A man identifying himself as Dr. James McArthur, a “physical culturist, social-pathologist/observational theorist” and “independent urban combat correspondent, journalist contributor, radio guy,” today live-tweeted what he claims is a raid on his home by Baltimore police.

WBAL in Baltimore offers the following report:

Baltimore Police say they are in a barricade situation outside the home of a Baltimore blogger.

Police tell WBAL News that they are outside of the home of James MacArthur in the 600 block of McKewin Avenue in Waverly.

A spokesman would only confirm that they are executing an outstanding warrant.

While police are outside of MacArthur’s home, he is broadcasting over the internet through his website and tweeting live.

McArthur claimed the raid was over a missed court date.

While the story unfolded on Twitter, McArthur won fans and support.


The Baltimore Sun is also reporting on the standoff:

A Baltimore blogger wanted on a court-issued warrant barricaded himself inside a Waverly home Saturday night, posting on social media and broadcasting live on Internet radio with officers outside.

Police said Frank James MacArthur, 47, refused to come out of his home in 600 block of McKewin Ave. for officers trying to serve a warrant issued in June by his probation agent stemming from a 2009 gun case, according to police and court records.

MacArthur, who has said he was never notified about the court date, has been posting on social media this week about his “fugitive” status and predicted police would try to harm him.

A calm-sounding McArthur is also using Spreaker.com to broadcast from inside his home.


McArthur is currently negotiating live with a Baltimore police officer and streaming the audio. Why such an elevated response to a “minor incident”? These tweets sent out earlier today, likely:

“A tweet will not kill you,” McArthur told the officer, claiming “excessive force” and “overkill” in the police department’s response.

Twitchy will continue to monitor the situation.


The @BaltoSpectator saga seems to drawing to a close, with hundreds tuned in to the live audio stream as McArthur negotiates his exit from his home.


McArthur has finally signed off around 11 p.m. Roland S. Martin has taken an interest and is advocating on McArthur’s behalf. (Yerg is the officer who negotiated with McArthur; Maryland Delegate Jill P. Carter is his lawyer.)

Here’s a photo from the scene:


  • Scott

    Dude,you barricaded yourself in the house and expect the police to play nice? They dont know if you have guns or hostages and idiots are telling you to “be safe”. How screwed up is this crap? You have a ass whipping coming.
    Be very glad you aint pulling this stunt where I police.

    • http://www.irregulars.us/ towerclimber37

      1. the police had better damned well play nice no matter what. you try that “i’ll kick your ass” b.s. around MY town and you’ll find yourself out of a job and probably in prison. it’s your JOB to be nice. if you don’t like it, get a different job.
      These people aren’t there for you to beat on, even when they annoy you.
      it’s fellas like you that give good polices officers a bad name, dude.
      when a knock on the door and a simple verbal order to come with the officer will do, you don’t use the swat team.

      • George Washington Mclintock

        Did you miss the tweets above where he talked about causing bloodshed, and taking guys out ? DO you think maybe that’s why they sent a SWAT team to get this guy? YOu’re a complete idiot.

      • SpinMeNot

        It is not the job of the police to be nice, it is the job of the police to preserve public safety. The man had a warrant out for his arrest, and then resisted said arrest. He started it, they ended it. Tweet threats against the police department, and you become a risk to the safety of the officers and the public at large. A SWAT team was more than warranted. Personally, I’d have asked him every hour, on the hour to come out quietly. And when I asked the third time, I’d have sent the SWAT in after him. The tweets he sent will likely come back to haunt him.

        At that point, his pleas for help just show him to a. limb-dicked rear-echelon liberal-progressive puke unwilling to take responsibility for their words or actions. You are apparently just one of those people that judge all police by a few bad ones. I don’t deny they are there, but this is not one of those cases.

        Oh, and it is customary for there to be (2) if you have a (1) … your public school education really paid off.

        I’m 60+ years old, never had a warrant for my arrest, gotten my share of speeding tickets, paid them, moved on. Its not that hard to simply avoid putting yourself in a situation where this sort of thing happens.

        The trash has been taken out, AFAIC.

        • Scott

          Thank you. I just replied myself also but it is nice to see that people do understand real life.

          • SpinMeNot

            Scott — no problem, you guys in blue don’t get the good press the guys in green/tan do. I for one thank you for your service to your community and this nation.

      • Scott

        I’d like to police in your town because it is dipshits like you that scream for help the quickest and the loudest if someone even looks sideways at you, after you spend untold hours bashing the police for giving you a ticket that you didn’t deserve and was rude to you because he forgot to tell you have a nice day or something. If the jackass would have answered the door the cops probably would have been at the least polite and professional and took him on to jail. But he didn’t so guess what , HE TOOK THE THREAT LEVEL UP AND HE IS GOING TO GET HIS ASS WHIPPING THAT HE IS BEGGING FOR! So until your libtard ass has had to do the things I’ve done for the ungrateful liberal ass bitches like you, keep your mouth shut and thank a cop when you see him for protecting you from other people like above idiot and thank a soldier for fighting for your right to even post what you did. Even if I think you’re an asshole I’m still gonna act nice until YOU decide it is time for me to turn in to Mr bad police man, because I have a wife and 3children that I love and live for and I want to go home to them when it is time. So if you play nice, we will play nice. Merry Christmas and GOD bless.

  • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

    Police said Frank James MacArthur, 47, refused to come out of his home in 600 block of McKewin Ave. for officers trying to serve a warrant issued in June by his probation agent stemming from a 2009 gun case, according to police and court records.

    MacArthur, who has said he was never notified about the court date, has been posting on social media this week about his “fugitive” status and predicted police would try to harm him.

    So he didn’t know about the court date? I guess he wasn’t keeping in touch with his PROBATION OFFICER.

    • http://twitter.com/TheAngieNC2 Angie (D)

      Yeah, funny how he left out that he was already on PAROLE so this wasn’t some FTA on a speeding ticket or something minor like that.

      Worse the idiots on Twitter who *believed* a SWAT team comes to your house for a minor FTA, as he was representing.

  • bdimplesntex2012

    im listening to him now..he is saying that they have corrupt cops on the force. which i’ve also heard about b-more cops. i dont blame him for being scared of being killed.

    • http://twitter.com/TheAngieNC2 Angie (D)

      Hmm. Then maybe he shouldn’t have tweeted before they showed up about wanting to go out in a bloodbath & just gone to the police station & turned himself in, huh?

      • bdimplesntex2012

        if u were listening to him, then you would have understood why he tweeted that. it wasnt in regards to the b-more cops. furthermore, i understand them wanting to to take precautions, but i also understand him wanting witnesses. he got his witnesses, maybe not close as he wanted, but he got them. he turned himself in peacefully a few minutes ago.

        • SpinMeNot

          Wrong, there was nothing peaceful about this situation. Peaceful is not threatening the police via twitter, peaceful is not tweeting, should I kill a few on my way out, peaceful would not have required SWAT. The guy in question has a gun related conviction, and parole violation related to that conviction. In other words, he’s a thug.

          Do you possess the ability to think critically? Have you ever put a uniform on and been in a situation like this? No, you haven’t or you wouldn’t post drivel like this.

          A few bad cops exist on every police force, because people are inherently bad. And then police departments are forced, by courts, to lessen standard in order to meet quotas for racial diversity purposes. Then tests are ordered to be dumbed down so individuals otherwise undeserving of a promotion can get said promotion. Yeah, its no wonder there are bad cops on police forces. But they are far outnumbered by good men and women, just trying to perform a vital public service, while not getting killed by piece-of-crap criminals turned bloggers.


  • http://twitter.com/KALKAM71 KALKAM

    OK…these people support gun control and more government but sympathize with a man who barricaded himself in a house to avoid a warrant on a gun charge and had law enforcement come for him…

    Imagine if you piss off the IRS…even cops fear them.

  • waltzingmtilda

    Yea right with this guy. I took one look at this and immediately thought of MOVE and that scumbag Mumia Abu Jamal.

  • Jack Deth


    When the Judge wants you in his Court Room. It’s best NOT to ignore him!

    Those Bench Warrants are a bitch, ain’t they?

    I’m sure he’ll have several months to contemplate the errors of his ways. After the City of Baltimore bills him for police overtime, SWAT and vehicle expenditures.

    I can dream, can’t I?

    • SpinMeNot

      Only till the BHO gets around to taxing it … then you’ll have to avoid those dreams while he takes 17 day, $4M tax-payer funded vacations.

  • Guest

    So what’s occupy’s interest in all of this? Looking to get after more cops?

    Frankly, I don’t feel sorry for unionized city workers who vote for democrats. Occupy is a big part of their base.

    You vote for them, you are on your own.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    He’s lucky he didn’t get flash-banged and a ram through his front door, internet or not. In a civilized society you open the door when the police show up with a warrant for your arrest, especially when you already know what it’s for AND you know you are on parole. Bet his parole gets violated and this guy is going back to prison for the remainder of his sentence, plus any new charges for resisting. Merry Christmas, dumbass.

  • Garth Haycock

    If one doesn’t want a SWAT team to come to your house, one should not break the law. It’s really that simple.

  • disqus_K9Du0tIVrE

    “…physical culturist, social-pathologist/observational theorist” and
    “independent urban combat correspondent, journalist contributor, radio

    Translation: He’s a paranoid schizophrenic who smokes weed and gets in fights with his neighbors.

  • George Washington Mclintock

    Always the same with these radical types. “F the Police! “Take it to the streets!” “Let’s shed some fascist blood!!!” When the authorities show up it’s histrionics and cowardice. “I don’t want to die!!!” “BRUTAlity!” “Please Help me!”

  • NRPax

    If he has so many social media connections, how hard would it have been to set up an appointment on a calendar program and programmed it to remind him of the court date? Some people seem to need hand holding just to get out the door.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lisa.dean.564 Lisa Dean

    So, he didn’t speak to his lawyer or his parole officer since June? He didn’t think that tweeting about blood shed and killing a cop would peak the interest of the Baltimore PD enough to ask SWAT for assistance in serving his warrant? And, since I’m not familiar with Baltimore PD procedures and I’m going out on a limb, they might include SWAT in serving a warrant when it’s a gun charge and the person could be considered armed and dangerous as standard practice.

  • Michelle

    Maybe it’s just me, but if the police showed up at my door with a warrant for my arrest for a failure to appear, I’d…open the door and go with them and not let it escalate to this point. Then again, I’m not a drama queen.

  • TiLiNi

    This guy looks similar to an actor. I can’t think of the movie or show. Really bothering me now :-/

  • http://www.facebook.com/sherri.seiber Sherri Seiber

    What a drama queen!!