A man who live-tweeted a standoff with Baltimore police Saturday night has been denied bail.

Frank James McArthur was taken into custody Saturday after live streaming negotiations with police who had come to his home to serve an outstanding warrant. During a phone call, police said they had sent a SWAT team in part due to McArthur’s tweets, some of which had threatening overtones, such as, “Wondering if I should definitely try to take a few out on my way out.”

McArthur had won fans and supporters during the standoff, including CNN’s Roland S. Martin.

  • http://twitter.com/BobCordon Bob Cordon

    Maybe if he showed up in court when he was supposed to… just sayin’ ……

    • SwTk

      Makes sense to me.

  • Jack Deth

    A parolee willfully violates his parole by missing a court date and turns a visit from the Sheriff into a full blown SWAT stand-off for several hours. And wonders WHY he was denied bail?!!!

    Not only that. He’s out of pocket for contempt for NOT keeping his mouth shut while the judge and lawyers contemplate his fate!

    Some people are just too dumb to breathe.

    Hope he enjoys Jessup!

    • WhiteFalcon1

      …and then there’s that whole pesky ole’ “possession of a sawed-off shotgun while currently on parole” thingy , which translates into “possession of a weapon while on disability”, a federal offense! Especially for a sawed-off, which are considered by the ATF as automatic weapons, but I don’t know why that is…its not automatic by no stretch!

      • Jack Deth

        Hi, Falcon:

        Sawed off shotguns, and modified rifles and pistols fall under Class 3 Firearms.

        The same as full automatic machine gun (M-2 Browning .50 caliber, 30 caliber Browning Machine Guns) and sub machine guns (45 caliber Thompson, 45 Caliber Ingram MAC-10, etc) and selective (Full, semi auto) fire ‘Assault Rifles’ (M-14, M-16, AK-47, etc) which are LEGAL to own.

        If you go through extensive state and federal background checks. And pay an annual hefty tax ($2000.00 on average) for the Class 3 license and the rifle(s) or weapon(s).

        I’m guessing Mr. McArthur’s sawed off shotgun will be good for three to five years prison time.

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