For a while at least, former vice president and noted non-scientist Al Gore made quite a nice living for himself by traveling around the planet claiming that “the science was settled” when it came to global warming. Comedian and Fox News contributor Steven Crowder takes at look at marijuana legalization in his new video, throwing a wrench in the “settled science” that marijuana, while increasingly legal, is harmless.

While Crowder does allow that there are Constitutional arguments to be made for legalizing marijuana, those he spoke with in Ann Arbor, Mich., especially the younger interviewees, chose to argue that the safety of the drug is main issue — and they’re convinced it’s harmless.

Yeah, college kids — what do they know?

In addition to his investigation of pot’s health effects, Crowder also challenges the notion that legalizing pot nationally would lead to a massive emptying of the prisons. Not everyone is convinced by the video, though, and many point to the medicinal uses which form the basis of many legalization efforts.

While pro- and anti-legalization advocates battle it out on Twitter, Crowder notes that they do so in an environment where more and more states are legalizing marijuana while curbing other “vices,” such as New York City’s banning of sodas larger than 16 ounces.

Crowder’s not our dad either, but he is like the cool uncle who makes great (and thoughtful) videos. If we’re going to argue that smoking marijuana is a right, let’s make sure our assumptions are right as well.


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  • Christian Heiens

    Sorry, have to disagree with Twitchy and company for the first time ever. I support legalization of Marijuana for a variety of reasons, the most important being individual liberty. It’s hypocritical for the GOP to support limited, small government, and at the same time use ATF Agents to burst down people’s doors and sentence people sometimes to dozens of years in prison for recreational marijuana use. It’s contrary to the principles of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and basic individual liberty and the ability to make one’s own decisions, good or bad, for one’s self without having the government interfere in your personal life.

    I hope I don’t come off as some raging liberal or some sort of pot head or anything. I’ve never done anything like marijuana and never plan on doing it either. I simply see it as an essential part of individual freedom to choose how to life one’s life without being told by the government what to do, so long as your actions do not directly interfere in the rights and liberties of others, meaning that is marijuana was ever re-legalized, the Governemnt WOULD have the right and duty to protect other citizens by imposing other laws regulating the substance in cases of abuse where one takes it and ends up harming others, just as we currently do in regards to Alcohol.

    All the best, Christian :)

    • aegean1

      Perhaps I overlooked it, but where did Twitchy say that marijuana should be banned and has no medical benefits? The video is about the argument that weed is harmless. Something can have medical benefit and be harmful at the same time, just look at morphine.

      • Christian Heiens

        They didn’t but many of the people why showed on this page do :) But you’re right, people who think it’s fine are wrong. I agree it’s harmful, but that’s up to individuals to make that choice, not governments.

  • Bumr50


    • aegean1

      Thank you for adding to the discourse. That was incredibly informative.

      • Bumr50

        Fine. I think that Crowder is a moron for doing this.

        I guess there’s nothing more pressing for him than to go out and act like the biggest prude in the world.

        I’m a marijuana user that DOESN’T support legalization, because I simply don’t want the gubmint to get it’s grubby, greedy claws on another revenue source that it’s sure to abuse.

        But if you want to keep losing elections, by all means keep going after issues that are sure to turn off most of the country with a functioning brain. We’ve got enough problems.

        Alcohol is by FAR a much more dangerous drug both physically and from a social standpoint, if you’re inclined to argue in that direction.

        Anyone who refuses to recognize this is a crank who enjoys a few beers or cocktails, but can’t abide “those damn potheads.” Hypocrisy at it’s worst.

        I’m usually a bit more verbose, but didn’t feel that my original, one word comment needed further explanation. Sorry.

        • Bumr50

          See – I needed more room. Happy?

          The argument that Crowder was just out trying to “dispel a myth” is bunk.

          If he weren’t against legalization, why would he care enough to do this?

          As I said, we’ve got enough problems without pouring gasoline on relatively small ones and looking like schoolmarms while we do it. There are plenty of other issues where we need to be the “adults” in the room.

          This is an example, IMHO, of someone on the right choosing his battles poorly.


