New York Times Jerusalem bureau chief Jodi Rudoren is reporting hearing seven explosions in Gaza City in the pre-dawn hours of Saturday morning. Al-Jazeera is also reporting at least one explosion.

A loud explosion rocked Gaza in the pre-dawn hours on Saturday, following an Israeli air strike on the coastal enclave, Reuters news agency witnesses said.

They added a Hamas compound was hit. No casualties were reported. The Israeli army spokesperson unit confirmed that the Air Force was bombing Gaza.


Rudoren believes the explosions she heard were from Israel’s strike on Ismail Haniyeh’s headquarters in Gaza.

The New York Times reports, “Mr. Haniya’s office was destroyed, witnesses said, and the main police complex nearby was also hit.”

Video via the IDF.

The IDF says secondary explosions in the video indicate explosives were stored in the building.

  • nc

    I wish I knew why Israel gave back Gaza in the first place. So much for “land for peace” deals.

    • SwTk

      They were trying to do the right thing. Seems it always bites you in the ass.

  • TwitWit

    Israel’s gotta do, what Israel’s gotta do.

  • agroulx

    Unfortunately there has been, and will be collateral damage. But I hope Israel wipes these low-life, disgraceful, wastes of human bodies off the map. These jihadists are incapable of being peaceful and the world will be a better place without them. It’s time to bring out the big guns Israel!

  • scalzo

    Just retake the Gaza and drive all the militants out. The so called peaceful muslims and small Christians would have a much better and prosperous life under Israeli control.

  • MaddMedic

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    And once again we are only hearing the LIEberal Obama presses side of the story. Nothing about Israel and the rockets that have been striking their citizens for how long/ Well since the NYT has never reported on it they certainly would not know now would they?

  • riddler1620

    That land for peace thing seems to be working out real well. Proves the point that they don’t want land, they want dead Jews.