Conservatives aren’t shy about calling out American news networks for overlooking stories that doesn’t fit the liberal narrative, but the Embassy of Israel took to Twitter today to call out Scott Pelley and the CBS Evening News for not reporting on the rocket attacks on Israel this week.

CBS’s Mark Knoller notes that the rare occasion of a presidential news conference dominated the news cycle today.

Don’t wait around for a response from Pelley, whose Twitter presence consists of one tweet. He does have that television network, though. Tomorrow night, perhaps?

  • NumbuhOne

    Doesn’t @IsraelinUSA understand part of @CBSEveningNews’ job is ignoring terrorist attacks on Israel until the Obama Administration tells them how they should cover it.

    • Elaine

      Israel discovers Obama state run media lies and ONLY represents Obama regime. Good.

  • nc

    Good for the Embassy for speaking – or tweeting – up. We get so used to the bias we too often shrug it off in frustrated acceptance.

  • Mike Horve

    The problem with that logic is that cbs will not cover anything except when Israel defends itself. Then it’s agression or Bush’s fault

  • Slam1263

    Seriously, I am now getting more news from Twitchy, than any other source.
    I have heard about the response from the shell inbound from the Golan Heights, but not rockets from Gaza.

    • Lady 12

      Yeah, I’m going to Twitchy for all my news too.

    • Lady 12

      Yeah, I’m going to Twitchy for all my news too.

  • Conrad2010

    Not until the puppet strings are cut.

  • ember

    The only way the MSM will ever stop the Middle School journalism is if they get called out over and over like this.

  • brewerandpatriot

    They’re too busy ramping up their “Breaking Dawn Part 2” coverage to be bothered with real news.

  • Back 4 More

    You would think the president and CEO of CBS Corp (Leslie Moonves) would be a little more on top of this, especially considering his Uncle was the very first Prime Minister of Israel.

    • medicinewomantwo

      Narcissists don’t see out side themselves, there is no one but them of concern.