    Steven Crowder is a genius!

  • Adela Wagner

    Either you are for freedom, or you are not. Same arguments for/agin booze. I am a past mid-age lady, been around, and I just DO NOT want ANYONE telling me what I can or can’t do in my own home. I see these cartels that have to actually rent apts. to store their money in, there is so much of it from the sales of pot. I see friends that have no appetite from chemo FINALLY able to eat and keep it down. I experience relief from pain in my arthritic joints that can keep me bedridden. And then, I see other adults, acting like they are the boss of me, dictating what my adult ass can’t do. All the while I watch endless class action lawsuit commercials on TV, telling you to sue because all the PRESCRIPTION medicine they told you was great yesterday, is making you leak, puke, develop kidney disease, need a replacement part, and has or will kill you. I brew my own beer, make my own wine, and I don’t bother anyone, stop bothering me. If I want to grow a God Given plant and then eat it, smoke it, or cram it, what business is it of the Government? if I get crazy and attack, throw the book at me, until then…piss off. Okay, I’m calm now.

    • Liberty for All

      I totally agree. I do not like it when folks pose for Liberty, but then say but wait its badddd for you… which is exactly what they hate on liberals for. The government should not be able to dictate what you can and can’t do to your body, bottom line. Almost crossing the line on this one Twitchy…

  • Hiraghm

    Smoking marijuana is a right, but driving is a privilege? Legalized pot, legalized abortion, but mandatory seat belt laws… #insane

  • talkradio200

    Legalization advocates need to come up with better arguments than “it’s harmless” or “it’s medicinal” or “it’s less harmful than alcohol.” Those are all crap and we all know it.

    • Joel A. Edge

      True, but as we have seen in the last year or so, people don’t care to hear things that make them uncomfortable.

    • gekkobear

      Right, lets ban anything possibly harmful and control the actions of all citizens to remove any risk or harm from all our lives.

      Once we’re enslaved to the state things will be so much better. The life of a slave controlled by someone else is so freeing; right?

      I’m sorry that my thought that my choices and my freedom is apparently “crap”… why do you believe freedom and liberty aren’t worth supporting again?

      Oh yes, you’re worried some people might hurt themselves… time to ban sharp scissors and thumbtacks and wrap the nation in bubble wrap.

      • Liberty for All

        They sit there and say “Liberals think that you are too stupid to determine your own destiny…” They do too. Liberty is Liberty, you either believe it in fully or you do not.

    • Liberty for All

      No they aren’t all crap. Just because Crowder got some foofoo Dr. that provides a theory going along with his argument? I could find one similar. I can also edit the 30 students I interviewed down to the 5 that actually said exactly what I wanted them to. IT IS MEDICINAL… THEY HAVE IT IN PILL FORM FOR CANCER PATIENTS!!! so they can actually eat food without puking. And no you don’t have to have your card to get Marinol. They also have METH in pill form, for ADHD patients. Weed is less harmless than all arthritis medicine! Find me a stoner that gets in bar fights… doesn’t happen. Alcohol makes people violent. Weed makes people happy and tired. You know you guys are really rearing the ugly head of the false conservatives you really are. You can’t kind of believe in Liberty you fools!!!!!

  • RblDiver

    I’m a conservative, and I voted for the legalization in CO. I have not and plan not to ever use drugs, but I felt that the wording of the amendment was pretty close to what I wanted to see. For one, it restricts it to 21 and up. Second, it forbids public smoking of the pot, and no being impaired by it in a car (not 100%, but my reading took away that you can have 0 pot in your system while in a car). Third, it sets up a way to tax it.
    We saw how prohibition went. By seeing the amendment set up even more strict than alcohol, it achieved what I felt could reasonably be asked. I’m hopeful things will work out, but will continue to be on the lookout for how it actually turns out.

    • Teresa Davis McCormick

      I’m wondering how it will be enforced to make sure only people aren’t driving stoned. but I believe the government should stop telling us to do with our bodies too.

