Two days after what many in the media declared a disastrous press conference, the NRA’s David Keene and Wayne LaPierre will appear on the Sunday morning talk shows tomorrow. Will their interviewers be hostile? Most likely, but that doesn’t compare to the sentiment expressed in multiple petitions on the official White House site, asking for the government to declare the NRA a terrorist organization.

One petition, currently parked at 3 signatures, declares that the NRA has “encouraged and enabled the use of violence by facilitating the spread of modern day weapons of mass destruction through instilling fear in politicians and the general populace as a political objective in stopping the rational and reasonable regulation of weapons of mass destruction.” Another accuses the NRA of promoting gun ownership “to advance an anti-government, quasi-revolutionary ideology” and says “the NRA’s advocacy of violence for ideological reasons places Americans at an unreasonable and unacceptable risk of death.”

That petition has only 7 out of 25,000 required signatures, but that doesn’t mean the sentiment isn’t there.

In the meantime, others credit the backlash against the NRA with inspiring them to become members, while President Obama’s call for “meaningful action” and “change” sent others to stand in line at gun stores. Will an online petition demand that he address the NRA directly?

  • Jeff

    Yeah ! AAA too. After all 27 people are killed every day by drunk drivers armed with their cars.

    • BeeKaaay

      Don’t worry, the leftwingwackos will come after your cars too.

      “I’ll give you my car keys when you pry (or take) them from my cold, dead hands”

  • Tabitha Bliss

    Gawd these people are so stupid! They are BEGGING to live under an all powerful state.. Which have killed more innocent people during peacetime than all wars combined did & obviously have killed MANY MORE innocent people than any unhinged lunatic with privately acquired firearms. I can usually laugh at these morons but sometimes the idiocy is so astounding I feel like I’m gonna lose it (& end up like them since they obviously lost it a long time ago or never had it to begin with). lol

    • Tabitha Bliss

      “The @NRA was founded the SAME YEAR that the Klan was legally designated a “terrorist organization” #NotACoincidence #NOwayNRA” <—– I'd just like to add that it's obvious this moron (& others like him) knows little to nothing historically since the NRA is who helped black people protect themselves from the democrat KKK; which was created as a strong arm of the democrat party to terrorize / kill blacks & white republicans that dared stand up to the democrat bigots! It's the history of the NRA.

      • GaryTheBrave

        The NRA is America’s first civil rights organization.

  • Conrad2010

    WOW! These people are completely out of their minds. In my 73 years on this planet. I have never ever heard such asinine garbage. How the hell were these people raised? And by what? Go seek a life fools. Stop spewing your ignorant crap. ” Ignorance can be fixed, stupidity is forever.

    • origionalwinja

      what do you expect from democrats/liberals. literally there is nothing more stupid, uneducated, and uneducatable than a liberal.

  • Steve_J

    And they reproduce. What they reproduce, I have no idea.

    • Jeanette Victoria

      They can’t reproduce normally, as liberal believe in same sex unions. Liberals like to make franken-babies.

  • David A. Martin

    There are about 254 million vehicles in America (2009) and about 320 million guns (2009). Guess which one you’re more likely to be killed by…that’s right, a motor vehicle. Over the past twenty years the homicide rate overall and that’s including with firearms has dropped from 23,760 in 1992 to 14,612 in 2011. Of those in 2011, 11,882 had firearm involvement. The rest were done with blunt force, knives, baseball bats, etc. Traffic deaths nationally were 32,310 in the U.S. In Virginia the homicide total in 2011 was 305. Firearms were used in 190, with only 9 involving rifles (some of these were negligent hunting accidents). That same year there were 764 deaths due to traffic fatalities. California with its strict gun laws has 700 more homicides than Texas with its wide open gun laws. We aready have good gun laws and they work. What we need is a revamped mental healthcare system. These violent acts have been carried out by violent criminally insane people, not law-abiding gun owners. These stats are from the FBI UCR (uniform crime report), NHTSA fatality report, Virginia State Police Uniform Crime Report and Virginia DMV. You cannot justify a weapons ban using these numbers. I’m a retired investigator. I worked at the VT crime scene in 2007. Only an armed person could have stopped Seng Cho that day. Only better mental healthcare could have prevented it. Many cops and soldiers active and retired belong to the NRA. It’s also your fathers, brothers, mothers and sisters. We are not evil gun mongers or haters. We’re your neighbors.

