As Twitchy reported yesterday, party-centric rocker Andrew W.K. was in line to travel to Bahrain as a cultural ambassador, but the U.S. Embassy rescinded its invitation when it was learned that the singer was “too party.”

Here’s a tip for Andrew W.K. — don’t hold your breath waiting for answers to questions like “Who?” and “Why?” when dealing with the State Department. They’re kind of busy not answering other people’s questions at the moment.

A parting thought to ponder while waiting:

  • ★♥ Harriet Baldwin

    Who is AndrewWK ? He MUST be somebody because he has a blue check mark. Or something.

    • David Morales

      he’s actually a pretty cool guy imo you should look him up

  • Robert

    I had to look back ten years to find the one song by this guy I had heard. Once. On a video game. What a loser.

    • vphilly

      Who are you again?

  • disappearing moderate

    This guy has a pretty active career, first in music and producing music and later in reality TV, a little acting, frequent talk show guest, speaking engagements, etc. He has absolutely no diplomatic credentials, but I’m pretty sure the State Department figures he’d none the less outshine their foreign policy efforts.

  • Kyle Schroeck

    He is pretty hilarious and has lots of songs about partying, but he should not be representing us on official state department business. I still like him though.

  • Randal Redder

    Andrew W.K. is a regular on Fox News’ Red Eye, and is one of their best guest hosts. His best known song is “Party Hard” ->

  • TocksNedlog

    If the State Dept had any balls, it would send Taylor Swift over to Egypt to sing “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” right in Morsi’s face.

    • JimmyJusticeUSA

      and Kanye to interrupt her to sing Jesus Walks

  • jeffunde

    Heck, Hillary Clinton is always make an a@@ of herself, how is Andrew WK going to make it worse?