So, did you receive your “Congrats” tweet from Time yet? If not, you likely haven’t been nominated for the magazine’s “Person of the Year” award. (At least you can console yourself with that award “You” won back in 2006 along with everyone else.)

Time’s novel way of publicizing its shortlist this year was to spam the honorees with congratulatory tweets, and there were quite a few. Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Bill Clinton each got a nod, as well as Olympians Mo Farah, Gabby Douglas and Michael Phelps. Also on the list are “Gangnam Style” rapper Psy, the Mars Curiosity Rover and, in a truly curious development, Sandra Fluke.

What? Sandra Fluke has done a lot more than just beg for free birth control. And if she wins the award, perhaps we’ll break down and buy an issue of Time to find out just what that thing was.

Well, Obama did give her a phone, and he does have a Nobel lying around somewhere.

  • RblDiver

    “Izz mah Obama medal!”

  • Steve_J

    What about Julia?

    • Canadian in USA

      She’ll be nominated for the “Composite” award.

  • ceemack

    What’s the prize? Free birth control pills for a year?

  • Lyle E Long

    So Time is nominating Fluke, they must be planning to compete with Charmin and Cottenelle in the toiletries department

    • Lyle E Long

      Update: Time now in roll form

  • Michael Hampton

    I guess only conservative women should stand up for themselves. By cooking and cleaning and pooping out babies as fast as they can. Anyone else who stands up for themselves is to be ridiculed. Right Michelle Malkin?

    • FreedomRecon

      A true feminist would never expect someone else to pay for her bc. Fluke is the exact opposite of a feminist and she and others like her that think the gov’t should take care of their bc and abortions set women back 60+ years.

      • Michael Hampton

        AGAIN, most insurance already covers birth control for women. It is part of their health care coverage. And the government doesn’t pay for it. Insurance companies do.

        • FreedomRecon

          Again when government is going to cover all those without health insurance, then we the people pay for that birth control. Without the people the government has no money. Everyone has access to birth control already without the government stepping in. Insurance companies do NOT party for birth control, our premiums do.

          • Maria

            He wouldn’t know, freedomreconnection. He knows nothing about women.

    • Lyle E Long

      Demanding someone else pay for her BC pills so she can forgo personal responsibility is not standing up for yourself, it’s panhandling

      • Michael Hampton

        She did not demand that someone else pay for her birth control pills. Private health insurance currently DOES cover birth control. I know you don’t want to hear that. But it does. It is part of health care coverage for most women already. She was simply standing up for women who work in places that are trying to deny it. If it is available to one woman, it should be available to all women. That is what America is all about.

        • yestradamous

          It is available to her. She can pay a rider directly to the insurance company and bypass the Catholic institution she works for.

        • Maria

          America is also about freedom of religion and religions being able to practice without interference from “Big Daddy” government. No one forced her to go to that college, no one forces anyone to work at places considered religious institutions, therefore it’s their own fault if they need something the insurance doesn’t provide. They can go to non-religious organizations and have the birth control. Forcing religious institutions to provide such is against the 1st Amendment. I know how much atheists would love to abolish that part of the 1st Amendment so no one is allowed to have any religion OR they wish the government to be able to interfere in religions, but not the other way around. How selfish.

          • Michael Hampton

            How does providing health insurance for employees prevent someone from practicing their religion? How does it stop them from praying or worshipping God? It doesn’t. You are not able to force other people to abide by your religious dogma. That is the issue here. You are trying to make it about your religion being stifled when it isn’t. No one is forcing a religious institution to do anything other than provide health care for their employees.

    • dkhilly

      …because it’s way cooler to be a woman who needs daddy government and gets used by slimy politicians….sure makes me second guess partnering with the love of my life and building an awesome family.

    • Grandma HeadInjury

      Y’all are going to have to excuse Hammy. He has mistaken our poopers for our reproductive organs….again…..

      • Elena0412

        He probably does that a lot…

      • yahneverknow


      • Maria

        How crappy is that? Pun intended.

    • Angie (D)

      No –only women who have enough self-respect that they don’t need the government to pay for their birth control are capable of “standing up” for themselves, not ones who allow misogynistic, sexist pigs like you to tell them that demeaning themselves as being unable to care for themselves *without* the government is somehow “standing up for themselves” when really all you are selling them is the patriarchy wrapped in a pink bow & wearing a dancing vagina costume.

      • Maria

        That is how Liberals keep their women in line, and under their thumb. Pretty effective, isn’t it?

        • Angie (D)

          It really is amazing — complete infantilization combined with total reduction to bodily parts is the new “female empowerment.”
          It’s all part of the dumb-ing down of society through redefinition/destruction of words ala “Newspeak” from Orwell’s 1984.

    • disappearing moderate

      Expecting to be cared for by the government is not standing up for yourself. Caring for and providing for yourself, your family and home is. Who do you think should pick up around the house and take care of the kids if not their parents? Guess you think everybody is due a maid and a nanny as well as free birth control.

    • Teresa Davis McCormick

      i know you don’t really go for the ladies, Mikey, but we don’t “poop” them out. And no body should even care who time’s person of the year award is. It’s a stupid magazine. If I was a famous conservative woman I would be insulted to be nominated.

      • Michael Hampton

        If you don’t care about Time magazine and would be offended to be in it, why are you here talking about it?