  • AaronHarrisinAlaska

    A rare instance of crowder cherry picking who he interviews. This video wasn’t that informative at all. Of course the drug isn’t 100% harmless, and a majority of supporters agree with that. The key differences though is that marijuana is not physicle addictive and has shown almost no adverse bodily effects other than putting something in your lungs that doesn’t belong there. Mental instability caused by the drug is a myth. Preexisting Instability agrivated by the drug how ever is documented.

    • Penmar

      I guess you missed the part where the doctor was speaking of how it affects psychosis and the immature brain. And the doc didn’t say it causes psychosis, she said it causes earlier onset. I’d say that is definitely harmful.

  • michael c

    oh puh-leeze. so crowder has
    always been a square and thinks that everybody else should be too. if he really
    thinks that “a vast majority of americans” have NOT smoked marijuana, then he
    doesn’t get out much. as for the ‘experts’ here, similar arguments can be make
    about the dangers of just about everything that we consume…and one loony guy
    does not represent the millions of folks who have been smoking pot since their
    teens and have gone on to live successful, fulfilling lives well into their
    middle-age without any outbreak of psychosis. this new push for ‘reefer
    madness’ is nonsense.

    • Penmar

      The doc didn’t say it causes psychosis, she said it causes earlier onset. As for not being harmful.(this is me now pointing at all those libs that grew up as hippies) I call that beyond harmful. And that is not an argument for keeping it legal, I’d just as soon the gov’t stop regulating us to death and beyond. However, I don’t want to end up having to pay for the medical bills because they can’t hold a job and pay for their own. And I don’t want some pothead making decisions in Washington for me and the rest of the country. Oh wait, we already have that, Obama, and look where we are? If there was ever an argument of how harmful pot can be to one’s thinking, I’d say that is the most compelling.

      • Liberty for All

        You have a skewed view on reality yourself. What makes you think that all “potheads” are worthless without jobs? Actually, all of the potheads in my life are the most successful people that I know, and most people don’t even have a clue that they smoke all day, even on their lunch break at work. Obviously these people can’t be honest because of dumbass naive people like you, so the statistics will always stay with those who will and can put forth this information: loser stoners.

        • Penmar

          Where did I say all potheads can’t hold a job? I said I didn’t want to pay medical expenses because they won’t or can’t hold down a job and no where in that statement does it say all potheads are the same. However, in my so called skewed view, which I might add is based on personal experience and contact with potheads, there were plenty like my ex bro in law who particularly liked smoking pot, not working and then beating the crap out of my sister. As long as he was not smoking pot he would work and not beat my sister. Not all were like him, however, there were enough like him around. And not all of them became violent either, but there were enough of those around too. However, even just one like my ex bro in law is more than enough. And I am well aware that alcohol consumption results in similar circumstances for many families, nothing can be done about that as it is legal. So now we just compound our problems by allowing pot to be legal. In addition, smoking pot also causes cancer same as cigarettes do. But none of that goes to my point was the increasing number of people who receive government assistance will be taking the EBT cards to the local pot store, purchasing pot on the taxpayer’s dime and then when they get sick expect the taxpayer to foot the bill for that also. You libs are all bent out of shape over cigarette smokers and how they cost every one more money because of their smoking, how is this any different?

    • Elena0412

      A”square”? Did we attend junior high together?

  • GaryTheBrave

    I smoked pot 4 times when I was 14. Didn’t like the effect. I voted for pot legalization in Colorado this year because I know several people who do smoke and a few hours later the effects have diminished.

    Most pot smokers do not try to push their lifestyle on non-smokers. So why should I push my non-smoking lifestyle on smokers (pot and tobacco alike).

  • Back 4 More

    Nothing is harmless if abused. A few years ago a college student died from drinking too much water during frat hazing. Marijuana, however, is much less harmful than alchohol or opiates, regardless of what the pharmaceutical propaganda machine tells you. If Pfizer had a patent on marijuana you can bet your ass it would be legal.

    • Liberty for All

      ZING!!! Hit the nail on the head.

  • Joel A. Edge

    I’m just sick of one more thing to argue about, legalize it, tax it, we could use the money.

