aren’t. Find me one person that has ACTUALLY TRULY done this.

  • Matt Wargny

    Hey here’s an idea, why don’t you all pull your heads out of your asses. None of you were thinking about this issue yesterday before some people decided to make a joke out of it, don’t act like you give a shit now.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    If they’re this prone to self-inflicted harm now just wait until they find out in 2016 that they collectively owe the government $26,000,000,000,000.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    If they’re this prone to self-inflicted harm now just wait until they find out in 2016 that they collectively owe the government $26,000,000,000,000.

  • Jesse Perlstein-Mizrachi

    Wait this came out of 4chan? Who the hell is actually dumb enough to believe anything out of there?

    • robcrawford2


      • Cheyenne Cremeans

        There are actual girls that cut themselves over it. It’s funny how these teens who were making fun of the kids who cut are now doing it for someone that will never individually recognize them as a person. 4chan is sick, that’s what they do. It’s for people with dark humor. If it so happens to come into contact with impressionable people, so be it. 4chan, or 9gag, it doesn’t matter who, isn’t physically forcing them to do this. No one died, but some cut. They are doing it, I’m not being hyperbolas here, for attention. Justin Bieber’s attention. He’s clearly ignoring it all. The cutters are dumb for doing it, Justin Bieber is dumb for not addressing it.

  • dmacleo

    someone does something stupid we ridicule them.
    deal with it.

  • wolfie773

    Things you can cut for Bieber: 1) a rug 2) the cheese 3) it out

  • Sam

    Addison Smith isn’t real. Oh and this is a 4chan job.

  • asfdasfd90821

    “America, you’re stupid. Cutting isn’t funny, or something to joke about for attention”

    Right. Joking about cutting “for attention” is wrong! Actually CUTTING FOR ATTENTION is completely RIGHT… or… whut?

  • Harry Nicholas

    The deaths of the girls isn’t funny. But I have to admit that you have got to be pretty sad to be angry about this… Justin Bieber is a complete untalented, boring diva… those who idolize him are idiots and I have no sympathy for those who chose to “cut4bieber”… maybe this is a message Bieber should just crawl back into the shadows…

  • DANEgerus

    Justin Bieber is still appearing on MSNBC nightly as “Rachel Maddow”

  • dml1942

    Why isn’t Bieber getting blamed for this? He is the one smoking dope. It is silly to blame 9gag, since all they are doing is bringing attention to the drug problem. Hash is illegal, hashtags are not. Free 9gag, jail Bieber!

  • sillybajillies

    The people who are doing this are probably emotionally unstable if they would go as far as to cut themselves for a pop idol just as the same is usually true for those who inflict self-harm for other reasons. I just think the people who are actually harming themselves over something like this need to be evaluated as well.

  • Gemuese11

    We are many, our number is legion..