Calling it a “travesty,” Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal today said the state will appeal a ruling by State District Judge Tim Kelley that Louisiana’s school voucher program is unconstitutional.

The ruling is not an injunction and will have no immediate effect on around 5,000 children who current attend private schools under the voucher program. Jindal said that the ruling was not unexpected. Kelley argued that the voucher program diverts funds intended to support public schools and thus violates Louisiana’s constitution.

Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu, a Democrat, also weighed in, calling the voucher program not only unconstitutional but “unnecessarily aggressive.”

The NEA called the decision “a major victory for students.”

A victory? Supporters of school choice disagree.

  • syvyn11

    THIS is what we need. A conservative with a spine of steel. Not one of rubber (those guys are all in Washington).

  • michelle

    2014, Mary, 2014. Remember Louisiana voters. Mary doesn’t want your kids to have a great education.

    • conservativechick

      Liberals put UNIONS ahead of students. Obama did it in DC, so why so shocked?

    • Michael Morris

      How is she still in office? Who the hell is voting for her?

      • michelle

        That is a good question. Hopefully voters will be reminded of her tweet in 2014. Also they need to be told that a vote for mary is a vote for harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and obummer. The GOP needs to get down and dirty and remember that revenge is in the air….
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  • Lisa

    Mary’s got a lot of nerve her brother is the Mayor of NewOrleans you’d think she’d know better!! Dems. just gotta back the Unions! Sick! It’s actually NOT taking money away from the public schools, if the child is no longer in public school that’s one less child the school has to pay for! The money follows the child DUH!!

    • Teresa Davis McCormick

      that’s the only reason they want the kids, unfortunately. They don’t use that money they get for each student, for the student, so to them they are getting “their” money taken away. We need to take back our public schools!

  • Rulz

    I can’t wait for 2014 to vote out Mary Landrieu.

    • louisiana_mom

      That makes two of us! 2014 can’t get here soon enough!

      • Elaine

        Yes, please focus on taking the Senate Majority away from Harry! If we keep the House, BO has no power his last two years. We’ll have to get valid VOTER ID first for this to work. WRITE OR CALL anyone in DC and demand voter ID in your state!

        • louisiana_mom

          Louisiana has had voter ID laws for over a decade. And no stories of voter suppression (and they would be front page or the top story if the media could find one). We have free (taxpayer funded) IDs provided at the DMV and you can even register to vote while you are there getting your ID – one stop shopping. We implemented this after a US Representative was elected, he received 100% of the vote in a 90% black district (the whites stated under oath they had voted for the Republican) and also this same district had 100% turnout (although about 15% of the voters on the rolls had died).

  • scalzo

    Of course the democrats want to keep kids in public schools run by the unions. To force feed them liberal BS. That’s why my son does not go to public school. I pay for his education not the government. Also students must perform well to stay in private schools. Public school is where the trash goes. About 99% of top students in the country go to a private school not public. I decide what my child learns in sex education not the government.

    • TexSizzle

      Not all of us who went to public school were trash. My dad was in the Air Force, and the leftists kept the military pay scale down to the point that we couldn’t afford private school. In fact, if food stamps had been around back then, we might have qualified.

  • Silenttype78

    Mary Landrieu is corrupt trash!
    Unfortunately there are too many Landrieus down here and too few Jindals….literally and figuratively.

    Courts are rather shady as well-6 months in jail for former New Orleans city councilman who took hundreds of thousands from Katrina recovery related non profits.

    That being said….Louisiana has some of the friendliest people anywhere ever! Even to us Alabama transplants.

    • louisiana_mom

      Thanks, we try. And if you think it’s bad with Dems now, you should have been here during the Edwards years… he would say he was a crook and then dare you to prove it. The Landrieu family go back to his era.

      • Silenttype78

        I mean it. I am amazed by the genuine kindness of “strangers” here.
        I’ve never experienced it before. It’s everyone, everywhere – doctors,nurses, cashiers, teachers,neighbors-everybody! Kind,funny and just fantastic!
        My husband is an AL alumnus and of course a “bammer”and even that has not been an issue :-) !
        I’ve heard some stories of political corruption from times gone by and its crazy. Of course, my home state has it’s own dark marks in its political history :-(.

  • Hiraghm

    During the appeal process, I’d tell the court that I’m giving them a 2nd chance to get it right, if I were governor. If they decide wrong again… I’ll declare martial law.

    • TexSizzle

      At that point he should do what the founder of the Democrat Party did, declare: “The Supreme Court has ruled; now, let them enforce their ruling if they can” [paraphrased; Jackson said John Marshall, who was Chief Justice at the time].

  • michael s

    Because of Mary Landrieu James O Keefe is a convicted criminal. 1 for her.

  • salvagesalvage

    Maybe Bobby should try an exorcism?

  • NRPax

    So why is it that liberals are for freedom of choice but they balk at parents being able to choose what schools their kids attend?

  • Northeast Patriot

    Landrieu is just reacting the way her party tells her to.

    “Mary’s got a lot of nerve her brother is the Mayor of NewOrleans you’d think she’d know better!!” – Let me guess, he’s a Democrat also?

  • BeeKaaay

    Jindal disagrees with the leftwingwacko notion that cronies are more important than children when it comes to schools.

  • TonyMitch

    Why should taxpayer money go to people who pay no taxes? I am tired of hearing about these poor kids and parents that are stuck in failing schools. Well, hello your kid is in the school, you as a parent are a part of the school. Looks like maybe you are part of the problem. conservatives need to stop blaming unions and teachers for the ills of education. Teachers do not make policy or are able to make any decisions as to what will be taught or how it will be taught. Unions are only able to protect teachers from lazy ass kids and parents. they do not make policy or curriculum decisions. that is all done by politicians and beaurocrats.

    The assault on teachers and public employee unions is exactly what has cost the GOP the presidency. The GOP demonized teachers, police officers and firefighters. Many of which were white middle class males. You alienated yourselves from them to cater and pander to Mexicans, blacks and single mothers that will never vote for you.