He has the mainstream media eating out of the palm of his hand for his work on behalf of Eastern Congo, but he’ll have to disappoint those wishing for a Senate run. Via his Facebook page, actor Ben Affleck has confirmed that he’s not planning to run for Sen. John Kerry’s seat.

In his post, Affleck writes:

I love Massachusetts and our political process, but I am not running for office. Right now it’s a privilege to spend my time working with Eastern Congo Initiative (ECI), supporting our veterans, drawing attention to the great many who go hungry in the U.S. everyday and using filmmaking to entertain and foster discussion about issues like our relationship to Iran.

We are about to get a great Secretary of State and there are some phenomenal candidates in Massachusetts for his Senate seat. I look forward to an amazing campaign.

Cheer up! There’s always Ashley Judd.

  • Bob Smooper

    That is a shame. He would have made a great member of the senate. We love you Ben!

  • TonyMontana3

    Ben Affleck is the man!

  • Johnny Sins

    He would have been an improvement over Lurch.

  • BeeKaaay

    Leftwingwacko? Check.
    Marxism lover? Check.
    Out of touch with reality? Check.
    Lamestream media loves him? Check.

    He’s perfect for the senate of Leftwingistan.

  • disqus_ys7YLGvSbv

    Awwww, shucks!

  • lainer51

    Thank God – what we don’t need is another brainless celebrity spewing their liberalism and elitism; not to mention carrying Barry’s water.