Among the commandments of life under the Obama administration: thou shalt not speak ill of Obamacare. Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter was hammered with Twitter abuse after informing shareholders and franchisees in August that implementing Obamacare would necessarily increase costs of running the business. Applebee’s is under the gun today after Zane Tankel, a franchisee whose company runs 40 New York-area restaurants, told Fox Business Network that a hiring freeze might be in the works.

Note that in his TV appearance Tankel did not say he was laying off any employees; rather, he speculated that “if it’s possible to do without cutting people back, I am delighted to do it, but that also rolls back expansion, it rolls back hiring more people, and in a best-case scenario, we only shrink the labor force minimally. Best case.” What a monster, huh?

Um, no. Again, Tankel said only that, faced with paying annual Obamacare penalties of $80,000 to $100,000 per restaurant, he was evaluating his options and would most likely halt expansion. It seems reading comprehension is tough, so we wonder how these people accusing Applebee’s of firing employees made it through all 2,700 pages of the Obamacare bill (like Nancy Pelosi did) to find out what was in it and how much it would cost other people’s businesses.

For its part, the Applebee’s corporate office was anxious to distance itself from the Obamacare controversy and point out that franchisees speak for themselves.


Papa John’s becomes latest boycott target after opposing Obamacare; class warfare ensues

Dan Savage speaks for Jesus in ‘Twitter play’ defending Obamacare price hikes

  • PAttyconservatopia

    WHat is wrong with the leftists? THey don’t realize that obamacare & its huge cost has CONSEQUENCES? Nothing is FREE.

    • Tony0920

      Oh yeah, they realize it. The truth is just oh-so-hard to swallow. Better to spout defensive banter. A spoonful of sugar will not cut it in the real world. So now, on to Applebees -and- Chik-fil-a for support.

      • yahneverknow

        Honestly? Most of them don’t realize it. The ones that have enough knowledge to understand the economics actively ignore reality to support their own progressive fantasy. I don’t know if the ignorance or the delusion bothers me more.

    • RightThinking1

      No…, they don’t realize it.
      They think this guy is making a political statement, because that is the only mode they use to analyze *anything*.
      They do not grasp that businesses require capital, and that capital bears an expense.

    • torpedoman2002

      No they don’t they only want their free stuff. They were not concerned when Romney and Ryan warned them that there would be layoffs if Oidiot care is not repealed. Now they are concerned about people’s jobs. Maybe Dems are being fired first. Wait do Dems work?

    • Sandra Hopes

      There is not enough room on the entire internet to answer that question Patty, spoiled rotten children that are willing to take from what their grandparents worked all their lives for, in order for them to have more money to spend on a new Iphone Ipad or designer clothing. I tried to tell my daughter she was spoiling her kids that they didn’t need all the stuff they had, she didn’t listen, now that two of them are on their own they still want mom and dad to pay for their stuff.

      • Bruce

        Sandra, out here we call these people “waiters.” (not in the respectable restaurant employee sense). They are “waiting” for Grandma & Grandpa and Mom & Dad to die so they will get the stuff those folks worked for all their lives!

        • pauldchaffee

          And that is precisely why I am working so hard at spending everything I earned in the past 72 years

        • cmdorsey

          Hell, mom and dad, grandma and grandpa won’t HAVE anything when they die. They are parasites, kind of like tapeworms, sucking all the nutrients out of the host. Disgusting, isn’t it.

    • stuart little

      We are entering the age of the managed economy. Russia was still making buggy whips long after there were no buggies because the central planners wanted it that way. Socialist countries in Europe have huge penalties for layoffs making feather-bedding the norm, and making them uncompetitive internationally. Welcome Comrade.

      • brianmouland

        Remember when Germany united a number of years many workers from the former East Germany were unable to compete because they had been working after the lazy Communist state for years

      • Lt_Scrounge

        Here’s a story from the old Soviet Union. A shoe factory manager was told that he had to get production to a given level or face the consequences. The following month the factory hit the new record production target. The Central planners were ecstatic that the manager had hit their target…. at least until they realized that the plant had produced over 10,000 pairs of the exact same size of shoes. The only way that the plant could hit the target was to eliminate the time needed to change the dies to the different sizes. Of course having ten thousand pairs of the same size doesn’t help increase sales to those who need any of the other sizes.

    • DaleVM14W

      Pathtic liberal communistic thinking has lowered productivity through laziness. Karl Marx, of “the tribe”, just sat on his @$$ doing absolutely nothing for his family and lived on handouts. Plus, too many “liberal arts” institutes, invaded by the “Frankfort school” have brainwashed young minds into liberal airheads with low IQs. Liberalism is a deasease, you catch it from lazy, unproductive bastards in this country. Wake Up, White Folks, And Take Your Country Back!!

      • cmdorsey

        The marxist universities and the govt are now in collusion because Dodd’s Frank took college loans away from the small, community banks. Now the universities will raise tuition to infinity and the govt. (you and me) will pay for it. They hand out checks to college kids like candy. The community banks would have, or DID have, control of this. So the colleges and govt finally get their marxist utopia bullshyt

      • DaleVM14W

        Results of socialism/ communism:

    • ATNorth

      Burn the math witch!!!

    • Just Another Guy

      In a fascist world, the individual may own the company, but the government effectively tells them how to run it.

      And that’s what the tweets above demonstrate…that the individual owner shouldn’t be allowed to run their company their way.

      Liberals today are fascists, not socialists.

      We need to start calling them what they are. Fascists.

      • cmdorsey

        They call you and me the fascists. Shows their shoe sizes are bigger than their IQs. It started with the tobacco experiment. Brainwash the masses of its dangerous effects, tax and tax and tax them, ban the use of a legal product, even OUTSIDE. Iowa did that a few years ago, about the same time the leftists Chet Culver and Tom Vilsack were governors and they decided Iowa needed to legalize gay marriage so they let 3 judges write it up, and boom, it’s law. (the 3 judges were De-Benched in 2010 by THE PEOPLE). They banned smoking in ALL public/private businesses EXCEPT, get this……..State run casinos. Ashtrays every 3 feet in casinos. The smoke suddenly becomes pure in a state run outfit – while the people who have built their businesses from scratch have to ban their customers from smoking. It caused 100s of bars and restaurants to close down. So, since that tactic worked (LEGALIZED EXTORTION), we knew they would come after sugar, salt, fats, meat, etc., and like magic, we were right.

    • GreenEyedGal

      Honey, progressives don’t think any behavior has (or should have) consequences. Think Sandra Fluke. Problem is, the real world doesn’t work that way.

    • SuperLogic

      Yeah they think condoms are free, because the government hands them out. Um… you either pay for them yourselves OR you give the government the money +40% handling fee to buy them and put them on for you! :oP

    • MichealTurner

      Leftists either want Santa Clause to give them goodies or they want to play Santa Clause themselves, regardless that it is impossible to pay for all of their schemes.

  • Sandra Hopes

    People are deserving of healthcare, but it is not the job of an employer to provide them with all their needs, that is negotiated at the time of employment and is based on many things. If the job you are looking at doesn’t provide benefits, work it for awhile to pay for better training and get one that does provide it, that is how it has been done my entire life, why should yours be different?

  • Smitty 

    Anyone who eats at Applebees is asking for an Early Heart Attack anyway. Their food is s**t.

    • Liberal Hater

      I think you should eat there… often.

    • Ironhawk86

      Your Redsox are s**t

    • Firewall

      Looking at your picture, you may be right

    • yahneverknow

      Please to explain…

      Boycott Shit restaurants.
      Shit restaurant waitstaff make less money.
      Shit restaurant busboys make less money.
      Everybody makes less money.
      Shit restaurants make less money.
      Shit restaurant has to fire people.
      People lose jobs.
      People have no money.

      How exactly does this make sense if you’re worried about the workers?

      • Smitty 

        I am not boycotting anything. I haven’t eaten at Applebees in years. I feel no need to start going now.

  • Steve_J

    Wonder how many of the outraged tweeters own a company and employ more than 4 people? I’ll go out on a limb and say 0.

    • stuart little

      My big lib daughter detested our suburban until she decided to tow a 30′ trailer and now has a Tundra. And she’s about to pull the trigger on offshoring her product manufacture because it’s half the cost and she wants to be a rich liberal. Manifest hypocrites all.

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      I wonder how many have a job and are over 16!

    • cmdorsey

      Crap. My husband and I have a small newspaper. Hiring any help? NIGHTMARE. The people you employ believe since we own the business, we are rich so they deserve more pay, less work and more free stuff. They are idiots, zombies, brainwashed by leftist colleges and public UNION/GOVT. run schools. It’s sickening as hell. But hey!~ Look on the bright side – the talking liberal heads on TV say, well, businesses get tax breaks if they hire more people. Oh god. Yup, I’m gonna dig through all the red tape beaurocracy to hire somebody to get a little crumb back. Forget it

  • Belinda Henry

    I can’t afford Papa Johns now even with my Obama payroll tax cut….

  • d3h

    If only Ayn Rand could write another book, this time about us.

    • ceemack

      She already did that. Obama = Mr. Thompson.

  • orringtonmom (D)

    i’m sure it isn’t just obamacare that hurts their bottom line… eating out is something you don’t do when you have to tighten up the family budget. it was the economy, stupid.

  • haruka

    Does it make zero sense to anyone else that people angry over lay-offs would call for a boycott? Wouldn’t that lead to MORE lay-offs? I mean, I know these people haven’t taken an econ class in their lives, but isn’t that basic logic?

    • SpinMeNot

      Julia, you have restored my faith in people, at least a small amount. May i suggest that when dealing with a liberal, think about the logical course of action, and then think about the most illogical course of action. I’ll give you a doughnut if you find me one that does the logical thing.

    • Michelle

      Somehow in their fascinating minds and logic, they seem to think boycotts will do nothing more than keep money out of the owners’ pockets, while giving no thought to the reality that a boycott means no work for the workers.

      • PennyRobinsonFanClub

        Unless of course you mean the US boycott of Cuba. THAT is just mean spirited and is the cause of any suffering by The People of Cuba.

        • Rascal69

          The cause of suffering of the people of Cuba is a direct result of the country’s leadership. To believe anything else would show your complete lack of intelligence.

          • PennyRobinsonFanClub

            I’m afraid your response shows a small malfunction in your sarcasm-meter, my friend. ;- )

          • Lt_Scrounge

            You have a basic misunderstanding of the standard of living in any communist country. Here’s a hint, it s ucks.

          • tubaman

            Yeah,and idiots like Ice Cold Troll (you gotta be kidding me!!!) want this country to be a Communist one!!!

          • Rascal69

            Well you could be right though I have more postives than thou, but your own posting still proves beyond a doubt that you lack common sense along with intelligence and critical thinking. Not that it takes the proverbial rocket scientist to understand what is wrong with Cuba. Think about it this way, although the United States is “boycotting” Cuba, what would we provide that is unattainable from Russia?

          • PennyRobinsonFanClub


          • Rascal69

            So, you’re saying we should invade Cuba and remove the leadership?

          • cmdorsey

            All of our open borders, people escaping the hell hole of communism in their own country to come here for ‘freedom’? And then they decide our country should be just like the one they left. They have no intelligence, they just don’t. Brainwashed, lazy and stupid

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            He was being sarcastic……………………………..

          • Rascal69

            Thanks KA…to tell you the truth, I read the response 5 or 6 times and finally decided to write my reply. But I did consider the alternative so I appreciate your confirmation of same. Sorry!

          • Bill Gryan

            I can’t blame Rascal. There are times I read leftist comments in blogs and they are so ridiculous that you think they MUST be sarcasm. And then you read the person’s other comments and you see you’re dealing with another shallow, self-parodying liberal. I need to start using the tags myself.

        • tubaman

          Don’t worry,under Obama’s leadership we will be just as poor as Cuba because we will be a Communist country too!!!

    • ATNorth

      The beatings will continue until morale improves.

    • Liberal Hater

      Even funnier, Applebees doesn’t take food stamps. How the fuck do Obama losers boycott it?

      • Ironhawk86

        Post of the week

        • Daniel Martin Gray

          Could there be another Chik-Fil-A in the making?

          Dunno. Don’t eat any of that junk anymore, though I don’t like our EMPRESS saying people CAN’T.

          Seems to me only folks with a JOB can afford to eat out, and these days, that’s fewer and fewer people.

          Looking at the County by County breakdown of votes from last Tuesday, seems the “Progressives” THREATS mean NOTHING outside big cities!

          • BikerHoop

            Well, there kinda is. Tomorrow is Veterans Day and all Applebees give a free lunch to current military and Veterans. The place is packed for most of the day. I take my Dad (WWII Vet) every year. I’m a Vet and so is my son. We are all going tomorrow. Everyone come out and join us.

          • carl6352

            did not know this will be heading to a apple bees near me. thank you for telling me this.

          • BikerHoop

            You’re welcome. Spread the word. Applebee’s deserves a major increase in business for this. Oh, and just so you know, Applebee’s isn’t the only restaurant that does this. Many in your area are making offers like this.

          • Jeebus

            Didn’t know that, Hoop. If you’re in the Austin area, I’ll be there. If not, scouts out, dude. I’ll go anyway.

            A Fellow Veteran

          • BikerHoop

            Enjoy yourself… we did. The Fiesta Lime Chicken was awesome! Best restaurant chicken I’ve ever had.

          • gator37

            You mean Applebee’s is defying the Anti Military Obama administration. GO APPLEBEE’s!

          • ForsythiaTheMariner

            I think you’re not paying attention. Shortly after re-elected, Obama likely authorized another drone strike on Yemen.

          • UrsofakingDummb

            I’m trying to understand the people that are angry with these business owners. Each of the businesses mentioned employ a lot of people, thanks to the skill and expertise of the owner. If a large business owner says certain policies wil hurt his ability to hire, who in the hell are these people to disagree? They don’t like the message so they go after the messenger.

          • CruzerDog

            Your biggest mistake was your first four words. You cant fix STUPID.

          • Jazz Mudenz

            I agree

          • brodave

            They are ignorant Liberal Loons. Let them rot in their own poison.

          • Juan Valdez

            They all get what they deserve

          • SophiaH.

            Jedem das Seine !

          • suzanna


          • SophiaH.

            Really do hope you know the meaning of that.


          • 1GregM

            Do you also have this as a sign over your doorway like Buchenwald? Fvkin’ Nazi.

          • Bob USAF(ret)

            Why don’t you do a google search on the meaning before you call someone a Nazi, maybe you will be embarrassed

          • Cka Redstate America

            Thanks, veteran. People like 1GregM lack the capacity or conscience to be embarrassed.

            Don’t you know: They’re tough guys, real Democrats/liberals/leftists. Struttin’ like man-boy Obama.

          • 1GregM

            Why is it that when this sign appeared in modern Germany, the public outcry was so virulent that it was removed? Does that indicate to you the implied meaning of it and how it still affects people’s perceptions?

          • Bob USAF(ret)

            What a German proverb meaning “to each his own”?

          • Cka Redstate America

            Ever been to the site of a former concentration camp? Ever read any history of the Nazis?

            Had you, you wouldn’t be tossing around “Nazi” so flippantly. Or ignorantly.

            BTW: So you’ve got to be vulgar so you feel like a macho man?

            You little boy.

          • SophiaH.

            do you troll for any possible opportunity to accuse people of what you HATE?

            poor you.

          • 1GregM

            Do you feel the need to poke the eye of the dragon in such an obvious way? This sign appeared in modern Germany not too long ago, and was the subject of a huge public outcry until it was removed. Does that tell you the perception problem still exists for those of you who would use reminders like this?

          • SophiaH.

            did you troll all day to find a place to make accusations?

            Godwins Law !

          • jakespoon

            Ich bin der chrome dinette.

          • brad rebers

            How many of these ignorant Obama supporters voted themselves out of a job? Oh well.

          • David Scuncio

            what job, i do not think they know what the word work means

          • Mina Fields

            an many more to come..sad

          • Just Another Guy

            Job? Naw…they have their Obamaphone and food stamps…they don’t need a job.
            They wouldn’t recognize any sort of honest work.

          • stumpCHUNKMAN

            Hey they earned the Obamaphone. All they had to do was “keep Obama in president” and it’s golden.

