No, for real this time! Sec. of State Hillary Clinton will give her testimony on the Sept. 11 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, in mid-January, according to several excited-sounding news sources.

Clinton missed the first round of testimony in November to smooth over tensions in an Australian winery, and the Dec. 20 date had to be postponed due to a concussion. With the independent inquiry complete and several resignations tendered, what’s left to say?

There’s no specific date set yet, but Clinton has indicated she won’t be traveling in January. We’re not the only ones to question the timing.

  • Steve_J

    Unless she has another concussion or developes alzheimers.

    • Brett McMicken

      most likely, she will “develop” amnesia…..convenient amnesia, that is

  • Jack Deth

    Will Hillary have some ridiculous looking “Fainting Sickness” bubble wrapped helmet to wear when she testifies?

    Oh, and a small, tasteful Drool Bucket? All the amenities must looked into and covered!

  • Rick Stones

    I predict an unexpected collision in a dark hallway with a drunken formerly impeached and disgraced president who will knock her down on his way to the fridge to get another Natty Light resulting in a left metatarsal strain. Maybe she can reschedule for August?

  • Burt Zerker

    January? I think she has an alien abduction planned for early January, and you can forget February, she’s already scheduled to be swallowed by a whale. Maybe we can pencil the testimony in for March.

  • Guest

    Can not I ever campaigned for her in 2008 what a disappointment..

  • anna4sarah

    Can not believe I ever campaigned for her in 2008

  • ratizbad

    The liar Hillary will be diagnosed as mentally incompetent this time,and she will be admitted to the idiot ward for good,Hopefully..

  • Citizen0000

    wow, here fingers must be crossed really tightly hoping the Mayans are right. January seems like a fair amount of time for the public to forget about Benghazi and be disinterested.
    Hillary, you might increase your 2016 chances if you throw ol’ Barak under the bus.

  • irrelevantinMD

    I think she’ll be impregnated by Harry Reid and develop a severe case on morning sickness. She’ll can ride that out for 9 more months!!