The suspense! Usually, lawmakers exit a closed door meeting and head straight for the TV cameras. House Speaker John Boehner and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi were uncharacteristically quiet leaving their fiscal cliff meeting with President Obama this afternoon, but Pelosi’s getaway was anything but clean. Reporters anxious for a scoop managed to catch Pelosi searching the parking lot for her SUV.

Just what was going on in there? Must have been some intense negotiations.

Seriously, has anyone seen it? It has the giant novelty gavel on the roof.

Oh, in other news, no one else looked happy exiting from that meeting, either. Not even Sen. Harry Reid looked happy — not that we’d know what that looks like.

It looks like Boeher had his ride ready to go, and he’s not coming back.

Dang, that was quick!

  • Pete Futz

    Poor dumbass Nancy. Liberalism finally took its complete toll.

    • Catchance

      Too much Botox… half of her brain is numb.

      • Disciple

        Half? I would say all!

        • DavidKramer

          Only the cerebellum where cognitive and logic abilities are. Her medula obalongata is still functioning, controls heart, breathing and other autonomic functions.
          Docs, if I got anything wrong, let me know.

          • dmacleo

            you are wrong.
            she has no brains.
            so those attributes do not apply.

          • $36544368

            Mr. Kramer, you are correct. The temporal lobes also contribute to behavior control, hearing, and speech. Have you ever seen her put her hands to her temples and rub them?

      • AreOweBeeEyeN

        If she has a brain it’s like a BB in a boxcar.

  • GaryTheBrave

    She must’ve thought it would be parked in the Speaker’s spot.

    Can you imagine her trying to describe it?
    “Yes, ociffer, (it was a liquid lunch) it’s big, black, and foreign.”
    “Ma’am you just described the President.”

    • walterc


    • Catchance

      Ouch! It hurts when you spew soda through your nose.

    • bluewaternavy

      ROFL! A Classic!

    • Steven Hunt

      thats great lol

    • Infinite_Indeterminism

      Big ?

    • John Kaye

      Good one!

  • Steve_J

    Reid always looks downtrodden.

    • conservativechick

      and tired and old.

      • mickeyco

        and creepy

        • wwbdinct

          Quite uncivil of you.

          • Jay McHue

            When these jackholes screw us over for 4 years and drag their feet in addressing an issue that’s going to screw us even more, the time for civility is over.

          • $36544368

            I understand the reference…the government treats us like not-quite-bright children, and screws us over…there is somewhat of a parallel there.

        • David Farley

          and pedophillic

    • aPLWBinAK

      I’ve always thought he looks like a lizard.

  • Rob

    Obviously she also keeps the Dem budget proposal in the trunk.

  • conservativechick

    She also lost her MIND along with the gavel. She’s a pathetic, senile old lady. On top of that, she’s delusional.

    • $36544368

      I wonder if she, Diane Feinstein, and Barbara Boxer were ever roommates. I swear they all look alike and are interchangeable.

  • HARP2

    Must have been a volt, still charging.

    • Catchance

      Nah… if it was a Volt all she’d have had to do was look for the car fire.

      • RightThinking1

        Or…, just follow the extension cord

        • dmacleo

          or the subsidy trail.

          • RightThinking1

            Good one! Just a quick bit of math…., if Nancy’s car was 375 feet away, then a trail of taxpayer’s $10 bills laid head-to-toe would do the job. Of course that is only for the direct subsidy, dial in the GM bailout bucks and the trail could lead all of the way to Virginia…, or perhaps even Michigan.

  • peteee363

    so she does not drive a prius, or a volt, WTF!!! an suv, think of the carbon footprint. oh wait, i keep forgetting she is a liberal, and exempt from her dumb ideas.

    • Jay McHue

      Duh. The ruling class never has to follow their own dumb ideas for us little people. We get to eat cake.

      • MoxieLouise

        You mean kale, per Michelle.

      • $36544368

        …and stale cake at that!

  • Terry

    It is downright scary that woman has a hand in passing laws we have to follow.

  • $24376261

    Good thing President Romney won’t be looking for his car.

    • hbnolikeee

      What’s that avatar, Obama’s Christmas roast?

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      Of course not… they will all be parked in his multi-level garages. No need to look when you already know where they are. You’re just jelly!

    • TugboatPhil

      President Romney wouldn’t need to look for a car. He’d be in the Oval Office, working until the economy was really on the rebound.

      • hbnolikeee

        You mean he wouldn’t be on the golf course?

  • stuckinIL4now

    What? She doesn’t have a reserved spot right outside the door?

  • Peyton

    I repo’d her car due to the debt she ran up as Majority leader. You can stop looking now.

  • Peyton

    She can’t remember where she left her car, but she wants to help lead our country?

  • AreOweBeeEyeN

    “She had to pass the car to find it” crrrrrrrracked me up!

  • Jay Stevens

    It is Bush’s fault.

  • Libertyship46

    Hey Nancy, you’re car was stolen! The guy who did it needed it to pay for his health insurance! You know, the insurance you and Obama said would actually go DOWN in price? He needed an operation so he took your car. Doesn’t that meet your definition of “fairness?”

  • Elizabeth Burtch

    There are no words to describe Napalm Nancy’s scrambled brain?

  • C_W_W

    That’s the one time I was happy to see the news loop a video over and over and over again!

    So, funny! HA-ha!

  • dmacleo

    ask a kennedy, maybe it was used to test a bridge.

    • C_W_W


  • Catchance

    SPAM!!!! Stop it.

  • ember

    Was she drunk?

  • BeeKaaay

    Pelosi can’t find her car, her conscience, her true catholic faith, and anything non-Marxist.

  • John Kaye

    Come on people. Who here hasn’t forgot where they parked when out shopping?

  • rant stocks

    Pelosi couldn’t find her ass if she was sitting on it,let alone if she had a road map