          • Larry Rappaport

            Wrong Just. Small, medium company and corporate tax revenue collection will be reduced by at least 30% when Obama projected an 8% increase in revenue. 25-30% of young adults that voted for Obama will not pay their annual healthcare tax. Obama should have the sense to know that hitting individual taxes more won’t do anything but truly rile the masses. This will quickly lead to public union austerity measures. As I said previously this is the time we begin to play Cowboys and Unions. Oh its gonna happen and when it does it’s gonna be glorious.

          • Marlene Hessler

            Since Wed there are 17 petitions from 17 states to SECEDE from the US peacefully and establish new governments. The range from the Southern Border to the Canadian Border and from the East coast to the West coast. Each petition needs 25,000 signatures within 30 days. Louisiana was the first to file and is currently getting signatures at 500 to 600 per hour (6000 yesterday alone). They have about 9000 now.

          • Afraid

            I am afraid to sign one of these petitions or any others because I don’t want to be on the Demwits black list. I believe these will be the first people targeted for government harassment.

          • Jon K

            Don’t be afraid. Fear is what gives tyrants power. Stand up and be heard. Draw them out so that their agenda can be exposed and they can be identified for future action.

          • SophiaH.

            every one of us who do stand up shines our collective light for more to stand up!
            and BELIEVE we will regain control and bring these disloyal miscreants to the peoples justice.

          • $910553

            I signed all of them, and will be glad to expedite the donkeys’ path to hell any time they want.

          • isabella hunt

            Where does one find these petitions please?

          • Pat Kennedy

            You see what happened to General Petraus. He was scheduled to testify before congress this week on the Bengazi farce. Instead, he resigned after the administration found evidence of an extra marital affair. Now he will not testify because he is no longer C.I.A. chief. WHY?

          • Boetica

            Seems like the Congress can subpoena him.

          • SophiaH.

            Yes he can be subpoenaed IF he doesnt get
            Wellstoned first.

          • $22639970

            Civilians testify before Congressional committees all the time.

          • $22639970

            Screw the impotent pussies.

          • SophiaH.

            IF they were not impotent they wold not feel driven to gain power over all others
            IF they had cabbages instead of brussles sprouts in their bags they would call a circle and let all sides be heard and many compromises made so all could get some needs met

            no one would leave the circle feeling ignored or disenfranchised
            no one would be listened to if they went about kvetching about UNFAIR treatment

            CIRCLES not Triangles with the masses always on the bottom


          • SophiaH.

            you are correct about that BUT
            if you and I and all those who believe William Wallace had it right do NOT stand up in any capacity no matter how small

            who do you think will stand up for any smidgen of FREEEDOM?

            carrying pitchforks to DC is a wasted effort

            many voices united can STILL scare those misanthropes who are being used by the International banksters.

            the global military force cannot YET wipe out a hundred thousand here and there and not have their whole flimsy house of toothpicks tumble

            we HAVE NO TIME LEFT to do whatever we are able

            but then I am old and have not much to lose if I am carted away to a witch burning

            do what you feel you can but dont let FEAR stand in your way

            thats how this global tyranny got so global


          • isabella hunt

            Sound great! Where can one find the states – to sign a petition? Thanks.

          • Shane Finch


          • isabella hunt

            Got ya. Thanks. – Long and tiring move, but probably well worth it. My concerns about Texas: the illegals, and being so close to the border how does it hold up against the cartel/violence?

          • Shane Finch
          • SophiaH.

            THANK YOU for this link
            I am sending ti to my list, several of whom are Texans!
            and signing myself.

            even a nip at the heels of a bully can help cripple him!


          • isabella hunt

            Thanks, Shane. I’ll get right on that.

          • SophiaH.

            “…hitting individual taxes more won’t do anything but truly rile the masses. .”

            Yes because this is exactly what the string pullers of the marionette bammaO want to happen


            communism grabs that gold ring when it can create a revolushun

            so Americans are being driven full sped to race war and class war so the unholy Bolshevik cabal can bring their throne out into full view of the masses and demand we all get down with foreheads on ground and grovel as was the demand in the Khazar Empire

            For a description of the murderous and bloodthirsty social construct under the coming communist regime read The Thirteenth Tribe by Arthur Koestler

            “In the book The Thirteenth Tribe, Ashkenazi Jew Arthur Koestler documented the history :


            As expected, The Thirteenth Tribe
            caused a stir when published in 1976, since it demolishes ancient racial and ethnic dogmas…

            At the height of the controversy in 1983, the lifeless bodies of Ashkenazi Jew Arthur Koestler and his wife were found in their
            London home. Despite significant inconsistencies, the police ruled their death a suicide…

            /socioecohistory. wordpress. com/2009/01/24/khazar-empire-illuminati-and-new-world-order/


          • Vette66

            How many of these ignorant Obama supporters voted themselves out of a job?Most Bobo supporters didn’t. They never had one in the first place. Just voted for more freestuff. Well at least free for them.

          • Jay

            Actually there are a lot of blacks that are employed and all voted for him as they are racist. Along with their liberal Comrades I hope they all end up destitute. Only selfish morons voted to destroy the engine of freedom. I look forward to the red states secession from these losers..A pox on all demoncraps.

          • emmawats59

            You used the word “engine” – I was just thinking how right-on “Atlas Shrugged” was in describing today’s situation. I’m waiting for today’s men who run the engine of the world to just step out like they did in the book and let all the leeches to fend for themselves.

          • Vette66

            Where in my post did I say blacks? If you look close enough, there are people of differences races on the dole. Just cause someone says Bobo supports doesn’t mean black, or does it to you?

          • Marlene Hessler

            That is true. However, there are a disproportionate number of minorities on the welfare rolls. Blacks are 12% of the population. So, only 1 in 8.5 on welfare should be black. Instead about half are. That is way out of proportion.

          • $910553

            But that’s just Affirmative Action at its finest. Why should they have to show up in order to get paid to not work?

          • Marlene Hessler

            17 states seeking secession so far. Look on Drudge for the Louisiana petition. Click it and then click on OPEN PETITIONS to view and vote on them.

          • isabella hunt

            Thanks loads. Will do.
            Will we of other states be able to move to these “petition” states?

          • isabella hunt

            I’d like to see all state/federal/union employees to lose their pensions.

          • Maggie

            Sorry you feel this way. My pension is my sole means of support. And yes, I voted for Romney. I am below the poverty level and really having a tough time paying my bills.

          • isabella hunt

            Pensions are part of the reason the country is going broke. I, too, am well below the poverty level, but make do. Is is about us or about the country? I’d preferred another candidate besides Romney, but supported him – since he was our last hope to rid the country of its messianic, socialist man in the White House.

          • Bill Gryan

            Out of a job and into government assistance. Perhaps that was the goal in the first place. Don’t assume these folks actually want a job. As you say, they want phones, TVs, and cars, and the government can provide those.

          • Gwen Lewis

            Just remember “WE ARE THE GOVERNMRNT” and those of us working should starve the BEAST of government. NO MORE FREEBIES THEN!

          • Jackqulyn Mariea Herron-Rau

            You got the right Idea there , only problem is the ones that really need it will suffer with the free loaders!!!

          • hydrangea1

            And don’t forget, free contraceptives. That’s VERY important!

          • Jackqulyn Mariea Herron-Rau

            What I cant understand is there was birth control pills, rubbers, and the morring after pill, so why is it such a big deal !! None of them cost that much!! Are some people to lazzy to use the things already out there? or do they just wanta kill poor little babies?

          • SophiaH.

            Giving out free contraceptives and TEACHING people how to use them would cut abortion rats by 90%!

            Facts on Induced Abortion in the United States

            August 2011


            • Nearly half of pregnancies among American women are unintended, and about four in 10 of these are terminated by abortion.[1] Twenty-two percent of all pregnancies (excluding miscarriages) end in abortion.[2]

            • Forty percent of pregnancies among white women, 67% among blacks and 53% among Hispanics are unintended.[1]

            • In 2008, 1.21 million abortions were performed, down from 1.31 million
            in 2000. However, between 2005 and 2008, the long-term decline in
            abortions stalled. From 1973 through 2008, nearly 50 million legal
            abortions occurred.[2]

            • Each year, two percent of women aged 15–44 have an abortion. Half have had at least one previous abortion.[2,3]

            • At least half of American women will experience an unintended
            pregnancy by age 45, and, at current rates, one in 10 women will have an
            abortion by age 20, one in four by age 30 and three in 10 by age 45.[4,5]

            .guttmacher. org/pubs/fb_induced_abortion .html


          • isabella hunt

            Google: ClowardPivenStrategy. Overload the system, break the ecnomy – own the country. Verfy likely this is the plan.
            In Mexico our government is advertising how to get food stamp in America. Rather a huge invitation, wouldn’t you say?

          • FBIkidnappedME

            The election was already decide before any vote was cast. Want proof? The whistle by my name exposes what the media is blacked out from reporting on, the REAL cover up..

          • jay

            very very true, all the things that dog this president they hardly touched, they blow up any story on the other guy but this president had his back covered. All the things he has done like solyndra, libya coverup, bad economy and still gets elected? sad, the GOP needs to put out commercials telling the hispanic vote and those from other countries that if this keeps up their freebies will dry up, take greece for example. Socialists around the world knew the only way to stop the US is to drain its money and they had the useful idiots to do it.

          • MaryRedWhiteBlue

            No, some of them did. And now they’ve realized that they may be without a job. They are lifetime democrats. Laughing inside.

          • geewhiz1962

            Out of a job? I thought that was there goal?

          • EddieInFL

            These blue Barry backers don’t want jobs. They want to lay around all day watching free TV, eating free food, smoking free cigarettes, getting doped up on free marijuana, popping out babies like larvae, or having homosexual relationships all day and all night. Give ’em their own country and get them the hell out of ours.

          • MoodyRed

            Is there any room on Haiti?

          • DaleVM14W

            Watch This: The Lesson Of Haiti-

          • SophiaH.

            Thank you for this excellent link.
            Just subscribed to his channel.


          • SophiaH.


          • Jack Johnson

            obama supporters don’t know about work

          • Michael Rice

            Thye know how to organize comminuties though…..

          • jakespoon

            Example: Chicago,

          • $22639970

            Nor do they want to know about it..

          • FBIkidnappedME

            Yeah, if anyone’s vote was actually counted. Like the 2008 election and the caucuses for 2012 this last election was already decided, you just don’t know why. Learn why and see the proof at the link in my profile

          • Tmost

            blah, blah, barf

          • Ruth

            I know…..this topic is to complicated for you isn’t it?

          • Tmost

            Dear Ruth,

            Have you gone to his website? To be kind, he’s a little out there, and his posting have nothing to do with the issue at hand. And now you have the gaul to insult me. Way to go, and you do not even know me. What are you clairvoyant? It is a shame that speak of things that you know absolutely nothing about.

            Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.
            Martin Luther King, Jr.

          • Bill Gryan

            Which Gaul insulted you? I have not seen one word of French on this whole page. Thanks for teaching us about ignorance, intellectual-boy.

          • Tmost

            F O

          • Maggie

            the word is ‘gall’ not gaul. 3rd graders know that much.

          • Tmost

            Maggie, Nothing better to do with your life than correct the spelling of others? And for good measure throw in an insult. Rather pathetic of you if you think about it. And by the way, have you ever misspelled anything? Kinda like the pot calling the kettle black. I pity you for whats lacking in your life, that you have to resort to this.

          • SophiaH.



            a classic 1940 film

            b&w, well done


            wakey wakey.


          • lcky9

            Are you following me?? seems your on all the comment boards..

          • MaryRedWhiteBlue

            Quite a lot. Several people I know. But they refused to listen. To them, the election wasn’t about jobs, it was about other issues. But in a few months it will be about their jobs since they’re getting the axe.

          • Jay

            I fear the increased power cost.O-Hole is getting the EPA to close coal fired power plants. Where do these losers think their electricity comes from? I hate liberals/progressives

          • stumpCHUNKMAN

            Progressivism is the problem, not necessarily liberalism. Not all liberals are Progressives nor are all Progressives liberals. There are a good number of leaders in DC who may have an (R) listed after their names but are every bit as progressive as anyone on the Left.

            Also, don’t “hate.” That is their tool they use and then accuse us of using it. Defeat? Yes. Hate? No.

            Al Sharpton said it best, “resist we much… we must… and we will much… about… that… be committed.”

          • jakespoon

            Liberalism is the root of progressive ism..

          • Bill Gryan

            LOL, you made my day with that Sharpton quote.

          • gobnait

            Yeah, Sharpton’s a poet said no one ever.

          • Ruth

            When a coal plant closes and the entire east coast is in blackout mode for awhile perhaps they will realize that the coal plants give them their electric power (and they thought Obama did!!!). But never mind, they would vote for the Obamanation again and again and again.

          • SUMBICH

            lots, my father in law over the next six months is divesting his company which employs over 300 people…he said he won’t work his rear end off just to be taxed to oblivion. He is moving with his wife to his house in Costa Rica…good news is he protected his money and has property out of the country he can sell off and bank the proceeds off shore without the U.S. government knowing about it. My wife is an only child and is the heiress…i got lucky that I married up.

          • hydrangea1

            I hope a lot of them!

          • jl

            just a coincidence

          • akitajim

            I was thinking the same thing

          • deimos19

            no, actually all of us will get what all of them deserve

          • 3rdPartyNow

            You are right. We are all going down with them, like it or not.

          • jsolbakken

            The goats go down to perdition in the lake of fire prepared for them, and the sheeps go to ever and always be with their Good Shepherd.

          • Bobster

            When? In the mean time what they are getting is more of my money in the form of higher taxes! Why should we all continue to work and pay for them when we can stop working and be taken care of?

          • Jamal22

            The only problem with Liberals is they want everyone to sink with them. It’s the herd mentality. Isn’t it the Liberals that say they are for CHOICE? Wait…that is only if the CHOICE is for what they want.

          • jakespoon

            They are miserable and they want you to be miserable too. You aren’t suffering enough.True equality in liberals minds means everyone suffers .Not everyone can be happy at the same time but everyone can be miserable at the same time.

          • Cate

            Yep, right on! it’s like crabs in a bucket.

          • Chris Anna

            Its easier to bring down the rich than to bring up the poor. Bringing down the rich does not help the poor.

          • FBIkidnappedME

            Government doesn’t care as long as they get paid after the coup and cover up to continue in their incompetent ways.

          • Tmost

            blah blah blah, and more blah,blah blah blah, and more blah.

          • FBIkidnappedME

            More intelligent comments from the incompetent government. This is what our tax dollars pay for now folks. Thank God these clowns have a job.

          • Tmost

            Intelligent comments? Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?

          • Jackqulyn Mariea Herron-Rau

            I take it you are one of the stupid that got passed because of your age?

          • Terry Smith

            Abraham Lincoln said exactly the same. Today, they’d call him a partisan a-hole, further restricting those incredibly open minds of theirs.

          • stumpCHUNKMAN

            Sadly to many a scenario where everybody makes $5 a year in pay is better than a scenario where 1/3 make $250K a year, another 1/3 make $125K a year and the last 1/3 make $85K a year. If everyone makes $5, then it is perfect fairness and that is their goal, not shared success.

          • Paul Johnson

            So if we all make the same money, where is the incentive to excel? If we all make the same money regardless of performance, where is the incentive to work hard? If we all have plush unemployment or welffare or food stamps, where is the desire to do any of the “jobs americans won’t do” or any other job? Just imagine what that would be like? Oh wait, we don’t have to imagine…we can just look at teachers or unions. They can’t be fired for lack of productivity and have nice pensions.
            Since too many teachers don’t feel the pressure to perform, no wonder they keep lowering the standards to let kids graduate and why the US is always lagging in quality of education when compared to other developed nations. I don’t mean to diss the teachers that are genuinely hard-working and deserving of a just compensation, just those unmotivated ones that should be fired, but won’t be because they are protected by a union. Same goes for any other union.

          • corwdcontrol1978

            your an idiot.

          • sunsandsaltwater

            You must be looking in the mirror.

          • sanity_in_florida

            I think you mean “you’re” an idiot.

          • Rick Wood

            A pretty smart one at that. Does the expression Ad Hominem mean anything to you?

          • tim stevens

            Yes you’re, who’s the “idiot” now. Obama voter obviously….

          • Tom

            You must be one of those union teachers that is destroying children.

