In an interview with ABC News’s Jonathan Karl which aired this evening, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan admitted that he took himself “off the grid” for a few days following the election, but his return to the public eye has proved that there are still plenty of hard feelings against the former vice presidential candidate.

Liberals in particular aren’t quite ready to put away the Handbook of Racial Code Words, to which alleged Confederate sympathizer Ryan previously contributed the word “breadbasket.” Ryan’s latest transgression? Telling a WISC-TV reporter that he was surprised by “some of the turnout, especially in urban areas, which gave President Obama the big margin to win this race.” Did you catch that “dog whistle”? Urban? Plenty of liberals did.

NBC’s Chuck Todd helpfully stepped in to remind Ryan that he lost “white” states as well.

For someone who can’t admit defeat, Ryan certainly sounded gracious in his ABC interview:

The president deserves kudos for having a fantastic ground game, and the point I’m simply making is he won. He won fair and square. He got more votes, and that’s the way our system works, and so he ought to be congratulated for that.

  • syvyn11

    Ryan is more gracious in defeat that almost all liberals are in victory.

    It’s a shame he isn’t VP Elect, instead of ‘slow’ Joe Biden. Hopefully House Republicans will grow a backbone and name him Speaker of the House.

    • conservativechick More ballots found in warehouse! Uh oh. The list keeps growing. If BO won fair ad square, so be it, BUT fraud should never be allowed to stand!

      • Alicia Hake

        sadly, they are never going to investigate. just like they’re not going to investigate what happened in Philly, or the 108% of people that voted in a district in Ohio (i think). Conservatives need to stand up to this nonsense. If we appear complacent we’re “weak”, and if we speak out, we’re “crybabies”.

        • Alicia Hake

          and like nobody is going to investigate my report of an obama worker handing out campaign stuff while people were less than 10 feet away from the polling place.

  • $129448

    Urban vote translates to Welfare Vote.

    • Alicia Hake

      Well, from my experience that is very very true. Not for *all* people on welfare, but a large enough percentage for me to generalize.

  • DavidKramer

    “You have to be “proud” of “the” DNC “media”. Quotations marks provided for easy dog whistle locations.”

    By the way, I wish people would quit screwing up Michelle’s diet plan for Barack. Every time someone says dog whistle, Lil ol Baracky gets hungry.

  • Brett McMicken

    what deranged people! if you want a glimpse of what it must have been like during the salem witch trials, they are a good example.

  • Ms.Bohmont

    Last time I looked at a dictionary, Urban meant in a city… Maybe someone should slap those Koolaid Drinkers upside the head with a dictionary.

    • rickg62

      After reading the typical post from a liberal, the only use they would find for it would be as a door stop.


    I can’t believe how screwed up these people are.

    • Jay McHue

      As a Christian, I can.

    • plower

      If just 60% of the five million of the conservatives that stayed home, would have come out and voted, we would have won easily. In the closing week or so, Romney made a huge tactical error. In talking about “crossing over and working with democrats” , he alienated the base. When are the Republicans going to learn that a sure vote that stays home is a vote for the enemy. And make no mistake about it, Obama is your enemy.

      Maybe, next time, we can wise up. If we can’t eliminate the likes of Bohner, Kristol, Will, Noonan, Graham, MaCain, the Bushes, Leboutillier, Scarbourough, and on and on. maybe we can at least make them irrelevant.

      We will need a true conservative. A Demint, Rubio, Johnson, West, Walker, Cruz, Ryan, etc. People who are not in any way cowed by the lib media or the Dems by their conservative beliefs. On the contrary, they are unabashedly proud and will esspouse their beliefs on a moment’s notice.

      There is only one true way to bring out the African American and the Hispanic vote for Republicans. This vote defecit has been going on for a long time and it has not mattered if we gave amnesty or not (Reagan gave amnesty to 3 million illegals and they voted MORE democratic in future elections). Face the truth and don’t let them spin you, please. The one way to stop this is to change the mind set of the imagined victim, taker. The only thing that can penetrate and change this mindset and the ingrained habits is the CONSCIENCE of the imagined victim, taker.

