Not looking forward to those awkward Thanksgiving dinner conversations with those relatives you see only once or twice a year? Whether you’re trying to fit in with your blue state family members or just troll your conservative relatives, radio host Hugh Hewitt and his followers have you covered with these handy #TDayConversationStarters.

  • nc

    I bet they solve that Fiscal Cliff thing before Dec 31. #TDayConversationStarters

  • Mike Rogers

    “Sarah Palin is the answer” my favorite, as long as I don’t get the bill for redecorating after all their heads explode!

  • my preciousss!!

    “i’m so glad that CNN is embedded with Hamas. they’re doing a good job of covering FOR that side.”

  • KateNE

    I’m sure those recently umemployed are so thankful you all voted for Obama again…#TDayConversationStarters

    • Chrissy the Hyphenated

      We thought it would be fun later on to play poker to decide which of you kids we’ll come live with after the bank forecloses.

  • Jack Deth

    #TDayConversationStarters: “How ’bout that FEMA?!!!”

  • Danny Meeker

    #TDayConversationStarters: “I’m so happy that the Catholic hospital will be performing abortions….”

  • cuvello

    Everyone I know had a Communist Mentor growing up.

  • TugboatPhil

    TDayConversationStarters – Sorry I was late, my Volt usually goes further on a full charge.

    I’m so thankful this year that I don’t have to look at those drilling rigs in the Arctic!

    I hope that Islamophobic film maker isn’t eligible for parole again.

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    Incase boredom keeps you from reading further:

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

    Woke early to take pain med and I’m just bopping around the forums until others awaken…

    None of my children are Progressives. There were a few wayward ones, but thankfully they grew-up.

    The pattern of “a few wayward ones”, but more of them, of course, is repeating amongst the Grandkids… but they tell me none of them voted for Der Dingleberry. A few of the “farther out” ones made a point, pre-election, to call and let me know that Prez!Stinky™ was too obviously “full of it” and had lost her support. ;~)}
    (yes, a few of the youngest in the Family votes for Dingleberry the first time. Sorry that happened)

    So I really can’t use these marvelous conversation starters, or the post Twitchy users posted.

    Unfortunately only 6 of my sons & 3 of daughters, along w/4 Grandchildren (w/spouses) will be able to be with us for Thanksgiving this year… Usually the Wife & I travel to a more central location but I’m not up to it. The travel costs now are just too much for some of my children.

    And besides, I found out that almost all my progeny are coming here for my birthdsy and the Family Council meeting.

    Never discuss a secret around a 6yr old. You’d keep the secret better by taking out radio advertisements.

  • Liberal Hater

    I’m starting mine: “so… How about those stupid fucks who voted for Obama?”