          • $22639970

            Project much? And did you misspell “crowd control”, you dolt??

          • HappyG

            The Left embraces marginalism…it really is that simple.

          • gobnait

            and mediocrity. Look at all the people who voted to reelect a failed president and settle for continued misery.

          • Jared Thomas

            And the ability to kill their children.

          • Pat Kennedy

            You also need to include the so called conservative republicans who failed to turn out to vote. They are as much to blame for the outcome of the election as anyone. The consumate RINO (republican in name only). They may as well voted democrat.

          • Michele Hriscko Cook

            and the ones who voted third party, even though those people, like Ron Paul did not have a snowball’s chance in hell. They may as well have handed their vote to obama.

          • Michael Moore

            Don’t forget the Gary Johnson voters.

          • erehwon

            I voted for Romney, but I can certainly understand why conservatives of principle could not ethically vote for either TweedleDum OR TweedleDee.

          • Penmar

            Sorry, I can’t, Mitt was not my first choice in candidates, but I do believe he was our best hope, out of the choices we were given, for America’s future in the situation we find ourselves in because of the last 4 yrs. To me it’s a choice of winning the battle or winning the war. They decided the battle was more important than winning the war. To me that means we lost the war and possibly ability to keep our principles intact. Because this president has no compunction in trampling our freedom, liberty or life.

          • ZachT

            Maybe because there weren’t any conservatives running. Just two big-money corporatists.

          • Edie_VA

            I expect that the US hospitals, clinics, etc. will be unionized by taking away the right to a secret ballot ( “card check”) and perhaps provisions in Obamacare no one knows about yet.

            Workers rarely get fired in the UK for mistreating patients, even when it is proven that has happened. Doctors in UK belong to an “association” which negotiated a 9 to 5, Monday thru Friday deal for “specialists”. They don’t have to take call on the weekend, they’ll see the patient on Monday.

            If you think declining education is a picnic, wait until unionized health care workers get done with you.

          • Intellibronc

            Beth, that is precisely the plan, millions of more unions members, coupled with tens of millions of illegals given amnesty and ability to vote. Unions will force card check and then the demoncats have a built-in voter base. This country is plummeting fastly.

          • GwenB

            It’s gonna look like Greece here faster than we thought.

          • Michael Moore

            Wait until Puerto Rico becomes a state…even more lower class dems to vote the party line.

          • Jackqulyn Mariea Herron-Rau

            I respect the older teachers that made you learn or set in the same grade until you desided to learn.They gave their time to help each student that needed help and didnt try to send the work home for your parents to teach you. Now a days to many teachers want the parents to teach the kids while they get paid for it.They are not there for the kids just their pay checks.There are to many kids coming out of school that cant even read and write.Teachers should not be allowed a union. It is disgraceful that so many teachers dont even try to teach the kids!!! And they try to force their ideas on the kids in place of teaching what they should be teaching!!!

          • GrumpyOne

            Heh… Welcome to the “new” iron curtain!

          • Michael Moore

            People should stop tip toeing around teachers. I went to public school. The teachers were horrible. They didn’t prepare me for college. It was just a place to spend time for a large portion of the day. In fact when I transferred to a school in California, I had to teach the teacher how to use a graphing calculator. They should have paid me. Teachers for the most part are a joke. And they spend 2-3 months off every year.

          • erehwon

            Bingo! You have identified the primary flaw in the Marxist canon. NO incentive to excel is secondary to NO incentive to work at all.

          • $22639970

            In other words, they’re retards.

          • Kim Pryce

            Never got a job from a poor (wo)man!

          • Peter M

            Sorry, you are very much incorrect.
            (Liberal) Union workers are not suffering one damn bit. Benefits up the ying-yang. They live high on the hog with their lofty pensions. Further they are immune from Obama care and other government forced BS.
            Liberals are in it for the money as much as anybody else – so long as it is somebody else’s money.

          • MDABE80

            I wonder how the union workers who eat out will feel about them redistributing their money (theirs not the taxpayers’) to those in business. Whiners need not apply. OR they could always send their food bills to Obama.

          • jakespoon

            Liberals are miserable, whether they are in a union,or make $100,000,000.00 a year,they suffer from white guilt,therefore ,I am the problem with society, The rich ones feel guilty because they are rich and the poor should have more of my money. They can’t find happiness in normal relationships,so let’s try same sex sex. and make you like it by calling it “normal”. Nosir, I am right,liberals are miserable and instead of fixing themselves,well,let’s just fix everybody else.

          • PeterM

            You make good points. Well taken.

          • ricci

            I would call that :braking everyone else not fixing

          • jakespoon

            Normal people would,but libs have a different definition of fixing. Example;one person in a crowd of people at a H.S. football game doesn’t like aprayer before the game,instead of going about their business and everyone else doing the same thing ,they file suit to sue the school system and stop the praying. Problem fixed,never mind everyone else likes the prayers.

          • oldvlc

            Great post, reminding me of what Abraham Lincoln said:

            “You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. You cannot help the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer. You cannot encourage the brotherhood of man by encouraging class hatred.

            “You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich. You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than you earn. You cannot build
            character and courage by taking away a man’s initiative and independence. You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves.”

          • MaryRedWhiteBlue

            Isn’t that exactly what’s wrong with our country at the moment?

          • uncleTed

            check your source, that quote is by William J. H. Boetcker, you people are whats wrong with country and the good news is that the rest of the world is passing you by.

          • Edward

            Go get back in the welfare line, Skippy.

          • uncleTed

            So…. I’m sorry to interrupt your little anti-President Obama circle jerk with your back slapping right-wing buddies. You are smart, very observant, the people on welfare are what put this country in to a tail spin?! It’s a real shame that the anti-science, anti-woman, anti-gay, anti-poor, anti-education, anti-immigrant, and the anti-labor GOP folks got voted OUT of office. Seeing how you feel so strongly about the fate of this country why don’t you start a campaign to “Bring the Jobs Home”. Oh that would require you to do something other than hate your fellow Americans.

            *PS You might want to boycott PaPa Johns yourself, take a look at those 3 guys looking over Johns Shoulder in the photo above, pretty sure they didn’t vote for Ol’ Whitey!! And their immigrant fingers are all up your in pie!

            *PSS I’m White and have 2 jobs thank you very much!

          • Michele Hriscko Cook

            Uncle Ted, here, have a read, maybe you will learn something. This was written in the ’50s by a teacher and a lawyer. She told how the communists were infiltrating and planning to take over the US. Well it finally happened. This was written long ago, but please read and you will have your eyes opened, if you can open your liberal mind, and see the entire plan played out:

            Welcome to the Communist States of America. With our new premier Planned Parenthood of America as they own him, lock stock and barrel.


          • Michele Hriscko Cook

            Oh, and btw I am not anti woman, I AM a woman, I am pro life, an NICU nurse. I am anti baby killing and pro religious rights, and sure as hell anti being made to pay for others abortions. I don’t hate anyone and I resent being told that I should hate someone just because they make more money than I do. I am not anti science, I have a BSN in nursing and studied very much science thank you, it is you liberals that insist that chopping a child up inside of it’s mom is a ok that are “anti science” and anti women. Do you know how many babies are aborted just because they are girls??? Yet we are the women haters????? Abortion is violence against women, it is simply money making for one of the largest businesses in America, Planned Parenthood. Anti poor??? Ah yes, the best way to deal with the poor according to liberals, and planned parenthood, kill them off!! Yes, Obama cares for the poor so much he lets his brother live in a mud hut in Kenya and won’t even give him decent living conditions!! If he won’t even help his brother, why would he care about anyone else? My God you people are SO brainwashed!! Keep drinking that koolaid. The problem is as you drink it, the rest of us have to go down with you! Do something yes, do something! Do something more than tax the rich and kill off the poor. How about that? Do you REALLY think “sticking it to the man” ie raising the taxes on the rich is going to help the poor? Do you think Mr rich business owner is going to give up his vacation home or extra two cars to pay those taxes? NO. He is going to downsize. He is going to lay off people. He is going to close businesses or take them overseas. He is not going to give up the lifestyle to which he is accustomed. It may sound good on TV to tell the voters “Oh, we will make the rich “pay their fair share” and “stick it to the man for you” and encourage your class warfare, which shows who the real “haters” are, but in practice the ones who suffer are the little guy. The ones who will be laid off and “downsized” and be “on welfare are what put this country in to a tail spin.” (your words the one who “does not hate the poor” sounds like you are blaming THEM!), well you can thank you hero, because there will be many more of them, and soon there will be more on welfare then there are putting into the system. That is his plan. It is called the Cloward/Piven plan to force us into being a socialist nation. Look it up. Your hero studied it all his life, it is his life goal, and it is working. Obama is not hurting for money, nor are many other libs, the Kennedys, the Rockefellars, here is a quote from that e-book that explains it well:

            I had regarded the Communist Party as a poor man’s party, and thought the presence of certain men of wealth within it accidental. I now saw this was no accident. I regarded the Party as a monolithic organization with the leadership in the National Committee and the National Board. Now I saw this was only a facade placed there by the movement to create the illusion of the poor man’s party; it was in reality a device to control the “common man” they so raucously championed.

            Do you remember the palaces of the Kremlin as the people stood in food lines? Do you remember Castros castles as the people starved? This is socialism. This is what you just voted in. Congrats.

          • uncleTed

            4 More Years!!!! Get to used to it!

          • Michele Hriscko Cook

            It will be much more than 4 more years. We now have a dictator and have lost fair and democratic elections.

          • jakespoon

            There used to be a man in my town called Uncle Ted,we found out he was a child raper. He got away.

          • Boetica

            Your Obamaphone is ringing………

          • uncleTed

            Oh you mean my Lifeline phone, the program started by President Reagan! You should call it a Reaganphone…….

          • GwenB

            Reagan started it for landline phones for emergencies. Obama blinged it up to cell phones to keep the masses under his thumb. obama phones!

          • $22639970

            Good job of punctuation, Teddy. The world must be hauling ass past you.

          • Michele Hriscko Cook

            The rest of the world is “passing us by”, no, you are the one regressing, right back into socialism. It has been tried, and it has yet to work, so let’s try it again shall we?

          • oldvlc

            Excuuuuuuse me! I have only seen it attributed to Lincoln, and by reputable sources at that. UncleTed, I am not what is wrong with this country. Conservatives fighting with each other over who is the purist conservative is what is wrong. That is why you get jackwagons like Todd Akin hitching his campaign to a nutcase view of rape, thinking he is appealing to his base. Same for Murdock. Untill we put up good candidates and ignore the once in 4 year topic of abortion we are our own worst enemy.

          • uncleTed

            Wise words I agree 100%!

          • Boetica

            William J. H. Boetcker, a Presbyterian minister said that. It is commonly attributed to Abraham Lincoln. They are wise words indeed.

          • Boetica

            : )

          • Michele Hriscko Cook

            Yes, shared misery, aka socialism.

          • MaryRedWhiteBlue

            Well when the layoffs hit, and the money (and their aid) stops pouring in, let them know it was their CHOICE.

          • jl

            When they hit? lol, wake up!

          • Marlene Hessler

            Like 0bot’s version of compromise is complete total capitulation on the part of the other party. Notice whenever the lefty media has a bilateral interview, they ask the Republican what they are willing to give up. They NEVER ask the Dimwit what that party is willing to give up. Compromise is not capitulation. Both parties must give up something.

          • sunsandsaltwater

            Nope. “Giving up something” is how we got here. Always us giving up. Never them. Line in the sand, fight for the country. In 2016 voters won’t be able to bear-hug Republicans fast enough. This loser accomplished nothing in 4 years and now starts a new term with all of the problems he faced coming in plus inevitably more on the way.

          • SophiaH.

            Recall the peloseys remark ‘ we have to pass this so they can see whats in it’

            sooo typical of the liberal communist mind set
            ‘we will hand them what we want them to have them allow them
            to know what we have made law to rule over them for our benefit

            to solidify our POWER over the masses.’

            perhaps the word imperious fits them?


          • Jon K

            Good comment. Liberals claim fervently that they are tolerant and supportive of all points of view. They are then shocked and infuriated to discover there are points of view that differ from their own.

          • Pat Kennedy

            Tolerant and supportive? I don’t recall news reports of Obama/Biden campaign signs being stolen or defaced.

          • Boetica

            Except those who have their wealth sheltered, then hate on Mitt Romney for following those same rules. Why don’t they just give away millions to the poor like the Romney’s do? Instead they support regressive education then lie to the undereducated by telling them it is people like Mitt Romney who have kept them down. As Thomas Sowell has said, there is a recipe for poverty.

          • SophiaH.

            When ‘ do gooders’ preach to the indigent that they are “VICTIMS” those ones become VICTIMS thus will VOTE for the ones who coddle them and claim to be ‘looking out for their interests’ and ‘working to make the world a better place’

            most ‘do gooders’ believe this to satiate their own feelings of inadequacies.

            Poverty is created by the inferiority complexes of those who can

            “LORD it over the more gullible and ones who have a genetic need to be “taken care of” by the fantasy perpetual mommie.

            The solution for poverty is camps where al who are seemingly unable to care for their won needs are educated in some skill

            they have even a slight aptitude for and teaching them to be

            responsible to a daily schedule to get food and shelter provided and a small earnings that can buy extras like movies or symphonys.

            when the ignoble among us are TAUGHT self respect instead of the tyranny fostering the helpless dictum we CAN eliminate poverty and the rehabilitation of those ‘victims’ will produce some of the BEST teachers of overcoming victimhood that will begin to erase the ‘ professional social worker ” syndrome that creates more and more victims to keep social workers employed and able to assuage their own feelings of guilt about deeply hidden sins they project onto their ‘charges’ they purport to be helping.

            giving something for nothing makes the beneficiary weak

            and the giver a tool of perpetuating the very poverty they pretend to abhor

            teaching the needy to work in some capacity breeds Self respect and arms them with the emotional tools to continue to rise above the poverty level as far as their abilities and character will take them.

            It is for the govt to get out of the poverty creating business and communities to set up rehab camps for the recreant among us whom can be cured in most cases.

            remember govts are self perpetuating and will create poverty so as to make it SEEM they are sympathetic and garner more constituents for their pocket lining exercises

            NOT the needs of communities and the Folk.

            Think of LBJ’s ” Great Society” when he said afterwards

            “that will make them vote democrat for the next forty years!”

            Divorcing the fed and all that Dc has to offer is a first step to eliminating poverty and creating LOCAL jobs.

            Recall the poster when Reagan warned us

            a revolver pointed at the viewer saying

            ” I’m from the govt and I’m here to HELP you”

            Job creation begins in our own back yards.



          • Boetica

            Except for the wealthy ones. They want to stay on their perches and look down at “the little people”.

          • SophiaH.

            Just as is happening in France already

            the wealthy job creators are leaving en masse for less stringent tax climes.

            you and I would also.

            If a govt removes the incentive for entrepreneurs and progress developers to create industry and jobs WHY would any sane people remain?

            those who can and will create jobs are not the IN-sane ones

            that label is glued by hard wired mental malfunctions to those who live just go “get over” and ” get somethun fur nothin’ ”
            and cannot see that milk jug will run dry and the honey jar
            has nothing left even to lick out by long silky tongued pied pipers of the emotionally regressed who demand a life under cradle to grave puericulture by some nebulous Daddy Warbucks and Gold gifting Leprechauns and Gilda the “good” witch or any of the MANY social services administered by power hungry bureaucrats who live life thru the misery of others.

            far too many of the ignoble have this latent mental disorder.

            In a Natural social construct those would starve or freeze

            because the self respecting would give aid and comfort and walk on

            and NOT assume the burden of carrying those ones forever
            which demeans both the carrier and the carried and destroys the whole society.

            Remember the fable of the crooked bodied old man sitting on the rivers edge begging to be carried over?

            When any FOOL stopped and lifted him onto shoulders and started across the swift current he beat his benefactor over the head screaming curses. When the benefactor was overwhelmed with currents and fell dropping the tyrant and nearly drowned, he got on the other side and looked back in sorrow and LO! there was that old tyrant back where he had been screaming for someone to carry him to the other side .

            The nonplussed young man asked him WHY?