      In a recent Gallup pole, it was found that 41% of Americans were pro choice and 50% were pro life. ( I guess that 9% didn’t have any opinion). MOST African Americans and MOST Hispanic Americans and MOST Asian Americans are pro life and anti gay marriage.We need to start bringing ads out on this now. Hit them now. If the dems are forming the mindset in the imagined victim, takers that we the conservatives are the greedy white racists, it is difficult for us to stop their innuendos and charges. As long as they have the airways, these verbal atrocities are going to continue and we are going to have to get used to it.

      However, there is nothing stopping us from returning fire. Beginning now, and becoming rampant, full, and never ceasing until election day, two years from now. Verbage in the form, that they, the dems, are the party of murderers, (and it MUST be that very word), and perverts (and it must consistently and ever continuously be that very word). They are the party of Gay Marriage, and abortion. The african american community, the hispanic community, and the asian american community SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO TURN ON THEIR TELEVISION IN THE NEXT TWO YEARS, AND RIGHT UP TO THE MIDTERMS WITHOUT HEARING THIS MESSAGE.

      Rough, yeah, I guess. But then, I am getting a little tired of being called a white racist., because of my political and religious beliefs and the skin color that I happened to be born with. You want to win? Let’s win. You want to turn the respect back to our side, DESPITE THE OPPOSITION OF THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA, GO FOR IT,.and go for it all out.

      Now, please do not be scammed and fooled. You know and I know that for the nest one year and six months, both the Dems and the mainstreet media will be at least relatively more objective and less volatile. It is only about SIX MONTHS BEFORE THE ELECTION that they go into full spin, full demagoguery, full lying, scum sucking, reverse racist mode. We need to go on the offense NOW. PUT THEM on the defense, LET THEM scramble. MAKE THEM grasp for straws. Screw appeasement, screw compromise, stand tall, do not capitulate. If you have to shut down the government, shut it down. Only this time don’t buckle and don’t back down.Conservatives will love you and we are 43% of the country, Hell, you only have to get 7% of the indies, and you will probably get 30% of their vote, if you will ONLY STAND TALL AND HOLD YOUR GROUND. If you keep up the hard punches, they will fall and you will win the respect and the vote of the minorities. The Dems will come back with their arguments, but you can win this one. The polls show we have THE PEOPLE BEHIND US ON THIS ISSUE.Will we lose the gay vote with this rough talk. Obviously, that is the formula. Any gay votes we might lose, we make up a million times over by winning votes from the minorities The press won’t report it, but the majority of minorities hate gays.despite the cow cowing of the mass medial.The dems are in a losing fight because their hands are tied. THEY CAN NOT ALLIENATE THEIR PRO CHOICE BASE. They are dead meat and you now have the conscience matching blaster that will break loose the mindset. Remember though, the talk and the words HAVE to be that rough. (It is the tone and emotion that brings the respect and is so important). It is also so important that this battle begins NOW, because changing a mindset is at first, met with sparce results, but before long becomes an unceasing dynamo ever picking up speed in it’s progression..

      Begin hitting their conscience NOW, the same way that the dems have been hitting their conscience for the last 75 years.Day in and day out, for done right, it will trump immigration, it will trump food stamps and any “free stuff”, Remember, we only have to have 50% of the minority vote and the dems are true toast. This venture WILL GARNER MORE THAN THAT. This is a war to save our country. If we are smart, we can win this. Let’s stay together and not let them separate us.
      Tired of losing? Tired of the blatant evil that surrounds you? Tired off being sh– on?
      We can win.

      We can do this. Think FIGHT ING!


  • VIsforVictory

    These people are just nuts. No other explanation. They are so unhappy they just need something to complain about.

  • Garth Haycock

    It must be a very miserable life to be a liberal, considering one has to be constantly offended. Why not enjoy life for once?

  • ricci

    guess the truth really hurts huh blacks/negros/people of color whatever you want to call them voted overwhelmingly for obama simply based on his skin color but we are not supposed to consider that racist are we……. why is it linbs can call people anything they want and its ok even though it can hurt as much as saying something as simple as “urban areas” sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh you people really need to grow up and start thinking for yourselves

    • kstep165

      We will soon run out of words that we can say. Urban is out, next will be city and then downtown,

      • FreedomRecon

        Well they can’t take the words out in the country because that means white people with their guns and Bibles.

