As Twitchy reported, what most of the world called a brokered cease-fire between Hamas and the Israel Defense Force was celebrated by the Al Qassam Brigade as Israel’s surrender. Recent tweets from Al Qassam have led some to question the age of the person behind the keyboard, and this photo of a missile-themed victory cake isn’t likely to help matters.

Followers were anxious to dig in … to Hamas.



    I wish the NY Jets had the same mentality Hamas and their supports have…

    The Jets claimed victory last night!

  • Yomama

    It’s either olives around the edges (eeuw) or their testicles.

    • JimmyNeutron

      I’m not sure – probably not olives and maybe some kind of nut. Whatever it is, it is not Hamas testicle – they are far to big to be Hamas testicles.

      • Yomama

        Really. LOL

  • RblDiver

    Judging from the reports of Hamas rockets hitting their own towns, I’d say they got the rocket builders to also do cake decoration.

  • brewerandpatriot

    Cake Boss will be doing a very special show from the Gaza Strip where he will show the Hamass how to make a proper fondant rocket.

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    What a poorly made cake.

    You’d think that if you were going to post a photo of a cake for all the world to see, you’d ask someone who knew how to bake cakes to make it.

    And don’t blame the decorator (although their skills obviously leave a lot to be desired!)– the center of the cake is lower than the edges!

    Didn’t you just pick the cake pan up an-inch&a-half and drop it to get the air bubbles out of the center? The center’s fallen, and that’s why!


  • Grumpa Grumpus

    I still can’t believe they’re proud of a cake one of my 6yr old great grands would have snuck into the kennel, before their older siblings could see it, to give to the dogs”

    /aside mode on
    Even though chocolate isn’t as dangerous to dogs as most veterinarians will tell you— it’s danger is dose-to-mass related— it still isn’t a good idea to give them much!

    We love our dogs, but the most ee give’em is the equivalent of a Hershey’s kiss a month, and usually none at all.) /aside mode off

    And on a third look— what are those dirty-white colored things lining the edge, button mushrooms?

  • Marsh626

    Yo dawgz. You right. Dat cake look real sketchy. Fo realz.

  • r_coplin2001

    If Hamas thinks they won against Israel then they are sadly mistaken as the IDF could have destroyed Hamas with little effort.