            The twisted up and tyrannical one yelled back

            ” because I CAN !”

            excuse if this is not exact, I am remembering from a long ago childhood when such tales were still taught to children in a more stable world before minds got all twisted like that old man who does it because he relishes making people do useless things and blaming them while they believe they are helping him.


          • Boetica

            I hear what you are saying, and it is so SAD!

          • Michele Hriscko Cook

            They are only for one CHOICE, that choice is for killing ones own child. All other “choices” are to be made by the gov’t because libs do not think any one knows better than they what is good for them. How to spend their money, eat properly, etc.

          • Vette66

            With the threat of a boycot, do you think that Papa will now allow the EBT cardholders to eat there? On second thought, why would the EBTers eat at Papa’s anyway. They can buy steak and lobster at Wallyworld and eat better than most working people now with Bobo incharge.

          • user1234567890

            But then they will have to cook it. And it would be easier for them to use their EBT and not have to cook. How dare anyone discriminate against them.

          • alonzo24

            I firmly believe this will happen!

          • FBIkidnappedME

            People are done voting after this last rigged election

          • EddieInFL

            Divide the country. The blues will have only the central cities. They can unite and have any kind of government they want, but we will build walls around them and they will all die within a short time because they will have no business, no tax collections, no way to escape.

            Meanwhile, we reds will prosper because we won’t have to pay for the losers of society and can lower our taxes.

            Eventually the blue country people will eat each other until the last two socialists fight it out to the death. End of problem!

          • Purt1

            Really, people? Do any of you really think that it makes one iota of difference if the president is Obama or Romney? Romney helped write Obamacare! You all need to educate yourselves and recognize that we live under a two party dictatorship. It doesn.t matter which party, they are one and the same!

          • blueangel69

            Yes but hasn’t it been true for some time the crazies tend to gravitate towards the urban areas.

          • Purt1

            Really, people? Do any of you really think that it makes one iota of difference if Obama or Romney is president? Romney helped write Obamacare! You all need to educate yourselves and recognize that we are living under a two party dictatorship. It doesn’t matter which party, they are one and the same! WAKE UP!!!!!

          • rellimnj

            Who (and where) is John Galt? Give the libs both coasts and the rest of us will take the heartland (where most of the production comes from) and we’ll see who prospers more and lasts longer.

          • Jay

            Easy red states one the other. Limited time for those who live in opposite to move then we seal the border. All the parasites will leave red states due to no free shit. We have REAL border security . because we know the blue state losers will want to come back in short order when they turn their place into total hell.

          • Gwen Lewis

            I was saying this even before the election……GREAT IDEA!

          • J W Majors Majors

            Sounds good. But who will pick up the bodies after the dogs **** on them.Actually the blacks will burn down their cities.Send them matches with instructions on how to strike them. Not sure they will understand the instructions but maybe Obama the psychopath might help them out.

          • FBIkidnappedME

            The election was MAJORLY rigged.

          • 3rdPartyNow

            We need a new college degree, in match lighting.

          • Bob USAF(ret)

            I believe that is considered work under the new welfare reforms.

          • max_kain

            They evidently think that businesses can run like Obama runs the US: in a massive deficit. Businesses have to turn a profit (yes, evil profits) in order to stay in business. Businesses can’t just print money, like the government, and our government is going to be in a state of surprise when they’ve devalued our currency to the state of Germany’s (post WWII) where bales of money is almost worthless. That’s who you voted for folks, own it.

          • Cka Redstate America

            max_k, you honestly think that they think? Or that they have the faintest clue about business? Have a clue about P/L? Expenses? Management?

          • Allan Holley

            Spoken like a Democratic Representative with no schooling. Not even High School.

          • foofydo

            Yes, but we who know better have to rot with them.

          • Cka Redstate America

            Maybe you’ll chose to rot. My friends and I won’t. Nor do I expect millions of America who won’t give up.

          • fedupwithmentalcases

            low iq morons who dont want business in the usa they only want the government to run everything and give them their handouts they are ignorant fools

          • Daily Shizz

            They are saying it because of their political beliefs, and not because of any real business sense. Places laying people off suggests that they could have done their business without them before. Otherwise, they marginal income increases with more staff are not enough to pay for them. Either suggests bad management. The reality is that their businesses are profitable, and the small increase in costs isn’t going to kill them. They are making a political statement by hurting their own employees. How screwed up is that?

          • mrbadhabit

            $80,000+ Per Franchise via Fines is NOT “a small increase in cost” and neither is the Cost increase for health insurance. You obviously have no CLUE what it takes to run or operate a business .. Good management Watches the bottom fiscal line, and Adjusts accordingly as This franchise operator is clearly doing.

          • Press

            How screwed up is it that you voted for socialism, fool? You liberal retards don’t like consequences. You’re infantile. Why not just throw a “do-over” like when you were 6 years old. Amazing how America’s neo-lib Marxists don’t like the fact that free enterprise (don’t know for how much longer under the muslim communist president) dictates the bottom line. It’s similar to your checkbook; don’t kite checks – meaning, don’t write a check you can’t cash, moron, progressive communist libtards. Move to Cuba if you’re looking for handouts! See how well it works their you damned mental midget.

          • Jamal22

            Wouldn’t it be special if those businesses that don’t get a waiver go under so Obama blame them.

          • Press

            Obama is like a human wrecking ball. Just look at the latest “coincidence” with GEN David Petraeus. Now’s when his affair became an issue??? One week ahead of testifying that Oblamer likely shut down the military to support the SEAL? Give me a break. Everyone but this fucking Marxist takes responsibility for their actions. But then again, he was raised with a proficiency in pointing fingers in every direction but his own. In it’s beyond unfortunate and depressing that 50% of the Republic saw fit to keep him there. I suppose $4 gas, 15% REAL unemployment, a devaluing $ (twice downgraded – 1st time in our history) and over $6 Trillion in new debt is OK? Please. This election smells like it was stolen as well. Who on earth could be re-elected with these metrics?

          • babbott

            Well, the liberals believed the Obama lies and voted him a second term, so they deserve that they get.

          • J W Majors Majors

            The Ape in the Horror House.

          • sgb1

            Obama has waived all the unions and his cronies from this horrible bill. If you contribute enough you could get a waiver too.

          • Vette66

            Thought you had to be a union or some great supporter of Bobo to get a waiver from Bobocare? Did I miss something?

          • moraywatson

            “You didn’t destroy that!”

          • sgb1

            One of my complaints about the progressives, including Obama, is that they have great ideas but appear to be incapable of considering the consequences of their actions.

          • argyliz


            1. Obama working as an attorney for ACORN, sues Citi and
            other banks to force them to accept sub-prime mortgages.

            2. They won the lawsuit and used this as leverage to force
            lenders throughout the US to accept sub prime mortgages

            3. After a few years the house of cards collapsed and 50% +
            of those bad mortgages caused foreclosures.

            4. Housing and financial crisis followed, causing wide spread
            unemployment and business and bank failures.

            This all happened in a period of about 15 years, hitting a peak
            2008/2009 and continues …..

            And one person is to blame – Barack Obama. He may have meant well and his motives pure, but the results have been a
            disaster ….


          • georgewashlincoln

            they dont care about consequences. the end justifies the means and thats all thats important to them.

          • racklefratz

            What’s “great” about their ideas? Are you using the usual definition of “great” or something else? If you mean “good ideas”, you’re wrong. Hell, even calling them “progressives” abuses the word. “Progressive” comes from the word “progress”, and we make no progress whatsoever following their “great” ideas. In fact, we REGRESS, and in a big way. The whole thing is nothing more than putting perfume on a pig.

          • Jay

            Great ideas? Making as many people dependents as possible by stealing from the producers to maintain their power is not a winning formula IMO. I hate everything about these people, they are pure evil

          • John Klindworth

            Wow. Businesses have to meet a bottom line. Obamacare is a direct attack on that bottom line. Adjustments will have to be made, or the business will fail. You are completely clueless. Elections have consequences, and this is one of them.

          • Shawn Chapman

            A “small increase in costs” is like saying,”it’s only minor surgery” it really depends on who is getting cut.

          • Vette66

            Had minor surgery and was the one “knocked out” on the table. Now it feels like major surgery, high food cost, high gas prices, insurance cost went up almost 3%, etc. How I’m still knocked out on the table and Bobo has the knife.

          • Brian Kelsey

            Wrong. This is all on Obama and his fellow CommieCrats. If they hadn’t decided to play dictator and demand you buy something then this wouldn’t be happening. You elected a dictator, now suffer the consequences.

          • sgb1

            @Daily: I don’t think so. Obamacare is going to cost these businesses a lot. So are all the regulations that Obama is forcing down our throats. We are selling off our properties and retiring. I have never heard of this country maligning success before. What a shame.

          • Vette66

            We weren’t run by a 100% socialist government before either.

          • J W Majors Majors

            Get yourself a Pensiado Visa in Panama. You’ll be needing it.

          • jakespoon

            obama said it was good… so it is good,eh. Is that it?

          • Vette66

            Daily Shizz
            They are saying it because of their political beliefs, and not because of any real business sense.
            One of the classes you need to take before you get your GED is an econ class.

          • DGR

            Shizz: I think’s it’s a mind reading class that you think people should take – apparently that is what you took and it enables you to discern everyone else’s thoughts and motivations!

          • babbott

            Tell us how small the increase in costs is going to be.

          • J W Majors Majors

            Tell us? Ha,Ha. Were not trying to tell you anything. Were trying to get away from you.

          • JaxKen

            How do you increase income by adding staff? Payroll and benefits (if any) are a cost! And the reason the businesses are profitable is because management controls costs! Get a clue, Shizzhead

          • fivegreatkids

            Most businesses I know have been suffering and trying to eke out a living for the last couple of years. Many were hoping for Romney to be elected because they knew their business would improve. As soon as Obama was re-elected they said, “its not worth it. I can’t last another four years–I am quitting”. So much hard work and hope dashed by the ignorance of ill informed voters…

          • Kay Mauer

            Agreed. Some 70 percent of the business I am used to is gone and more are simply not answering their phones. No phone message – no nothing. Whatever phone contract remains is played out and they are gone. This is going to get ugly. Real ugly.

          • Anne Hemric

            When your name is known for making a multimillion dollar business, you might understand some basic economic truths. When it costs more to do business the business will make adjustments. Those adjustments include decreasing costs and increasing revenue. The people left behind after layoffs will do double the work for the same pay.

          • RSGPA

            And how do you, Daily Shizz, know whether the “small increase in costs” is going to kill them? Do you manage their finances?

          • Kay Mauer

            It is THEIR business and they do as they please fool. Small increase? You have no f****** right to force me or anyone to pay for your stupidity. I refuse. Ayn Rand had it right. If I were Applebees, I would burn my restaurants to the ground so your kind would have to do it themselves. Lets see the choom gang do it. Otherwise, shut the hell up. YOU are screwed up fool.

          • blueangel69

            All I can say is just Wow! You’re in a dream, man. Obama can’t change the facts of life. Do you know what immutable means? There are immutable economic facts at play here. Like, you can’t spend your way to prosperity. Obamacare is horrible, horrible legislation. That’s why everybody’s so upset about it!

          • jsolbakken

            They don’t want us to prosper, unless by “prosper” you mean “eat excrement and die.”

          • J W Majors Majors

            Marginal income? To use these words to an Obama voter is like teaching calculus to an Ape.All they can do is stare at you and **** in their pants.

          • Thomas Belt Sr

            I have 5 trucks and trailers for sale today. on thursday they were in Reno Nv, Las Vegas, LA and Salt lake city.
            I told my guys ( Drivers) back when Obummer gave congress this Bill that no one read and passed. That if it could not be fixed or repealed I would have to close my doors.
            On Friday I let them go.
            The taxes for Big trucks is more than what anyone would think.
            FET,Federal highway tax,Local and state taxes and lets not forget the personal taxes I have to pay.. I chose to start my own company I took the risks. I starved while before my drivers and their families starved. I did without before them…

            You want to call this bad management?? Can I drive 5 trucks by myself?
            You see in trucking there is a small profit margin. To be competitive with my competitors I have to keep my rates as low as theirs.

            With obummercare. I have to must place my drivers in an insurance pool ( that 50 employees or more is BULLSHIT ! ) the mandate proves that. errr…. should I say TAX.


            How screwed up is that???

          • pojuca

            Daily Shitts and liberals in general are truly idiots. I love how
            leftist ideologues who have never run a business try to tell us how to
            run ours. First of all by adding external costs and bureaucracy as Obama
            Care does, which has nothing to do with a past profitable business
            model, good managed businesses are being forced to change their model in
            order to maintain profitability and maybe open new stores. Restaurants
            like Applebees, may decide to cut all employees to part time status and
            knowing that more government intervention is surely on the way, they
            may have to decrease comfort levels like by increasing the number of
            seats per square foot or they might decrease levels of service like
            decreasing the number of cooks, severs and hostesses, decrease the
            alcohol content of drinks, decrease the food per plate. One thing is for sure, by increasing government taxation and bureaucratic intervention in our economy,
            overall quality will decrease, employment will decrease, inflation will
            increase, poverty will increase, violence will increase as countries
            can’t maintain the welfare state, and a continuing general societal
            decline will occur which is what started with leftist control of
            government in the 60’s in the USA.

          • Vette66

            Pojuca, you did come up with a good Mrs. BO point, decrease the food per plate that way her”Eeat the amount I tell you to eat so I can eat more of what I want to eat” will work. I’m so glad Bobo is in charge, aren’t you?

          • Hutcherson

            Truly spoken like someone who has never had to make a payroll, or even run a business other than from Mom’s basement.

            Math Lesson:

            $80,000 / 365 = $219 per day

            $219 / 100 pizzas per day = $2.19 per pizza

            $2.19 / $16 per pizza = 13.7% increase with absolutely no benefit to the consumer
            The increase will be greater if the business owner maintains his margins (but we won’t discuss that because it’s way the f*** above your comprehension.)
            Maybe it’s best that you run along home to your bubble and leave the forums to the adults.

          • jsolbakken

            “Places laying people off suggests that they could have done their
            business without them before. Otherwise, they marginal income increases
            with more staff are not enough to pay for them. Either suggests bad
            management. The reality is that their businesses are profitable, and
            the small increase in costs isn’t going to kill them.”

            There is the dumbness and stupidity coming out!!!
            Yes, the business was profitable BEFORE the change in cost structure; if AFTER the change in cost structure the profits are LESS, then it is not worth investing the capital in the activity anymore. The artificially higher costs imposed by new regulations must be absorbed, and in many cases the easiest way to “absorb” the costs is to quit, and liquidate, and just retire and live off your seed corn.

            So, idiot, it would BAD MANAGEMENT NOT to respond appropriately to the change in economic conditions. Sheesh. No wonder we’re destroying ourselves! As a society we got excrement for brains!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Leo Wiser

            So, why have McDonalds and hundreds of other businesses petitioned the administration foe wavers from the payroll requirements of the AHCA?

            And if the admin. really believes the Act will do no harm to small businesses, why did they grant the wavers?
            How screwed up is THAT?

            Can you answer that?

          • RichardHalloran

            I think it’s funny they argue that he should raise the prices of the food instead of laying off workers. So punish all the customers in America with higher prices because you want Obamacare. That makes no sense what-so-ever. Increased prices of everything means Obamacare is not a good thing. And it looks as if that is the case and those who are for Obamacare will raise their prices to combat that issue… so this means Obamacare is causing inflation (businesses raising their prices) already. How does this help our economy? It just makes it worse.

          • Just Another Guy

            But we were told that Obamacare would SAVE us money!

            Yeesh. LIberals — believe only what furthers what they believe at the cost of the truth of a situation.

            Liberals are “economic flat earthers.”

          • blueangel69

            Only an idiot (think Obama) would think that. Cost of doing business goes up? No problem. Just raise prices. Problem solved!

          • Michael Rice

            That is the way of doing business as a liberal. Costs go up, raise prices. Budget goes up, raise taxes…

          • Hutcherson

            That’s why most (but not all) small business owners are conservative. They understand economics. Liberal business owners keep raising prices to meet expenses and price themselves out of the market.

          • 3rdPartyNow

            Are you referring to the Affordable Health Care Act?

          • Pad Medman

            The Unaffordable Health Car Act. Health care costs are going to skyrocket, and health care service is going to decline, greatly. Only the Libs would create a program like this. We have centuries of evidence that Lib policies don’t work, in our own country as well as others, but the Libs are just too damn stupid to recognize this. The unfortunate thing is, we all have to pay the price of their stupidity.

