ESPN has suspended analyst Rob Parker indefinitely while the network conducts a “full review” of his comments on “First Take” Thursday afternoon, during which he called quarterback Robert Griffin III a “cornball brother” who is “kind of black.”

The outrage from viewers was immediate, and with the news emerging a day later that Parker will be off the air until further notice, many were wondering what took so long.

Just how long will a “full review” take?

  • Danny Wheeler

    Rob Parker is just a cornball. And he has seriously put his foot in his mouth.

  • Jack Deth

    As Ron White is known to say:

    “You can’t fix Stupid!”

  • FFlintstone

    ESPN only suspends Parker for a racist rant, but they banned Hank Williams Jr. and the Monday Night Football song for not liking Obama? ESPN is like NBC. They’re a liberal activist network.

    • Hearns-Jackson-Hagler-Jones

      He compared him to Hitler?

      • Tuco

        Favorably, or otherwise?

      • Rodney Brungardt

        No, Hank Jr. did NOT compare Obama to Hitler. He simply stated that a meeting between Obama and John Boehner would be like a meeting between Netanyahu and Hitler. It was ESPN and Fox and Friends that made it sound that way.

        • Hearns-Jackson-Hagler-Jones

          Did Obama try to exterminate Boehners people? By the way wouldn’t have fired him.

        • 5n4k33y35

          That comment from Hank Williams Jr. was one the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. Which one was supposed to be Hitler? I can’t even figure it out.

          Netanyahu is Hitler and Barack Obama is Netanyahu? Or was John Boehner was Hitler and Obama was Netanyahu?

          WTF? It was a comment from a drunk redneck. Hilarious and meaningless but it had nothing to do with sports. It was tantamount to an announcement: I came to work drunk, or else I am senile.

  • Hearns-Jackson-Hagler-Jones

    I love RG3 have before he was hyped at Baylor but I’m tired of the thought police, Skip Bayless is a hardcore right winger but I’ve never wanted himfired. I watch Hannity I never agree with him somehow I don’t want his job, grow up people.

    • TheOriginalDonald

      If Skipper said what Parker said he’d be out of a job just like Rush #doublestandards #TheBoyzInBristolHazDem

      • Hearns-Jackson-Hagler-Jones

        I wouldn’t have fired Rush, Skip does say he cheers for whites including Blake Griffin cause he has a white mom. By the way Rush was factually wrong Rob was just saying maybe.

  • Thomas Byron

    A lot of black libbies think it’s ok to trash anybody due the fact that Obama is in office.So glad to see ESPN chose to get this racist clown a suspension.

  • Monterey22

    Why was what Parker said even considered journalism? Why do we have to decide ‘how black’ someone is. Or ‘how white’. Or ‘how(fill in the blank),’, anyway? Who cares? I thought people liked him for his good character and awesome talents? Isn’t that the things he seems to want people to know him for?

    • Monterey22

      ..and by that I mean “I thought people liked RGIII for his good character and awesome talents”…

  • NRPax

    hehehe. Folks, do you remember the tweet that Rob put up when things started heating up on this?

    [email protected]: @RobParkerESPN Good luck in your next line of work!” Typical silly response. Watch me on First Take tomorrow and Sat.#pleze

    The Karmic Wheel. Now with AWD as standard equipment. And while I didn’t want him to lose his job, if other commentators can get fired for milder statements than his because of their skin color he should be out the door also.

  • medicinewomantwo

    Now, what’s that again about the white man holding them down?

  • Rodney Brungardt

    Mr. Parkers comments show me that it’s the liberals and their mindset that are the real racists. When a young black man comes out and stands up for what is right and good, and has conservative values, he is accused of not being “black enough” or an “uncle Tom”. That is the true racism and they use accusations of racism to cover up their true feelings. For some reason, the liberal left believes in a “two wrongs make it right” philosophy!!

  • 5n4k33y35

    I was most offended by the way blacks have taken over the word “brother”, like its a Swahili word. Every male who has siblings is a “brother”.

    What they mean is “brotherhood” among blacks, i.e. black racial solidarity. But if you say “Aryan Brotherhood”, you might as well have said Al Qaeda.

    Once, while on a bus, some annoying young blacks were going on and on “my nigga this, my nigga that”… There was a white guy sitting nearby, and just to tweak the overtly racially signifying blacks, I said to the white guy: “White brother, what time is it?”

    Imagine white dudes walking around, racially signifying in every instance of social contact with another white man. Hello, my white brethren. White brother this, white brother that…

    That’s what blacks are doing every time they say “brutha” with that ebonic pronunciation and loaded emphasis, dwelling on the word to make it clear they don’t mean anyone except another black.

    They are racially signifying all the time to keep the focus their own racial identity awareness. Anyway, I don’t think the guy should be suspended. I don’t care if wants to be racially signifying every other word. Just don’t be complaining if everyone else does it too.