Jon Hammar, an Afghanistan and Iraq veteran and former U.S. Marine, was arrested in Mexico on Aug. 13 and remains there today, reportedly chained to a bed for much of the day. A recent story by the McClatchy news service has shed light on Hammar’s situation, and now concerned Americans are using the hashtags #BringHammarHome and #FreeHammar to draw attention to his case.

Hammar, 27, was arrested for possessing a 60-year-old Sears & Roebuck shotgun. Mexican authorities found the disassembled shotgun in Hammar’s motor home as he and a friend crossed the border on a surfing trip and charged him with possession of a weapon restricted for use to Mexico’s armed forces.

Needless to say, Americans are demanding action.

Hammar’s sister Katie has started a petition on the White House website.

  • Charles Knott

    No offense, but if we are demanding enforcement of laws here of weapons and drugs on foreign nationals isn’t it a tad hippocritical to demand that he be released when he clearly violated Mexican law?

    • Scott

      Cant agree. Gun was disassembled, he was in country LEGALLY. I’ve stopped people foreigners included with firearms, if they are in sight or out of reach and they tell me about them then they are free to go with a ticket for the stop. Common sense goes a long way not to mention common courtesy. If he wasn’t showing out and just got caught in road block or something similar take the gun and let him pay a fine to get out. They raise hell at us even if we hold theirs for serious stuff.

      • TugboatPhil

        Scott, our own gubmint raises hell if we don’t give their illegals free stuff and treat them like guests.

    • Lori

      What’s not clear from the article is he informed the border agents on the US side about the gun, was told it was okay, and was given papers to register it on the Mexican side. Those papers were then promptly thrown out on the Mexican side. Our own federal agents contributed to this problem. Furthermore, wouldn’t it have been more appropriate to just confiscate the gun and/or turn him back at the border?

    • TugboatPhil

      It might be hypocritical if we weren’t using our own federal agencies to move illegal rifles into Mexico to arm their drug gangs.

      • Grumpa Grumpus

        You see? That’s where the Vet made his mistake.

        If he’d incorporated as a DumperCrat Consultant, a Drug Dealer (I know, but there once was a time where that wasn’t redundant…), or a government union he’d not have been arrested.

        They might have even comp-ed his stay as a Professional Courtesy.

    • NRPax

      Charles, he registered the weapon with the authorities and had the permit to carry it into their country. It was disassembled and he presented the credentials at the border. The only mistake he made was assuming Mexico was as civilized as the U.S. and would accept the government issued permit.

  • George Washington Mclintock

    It’s unjust as can be , but he why would he even chance it? Mexican LEOS are completely crooked, INSANE about firearms, and really, really love screwing with Americans. Common courtesy and common sense are not going to enter into the picture when Americans deal with Mexican legal institutions. if they found it in his camper; they might have thought he was trying to put one over on them, and thus the draconian response. If he felt he needed a gun,should have researched the law. Or he could have asked around. Plenty of ways for a resourceful guy to get a gun down there without the Federales knowing. If your crossing the border, keep your guns at home. They just don’t understand our 2nd Amendment rights. I did sign the petition though, Hopefully, our useless govt will take action

  • OldmanRick

    A 410 shotgun still in use with the Mexican military? I seriously doubt that unless they are still locked into the early 20th century. The Mexican Army uses American weapons. That’s one reason the bad guys have military grade stuff. Somehow the arms disappears from the military armories and reappears on the streets in gunfight with the bad guys.

  • RanierWest

    Why aren’t Mexicans demanding the arrest of Barack Obama for sending thousands of guns to Mexico for the overthrow of their government #FastAndFurious? #NowThatImALiberal who cares… right? Time for a backlash against Mexico for injustice – Think Globally, Act Locally!

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    He’s a Vet.
    So, right or wrong doesn’t apply— Der Stinkmeister wouldn’t have time for him— even if all Der Fuhrer had to do was initial a page and that page was presented to him, along with a clicked-open pen, while he was washing his golfball at the ball-washer on the green.

    Why do you people keep expecting Der Fuhrer to do “the right thing”? He’s Der Dingleberry— he’s evolved above the concepts of mere “right” & “wrong”.

    What he does– the choices he makes– can only be understood by another being as evolved as Der Dear Leader!

    And since there aren’t any as evolved as he, his choices remain beyond the understanding of us mere hoi-paloi!
    /rant off