          • jsolbakken

            Lib policies sure as heck don’t work for the people, but you do gotta admit that they work like a charm to build up the communist power of the libs, no?

          • Cka Redstate America

            Though I know what you mean, it’s not funny.

            They lack the intelligence and morality to understand.

            That’s why they voted for Obama, an equally unintelligent, economically illiterate, socially and racially divisive, morally adrift and vulgar man.

          • David Scuncio

            thumbs up x 1000

          • rennyangel2

            They hate private businesses and have he ec. knowledge of a tree frog, and that is casting aspersions on the high-performing frog.

          • jakespoon

            The financial well being of a company means nothing,The only thing that matters is implementing the things that The Glorious Leader hath decreed,even if it kills your business..0bama said it would be alright.Everyone knows he is infallible.

          • Peter Parker

            They think these businesses are making fun of one of Dear Leader’s brilliant ideas.

          • Ergo

            these angry people are products of the public education system. Economics, math, logic, and the ability to read more than the back cover of a lesbian porn are all out of their collective reach. I’d be worried if these [email protected]@rs could afford guns.

          • blueangel69

            They’ll prolly be issued Obamaguns. They’ve already got the phones. Remember that citizen army ZERO was talking about. REVENGE!

          • Cka Redstate America

            If I may, “these angry, ignorant, socially and racially divisive, unmotivated, morally adrift people.”

          • WisconsinPatriot

            …..why maybe they should own their own business! They could see just how difficult it IS!

          • Zach Martin

            Time for Atlas to shrug. They seem to know it all, let them run the damned businesses.

          • babbott

            It just shows us that none of these people have ever run a business, taken a class in economics, or have any idea what is required to keep a business going. The way most businesses will combat the added expense of Obamacare is to use all part-time workers, allowing only 28 hours per week. Then if the boycotts are effective, cut the employees back to 15-20 hours per week.

          • 3rdPartyNow

            Health care is a right. Welfare is a right. Running your business the way you choose is not a right. (I guess we could call it a left?)

          • drums45

            Um public education and the teachers unions. if they went to school and weren’t stoned most of the time they were taught that the government will take care of them.

          • pgroup

            I thought stoning was what Moozies do. Oh wait … I get it – you’re talking about dope. Never mind.

          • tdrag

            According to the Liberal philosophy businesses exist for the benefit of the idiot class. They are not supposed to fire anyone regardless of profits but are to retain and hire as a welfare plan.

          • blueangel69

            The ignorance is staggering. I’ve seen it myself. The Obamites think they’re in charge.

          • Tabitha Taylor

            Just like spoiled children. Tired toddlers that don’t get what they want 😉

          • Vette66

            Well they are for now.

          • J W Majors Majors

            Trying to understand an Obama voter is like trying to understand why a wolf eats the sheep.God created them fools so the rest of us could have a few laughs in a difficult world.If you are a business person and sane,Texas wants you.We need to start a Secession movement to leave the Nut States of America.

          • 3rdPartyNow

            A lot of Texans, like you, have the right idea. But, I saw a red blue map of how every county in the country voted. Your big cities are liberal too.

          • jsolbakken

            Think about it. God has said repeatedly that the wicked dig pits and set snares but are themselves entrapped therein.
            Maybe God has bunched up our enemies for a good purpose! Pray God that He remembers us in our affliction and delivers us out of the hand of our wicked enemies.

          • Michael Rice

            Because all bsiness owners are greedy rich white guys,….didn’t you know that?

          • Sam Pyeatte

            When this terrible Obama economy sinks even further, the mid-term elections in 2014 could get really interesting.

          • Hutcherson

            If we’re lucky, there might be a 50/50 chance we’ll even have an election in 2014.

            By that point, we’ll have had about 18 months of free-fall off the fiscal cliff (unless you really believe Congress can solve the problem in the next six weeks.)

            Then there’s the possibility of revolution/insurrection over the ratification of the UN Small Arms Treaty (unless you believe there is enough collective Republican spine in the Senate to stop it.)

            And if that’s not dire enough for you, consider this: Now that the election is over, you will see the President create more daylight between the U.S. and Israel. Our founding fathers considered our bond with the Jewish people as sacred. The Bible states that those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who curse Israel will be cursed. Regardless of your religious beliefs, no nation or people group in history has survived that proclamation.
            Wow, maybe elections do have consequences.

          • Sam Pyeatte

            Apparently there are loop holes and escape clauses that Congress can use to get around the fiscal cliff. Politicians are if anything, devious – to use a kind word. The small arms treaty is not popular to most of the Democrats in addition to the Republicans if there is anything that restricts us in any way. Also the Russians are against it as are a couple of other powerful countries that I cannot remember.

          • T-850

            They think these CEO’s are threatening to lay people off because they want to avoid higher taxes. They think these “%1ers” go home at night and jump around in their vaults filled with gold and enjoy watching people suffer. Such is the state of mind of idiots who can’t discern truth from lies. Basically the people who watch the MSM.

          • suzanna

            they can’t count their brain is cooked. They can’t understnd that a business owner must make a profit, it’s over the stupid libs head.

          • Tmost

            The Ignorance on the left is amazing. Too bad only 15% of our country voted.

          • stumpCHUNKMAN

            It’s never about economic success or even increasing revenue. As Obama himself said when asked when he talked about raising the top tax rates, whether he would still do it even though all history shows that the increases he wanted to make result in LESS revenue to the government, not more, it wasn’t about revenue, it was about “fairness.”

            It’s bizarre that with the large number of countries that have tried or are currently trying the redistributive “fairness” economic model that no one can identify one instance of it being a wonderful success.

            I hope concerned business owners are doing the smart thing and petitioning their state governors (30 or so now are Republicans) to reject the state expansion of Medicare and the creation of the local exchanges requested in Obamacare though the federal government has no power to enforce that provision. If even 15-20 states hold out, then there is no funding mechanism in the bill for the federal government to set up it’s own exchanges in each state nor does it have the authority to do so.

            At that point, there is no implementation without going back to Congress and fixing the bill.

            This was always an easier plan of attack than taking both houses of Congress and the Executive branch and trying repeal. You don’t have to repeal something that is unable to be implemented.

          • Waxsaxso

            Yes that is what they do instead of going against the source of the problem.

          • Cuyahoga Avenger

            Obama’s never run a lemonade stand, now he’s in charge of the world economy. Funny how that works.

          • Marlene Hessler

            Even if they did boycott, it would only increase the number of people to be fired as Less Customers = Less people to serve them.

          • Nola Sokol Knowles

            Apparently, these people think companies should absorb the extra costs. Here’s the thing about business. People are in business to make money. Period. They aren’t in business to make their employees’ lives better. That’s up to the individuals. Not only will there have to be changes in hiring policies, hours available to each employee to work and layoffs, there will be increases in prices, not only related to having to pay for the increased Obamacare will cause, but also due to the resultant increase in prices in food costs because of the tighter and stupid energy regulations heading down to your gas tank and mine, your electric bill and mine.

          • Summer

            I am like you, not angry. I think they are doing great.

          • Roger Sellman

            These people don’t recognize there are consequences to how they vote. This is just the beginning.

          • Kirk Pitman

            I agree with you. They have that right. I have that right to say to HELL with their political stance and the BS of chopping employee just because they don’t like Obama. So as a consumer I can and WILL take my hard earned cash elsewhere where the POLITICAL drums aren’t drumming.

          • Ted_MI

            yes you also have a right to be ignorant. No CEO would survive if he or she cut profit because he didn’t like Obama. They are not cutting employees to get even with Obama but to survive. And what is that “elsewhere” your are going to take your money to? Within a couple of months you’ll have to options: go to establishment that layed off employees or that hired more people but now all of them work 28 hours a week. There will be no third option. Pure laws of economics are at play here.

          • hydrangea1

            Ignorance on display! They think an owner runs a business for THEIR pleasure. They don’t see (or care) about the hard work it takes to run a business.

          • Troof Detector

            If these clowns went into business, they would go broke in a month

          • $22639970

            They’re simply arrogant fools who know nothing about the real adult world. They believe that if they throw a large enough tantrum, the laws of economics will magically yield to their illusions.

          • Jazz Mudenz

            ah and ur point ?

          • mpsfreedom

            The point is that eventually they will be coming for us as well.

          • Soop

            So, ordrering a drone strike on a country Congress hasn’t declared war on is “pro military”? Progressives are so dumb.

          • ForsythiaTheMariner

            Yes, of course it’s pro-military. I don’t see how recognizing that makes me “Progressive”. If you must require labels, then you should know I am Conservative, which means, as the Founding Fathers intended, reducing both the size of our government and military conquests. If one supports huge Government and military expansion, one is not a Conservative. It’s quite obvious Obama is not a Conservative, and quite obvious he’s engaged in war-mongering, which the ‘Liberal Left’ doesn’t want to admit and neo-Conservatives somehow fail to see.

          • Soop

            Your initial comment to which I replied was quite unclear as to your intent. Kudos to you for understanding the gravity of the situation. If only more did too.

          • ForsythiaTheMariner

            Soop, my intent always seems to get lost in translation online. 😉
            I do wish more people understand the gravity of the situation. From a Conservative point of view, we haven’t had a good choice b/t the two parties during election for as long as I can remember. George W. Bush certainly wasn’t Conservative, neither was his father, obviously neither was Clinton. I think Ron Paul was the only true Conservative running, but, well, he wasn’t on the ballot.

          • kstallings100

            He authorized his drones to vote last Tuesday, how is Yemen any different?

          • JP

            AH, fighting another undeclared war that was not approved by congress. That is a great way to treat the military.

          • mirted

            What does that have to do with anything? It’s mostly for show. He supposedly authorized SecDef to launch “whatever support is necessary” (that includes deadly force) to support the Ambassador in Benghazi, too. But, as we see, the unlikely story of subordinates disobeying him and subsequent firing of a general and admiral who did,
            calls Obama’s credibility (once, again) into serious question.

          • ForsythiaTheMariner

            If it’s mostly for show, it’s a bad show. What gives the U.S. the right to be carrying out drone strikes in places like Pakistan and Yemen? It’s unconstitutional. Not that the Constitution meant very much to this Administration, as is quite clear.

          • FBIkidnappedME

            He will do and say what his handles tell him to. So much for free press and democracy..

          • No_BlahBlah

            Drone strikes don’t equate to supporting the military.
            More drone strikes just mean he sits down with a list and checks off names of people he wants to have killed.

            I think you’re not paying attention.

          • ForsythiaTheMariner

            They support the Military Industrial Complex. In case you haven’t noticed, and if you care about the Economy, these wars are absolutely bankrupting our country. It’s not a partisan issue, both parties are guilty of it and it’s completely unconstitutional. You can see how much its continuing to cost us here:

          • 1911Kimber

            Well at least it wasn’t a drone strike on Applebees, yet! HaHaHa

          • jsolbakken

            What is sad and scary is a drone strike would be less destructive than the Obamacare strike!!!

          • barry o'carter ll

            You couldn’t take Bush waterboarding a terrorist but indiscriminate bombing of people is A OK. Idiot.

          • ForsythiaTheMariner

            No, my comment perhaps wasn’t clear. What I meant was that, here is a man who received the Nobel Peace Prize, who is still drone bombing other countries. This is both absolute hypocrisy and I believe unconstitutional. Bush was certainly no better. Under BOTH the Bush and Obama administrations government has expanded exponentially and the Military Industrial Complex and all these questionable wars continue.

          • craigpurcell

            bomb baby bomb…
            barry likes to use them drones…
            keeps the military industrial complex in full employment.
            Ike knew: see link:

          • HappyG

            He must be looking for another Peace Prize…

          • radioone

            Shouldn’t that really read “drone strike on Applebee’s”??

          • Arlene

            Too little too late!

          • SophiaH.

            Obama’s Post-Election Militancy

            Obama didn’t miss a beat. He picked up where he left off. He’s America’s
            most belligerent leader. He’s waging multiple direct and proxy wars
            abroad and at home by other means.

            Despite pressing unresolved domestic issues, he celebrated his electoral victory belligerently.

            On November 7, he bombed Yemen. Washington’s been waging proxy war there
            for years. Daily attacks occur. Drones are the weapon of choice.

            Remote warriors conduct sanitized killing on the cheap. Death and injury
            tolls rise. Mostly civilians are harmed. On November 8, Press TV
            headlined “US drone kills three in Yemen.” US media scoundrels ignored

            Hours after Obama’s reelection, a “drone strike near the Yemeni capital has killed three people and injured two others.”

            Deadly attacks persist. International,
            constitutional, and US statute laws are violated. Ordinary people are
            harmed most. Civilian men, women and children are terrorized and

            Obama’s Post-Election Militancy

            Obama’s victory lap also included more Iranian sanctions. Multiple rounds imposed are illegal. A November 8 State Department press release announced the latest measure, headlining:

            “Designations of Iranian Individuals and Entities for Censorship Activities Under the Iran Threat Reduction and Syria Human Rights Act and Executive Order 13628.”


            activistpost. com/2012/11/obamas-post-election-militancy. html


          • SophiaH.

            mods, dont remove this again

            post election chutzpah

            Obama didn’t miss a beat. He picked up where he left off. He’s America’s
            most belligerent leader. He’s waging multiple direct and proxy wars
            abroad and at home by other means.

            Despite pressing unresolved domestic issues, he celebrated his electoral victory belligerently.

            On November 7, he bombed Yemen. Washington’s been waging proxy war there
            for years. Daily attacks occur. Drones are the weapon of choice.

            Remote warriors conduct sanitized killing on the cheap. Death and injury
            tolls rise. Mostly civilians are harmed. On November 8, Press TV
            headlined “US drone kills three in Yemen.” US media scoundrels ignored

            Hours after Obama’s reelection, a “drone strike near the Yemeni capital has killed three people and injured two others.”

            Deadly attacks persist. International,
            constitutional, and US statute laws are violated. Ordinary people are
            harmed most. Civilian men, women and children are terrorized and

            Obama’s victory lap also included more Iranian sanctions. Multiple
            rounds imposed are illegal. A November 8 State Department press release
            announced the latest measure, headlining:

            “Designations of Iranian Individuals and Entities for Censorship
            Activities Under the Iran Threat Reduction and Syria Human Rights Act
            and Executive Order 13628.”

            activistpost. com/2012/11/obamas-post-election-militancy. html


          • williamsburgpep

            yep!!! Go Applebee’s!!!

          • FBIkidnappedME

            Who do you think rigged the election after the coup and cover up?

          • $23907788

            hardly a patriotic gesture….
            it is a LOSS LEADER
            they can stick their “free lunch in their as”
            one vet,who won’t pimp himself in a greasy spoon

          • Erneso

            I will dine there as much as possible, and I also leave cash tips, even when charging a meal in hopes the wait people won’t declare the income and pay taxes.

          • hydrangea1

            EVERYBODY! Hey, if you can, go to Applebee’s and Papa John’s to show support for them!

          • gator37

            Yes, and say “thank you”, to any Vet you see.

          • fedupwithmentalcases

            not just anti military but anti american in fact a traitor and america hater

          • Jackqulyn Mariea Herron-Rau

            yea Applebee”s !!You need a worker that dont want OBAMA CARE call me :)

          • JamesBenson

            Leftists won’t like that– the military, which they hate, getting free food while layoffs are pending due to Obamacare.

            Somebody is going to get all wee-wee’d up.

          • porkexpress

            You can bet the Liberal vets, if they will claim they were in the military, will be there just waiting for a free handout.LOL

          • Northwest_Raised

            Liberal vets? You mean those ones who crapped out after 6 months with a “bad back”?

          • Vorenious

            As a veteran of 23 years of active duty, the vast majority of the military are conservative. However, after their discharge many drink the kool-ade and forget they volunteered for the most part to defend their country. If these liberal vets take advantage of Applebees and other places trying to say thank you, they need to know their vote for Obama is propelling this companies into shambles via Obamacare. I feel so sorry for the many who will be put on 30 hour shifts by the entire nation of companies due to the taxes imposed and mandates by Obamacare on them. They have to do what is right for their bottom line.

          • sgb1

            The active military got royally screwed over by the administration in the election too.

