Al Qassam Brigades, the paramilitary arm of Hamas which has engaged in an ongoing Twitter war with Israel’s @IDFSpokesperson, tonight has claimed that Israel has surrendered. It’s unsure if that is the group’s interpretation of the cease fire agreement currently in effect, but followers are unconvinced.

In other breaking news, Al Qassam has claimed victory over Israel’s Pillar of Defense operation.

Not so fast, doubters. There are plenty of Hamas supporters around the world who perhaps are relying on Twitter and little else for their updates on the conflict.

  • yahneverknow

    Someone, please… take away their phone and computer.
    Where is the Middle East’s time-out chair?

  • dese1ect

    Why are we not letting Israel just wipe them out? All we’d have to do is tell Egypt that the money dries up if they attack Israel and that’d keep them out of it.

    • ricci

      your talking about the obama administration the most corrupt president ever the one who said “i will stand with the muslims”?

      • dese1ect

        This is true.

    • Sad Chestertonian

      Wahibist madness will continue until two things happen: its followers are made sick of death, which, at this rate, could mean killing 8 out of 10 of them; moderate Imams must go amongst them and teach the old Toledo philosophy of tolerance.

  • ricci

    they should really tyep ole ally or whatever the hell its name is will be sure and reward you with all those virgins shame he didnt tell you they wouldnt all be female

  • freeinaz

    Does Hamas mean delusional in Arabic?

    • yahneverknow

      Does “liberal” mean “socialist in Delusional?

      *edited to add: Apologies. I just now figured out it’s a language: Delusional.

  • simba

    Hamasbag says what ?

    • Zane Henry

      LOL…..stop making me snort out loud. It’s hard to explain to everybody

  • HARP2

    Just turn off their hydro.

    • Sad Chestertonian

      That would be a very logical and simple tactic, fast and effective. It would also be a diplomatic impossibility, as long as Israel continues to give a damn about what the wahibist’s useful idiots think. Liberal Jews are Israel’s greatest enemies. Just read about Maccabees.

  • digitalPimple

    Baghdad Bob found a new job on twitter. Good for him.

  • Jack Deth

    One never changing rule I learned from sci-fi movies.

    “Never poke the Ymir with a stick! It makes him angry.”

    Get it out of your system, Morsi.

    The onus of keeping the peace through the cease fire hangs on YOU. Not the other way around this time. The Gaza Strip Live Fire Exercise could resume any time the Israelis desire. And you know how the IDF hates leaving jobs half accomplished.

    Something to ponder later tonight and tomorrow.

    • MoxieLouise

      The anus of keeping the peace? Oh, sorry, I thought you were talking about that guy ^^^.

  • dcnj

    As delusional as an American liberal.

  • Garth Haycock

    Yeah, and Obama didn’t lie about what happened at Benghazi.

  • my preciousss!!

    they will strike again next year, after egypt & PA receives our yearly US aid.

    • Zane Henry

      yeah, if i were a rank and file palestinian, i’d be pissed off that Hamas uses nearly a billion dollars a year on those crap-tastic Iranian rockets. How’s about you cowards buy some AKs and charge the wall?

  • aPLWBinAK

    “Totally. RT @AlqassamBrigade: #Israel’s army has raised the White Flag in front of Hamas’s armed wing.”……umm, yeah, keep telling yourself that…just because the big dog Bibi only nipped you this time, doesn’t mean he’s toothless. You send some more rockets their way, and you’ll meet your 72 year old virgin before you can yell ‘Alans snackbar’

  • Mike Rogers

    If everyone who yelled “allahu akhbar” are met with a hail of lead, we soon have peace.

  • DavidKramer

    Why do I conflate lefties with insane Muslims? They have so many similarities. Threaten to kill you, use force to foment their agenda, etc et al. No wonder why the left loves Islam, they are like different sect of the same totalitarian ideology.

  • JettieG

    Hamas just went home to eat and restock weapons.

  • JimmyNeutron

    Hamas is like the Black Knight in Monty Python’s Holy Grail. I always wondered what happened to Baghdad Bob…

  • Super 88

    Gaza should get shelled more often. Then Hamas could “win” all the time!

  • afvet4america

    Defeated! ROFLMAO

  • BeeKaaay

    Maybe the Israelies brought a white flag to give HamaSS so they can replace the Nazi flag in front of their headquarters.

  • BeeKaaay

    Maybe the Israelies brought a white flag to give HamaSS so they can replace the Nazi flag in front of their headquarters.