Real-life superhero and Newark, N.J., mayor Cory Booker is the man to tweet if anything (aside from a Hot Pockets shortage) isn’t quite right in your neighborhood. A pothole? Filled. That shady-looking guy on the bike? Booker’s on it.

Um, isn’t this what police are for?

Maybe not. One constituent asserts that the Newark Police Department has a bad habit of harassing African-American men, and Booker doesn’t seem to disagree.

Uh oh. The DOJ, as in Eric “My People” Holder’s Department of Justice? Were the Newark Police aware that the feds might be paying a visit to “improve practices”? If not, they are now.

In the meantime, if some guy on a bike needs to be harassed, you know the Twitter handle.

  • Mellow Melon

    Aww, Booker’s so cute! And I don’t mean that sarcastically. It’s a shame he’s a Democrat, but I think I’m less afraid of him than Clinton or Warren. Plus, he seems super nice and like he’ll actually listen to people instead of just making reckless decisions based completely on ideology instead of practical solutions.

    • jetch

      that’s called a cult of personality. saying how someone “seems nice” even though they have *no* experience. that’s how obama got elected.

      • Mellow Melon

        Yeah, except Obama never seemed nice to anyone who actually bothered to do research about him or sat down to watch one of his speeches or interviews. I’ve kept an eye on some of the things Booker’s been doing, and all in all, I think the dude is a malleable moderate at heart. Remember, he blurted out that criticism about Obama attacking businesses/private equity, and even worse, he blurted out that he was not afraid of “law abiding gun owners” and basically insinuated that gun control laws won’t work. Let me tell you something, Obama would have NEVER in a million years made such dangerously almost-conservative slip-ups like those.

  • dmacleo

    thought gun control advocates say the police can be there instantly to always stop crimes.

  • skhpcola

    “a bike passing slowly inside of parked cars”

    Is that like a snow globe, except with bicycles instead of fake snow? WTH does that even mean?

  • jetch

    how little does he do that he has time to respond to twitter posts and can just stop everything to go look for a guy on a bike???
    really, think about it! is newark doing that great that he’s just sitting at a desk reading his twitter feed?