          • jsolbakken

            The only person I feel sorry for is God. I sympathize with His having to put up with all the scum and be patient and loving and merciful with scum who showed no mercy. He will not need my sympathy for very much longer, if you know what I mean…

          • Juan Valdez

            Only liberal vet I know is John “Communist”Kerry

          • twinstick1

            Over here on Nantucket, we just call him Senator Lurch…

          • sgb1

            Our soon to be Sec. of State.

          • willblogformoney

            Who does his best to mitigate his own tax burden!!

          • 44guyton

            Colin Powell

          • Vette66

            It is free, they will be there at least 5 hours before they open. It is free, got to get my freestuff.

          • annie66

            Good. Maybe they will wee-wee all over themselves.

          • sunshineconnie

            whiz on em

          • youcancallmecrazybut

            Also Applebees is one of the most dedicated companies in the country when it comes to support of our military. Check out their FB page. Those guys are awesome when it comes to their support. Think I’ll stop by this week for a mean. And ForshthiaTheMariner, for some reason I don’t think zero believes drone strikes are part of the military.

          • Jazz Mudenz

            and obama phones too

          • Press

            I personally hope it collapses. I wonder who Obama the marxist will blame for what he inherited these last four years. All of his supporters get what they deserve…..though I’m pretty sure they’ll whine for money from the accounts of those of us who saved. I say, go to hell where you belong.

          • Brian Kelsey

            The problem with his followers getting what they deserve is that the rest of us get screwed.

          • SophiaH.

            ” Somebody is going to get all wee-wee’d up.’

            yes just as bamaO says ‘ we are ALL in this together’

            collectivist folk all suffer while the elite thrive
            thats communism for ya.


          • BikerHoop

            Yeah, already thought of that. Fortunately, Wisconsin now allows concealed carry… ’nuff said.

          • cmdorsey

            Hey, thanks for your family’s service. We out here appreciate you. The kids these days are sterilized like robots when they get to public union thug school. And sometimes the kids’ parents are worse. No direction. No American history except how mean and murderous Christians are. Anyway, sorry, I get off my train of thought sometimes, my thoughts have been racing the last 4+ years trying to figure out a way to get truth thru thick skulls. Obama turned America over to interpol Dec. 09 with his executive order giving them full immunity on US land. Lovely. But media doesn’t let anyone know. Sorry, I did it again. Thank you for all for your service, my dad was an AF vet stationed in Iceland in the mid-1950s. He passed away in 2009, so that was a really bad year for me. Tell your dad and son, God Bless. Get all the history you can from your dad. I love to hear the stories.

          • BikerHoop

            My heartfelt condolences to you for the loss of your Dad.

          • disqus_j1uWOQm9gO

            I will be right there with ya.. in spirit, unless your in vegas.

          • disqus_ayvQwhvS6h


          • $5571095

            Well, all other economic systems have failed, the last one standing is socialism. It seems to be the only economic system that works.

          • jonesybabble

            That is quite easily the most ignorant and uniformed comment I think I’ve ever read on Al Gore’s interwebs, and that is really saying something.

          • $5571095

            Really? Interesting. Is there any country that runs under pure capitalism? Nope, all first world countries, including the US, run under socialism. If capitalism is so great, why doesn’t any country operate under its economic system? Why? Because everytime it has been tried, capitalism has failed.

          • Mel Kerner

            Not only are you WRONG, now you are just being difficult on purpose. Sit down in the corner and take your time out until you grow up.

          • $5571095

            Really? Please name a country that is purely capitalist. I can name quite a few that are socialist. I will wait to start naming them off until you can provide one capitalist country.

          • jsolbakken

            The more pure the capitalism the more prosperous the society; the more socialist the society the poorer it will be. Only a dishonest person would try to present the issue as an either/or like that. Nice try doofus.

          • $5571095

            Prove it, show me one country that runs under pure capitalism that is successful.

          • jsolbakken

            You can only say that capitalism failed and socialism succeeds if you judge capitalism and don’t judge socialism. Capitalism delivers the goods; socialism does not. Capitalism is consistent with the incentives and disincentives to work; socialism turns the incentive structure inside out upside down and backwards. There is no way a system based on “I owe you your living and you owe me my living” can work for very long.

            Socialism can only work until the CAPITAL is used up. Then, when there is nothing left to steal, FASCISM is what usually happens because like you even in catastrophe the socialists will not admit that their ideas were stupid. Thanks for the fascism, asswipe.

          • BikerHoop

            I won’t dignify that with a response, loser.

          • John (magnum)

            Unemployment numbers on the increase due to this socialist loon
            getting 4 more years and OBOZOcare. Massive layoffs started on
            Wednesday and continue. Can you say 25% unemployment?

            I hope and pray it is the union thugs and those that voted for this
            IDIOT that are losing their jobs and everything they own. There will
            not be enough makers for the takers to survive.

            OBOZO moderate? ROTFLMAO

            God help this country !! We are going to need it !!

          • Jeff Collins

            Thank you to you and your family for serving our country. If I could join you I would

          • GeorgiaPeachie

            Business owners need to make sure they lay off obama supporters first! They caused the coming disaster and well deserve to be the first recipients to it!!!!

          • DGR

            Biker: thanks to you, your Dad and your son for your service to our country! I’ve also heard that Veterans can get a free meal on Wed at all Golden Corral restaurants. God Bless!

          • Allan Holley

            I will join you there.

          • mirted

            Perhaps, Obama could gain some points by going to An Applebees, Golden Circle, and the several other restaurants who are offering free and/or discounted meals to veterans and active duty military on Veteran’s Day, and then giving out the ballots that were delayed in getting to them if stationed overseas (and on base?). LOL.
            Employers have been talking about the effect of AFC on their hiring for quite some time. It is because of Obama, not because of the employers and yes, every time there is a riot, it’s hurts the people who are destroying their own neighborhoods.

          • Mel Kerner

            Awesome point Ted, nobody seems concerned with the institutionalized Military vote suppresion

          • wyatt chia

            Thank you to your entire family for your service and sacrifice for our country.

          • Thomas Belt Sr

            Thank you for your service.. Your dad and son as well God bless you

          • Kit

            God Bless all Veterans. For those who fought for it, ‘freedom’ has a flavor the protected will never know.

          • suzanna

            bless you and all the Vets and Applebees, we have none here or I would go often and support them.

          • Condor

            Thank you all for your service !!!

          • Terry Smith

            I’m a vet as well. Thank God for places like Applebees and honest CEO’s like theirs. Obamacare, that completely partisan law, has real costs. Julia @ Mininerd comments nailed it – O’s supporters don’t understand the economy nor business.

          • robertsbur

            good idea

          • Michele Hriscko Cook

            Very few veterans support Obama, as they spent their lives protecting us from socialism and his election is a slap in the face to them, so I don’t think those businesses need to worry about the loss of their business!!

          • tubaman

            So true.Many large restaurant chains are in big trouble.Only the really large ones are going to survive because people can’t afford to eat out anymore,

          • Brad

            And the only one left will be Taco Bell, just like in Demolition Man.

          • juan_one

            The libs will be surprised that Darden CEO Clarence Otis who is a big Obama supporter as of last month is trying out a program to make all his hourly employees part timers to avoid Obama Care fees. The Darden restaurants are Red Lobster, Olive Garden, and Longhorn’s.

            So libs, put that in you pipe and smoke it along with a Big Gulp Kool-aid. Unless you are in NY then, your restricted to ONLY 16 ounces.

          • John Doey

            This is shaping up to be a good thing. Every restaurant that wants to close serves crap, fattening, garbage anyway and the country would be a hell of a lot healthier if none of them existed. See, there’s always a silver lining.

          • Ironhawk86

            Your fascist streak is showing. How come “my body my choice” only applies to abortion with you people (especially when that’s not even scientifically accurate)?

          • Brad

            Leftists only believe in “choice” if it’s the choice they want to make.

          • UnCL3

            …and all sexual perversions…don’t forget the LGBT’s etc

          • $20816942

            @John Doey I suppose you think the country better off without those jobs too.

          • aquaroyale

            John Doey does not think. He is a drone.

          • cmdorsey

            You must listen to Levin too!!

          • aquaroyale

            Right on.

          • Zach Peterson

            He needs to be dispatched..,

          • Jim Vertein

            Are you personally going to support all of those that are out of work? another liberal idiot that thinks government is the answer and if we need money we can just print it

          • KarenWI

            Most of these liberals have NO CONCEPT of how a free economy works – or else they are against a free economy. Obamacare will be felt in the next 2 years (CONVIENTLY after the liar in chief’s reelection). I’m sitting back, quietly as they go on thinking their lives won’t change…..JUST WAITING til the sH%% hits the fan. We are very sad about the destruction of our country but at least we won’t be surprised by it. I will say “you voted for it now live with it”

          • PHD

            All of the Libs think that ObamaCare is going to be free to them! Boy are they going to be suprised when they have to pay for their health insurance. Even the ones who have company paid insurance now be cause it’s going away real soon!!

          • longrider

            Well they are just a little confused. They think a free economy means all their needs be furnished by others. I too am sitting back; quietly as they go on thinking their lives won’t change especially the ones who have jobs. Their first eye opener will come with their first pay check in 2013 and that’s just the beginning. I feel they deserve everything that the next four years will provide for them. Maybe Obama will see to it that they can stay on their parents insurance to the age of 40 or so.

          • cmdorsey

            The problem is the govt. handing these kids college loans so they get to learn how to be govt. robots. John Boehner is a big help.

          • PatriotWatchUSA

            All Obama’s policies and ALL Obama’s trolls are about job destruction. It is amazing. Obama set another record. He added another 1/2 million to the food stamp program in October. BRAVO

          • longrider

            Can’t wait to see the additions to this list that show up at the end of January 2013, I don’t think things are going to proceed as the socialist hoped they would with their re-election of Obambam.

          • Beeta

            More on welfare means more votes for Obama.. They are so stuupid they never learn. They are slaves to Obama and he owns them. The other shoe has not fallen yet but when it does america will be a 3rd world contry. They talked about Romney taking us back.. We were never a 3rd world country till soon in our future… comming up .we all lose because of the lazy and good for nothing leaches on Gov… Not fit to be part of a society vermin…

          • MarcusOhreallyUS

            The Demshviks have always been the party of slavery.

          • Jerry Kincaid

            ur stupid john dopey

          • aquaroyale

            Who made you super nutritionist Einstein.

          • JamesBenson

            You must be one of those libtards who can’t figure anything out.

          • Doug

            Ya lets add to the already 23 million unemployed already. You must have failed Economics 101.

          • starrrgirl

            not so fast. people will just buy their fattening garbage at the grocery store. what then, close them too?

          • UnCL3

            I’m sure they thought about it…

          • Jim Holton

            They didn’t say anything about closing.

          • ceeli

            ^5!! lmao

          • Flashman

            Yes, and all those employees will now have less money to spend, so they will drive less, and global warming will stop.

            Plus, they will have less money so they won’t have to spend much time filing their taxes, they are poor people and will pay less taxes, that’s good. Let the rich pay the taxes. Oh, that’s right – the rich will have less money, therefore they will pay less in taxes. That’s good too.

            Plus, all these people, with less money, won’t be spending as much on all that junk that is made in China. That’s good for all of us.

            Yes, let’s close all the restaurants. Let’s bankrupt all those evil corporations, and let’s return to a simpler time, when we were not destroying the planet with pollution and global warming gases.

          • Cka Redstate America

            And those employees whose hours have been cut will have less taxes to pay.

            Thus, the Treasury will have less money to disburse.

            It’s frightening how truly destructive Obama and his Democrat/liberal/leftist Party and its thugs and supporters really are.

          • Beeta

            It is all in his plan to deminish our nation to a 3rd world country because of his and his fathers hated of America and the people… He is unstppable because of those on the outside supporting his goal to destroy the country….

          • Press

            That’s the goal. In the DNC’s words: “De-develop the United States.” someone should find their parents and smack the shit out the them for raising such foolish revolutionary brat bastards.

          • UnCL3

            you covered a lot of ground, there…nice!

          • CruzerDog

            Screw that. I fly Helicopters, Airplanes for FUN, Drive a big SUV, my AC at 68. Screw what you think is the best for me. Dig a hold and find some dog funnel to wipe your ass . Leave me alone to my confronts that took us thousands of years trying to acquire Now I’m going to take a big crap and watch it as is goes to who knows where… Another Gore Whore, pleaseeee

          • cmdorsey

            Nicely said. Right to the point. But the o/crap bats STILL won’t understand. I’ve been reading some of the remarks and find myself laughing out loud. But it’s a very sorry situation.

          • cmdorsey

            And get rid of the cows because they pass gas and make air pollution. So if we are eating less we can save movver Erff. God, give us a sign that there really aren’t this many stupid people. Please??

          • MarcusOhreallyUS

            Less employment, less tax revenue. Like the Ten Years After song says; “Dykes and fairies, tell me where is sanity
            Tax the rich, feed the poor
            Till there are no rich no more”.

          • Sillysally

            John, I am old and I remember when we couldn’t afford to eat out, so I can take it just fine. It’s the young people that have NO CLUE what’s in store!

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            Your ‘silver lining’, moron, is taking away freedom of choice. Why is that so hard to understand?

          • Stan Ryback


          • Memphomaniac

            …Darden also announced today that all employees will be capped at 28 hrs per week, effective immediately. This gets them under the 30 mark that forces them to buy health insurance or pay penalties. 30 hrs…is the NEW FULL time classification folks! ..and The LIBS are in SHOCK that this is happening 2 days after the election!!! Ha! Actions, along with elections, have consequences. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

          • FriendOfReality

            The “worst” part of this is that CLARENCE OTIS is/was an open OBAMA SUPPORTER, yet he looks for ways to get around the laws he knew that Obama would pass? lol

            I’m sure that Obama will just give them a waiver like he did for the Unions and his other friends in big business OR maybe it just won’t apply like for congress, senate and the president himself?

            You would think if the program is so good that they would all want in on Obamacare too, right?

          • aquaroyale

            They expect this. They want single payer and Obama said so in a speech several years ago. He said it would take time and he would have to get there a little at a time.

          • Jack_H

            HHS Sebelius didn’t get the Obama memo to grant Darden an Obamacare exemption.

          • Sillysally

            No, Obama won’t give him a waiver. Obama got his support anyway, so why should Obama give him anything? It’s more profitable to put people on part time anyway so Otis is happy.

          • Jamal22

  ’s all clearer now. ObamaCare is what you get if you DON”T support Liberals and their cause. “Support us, vote for us and we’ll give you a waiver on ObamaCare; Don’t support us and we’ll crush you with fines, taxes and penalties.”

            I understand now.

          • jaxholley

            Sorry this is happening but on the bright side they have to hire more part-time people to make up the difference. A lot of restaurant people work 2 jobs 1 daytime restaurant and 1 night time restaurant

          • Doug

            Right Jack thanks for brightening our day. LOL

          • Rick Stacy


          • UnCL3

            why, aren’t you full of sunshine!!

            …among other things…

            PS I say don’t hire a college student who voted for this piece o’ crap…they wanted the sh!t sandwich, let them eat it whole!

          • Thomas Paine

            The problem is that many of the people who DIDN’T vote for Obama will also suffer the consequences.

          • UnCL3

            that is true…hopefully those folks are resourceful, and my heart goes out to them…the other douchebags, not so much.

          • Jay Matthews

            Now Obama will claim credit for creating more jobs lol

          • SophiaH.

            Not so
            Having been that routs in a few ‘establishments’ I saw first hand how it works
            The scheduler makes out the weeks shifts over the weekend making sure EVERY employee has rotating days/nights and hours so no one can work anywhere else because they are unable to COMMIT to any schedule necessary for another employer.
            This has been going on for many years as I know from experience back in the late 70s and early 80s but the commie take over has been going on far longer.
            its “incremental” and only becomes visible to most when it hits them personally.

            In the past it was ONLY the lowest level employees, women,rehabs, physically or mentally challenged…but now its big time main stream.

            Soviet style just as Lenin promised.


          • Jamal22

            Yes. We all should work more to support those that refuse to work.

          • Judy B

            You are so right, just the tip of the berg, won’t be long, this country will be in the biggest financial crisis in our history & boy howdy are the pigs gonna squeal.

