The people behind the Fox Nation Twitter account usually confine their tweets to simple links to Fox News stories, but yesterday followers were thrown when @FoxNation tweeted a blind link to a swimsuit photo of actress Adrianne Palicki. No one claimed credit for the tweet and it was quickly deleted, but the account seems to have taken on a language of its own.

Wait, it’s not finished.

  • Zanne

    Ha Ha ..two words for them.(@[email protected]) Now, that was funny.

  • Love of Country

    Fox Nation turned their back on Disqus a few months ago so I no longer blog there and consequentially I rarely read them anymore, either. It’s too bad …. they used to put out a decent product and presumably still do.

  • alvin691

    With all the dollar signs, I figured it was the Fed hacking their account.

  • Penny Robinson Fan Club

    Somevun call Ahhnold!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!
    From the Penny Robinson Fan Club

  • Maria

    Fox Nation trolls very well. <3