    • BeeKaaay

      Remember. Leftwingwackos like Al Gore want to ban the internal combustion engine, so yes, they will come for your cars too.

    • rbtpowell

      Although I appreciate your rational approach (rational being the operative word), your post is a compilation of inconvenient facts that have no place or meaning in the liberal lexicon…….Nonetheless, great post.

  • Linda Ponzo

    Being an NRA Life Member, according to these @$$ holes, I’m in the same category as actual terrorists? They can make violent threats against law abiding gun owners and it’s accepted as okay? The left is so fucked up, it isn’t even funny anymore. It just gets worse every day.

    • almarquardt

      It’s because of NRA members and other gun owners like you and me that prevent possible terror attacks. Why were planes chosen in the 9/11 attacks? Because the terrorists knew everyone aboard those planes were unarmed.

      If anything, people owe us their gratitude for helping to keep them safe, not vilification or contempt.

  • mary kile

    Isn’t it time that Liberals are declared terrorists? They’re always asking for the head of someones, inspiring hate, violence and racism?

    • GaryTheBrave

      It’s time to declare the DNC a terrorist organization and an organized crime syndicate.

  • FFlintstone

    This just goes to show how insane progressives are. They want to silence and wipe out anyone with a different opinion than them. Remember when Obama declared that FoxNes wasn’t a real news organization and tried to ban them White House press conferences? Remember when they tried to silence talk radio when they had supermajorities in both houses?

    They’re at it again. You can’t have an intelligent discussion with a liberal. They’ll always respond like this. You’re a terrorist. You’re a racist. You’re a sexist. This is straight out of the 60s radical playbook.

  • j.wise

    Wow I read libs comments and I am truely frighten these people have no rational thought process they leave me speechless LOL

  • j.wise

    Lisa ponzo,summed it up not even funny anymore .what sucks is people I really liked have shown there liberal ignorants and I cant even look at them without throwing up

  • j.wise

    You know what liberal men did back when real men hunted for there food? They washed the dishes and set the table

    • rbtpowell

      There are no liberal men, only simple minded cowards who believe feigning sensitivity will get them laid.

      • WisconsinPatriot

        Do liberal men even want to get laid? Or is that just a part of the crypo-fascist male plan to suppress femininity?(sarcasm)

  • linnicy

    Hate mongers. That is all the left know..hate. Maybe they are all out work and have nothing to do but hate. NRA compared to Planned Parenthood, come on, who is the biggest threat to our society? NRA does not kill people.. people kill people. What does Planned Parenthood do?? BABY KILLERS. The left speaks with forked tongues.

  • Just Another Guy

    As always, Liberals won’t (because they are emotionally unable to do so) engage in conversation.

  • orringtonmom (D)

    and the family research council is a hate group… yeah, yeah, yeah. change the record already.

  • Jon

    Gun control was invented by racist democrat politicians so that they could disarm black people who wanted to protect themselves from the KKK (who were almost all, if not all Democrats)

  • BeeKaaay

    I think the Democrat party should be considered a terrorist organization.

    They founded and ran the KKK, which were their thugs.
    The black panthers terrorize voters at polling places and the Democrats say “AWESOME!!!!!”
    And what about their pro-abortion stance which terrorizes and tortures children!

    • Ntr

      Don’t forget that their favorite pro-abortion group, Planned Parenthood, purposefully sets up in minority communities and target them with pro-abortion propaganda.

