Bestselling author Brad Thor is known for his thrillers, but he’s not wasting any words revealing the bad guy behind America’s economic crisis. We’ll repeat it just in case any Republican politicians weren’t paying attention: It’s the spending.

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  • BobC

    ITSS It’s The Spending, Stupid!

  • redheadgrl

    Think I need to buy some Brad Thor books! Anyone know a good one?

    • Mitchell Hendricks

      All of them.

      • redheadgrl

        spy stuff like steve berry? i like him, but i’m biased because he’s from GA

        • justlisa

          If you’re a Steve Berry fan (Cotton Malone), you will love Brad Thor (Scot Harvath)… :)

    • Cherry Walker
    • Me

      They’re all good

  • LoriGirl

    All of them!

  • Glenn Mayton

    Make a list of their names and try to remember where you put it when you vote in 2014.

  • Gallatin

    If you have a Republican Senator or Representative remember them in 2014 if they agree to tax increases.

  • wallwatchman

    Right on brad Thor! When they mess up, it’s us who pay, not them. Time to change that long over due!

  • Brian Klipfel

    Ummm….guys….What about the DEMOCRATS that want to raise taxes?

  • Streetiebird

    lol, I love it how Conservatives talk big about the deficit, but to them the thought of increasing revenue to reduce it is their third rail of politics. We can’t even have a grownup discussion about paying for our wars or else conservatives just shout “It’s a spending problem!!” even when it’s THEIR spending and tax cuts that are at the root of the problem. In a time of war, Bush CUT taxes and reduced our ability to pay for his wars, now Cons just blame Obama for his modest spending even though he has plans to massively reduce spending AND raise revenue by returning our tax rates to what they were at a time when the country was flourishing. They even want to roll back Obamacare and increase the deficit, it’s madness!

    • TexSizzle

      Every time Republicans have agreed to tax increases to be accompanied by spending cuts, the Democratics raised the taxes, but also raised spending, almost always *more* than the projected increased revenue from the tax increase. Why should we agree to any more tax increases until we see *real*, not just promised, spending cuts?

      • Streetiebird

        So why even bother trying to pay down the debt? You’re just proving my point, thanks!