      • Kate

        According to Chris Matthews, even saying the word “Chicago” is racist.

      • Judith Lewis

        I refuse to alter my behavior or my vocabulary. PC is out! I will say whatever I like, whenever I like! Screw them and screw you if you fall for that crap! Stop your whining and be an American! Nobody, and I mean nobody is going to censor me! I HATE democrats and I hate blacks who follow the evil left just so they can stay on the plantation, whether that plantation is out in the country or in the ghetto(translated urban area). So you people(yes, I said “you people”. Get over it!!) can jolly well go screw yourselves and you mealy-mouthed republicans, just go stick your heads in the sand so your precious sensibilities won’t be offended. I blame you for the ridiculous state of affairs, so toughen up. It’s time we get back to letting the chips fall where they may but, at all costs, we must be free to speak our minds. Why do we care what they say? Why have we allowed the racist, homophobic left wing loons to set the tone? They’re the ones who have divided us into neat little ethnic and gender groups. FOOLS!!! We’re supposed to all be Americans–one nation under God! If you want to be a separate group unto yourself then take yourself and your group and go find a desert island to live on. If that’s what you call forward, then I prefer to go backwards, thank you. If the Mexicans are so damned offended, then they can get their asses back to where they came from and take their Mexican flags with them! I am sick of all of it?! As far as these young people who hate this country so much, the world is their oyster. Get out of America if it’s so mean to you and you hate it so much. There is no such thing as Utopia unless you believe in God and are working to go to Heaven; otherwise, you’re going to hell and believe me, that is no Utopia! So, if you!’re too damned lazy to get out, then learn to live with what you’ve got to work with–an imperfect world that doesn’t think you’re anything special. Live with it! And Republicans, stop paying any attention to these idiots! Why do you care what they think? They’re nothing but lame-brained low lives who should have been aborted(it’s never too late). I do not care whether they approve of my word choice or not, in fact, I hope I offend the hell out of them as often as I can. If we all did that, they’d soon realize that their stupid little ploy is not working. Stop whining and go militant!

      • Vennoye

        I’m done! They can say whatever they want to..conservates are not the racists, they are, as they prove everyday. But, they have been taught to hate by the Chris Matthews and Rachel Maddows of their Ministry of Truth. That is all they know. That and herd think.

  • golfmax13

    The Dems won and yet they still attack. I’m must be kind of dense because I just figured out – that’s all they know how to do, fight. They have nothing to stand on so they try to destroy anyone who doesn’t agree with them. The people that need to know this though, the ones that vote for them, also think the same way. Wait, let me come up with another word for “think.”

  • FreedomRecon

    Urban= city. Does anyone have a list of which words are racist? I realize it would have to be updated daily and read daily but I might be able to work it into my not so busy schedule of full time job outside of the home, raising 2 teenage daughters at home, cooking, cleaning etc…..

    • Jay McHue

      List of words that are racist:

      1. Any word used by a conservative.

      That is all.

      • FreedomRecon

        Hahahaha! Nice one Jay

        • Jay McHue

          I wish I were being jovially joking, but I’m not. I’m deadly serious. Libtards think every conservative is racist (or an “Uncle Tom”) and that every word that comes out of our mouths is tainted with racism.

          • Canadian in USA

            We can’t even eat a vanilla ice cream cone without it being considered racist.

          • yahneverknow

            what the heck would a “swirl” be?

          • Maria

            That’s why I only eat vanilla and chocolate ice cream now.

          • Anthony Benson

            I am a conservative person of color, and ‘uncle tom’ is the nicest thing other blacks call me. I tried to tell one to stop thinking like a victim and he viciously attacked me. Kool-aid overdose?

          • FreedomRecon

            I hear the same thing from coworkers, Anthony…’s disgusting.

          • Maria

            If I were a minority Conservative and someone called me “Uncle Tom” or other things like that, I’d call ’em a racist just for lols.