          • Cka Redstate America

            Maybe I missed something, Judy, but aren’t we already at that financial crisis?

          • Bill Gordon

            Not as bad as its going to be.

          • Jamal22

            Think, if the economy collapse is so severe the welfare blood-suckers have no money, they can’t support themselves and it will cull the herd.
            We all know Obama has not a clue how to fix the economy so it will happen.

            Then we reset America.

          • MarcusOhreallyUS

            Unfortunately, Odumbo is eyeballing our pensions, 401ks, and IRAs, for his future “financial crisis”. Look for the Demsheviks to try to seize all or most of the countries private (which mine are entirely private) retirement assets.

          • Brad

            I say let it happen. Let it collapse. We’ll cull the herd of liberals then clean it up after the war.

          • UnCL3

            good point, and I share the sentiment…SALUTE!

          • MarcusOhreallyUS

            Let it begin. Y’all know those FEMA camps they were going to put us in? Well it’s them, that will be there, for THEIR ” eeducation”.

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            No worries, they are culling themselves.

          • jsolbakken

            Hey, maybe you agree with me that it is a good thing that God has bunched up our enemies into conveniently located clumps of excrement easily cleaned up when the hour comes.

          • RLB63

            Nope they will still blame Bush…..

          • MarcusOhreallyUS

            Yep, squeal, just before the BBQ.

          • JamesBenson

            Well, that’s good news isn’t it? We will have less of a work week than the French!

            Viva la France! Or something.

          • Flashman

            Pelosi did tell us that “we have to pass the law so we can find out what’s in it”. Well, we’re finding out what’s in it all right.

          • Cka Redstate America

            I’m sorry to hear that about Darden’s employees.

            Millions of us tried to warn those who voted for Obama and those who supported Obamacare what could happen.

            Their delusion, narrow-mindedness, intellectual bankruptcy, moral anchorlessness and vulgarity, like Obama’s, has far greater consequences than they have the intellect or morality to understand.

          • UnCL3

            haha! yes…cue the unicorns!

          • Amos3

            Should those receiving money from working taxpayers in the form of government entitlements be entitled to one half a vote rather than one vote? It would seem that this would be the only fair way for productive
            workers to have their voices heard in any meaningful way when it comes to electing Democrat politicians who thrive, for the most part, on the votes of entitlement recipients.

          • tbingham_99

            Hear Hear!! But you are more generous than I would be. If you are receiving government assistance of any kind and don’t have a job, no vote.

          • Annathule

            “Means tested” or anything at all? How about the vets living on their pension? State worker’s living on theirs? How about disability for a man dying of heart failure? What about a woman who can’t walk from here out to the car, (not legally disabled yet, so I suppose I can vote, then, huh?) How about Social Security someone has paid into all their lives? (This DOES include disability, btw.) How about Medicare that a person has paid into all their lives since they were 11 and 14, respectively? He wouldn’t be on that, except disability demands it and our state pension system says Part B or go screw.

            My husband worked 20 long, hard, dangerous years for the perfectly good insurance we get now – he was a correctional officer, something most bullies and cowards aren’t good at, maybe you should keep your threats to yourself? We’re elderly, and handicapped, so WE shouldn’t be able to vote, eh? For someone young, who has time to take advantage of all these new ways to shepherd their retirement money, I can see weaning them off Soc. Sec., but when you’re old and that was all there was, you can kiss my ever-so-beautiful, rosy red bum, you freaking lout. Bug off. On welfare more than a year, maybe year and a half in this econ. climate, sure, you forfeited your right to voice your opinion. But those only needing a hand UP not a hand OUT and those of us who have probably worked longer than you’ve been sucking your thumb, you can go blow. They deserve to be able to vote. And when that person is a vet too? Who signed a check made out to Uncle Sam that says “everything up to and including my life” you had better back the hell up you puckerfaced pussy!

          • sgb1

            @Annathule: Agreed. We tried all that once and it was wrong. Of course, we are going on SS and MC this month. What a scary time to turn 70.

          • Annathule

            Amen brother or sister! That it is, that it is. It’s not like when we were younger and laughed these things off and knew we had a million tomorrows to worry about it then. Now, it’s like WTH??? Where does all the money go LOOOONG before the month is gone, eh? *sigh* Maybe like you, maybe not, but rent, bills and meds come first, in that order and food is a tacked on luxury when we can. The docs get on us, but unless they want to take us shopping, it’s beans-n-weenies, or mac-n-cheese most nights for us. Those Dinty Moore things aren’t half bad until we get sick of them, and mashed potatoes are pretty cheap. God, I wouldn’t know good food if it jumped up and bit me in the butt! LOL! Hey Monday will be a treat – hubby is a vet and we intend to take advantage of a free meal in a cool place we haven’t been in a LONG time! “Anti-boycott” if you will… :))

          • FriendOfReality

            I don’t think anyone holds any ill will to someone on social security or disability OR any other program that they paid into and are invested in.

            Seniors, disabled Americans of any age, veterans etc have all “earned” their way in some shape or form – whether it was paying into the system for their entire life OR protecting our liberties.

            It’s unfortunate that those things are all lumped in as “entitlements”, because what most people are talking about when they are talking about the need to cut entitlements are the Food Stamps – Cash Benefits – ObamaPhones, etc NOT Social security that someone paid into for their entire life.

          • jsolbakken

            The problem with SS and Medicare and all those old programs is they nurtured the evil wicked communistic mindset that is now destroying us.

          • jsolbakken

            Annathule, you need to think long and hard and clearly about WHO exactly is the threat to your legitimate human interest. If you think you’re dependent and vulnerable, you should have thought of that before you let all the healthy and strong but lazy and manipulative scumbags overload your safety net to the point of destroying it.

          • Jamal22

            I say if a person is on welfare they should not be allowed to vote. When they are self-supportive, they can vote.

          • David Scuncio

            an we should not be supporting there kids
            there cell phones
            an any thing else
            enough is enough

          • sgb1

            @Jamal: That is the way it was originally until the liberals got all worked up about it.

          • MarcusOhreallyUS

            That’s what I’ve always said, no pay taxes, no vote.

          • Annathule

            Well then, guess we both can vote, how nice. Thank you for your ever-so-kind permission to do what I’ve been since I was 18. I’m so grateful that no words to express my supreme gratitude. Go pi$$ up a rope, both of you. When it comes to welfare slackers, I’m w/ you on that one, or “weight” their vote somehow so that it gives us a stronger voice, but someone who is living on and depending on, subsidies they worked ALL THEIR LIVES FOR – *ESP* a vet, you can go straight to he11 and stay there ’til this country is right again. Cuz Bingham, I’d like you to try and tell a VET, (or any one of us who value their sacrifice for us and our families), that he or she can’t vote! I’d sure hate to be in *your* Dockers right about then. (They might smell a bit by the time yer done tellin’ them which way is up!) A smashed nose or a fractured larynx might be the least of your problems if that vet was good in hand-to-hand kill shots. I know what my sons can do, (and a lot I DON’T know!) and it ain’t purty! So Marcus and Bingham, go back to playing Risk and let the adults here handle things, ‘k? That’s good fellows, you run along now…

          • MarcusOhreallyUS

            Bitch, I AM a vet! I worked for 40 yrs in the PRIVATE SECTOR. I have 2 PRIVATE SECTOR PENSIONS, and 401Ks and IRAs. I have NEVER TAKEN A DIME OF GUBMINT MONEY! If that Ni&&ER thinks he’s taking my savings, IT’S WAR! HOW ABOUT YOU, SCUMBAG!

          • Sillysally

            amen, amen, amen!!

          • Dencal26

            Elections have consequences. And more lay offs is one of them

          • sgb1

            Too bad that all of those young people who voted for O will not be able to find jobs when they graduate college. I predict another recession.

          • jsolbakken

            The reason I am not feeling sorry for the Obamorons is I love to see God and His truth vindicated. All truth is God’s truth, so any truth that crushes them is like manna from heaven.

          • CruzerDog

            Is this for real. The construction industry will follow. I hope your right. I already have full coverage for my empolyees. I just want to stick it to the libs and see if we can get around anything these Chicago thugs have to offer.

          • Juan Valdez

            Just check voter rolls of your employees and fire all libs since they love Obama now he can take care of them

          • Jazz Mudenz

            they dont care and have no clue

          • Press

            But these are liberal communists you’re speaking to/dealing with. They want their cake and eat it too. Scumbags that vote for confiscatory legislation reaching into the pockets of those who actually work for a living. Funny how their ignorance will cost them dearly. But, hey, Obama’s a hip dude/communist….that’s all that mattered last Tuesday. Never mind $4 gas, 15% real unemployment and now the fiscal cliff we’ll face together.

          • Juan Valdez

            This is so funny watching libs heads explode

          • cmdorsey

            Well 16 ounces of soda is probably less healthy than the pot they all are smoking. More public union school drones doped up. Ya, that makes sense. They can’t learn anything without Ritalin, so …… I don’t know. What a mess, what a mess.

          • MarcusOhreallyUS

            The ghetto apes can buy “forties” though. What a laugh!

          • Paul Helmbrecht

            I’m going to Applebees for lunch and Papa Johns for dinner!

          • disqus_j1uWOQm9gO

            i am going on monday cuz they are giving veterans free meals on vets day

          • $2687464

            I agree with you in principle but you might need either Obamacare or a good medical plan after those two dietary nightmares.

          • TheCoffinMaker

            I don’t blame ’em, but then again Applebee’s hires illegal Mexican aliens, so they can go to hell too.

          • UnCL3


          • sunshineconnie

            Government Teat sucker who are demanding raises eat out.

          • Tom Hunter

            Have you ever been to a Red Lobster? It’s packed ALL of the time!

          • Sad but true

            Hopefully it won’t result in some wacko from a leftist organization attempting a shooting spree with a backpack full of Sizzling Skillet Fajitas.

          • brodave

            This is too sweet.

            The Liberal loons will be rotting in their own self-designed hell.


          • Jazz Mudenz

            lets get something straight, these people are cold leaking liberals..

          • Erom Nodd

            I saw Red Lobster mentioned in one of the comments but don’t know if they’re looking at this move, too. The wife and I and others we know have long boycotted RL because they proudly give money to various lib causes.

            I don’t think any of these companies (with the possible exception of Papa John’s, which is run I believe by a staunch Catholic) could not generate the public support that Chik-Fil-A did, no matter what move they made or why, because too many of them have long been likely lib cause supporters.

            Point is, the people most likely to effectively throw business their way for a cause – social conservatives – will let them suffer instead and won’t do it now just because they’re cutting hours due to Obamacare.

            Another important difference: Libs wanted to see CFA shut down entirely simply to squelch their owner’s freedom of speech and to limit freedom of thought; that’s an entirely different and far graver matter. Few if any so-cons will come riding to the rescue on this one.

          • John (magnum)

            Unemployment numbers on the increase due to this socialist loon
            getting 4 more years and OBOZOcare. Massive layoffs started on
            Wednesday and continue. Can you say 25% unemployment?

            I hope and pray it is the union thugs and those that voted for this
            IDIOT that are losing their jobs and everything they own. There will
            not be enough makers for the takers to survive.

            OBOZO moderate? ROTFLMAO

            God help this country !!

          • Guest

            The ignorance of “progressives” is stunning to behold. Tell them that making it too expensive to hire full time employees results in fewer employees, and their skulls are too thick for it to penetrate. Instead, it’s all about how they dislike omobster. We need to institute civics and economics exams to qualify for voting.

          • Anthony Ryan

            Amen.And please the proper honorific ls POPE-ess.

          • FBIkidnappedME

            Government is running the online conversation desperate to sell us on this last rigged election. Want proof?

          • carl6352

            no way. chik f la was in response to stupidity. this is in response of a business action caused by your clown and chief. i dont get you people. you were warned last year this was coming no businesxs is going to just lay down and pay this for this stupidity. so guess what to all you people who expect a earned income credit alot of that is going to pay for your healthcare if you dont get it. its called a tax penalty. you people were idots for putting this clown back in. so enjoy whats going to happen to you! my family is safe i prepared for this i am sure you did not. lol

          • fande3rls

            thats true daniel , or certian counties just out side of cities where large portions of liberals have moved . like henrico county Va , they have been a bed rock of conservative population a large influx of Noreasters have now moved in . it went blue . but not by much just a few hundred votes , I am being to believe we should start useing each county as 1 electrorial college vote .2 for cities

          • gwf1213

            lol another chick fil a, thats why republicans lost in the first place, had you came out for something that matters you wouldnt be complaining today.

          • Teddi

            If you’re angry about layoffs, boycott the LSMedia…
            ..they are the ones that lied to you.

          • Summer

            Of course its another Chick fil a moment… be sure to buy from these two restaurants and also from HOBBY LOBBY for Christmas. Lets give them a very MERRY CHRISTMAS.

          • catb55

            Chick-fil-A actually has a lot of healthy offerings .. grilled chicken, fruit, coleslaw. and the MOST delicious Lemonade.

          • Paul Haysmer

            Keep taxing the people that create jobs and there will be alot more people that can’t eat out…

        • $30867499

          To ignoramuses

        • Velo Rific


        • lisalake

          Ditto! LMAO!

        • Soetoro

          I second that motion.

        • octagon999

          Srsly, funniest post/tweet/etc I’ve read all week. #Winner

        • user1234567890

          Sadly, the entitled people are now seeing the downfall of their chosen leader.

          It is time to impeach or secede.

      • Catie Gustitus

        Now THAT is funny.. Thanks for the laugh I needed it. LOL

      • tevetorbes

        That is funny considering that the MAJORITY of the nation voted for Obama! But logic is not a republican thing is it? Oh and the “MORE lay-offs” will lead to a pick up in other restaurants that will lead to new hires.

        • EastValleyConservative

          Tell us again how that logic works….? Layoffs will lead to other restaurants magically hiring them. Yea—okay. This is going to be a FUN four years. You people are already melting down over the cold hard REALITY of an Obama economy. On another note, did you happen to catch CNN’s story about the second recession coming?

          • supersniffy

            Who put the F U in FUN? Oblamer!

          • Lt_Scrounge

            The bottom line is that most service industry companies have to have a positive bottom line or they close down completely. Better to fire a few and cut the hours for others than to close the shop and put EVERYONE out of work. Of course that is basic economics and requires more than a 3rd grade level mastery of math. Both are requirements that are foreign to most Obamao voters.

          • aliswell

            Would that be the story the Communist News Network withheld until AFTER their messiah’s election?
            Fortunately for those of us who are awake to the truth, we didn’t need to wait for their report to know what’s coming.

          • fantasywriter

            If half of those who voted for Obama had actually read Obamacare it would have been a Romney landslide. Sadly, most couldn’t get past the first page. At least they would have been in good company because most of the legislators, Pelosi and Reid included, didn’t read the thing either. I did, including the portions that modified existing law, and it was a very difficult read. This bill was designed to make it easier for businesses to drop healthcare for their employers. It is designed to force the country into a single payer system. If you think you’ll like that then fine, we’re all going to get it. As soon as costs go ups you will see that the words of, the liberals most hated person, Sarah Palin will come back to haunt them. Alway remember, “be careful what you wish for, you may get it.”

          • Jacque Rowland

            And they are not going to like government healthcare. The rationing and lack of access to cutting edge care is really going to tick them off. Some how they all thought that this dumb idea meant they would all get the best. They should go up to the US/Canadian border and look at all of the “Medical Rates” signs placed in front of US motels and hotels. The Canadians that can afford to get private care come south to receive it. The average wait on a new knee or hip in Canada is between 6 and 7 years. Even with an acute cancer such as leukemia, the average wait to see an oncologist is three months…the average lifespan of someone who has untreated leukemia is a couple of weeks. See how they keep prices low…they count on many people dying before they get a chance to run up a big bill. I am in the medical field and nurses and doctors are either quitting or going into private practice in record numbers. This means they will not accept Medicare, Medicaid or government insurance. Yeah, they are going to have a fit, “no one told me!”

          • William Arnicar

            The way I read this AHA law I actually tend to agree with
            you .

            It seems a lot less painful, and easier, to just go with
            governments insurance.

        • Bizness22

          So you want to see the remaining employees at these places lose their jobs so you can have more culinary variety? Aren’t you precious.