        • Teresa Davis McCormick

          I pay attention to a lot of things I don’t really like. It’s the only way to be able to discuss topics with an informed opinion.
          By the way, Mikey, where ya been? Was wondering where you were hiding. God bless you.

    • FranklinWasRight

      Woman here, the Julia composite was insulting to my gender. So was the democratic party acting like all I care about is having sex and killing my offspring. Not only is that all we women care about, but we can’t manage to do it without government assistance.
      I find it intellectually vaporous how feminists equate a woman’s body operating in accordance with biology, that is concieving and giving birth, to slavery. After all, isn’t conception the biological outcome of intercourse, and don’t liberals worship science?
      Of course they do, unless reputable scientists and physicians perform scientifically sound studies that expose the breast cancer risks associated with birth control and abortion. Then science must be damned, we have consequence free sex to push!
      Why would women care about the economy, or foreign policy, or education? Give us free birth control and we’re yours!

    • Maria

      Women don’t “poop out” babies. Having a baby has NOTHING to do with the anus, it has to do with the vagina. Just helping.

  • nc

    If the Nobel folks can give their prize to Arafat, Gore and BHO, then this makes perfect sense. These are the standards of the elites who run our culture.

  • Elena0412

    But will Obama pay for Astroglide and Barry White CDs?

    • Teresa Davis McCormick

      eewww. lol

    • Maria


  • TheOriginalDonald

    Time didn’t nominate me? I am not impressed-McKayla Maroney

  • precursor

    Who read Time magazine? NO ONE!!

    • Teresa Davis McCormick

      LOL that’s what i was thinking too! Yea what do you with that dust collector? should start a new hashtag #usesforTimeAward

    • Maria

      Only when you’re in a doctor’s office, and even then you’re merely just flipping through the pages wishing the doctor would hurry up.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    Sandra Fluke is a real person? I thought she was a figment of the left’s imagination. Or a customer service avatar that escaped from the airport in New Jersey.

  • Sheila Daigneault

    I nominate the empty chair.

    • freeinaz

      I second that.

  • Linda Ann McBride

    Putin said Obama was elected by illiterates and is a full blown communist. Putin went on to say that Communism has never worked. Looks like he has quite a bit of distain for our president and nation.

    • chris hasty

      that was pravda not putin

    • Maria

      Well Pravda was right, Obama WAS elected by illiterates and degenerates. And he is a full blown Communist who is slowly implementing his agenda so the not-so-intelligent masses won’t notice until it’s too late. I kind of envy those people, living in their own little fantasy world where Obama is actually a good leader.

      • Pater Tempus

        Oh now the president is a Communist? A few days ago, you said he was a Muslim. Do try to make up whatever that is that passes for your mind, pick a demonization strategy and come up with some evidence to support it….

        • Maria

          I have proven that he is both, but you’re too much of an O-bot to see what is going on. I am touched at how you reply to everything I reply to or say, though it is kind of creepy. But while you’re reading my posts, the truth hurts you doesn’t it?

          • Pater Tempus

            “I have proven that he is both”

            Really? Let us review….your “proof” that he is a Muslim consisted of him living in a Muslim country and attending a Muslim school as a child. Given this, I presume you’re going to say that, as proof he’s a communist, he spent time in a communist country, eh? Just so you can say you’ve learned something today, let me inform you that McCarthyism was discredited as a debate tactic over 60 years ago.
            One more thing, toots…..for truth to even have a chance of hurting, you first must be truthful, and as you’re proving to be nearly an adept a liar as Mitt Romney, well…..let’s just say my pain factors are nil where you are concerned.

  • linnicy

    She is a national disgrace. Time is a national disgrace.

  • Gaz Matic

    Romney is also nominated… oh wait.. he is a republican

  • Maria

    The only people on that list who are truly worthy of the “Person of the Year” Award are: Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, the Olympians, Psy, and the Mars Curiosity Rover. The rest are fluff.
    I think Tardar Sauce the Grumpy Cat should have been on the list, though. She brings smiles to millions of faces a day, and shows that disabled cats can be loved and be loving.

    • Pater Tempus

      Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan? Why should TIME vote for losers just because you did?

      • Maria

        Why should they vote for losers like you did? :-) You’re obsessed with me, it’s touching.

        • Pater Tempus

          As I informed your fellow poster Gallatin, one doesn’t answer a question with a question. And if you’re going to ask questions at all, learn how to ask them properly. As for my supposed obsession….sorry, don’t flatter yourself, toots. I am not a coprophiliac.
          So, Ellie Mae…..where’s your evidence that your president is a Muslim and a communist? And why would TIME vote for losers like YOU did?

      • Angie (D)

        Only an idiotic sociopath can look at a man like Mitt Romney — who simultaneously received his JD *and* MBA from Harvard in the top 5% of his class, made his own fortune in the private sector over the course of 25+ years, gave away his entire inheritance to build a school honoring his father, has had a long & happy marriage & sired 5 loving sons and 16 beautiful grand children — i.e., led a full & successful life for 65 years before running for POTUS because he thought his particular skill set could help steer this country through the financial crisis that is coming (at least, unlike Obama, he knows what a P/E ratio is) — and think he’s a loser.

        That’s the problem with society today — full of pathetic Beta males like you blindly envious of Alpha males like Romney.