Perhaps Vice President Joe Biden broke the ice by proudly browsing the children’s books section of Costco with media in tow. Larry King, 79, took a break from promoting his TV show to recommend “Spunky the Monkey,” which he found “fun.” He also praised the book’s moral message before returning to his scheduled interview with Hustler publisher Larry Flynt.

We don’t know. Did you ask him if he also enjoyed Spunky’s moral message?

Oprah’s book club did pretty well. Is King trying to horn in on the action?

  • Zane Henry

    Talk of spunk(y) anything during an interview with Larry Flint. Stomach? Turned!

  • GaryTheBrave

    Spunky and Larry King should not be used in the same sentence . . . or paragraph.

  • Guest

    Bwahahahahaha!!!!! Larry Flynt is probably as good an expert as any to ask about “spunky monkeys”. Larry King is just about as worthless as Harry Reid and Nancy “Whatever” Pelosi. Maybe they can get a groupon discount at the Crestfield Home for the Moronically Stupid.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    “Spunky the Monkey” actually sounds like a children’s book that Larry Flynt would write!!!

    Larry King is just about as worthless as Harry Reid and Nancy “Whatever” Pelosi. Maybe they can get a groupon discount at the Crestfield Home for the Moronically Stupid.

  • marymevans869

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  • Sad Chestertonian

    Um, as far as I know, the original word “spunk”, simply was a silly word for physical energy, “spunky” meaning full of such. The sexual use of the word likely arose in the context of sexual energy and the sad habit of sexualizing simple, catchy words: faggot: a bundle of sticks probably compared to homosexual orgy behaviors; gay: as if, somehow, being heterosexual or bisexual were somehow much sadder states of being; straight: as if simply being heterosexuals meant you are on the right path; lesbian: it would have been more ambitious to connect them selves to the anciant Cretions, they were most successful and largest matriarchal society of the ancient world. So much so, in fact, that the one instance that the world of men did not go out of their way to avoid or ignore them was when one of their queens went insane, and her husband, Minos, seized power. Nothing else that was ever written about the island before, of since, has survived in a readable language. The names of queens who ruled before and after Minos have been utterly forgotten. But Lesbos? A few stories about amazons that might have been made up. So how in heck do the odd juvenile turns of mind continue to muddle the language this way? Did ya know nerd was coined by Doctor Suess? Now, I am no fan of Larry King, but he has every right to comment on harmless childrens’ things that he thinks are positive for them. I don’t know if the author of the book wrote it before the vile slang usage became common, but I am sure it was unknown to them either way. So, we as conservatives, in this case, must ask ourselves whose minds are really in the gutter.

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      1) Yes, I know Seuss coined “nerd.” It too now has far different connotations; originally, none at all, to speak of. Or was that your point?

      2) To the best of my knowledge, “spunk” as slang for male emission is largely British, not US. For what that’s worth. Also the similarity of ‘spunk’ and ‘spank’ cannot be overlooked. Remember, in contemporary society, double entendre and innuendo which used to be confined to locker rooms, men’s room walls, and restricted parts of the library are now used to market ice cream and even presidents: need I call to mind the recent “Your first time” ad for Dear Leader? Finally, one must recall too a particularly vile work which had its 15 minutes of fame recently, a purported children’s book (actually an obscene parody of one) called “Go The %^&* To Sleep.” If our minds are in the gutter, it’s because we are made to live in one.

      3) In congruency with Larry Flynt, ANYTHING is going to be questionable! Regardless of what it is. And doubly so with the bizarre juxtaposition of a comment on the book’s “moral” stance. I think it is more this than the title alone which raises the eyebrows and amusement.

      • Sad Chestertonian

        I largely agree with you, but I am a bit confused about the Flint reference, as I was having trouble making the origina King video work for me. Did Larry mention him in the same sound bite, or did a twitter commenter make the connection on his own, as I had assumed?

  • Joseph Phillips

    Larry King reads the Bible just to reminiscence.