          • Jay McHue

            “Racist” is the nicest thing I get called, too.

    • Canadian in USA

      Ask Chris Matthews – he seems to have the dictionary.

      • FreedomRecon

        Chris Matthews scared me a little….things crawl up his legs so I’m fairly sure he has bugs. Gross.

    • James McEnanly

      The most complete listing is the Oxford Unabridged English Dictionary. Conservatives are racists simply for being

    • kirkandorules

      I’d ask Sen. Robert Byrd (D-KKK) but he’s dead…

    • EEKman

      Do you really think Paul Ryan is saying “im surprised how many people who live in cities voted?”

      If that’s the case, why don’t city dwellers vote Republican? Ill wait.

      • FreedomRecon

        I think if you assume that all city dwellers are of a 1 race and 1 political affiliation, then you are mistaken. I live in an “urban” area, and over 12,000 voted for Romney in my district. And no, I don’t think he was saying “i’m surprised how many people who live in cities voted.” I think he was saying exactly what he said. That they assumed that “cities” wouldn’t turn out the same amount of votes as in 2008, and they were wrong.

  • KansasGirl

    I love Paul Ryan.

  • FreedomRecon

    Sad, I know, but I needed that giggle today.

  • Ben Bollman

    Oh noes! He used the word “urban”! Grab the fainting couches y’all!

  • c2

    I love Paul Ryan. He is fantastic.

    • Maria

      He’s sexy.

  • Da Blk Elmer Gantry

    You don’t have to agree…but “urban population” = Black & Latino. Look at what is labeled “Urban” (urban music, urban clothing, etc.) by mainstream society and see who it’s talking about and prove me wrong.

    • FreedomRecon

      Ahhh that’s why I don’t listen to mainstream media. Distortion.

    • J. Cox

      So,if Urban=black/latino..then no white people live in the city right?And suburban=redneck/crackerville right?I am amazed at how far you fools on the left will reach to find racism,when it stares at you in the mirror daily.

    • Turning Leaves

      Ok, define urban legend and urban myth for me. Does using the word ‘suburban’ mean the speaker is calling Blacks and Latinos subhuman? Is Chevy’s large passenger vehicle racist? Inquiring minds want to know.

      • Maria

        Hahahaha. That was good.

    • Maria

      That’s only because the Mainstream is full of idiots.

  • Mike Rogers

    Well, what wrong with saying urban turnout wasn’t just strong, it was suspicious.
    I’ll see your racial code word and raise you: inner cities are not 100% black, yet they voted from 99% to 108% for Obama. Hmmm.
    As for those all white states? The socialists own Vermont, and mostly own Maine, but we New Hamsters don’t actually agree that we voted for socialism. You see, the number of same day registrations exceeds the democrat margin of victory. I’m not calling it cheating, yet. The investigation is under way.

  • EastValleyConservative

    What a shocker!! More claims of racism from the “sore winners”. Can’t win an argument so they drag out their worn out torn up useless card. Funny thing is–they are so programmed to do it, they just can’t stop.

  • patrick lynch

    Dam pretty soon we’re going to have to rewrite the whole english language because every word we use will be considered racist! These people need to get a grip on reality! Oh and the I guess there was nothing racist at all about the Black Panthers hanging out around the polling places 2 elections in a row attempting to intimidate voters. And I suppose when a black person calls me a honky or a cracker-ass that I should take that as a sign of affection!?

    • Maria

      Don’t forget the sexism dog whistles. What do you mean by “get a grip”? Kidding!!

  • NCGirl

    I am so sick and mother flippin tired of being called a racist because I’m a conservative. Heaven forbid that anyone on the right use words…any words. It doesn’t matter which words at this point they are all code for something ridiculous. I certainly won’t deny that there are some hateful people on the right but to lump all white conservatives is asinine. I’m sick and freaking tired of feeling like I have to defend myself all the time just because I’m a white person who believes in smaller government. So to anyone who wants to call me a racist because I’m a conservative either get to know me or F**K OFF.

    • TexSizzle

      The way I respond when a liberal calls me racist is to thank them for conceding that they have no counter-argument to my argument. It really annoys them, but they have no counter-argument to that either.

