Sen. Chuck Grassley’s tweets are alternately amusing and infuriating to his followers. While bizarre tweets about roadkill have earned him an enthusiastic Twitter following, his political posts seem to draw out a disproportionate number of trolls. Today, Grassley tweeted simply that public Nativity scenes are a longstanding tradition that deserves to continue.

Tough crowd! If Grassley has any supporters on this issue, they haven’t spoken up yet. Nevertheless, many can’t wait for Grassley’s next tweet and a repeat of that “ASSUME DEER DEAD” magic.

  • Josephine (D)

    The Constitution does not establish a state religion, but it does not ban religion either. Why is this so hard for liberals to understand?

    • Purple State

      Who is trying to ban religion?

  • o0Nighthawk0o

    A couple years ago some fool tried to get the Nativity Scene removed from our court house lawn. I drove by the other day and, GASP, it is there again this year.

  • detroit19

    We need God more than ever these dark days…

  • Michael Hampton

    We have much more important things to work on. Like the fiscal cliff that these yahoos helped to create.