  • littleones

    Can we all start smoking cigs again, too?

  • Elena0412

    Reading the comments .here, I see that there is a misunderstanding. Crowder is arguing that marijuana is NOT harmless, not that it should be illegal.

  • Sincerely —

    The media has sold the lie that “pot is harmless” very effectively.


    isn’t chemically addictive

    Is one of the craziest statements I have ever read. Yes it IS addictive and it does have many negative side effects.

    Beyond just the fact that lungs were not designed to take in smoke, it impairs judgment and short term memory, it makes one more easily influenced and paranoid. It has also been found to trigger schizophrenia in people with a family history.

    From the research I’ve read, the effects go away in adults once they stop smoking it. However, in those who start as teens, it is not true. It actually interferes with their brain development and the effects are long term. Their brains have to work harder to perform complex cognitive processes. They just don’t think as efficiently.

    In short, pot makes you dumb and more easily influenced. <= And that was part of the problem with the last election, that a huge portion of the electorate is clueless and completely incapable of reason.

    • gekkobear

      1) Not as addictive as cigarettes.
      2) Alcohol impairs judgement as well… and cause mental instability in some.
      3) Teenage or younger drinking and smoking also have serious medical issues.

      So in short, you must also promote the end of legal alcohol and tobacco, right? How about caffeine? Do we ditch that as well?

      At what point did you get the right to control my life and my choices?
      I don’t recall being sold into slavery… how much did you pay for me?

      • Sincerely —

        1) It is addictive. It activates the same receptors in the brain that heroin, morphine, and oxycontin do. It is also psychologically addictive. I would say that the effects are more insidious because the distorted thinking is not as obvious to the person. They think it’s normal and don’t realize the problem.

        2 & 3) These are red herrings to this discussion. If you would like to take it up with the legislature, more power to you. However, with the advent of Obamacare, I would not surprise me if some sort of penalization is implemented on anything that has been found to significantly impair health.

        At what point did you get the right to control my life and my choices?

        Every single law on the books is sets standards on our lives and choices. Using that logic, you would have to then have to say that no one has a right to set any laws or guidelines (example of an inconsistency logical fallacy.)

        • Back 4 More

          Morphine and Oxycodone are legal and they’re both extremely physically addictive, as is alcohol.

        • gekkobear

          2 and 3 are red herrings?

          So we have a law to allow ADULTS to smoke pot; you complain that CHILDREN smoking pot have impairment; and comparing other legal activities we restrict to adults and not kids has no bearing?

          I’m not the one who went “red herring” losing the focus… you are. I was pointing out that we’ve already got a system for allowing things for ADULTS and not for CHILDREN…

          You even state the effects go away in adults, the only thing we’ve legalized… but you want a change for children using it, which wasn’t legalized.

          If you’re going to make that argument, you’re clearly for banning anything for adults that might be harmful for kids; that or YOU didn’t understand the laws being passed.

        • owens4414

          Physical addiction has nothing to do with receptors alone. The definition of physically addictive is the fact that your body has a physical (as opposed to a purely mental response/addiction) when you stop using the drug. Alcoholics for instance don’t just have a tendency to hallucinate when they stop using, they break out in sweats and chills, vomit, etc. Also that stupid source you quoted which looks like a Blogger website, also notes that those same opoid receptors are triggered by…. tobacco and alcohol. Considering that both alcohol and tobacco are both far more addictive, I’d not be surprised if those drugs are far more opoid agonistic than cannabis.

          And please stop with the slippery slope legal argument, it’s quite an absurd fallacy. We’re talking about someone using quite literally the safest recreational drug out there…. for personal use, a victimless crime, this isn’t a murder statute or one against dumping toxic chemicals in the water supply. Prohibition was wrong in the beginning of last century and it’s still wrong.

  • BeeKaaay

    yay, as predictable, the addicts come out to play and troll. Nothing new under the sun.

  • Stephanie Warren

    I’m against legalizing pot. Not sorry. It’s bad and bad for you. It’s been proven again and again. It’s a gateway drug to worse drugs. Always has been.