    • MKFenris

      Agreed. It is annoying no matter what conservatives get labeled as dumb redneck racist homophobe hicks.

  • littleones

    OMG… I just realized that I’m SUB-urban…

  • nc

    Libbies are like trolls. In a normal world we should just be able to ignore them. Unfortunately, they now are in charge and will drag all of us down with them.

  • Michelle Li Vigni

    ……… Why does saying Urban all of a sudden mean racist against black?? really annoying how people think of any possible way to trash other people.

  • DizzyMissL

    The more I read about liberals the more I dislike them.

    • wermet

      Maybe if we start ignoring the liberals when they yell racism, they’ll shut up and go away.

      • Maria

        I pretty much do that.

  • G.

    And I expect the phrases “dark as night”, “a night sky”, and the infamous “It was a dark and stormy night…” to be the same type of indicators of hatred of blacks and extreme racism as the other phrase: “the donations have been n*ggardly this year…” (once described as racist by a black councilman) Crayons will have to resort to “ebon” for black. The libs have abandoned sanity in the name of intimidation and control of non-blacks. Just remember the introduction of PC back in the 70s to quell whites’ vocabulary. This is where it got the Dems…every imaginable word is now racist.

  • Bob Khan

    There’s an old saying, “What goes around, comes around.”

    Liberal hate and intolerance will eventually come around to bite them in the ***!

  • G.

    Consider these as a background on the introduction and uses of political correctness:

  • Robert Phelps

    So how is using the term “urban” racist? It’s not just blacks who live in the urban areas. He was just talking about the 100+ % voting in urban areas. The left takes the smallest statement and turns it into racism. They even said that term means unamerican. I just thought it means people who live in the downtown areas of large cities. I guess that makes me a racist also. What a bunch of morons.

  • orringtonmom (D)

    i guess conservatives don’t need to give interviews anymore. no matter what you say, the liberals are just going to put their twisted words in your mouth.

  • Michael Rice

    I love the idiot who mentioned the predominantly white states. Only thing is, ROmney got like 90 percent of the white vote.
    It is a known fact, urban voters vote mostly dem and rural coters usually go Repub. Oh my, is rural racist too?

  • Michael Rice

    WHere did he say the Dems did not win? In fact, he was addressing why they did win.
    Lovely false quote at the top, by the way.
    You know, I have heard liberal medi type ssay the rural vote goes to Republican, many times….are they racist?

    • Kate

      You just know people will read that false quote at the top and take it as fact.

      After all, every ridiculous story about the GOP, fact or satire, must be 100% true. (*sarcasm*)

  • MKFenris

    Ya know…if they keep crying racism, it may start losing it’s effect. At this point I think people are already numb to the cries of racism.

  • yahneverknow

    More and more, I find this true: People read into stuff the way they’re wired.

  • Sistervative

    So when libs hear the word “urban” on the news when voter demographics are broken down, are they just as outraged?

  • Maria

    Wow, Liberals will whine about anything! Don’t any of those degenerates above know that urban can mean any race of people who live in urban areas? It’s just like how they think ‘ethnic’ means only non-Caucasians too. ‘Ethnic’ means ethnicity, which is all of us. Liberals are ALL a bunch of selfish little children who don’t know the dictionary definitions of things before they spout off at the mouth. Rep. Paul Ryan could have told the truth that the election was stolen, but, no, he decided to be amiable and kind. He gets major kudos from me!

    Liberals win and start trashing Right Wingers and people who voted Romney/Ryan, making threats against them, and all. They are the most ignorant people imaginable.

  • Booker

    I want more vitriol to come from the left. That’s how it goes. This always happens they win an election and then they overreach. Just you wait.

  • walterc

    I just can’t figure out why liberals are so angry. Their guy won . . .again. And yet they’ve been angry about it since the 2008 election. I understand some of the anger after the 2000 and 2004 elections, their guy lost, but since their guy won, they’re still angry. Must be a miserable existence to go through life angry all the time.

  • GwenB

    They were shocked by the turnout of dead people, illegals, and the unopposed voter fraud in those areas. He just didn’t clarify it well.