This afternoon’s meeting between President Obama and the leaders of the House and Senate was closed to the press, and the principal players left quietly. Their aides are beginning to let the details leak, though, and it seems that the slack the president was prepared to give has disappeared. That’s what you get for cutting into his Hawaiian vacation.

The upper limit on the extension of the Bush tax cuts appears to be back at its starting point of $250,000. House Speaker John Boehner had caved on tax hikes on Dec. 15 by offering tax hikes on those making more than $1 million, and two days later, the White House had suggested $400,000.

These tweets give a pretty good indication of where the players stand.

President Obama is scheduled to speak to the press at 5:45 p.m. Keep checking Twitchy for coverage.

  • Jack Deth


    “It appears that if Republicans thought Pres. Obama would give in as he
    has in the past, they have miscalculated this time around.”

    Whomever is tweeting for West Wing Reports must have a garlic hating Brain Slug from ‘Futurama’ boring into his or her spinal column.

    When did Obama ever “give in”?

    All Obama did was exactly what he has done in the past.

    Moved the goal posts… Again!

  • Purple State

    Obama campaigned on this amount as the ceiling for the tax cut extensions, and won the election easily. Seems the GOP wants to keep forgetting that more voters support his terms in these negotiations than theirs.

    • MisterA

      Unfortunately, voter support has nothing to do with the actual solution.

      • Purple State


    • conservativechick

      Excuse me. He ran on taxing the millionaires and billionaires, you know, the “wealthiest” among us who are not paying their so called fair share. I don’t think voters thought “MILLIONAIRES” included those households making $250,000. before taxes?

      • Bob Smooper

        Go read Obama’s manifesto for the general election. He campaigned on this $250,000 and won the election so don’t be surprised is he actually intends to carry out his manifesto!!

        • conservativechick

          That was before he started the CLASS WAR. He has been going after the very rich for about a year, stating how they pay more than their secretaries? Stupid voters got mad and jealous of all the rich people and that is who they thought were going to get hit with “paying a little more.”

        • john1gun

          “Manifesto”, what an apt term.

      • Purple State

        He always said, at every stop and in every debate, that $250,000 for single filers, $500,000 for joint was his limit.

      • Michelle Olson

        Imagine how many more people we could get on welfare if they DID pay their fair share! Obviously misappropriating funds NOW rather they paying fair share or not, look how unemployment went up, food share went up, state/government healthcare went up, that’s right let them pay more so the LAZY can get more hand outs, and not only that but, WE can make MORE lazy!!

    • GTFOBigGovt

      He didn’t win the House. Seems the Purple Staters want to keep forgetting basic civics: the balance of power is designed as it is for a reason. And the House has a purpose and it’s not to “get along”. That being said I would NEVER have agreed to the stupid terms a year ago, nor negotiated right now. I’m all for giving Boobus Americanus EXACTLY what they want. A nice big ole life of central planning Obamao.

      It also seems Purple Staters forget that Obama and the Senate are in violation of existing laws. But then again, who cares about budgets? That law doesn’t REALLY count.

      • Purple State

        He wasn’t running in the House. He ran for President. Democratic candidates won the popular vote in the House. Because of the redistricting performed by the GOP in 2010, they’ll likely hold the House for the next decade, whether their candidates are popular or not.

  • conservativechick

    POTUS is “demanding” a LOT! We all know that he wants the cliff.

  • Bob Smooper

    Go read Obama’s manifesto for the general election. He campaigned on this $250,000 and won the election so don’t be surprised is he actually intends to carry out his manifesto!

  • Steve_J

    Why are people using the word “negotiation” for what is going on?

  • rogueco

    Send that plan through the Senate first…. when it reaches the House, the GOP can abstain as it passes on Dem votes alone. When the economy flames out in January under Obamacare and the tax hikes on job creators, the Dems can own it, lock stock and barrel.

  • conservativechick

    Ok, someone here tell me who exactly is this “middle class” Obama keeps talking about? Who is included in that category? No one seems to know.

    • Purple State

      Below $250,000. See above (and all coverage of the 2012 presidential election.)

  • Belinda Henry

    This crap does nothing to fix the problem,walk away

  • Pat McNees

    Poor baby’s Hawaiian vacay was cut short. Cry me a frickin river!

  • Purple State

    The Bush-era tax cuts were designed (by Bush!) to be temporary. That’s WHY they have expiration dates. Let it go, Boehner.

    • redheadgrl

      The temporary status was a concession to the D party to get the tax cuts passed. And, the tax cuts were across the board for all tax brackets. That’s why you see Mr. Obama campaigning his supporters to tweet #my2K. Mr. Obama knows that if these cuts expire, they will expire on all tax brackets, which I believe most Americans do not realize since they have been told for 10 years these were “tax cuts for the rich”.

  • redheadgrl

    And of course, it’s the Republicans fault Mr. Obama won’t budge from his negotiating point. Boener needs to change the narrative NOW!

  • GaryTheBrave

    I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. Obama wants us to go over the cliff. Other than the reduced net pay most people won’t really know the full impact to them until they file their 2013 taxes in 2014. They’ll see they won’t be getting their $3000 refund but, instead, get hit with a $1500 bill.

    The public will complain to Congress and by the time Summer of ’14 rolls around the Dems will be saying that we must do something for the people.

    By October of ’14 there’ll be a bill introduced by a Dem to cut taxes to the current level. Obama will sign it and the Dems take the House because they saved the middle class from onerous taxes.

    This cut will be credited to Obama. It gets rid of one of the good things of Bush’s legacy and creates a legacy for Obama.

    I’m not so concerned about who gets blamed now. I want to stop the Dems in the mid-terms.