      That and how 50+ years of Democratic Party rule in many of our major cities also, purposefully, created a cyclical environment of poverty. Thus putting minorities, in said cities, into a reinvented form of slavery. The DemoKKKratic party hasn’t changed…only their methods have and their hate has only spread to encompass more ‘targets’.

      • BeeKaaay

        Ah yes, Klanned parenthood. Racism in action.

    • GaryTheBrave

      Sorry. I made my comment about the DNC before I saw yours. Great minds, you know…

      • BeeKaaay

        Amen :)

  • Ntr

    What do you expect from people/white liberals who got some of their history lessons from Bowling for Columbine? Their brains are filled up with as much garbage as Michael Moore’s digestive system. lol.

  • Jeanette Victoria

    Does anyone doubt that it is the mentally deranged who are liberals?

  • annoyinglittletwerp

    I own a weapon, work for Wal-Mart, AND am thisclose to joining the NRA. Scaaaary! ///

  • Michael Rice

    NRA – THere is so much violence we need to protect our already established rights so citizens can protect themselves, like has been and it currently being done
    Anti Gun Nuts – THere is so much violence we need to strip away rights and revamp the COnstitution
    Tell me, who is the terror monger?

  • grais

    One little legal issue they’re all ignoring : PROOF
    buncha hysterics…especially the men…*sigh*

  • reags
  • Belinda Henry

    If these so called concerned ppl are worried about dead children then let them talk to those who fund abortion clinics. You want to talk culture of death…just damn

  • OurLivesMatterToo

    As a retired member of the US Army and a lifelong member and supporter, it disturbs me greatly to find that I’m not to be considered a member of a domestic terrorist organization. Is that where these idiots on the left want to push? Watch out – I push back!

  • Steve_J

    The people who should be declared terrorists are those who have pushed and keep pushing “gun free” zones. All they have done is provide the deranged with places to go with little fear of being stopped until they they have either accomplished or substantially accomplished their perverted missions.

  • rant stocks

    After reading these post…NRA Hmmm terrorist org?, pre-Sandy-Hook the day before nobody even thought of the NRA….These liberal lefty’s always jumping the GUN on shit trying to be relevent on issues and still chewing there foot off.The real terrorist are in Washington DC. but you will never ever convince them that this is true. FOREVER MENTAL SICKNESS…! LIBERALS

  • freeinaz

    these wacko lefties just reminded me I need to renew my NRA membership.

    • GaryTheBrave

      Become a Life Member and you won’t ever have to remember to renew again. Benefactor Life Member myself. Been a life member or better since 12/1/77 when I was 17. GOD bless the NRA.

  • WisconsinPatriot

    Does anyone else realize……(rhetorical)……that these people make no sense and really need to be ignored? Their infantile wailing about an organization that TRAINS PEOPLE IN THE SAFE USE OF FIREARMS, is just weird. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but they cannot make up their own facts to support their opinion. A terrorist organization……such as the KKK, the “palistinians”, or oh lets say the “muslim brotherhood” is far different. They openly advocate for the death of blacks,jews,hispanics,asians,Israeli’s,etc. The NRA wants safe gun owners, safe instructors,more safe instructors, more safe gun owners and peace with those who disagree…….how is that terrorism?

  • מרטין

    Obama arms the Muslim Brotherhood that commits acts of terrorism and demonstrates actual “antipathy for anyone not like them” by killing those poor souls, Obama arms Mexican drug cartels that murder people on both sides of the border, Obama arms al Qaeda-linked groups and enables Iran to build a nuclear weapon with China’s help that could wipe out 90% of the US population with a single EMP pop.

    Obamacare will literally kill old people and women and children dying of cancer. Obama’s gun-grab attempt may lead to thousands of women being raped and murdered Islamofascist-style.

    If anyone were a terrorist, the evidence points to Barack Obama.

  • Bor

    What is the difference between drug pushers and gun pushers(NRA)?

  • Yonderthehill

    We should deport some of those stupid “citizens” along with Piers Morgan. We do not need their anti-US Constitution hatred in the USA. They should be charged with sedition first.