          • PennyRobinsonFanClub

            Dontcha get it bro? Their =goal= is to have more people dependent on Uncle Sam, not working for Papa John.

        • Maria Seeger

          “MORE lay-off” will lead to a pick up in other restaurants that will lead to new hires”.

          Pardon me while I pick myself up of the floor from laughing so hard. What part of “no new hires” did you not understand? The layoffs come from people boycotting a restaurant because the franchise owner has instituted a hiring freeze and decided against opening other restaurants.

          Also, bear in mind that the majority of people being laid off are marrieds or single parents with young mouths to feed. Those kinds of people tend to view eating out as more of a luxury than an necessity. So, when they lose their jobs, the first thing to go in their budget is eating out. Your assumption that people will go to other restaurants because of a boycott, business will pick up and employers will naturally have to hire new employees is just plain wrong.

          That might have been true a few years ago, but it no longer applies. And you’re also assuming that other restaurants won’t make the same choice as the franchise owner. But restaurants have a high turn over rate when it comes to employees. If they can get by with fewer employees, then they will, but they don’t *have* to replace an employee who decides to just up and quit…although I know there are some people fool enough to want the government to pass a law to make it that way.

          • PennyRobinsonFanClub

            Man that kid is on the pipe or something!

        • People Corporation

          And it was over 100% of the registered voters in the …. ahem… more colorfull districts.

        • Elaine

 Applebees is NOT the only one laying off employees. We told you this would happen with Obamacare. This is what you voted for!

          • tubaman

            Don’t waste your time replying to tevetorbes. He(or she) is too business swilling Kool-Aid with the other Commiecrats!!!!

        • Catchance

          Logic? Maybe on the planet Moron. Any business that offers health insurance to its employees is going to have to pay more under ObamaCare… that’s the cold, hard, facts. In order to stay in business (and thereby keep the employees they have) they’re going to have to cut something somewhere.

          • sainc1

            No soup for any of you! and no Healtrhcare waivers either, and only 26 weeks of unemployment starting in January. Fasten your seatbelts – extreme liberal turbulance and flatulance coming soon!

          • BikerHoop

            Flatulence? Do you mean DuhOne is going to open his mouth again?

          • Lt_Scrounge

            When I was managing a retail store, I always hated when minimum wage went up. I only had so many payroll dollars to use each week and whenever minimum wage went up, I had to cut hours or fire employees.

        • orringtonmom (D)

          pick up in other restaurants? obamacare and boycotts aren’t the only reason for cutbacks. eating out is a luxury that people stop doing when the economy tanks. when it is costing me more $$ to buy basic groceries, put gas in my car, heat my house (the list goes on…) we don’t celebrate by going out to eat.

        • Rascal69

          Yes, and that boycott of Chick-Fil-A worked so well for you too.

        • ReluctorDominatus

          Chick-fil-a part deux. Buy the stock now while you can.

        • Cindy Brooks

          Caterpiller is joining Boeing with layoffs.

        • teajue

          dream on dream on

        • Dominick Farruggio

          Maybe you should do the math, a majority of the nation didn’t vote for Obozo it was less than 1%. You people are a joke lets see you laughing when you will get hit with the taxes he has in-store for you oh how silly of me I forget you people don’t work you are part of the 47% but soon the well will run dry and you will be eating out dumpsters then we will see how you love Obozo.

        • Leon


        • BikerHoop

          Ha! You sound like Peolsi when she declared that the best way to stimulate the economy and create jobs is to issue more welfare checks. And DuhOne when he declares from his throne that we must spend more money to save money. And you scoff at Republican logic?

          • BikerHoop

            Oh yeah… forgot something. You really want to pop your cork. I closed my successful business Wednesday morning and put 25 more folks on unemployment. The reason? Obamacare!

          • Annathule

            Oh I’m so sorry for you Biker, that HAD to hurt, big time. And for the employees you must have known so well! My heart goes out to you, Biker. Never a happy day and so painful, I can’t even imagine.

          • BikerHoop

            Thank you. I did hurt terribly, not so much for myself, but to let those folks have to go. They are all like family to me. They understood the reasoning but that doesn’t help the situation.

        • Robert Jones

          That is the most absurd thing I have ever heard. Do you think Applebees and Papa John’s are the only ones that will deal with this? It’s going to be every small businessman’s nightmare…… Except for McDonald’s.. I guess they pay their employees so well and have such great benefits they received an exemption. I guess this flood of recently laid off employees that you referred to will run to McDonald’s for a job.

        • fantasywriter

          Get real, the vote was nearly even, 1 million plus votes. Obama got 10 million less votes then he got in 2008 and Romney got less than McCain by a lot. It turns out that 3 to 4 million Republicans didn’t come out to vote. If they had you be crying because Obama lost. Would you consider this a case of Democratic suppression of Republicans?

        • RioSam

          Majority? How do you figure, on your fingers and toes.. approx 120 million voted of a 320 million population. he received 60+ million votes. Needless to say 60 million does not represent the majority of the nation….what it does represent is about 35 million blacks and about 25 million hispanic….you know, all the ones looking for a handout…

        • tubaman

          A very Slim majority considering all the votes cast.

        • $29137944

          You don’t seem to have any familiarity with running a business – if that’s the case, why are you chiming in as if you’re an authority on the matter?

        • Terrie Hutchins

          We have a divided nation, no thanks to the Obama tactics of community organizing. Everyone is affected by this economy. Companies will have to do what’s necessary to stay in business. This president wants govt to run the people not the private sector, which works well, when left alone. All companies will either lay off, or cut hours, especially the small businesses.

        • Erasmus Tompkins

          No: The MAJORITY of the nation DID NOT vote for Obama. A majority of voters, down in quantity from four years ago by the millions, re-elected him…and even Obama himself won with a smaller number of votes than he did four years ago. Again, this is a majority of voters, not a majority of the nation. One would be technically correct to say “won with a majority within the nation,” but NOT “a majority of the nation.” Ergo, your logic is fallacious. Ergo your words are false (see etymolgy of the word “logic;” it comes from the Classic Greek “logos”). Ergo your syllogism is predicated on a fallacious premise, and is thus false in its conclusion.
          It is precisely the kind of half-baked thinking, nay un-thinking, that has brought and will continue to bring down all of US. For that, you must commend yourself, for I cannot bring myself to do so.

        • 11fan

          oh but the list goes far and wide..the restaurants are only the small beginning to the end…guess someone will just pick right up what Boeing is about to dump to eh? because those damn plane factories are just everywhere!

        • CicerosGhost

          That IS true, only if the economy, macroscopically, recovers. Sadly most of us familiar with the macro-effects of the “progressive policies” already knew what would come of the policies that Obama and the Dems promoted in 2008…

          The REAL question is why, exactly, given the apparent accuracy of those predictions, has the left failed to grasp the rather obvious lesson; If the left were correct…. Their plans would work.

        • Tabitha Taylor

          Your Obamanomics don’t work. Just as a few people being taxed to carry a group that don’t want to work is unsustainable.
          WE WARNED YOU PEOPLE prior to the election that this was the result! And on top of the 21 new taxes in Obamacare, increased regulation that’s strangling production & inflation in everything especially gas with his war on off shore drilling, Taxmageddon is going to hit.
          There’s no way for a business to operate while hemorrhaging $. Then it dies & NOBODY has a job!Duh! If you’d like to see how Obamanomics ends look no further than Greece, Spain, Italy. Or if done more successfully look at Lenin or Stalin. And we are in much more in debt than they are so are so lucky the dollar hasn’t collapsed yet!! It will very soon..
          The businesses will soon all be relocated abroad or out of business – (or government takeovers of more private sector). it’s just like 2011 saw more business owners & entrepreneurs than the previous 3 years combined (all record breaking years),renouncing their US citizenship.
          Also, we have crystal clear cases of FRAUD in the election. The numbers don’t lie & the evidence is piled to the moon. He didn’t have the majority of votes, he had the uneducated idiots that let propaganda tell them who to vote for over social issues that mean nothing & he has the Marxists (The Communist Party USA says “we win”!) Just so you know; communism never makes everyone well off rather it always makes everyone poor & the very few elite at the top (that were rich before the takeover) – ultra rich.
          .Romney’s events the week before the elections were being held in the same states as BHO’s, Romney’s turnout = 30,000- 35,000 Obama’s turnout (with clebs to entertain for free) = 2,800 = 3,000. This was at every event.The polls that were weighted +7 = 11 D still had Romney ahead.
          Now Obama has more votes in precincts than there is people in their population. In swing state after swingstate, it’s obvious what’s going on! And by the way every state that required ID, Romney WON. Geee I wonder why!
          He was ripped off plain & simple. Usurped by a despot. Of course all Marxists are despots.

        • jsolbakken

          A democratic majority controls our politics, but only a psychotic wacko megalomaniac imagines that political majorities change economic realities. History shows that politics often is the cause of the destruction of civilizations throughout history. Most chilling to us ought to be the fact that democratic majorities are the worst when it comes to thinking they can change reality through politics.

      • Karen Foster

        I guess nobody told you that most of the “takers” came from RED states. They also cost the country more money than they bring in. Perhaps we can run the county like a business and sell them off.

        • PennyRobinsonFanClub

          Oh yeah, that’s a good reliable objective news source, huh?

          O btw you’ll be glad to know our own American Communists — no, real, actual, self-described Communists — are very enthusiastic about Sock Puppet’s re-election:

          • lainer51

            what a stupid post… makes no sense.

          • PennyRobinsonFanClub

            I know yours is, but what is mine?

          • $289547

            Well, Ice Troll, he’s talking about the original comment.

          • Annathule

            Oh you SO did not just say what I think you just said! What are we here, in primary/grammer school? Are you made of rubber too?

        • Rascal69

          Chris Matthews must be blathering again and you’re still believing his crap.

          • C. Adkins

            Chris just needs a drink.

        • itsspideyman

          I got an idea buddy. Let us go. You take the blue states and make some kind of a country out of it and we’ll take the constitution and find our way. Deal?

        • Cindy Brooks

          You silly boy. Th States deepest In debt are California new York and Illinois. Really red huh?

          • Cka Redstate America

            Careful, CB. Don’t challenge them with facts. Causes brain explosion for them.

          • UnCL3

            yup, can’t have they heads asplode on my ‘puter screen!

          • Beeta

            The state with republican Govenors are the ones who are doing well. Dem states are suffering because you have people like those that cheat at the polls. Karma and repayment for evil… You can’t do wrong and get by..

        • ReluctorDominatus

          Blacks make up less than 14% of the population and receive 38% of the welfare dollar. California has an Hispanic majority now and with less than 10% of population receive 30% of welfare spending. Revenue is not a function of location as in states but in demographics. The white male is the most productive and highest paid demo…it’s just that they are trapped behind enemy lines. For now at least. Given the shape California, Illinois and New York are in I would say it is a matter of 1-2 years before it all falls apart. By that time most will have escaped. New York’s major industry is the financial services. When the dollar tanks they will be in deep Obama.

          • Robert Jones

            Those states have fallen apart already.

          • etecs

            You can see the tactics of the left, if you question the idiocy of their regulations, take a stand against the hardships imposed by ObamaCare, you will be ridiculed and shame by all their little useful idiots…. These same drones will be screaming the loudest when Humpty Bumpkin falls off the wall and a gallon of gas costs $15 gallon

          • cmdr-buzz-corey

            Let the dim-wit libs ridicule over Obama care, a LOT of them are going to lose their jobs because of it and other Obama’s job killing policies. The fools voted for their own troubles.

          • longrider

            Amazing what higher education does for the socialist. They aren’t educated they are brainwashed.

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            There’s a reason they call it ‘higher’ education… heh heh heh.

          • Semmy Johansen

            people will try to separate themselves from the takers and from the states that take and the same thing that happened in Europe will happen here… certain states will bring the others down more and more. schools will have federally mandated curriculum and homeschooling will become illegal. rights are less important than your child being forced into equality with others.


          • William Dockson

            only problem is not everyone is equal, natural selection will end up running its course, the strong will survive, the rest won’t.

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            Apparently, they don’t realize that fair isn’t equal, and equal isn’t fair.

          • jsolbakken

            Obviously, you have not seen the Mike Judge masterpiece documentary, “Idiocracy.”

          • ReluctorDominatus

            The United States is not Europe. There is a reason the term exceptional is used…just less and less by the left which would love us all in the same sewer as the rest of the world.

          • William Dockson

            Dude, if hispanics are less than 10% of the pop. how can they be a majority. Less than 10% is a majority in CA..?. just saying, inconsistencies like this just jump out at me

          • ✰Ҡℒăąẗμ βℜąḋⒶ Ñîḵẗø

            You just want them to all go away, don’t you.

          • JamesBenson

            If by “them” you mean people who are here illegally, yeah– they should go away.

          • UnCL3


          • ReluctorDominatus

            California has less than 10% of the total population.

          • Jaybird1951

            California has around 12% of the country’s population (36 million out of 310 million).

          • angelccorr

            Oh come on. It’s not that hard. Hispanics are the majority in the CALIFORNIA POPULATION, not the whole population of the U.S.! And it is true. I live in this crummy state and I am trying to escape the high taxes and stupid regulations.

          • Bill Gryan

            The people that made your state a hellhole will follow you to your new state and bring their policy “ideas” with them. I have the same dilemma here in Illinois. Good luck to you.

          • UnCL3

            I escaped to a “red state” in ’99 from SoCal

          • RickOShea

            Sounds like you’ve had an attitude adjustment. Texas is a place that people and businesses are moving to because they get a better deal here. We like those who have been enlightened, just don’t move to Austin or the ahole of the state, Houston. If you are an unrepented leftist stay where you are now. We carry firearms in our vehicles and on our person and know how to use them and no liberal likes that. Convenience store robbery and home invasions are a dangerous occupation here. Sure, it gets hot in summer but we have no state income tax to make up for it.

          • Nathan Staab

            Their a majority in California, but 10% of the national population. Lord, people like you should not be allowed opinions.

          • UnCL3

            or voting rights…

          • JamesBenson

            I think the dude meant less than 10% ot the nation’s population lives in CA. But he may have meant that less than 10% of Mexico’s population lives in CA (I think he would be wrong about that, though.)

          • Memphomaniac

            Finally! Someone who sees through all the B.S. and media coverup. Prepare people. Most of you have NO CLUE what you’ve done.

          • Cka Redstate America

            Phillip, do you really think that those who support Obama really spend any time at this blogsite?

            That said, I’d say all of us here, or nearly 100 percent, do have a clue.

        • Sean123321

          Yes, Red states like Alabama and Louisiana are the takers. However they are also the states that have the highest percentage of African-Americans in the nation (6 of the 7 states with the highest percentage of African Americans are actually RED states). So yes, it would take a Democrat (the real party of racism) to suggest “selling” the states with the most African Americans.

          • tubaman

            You might be interested to know that there is a serious movement in Louisiana to leave the Union!!!! There is a petition going around the state for that very purpose!!!!

          • 11fan

            and Texas also now..and i heard others but dont see any confirmation

          • ceeli

            BULLSH¡T TO THAT!!!! There’s less than 3,000 signatures on that petition and it needs 25,000 with the deadline looming in less than 30 days… then it’d still have to be voted on statewide. NOT GONNA HAPPEN!! Only an ignorant republiKunt would seriously entertain seceding from the United States of America. I’m a Democrat who owns homes, land, timber and oil leases… I ain’t fukken going anywhere and nobody’s taking my U.S. citizenship or anything else away from me. So buck up you LOSING LOSERS WHO LOST and get on with your pathetic lives.

            the election is over, the voting is done
            your side lost, my side won
            let’s all get together, let bitterness pass
            I’ll hug your elephant and you can kiss my @ss!!

          • Anthony Ventarola

            Im a Libertarian, and I’d do it if this guy got out of hand over the next 4 years…. If you don’t like it, too bad

          • ceeli

            Do it?? Do WHAT???? YOU CAN LEAVE BUT YOU DON’T GET TO TAKE ANY REAL ESTATE WITH YOU!!!! If you want to LEAVE… fine! But you ain’t taking any part of my state or country with you. You’re free to go live any place else you want to. Me…??? There’s NOTHING that would ever drive me from my country. I’m an AMERICAN and will stay and fight for my country no matter what.

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            With what? Aren’t all libs anti-gun? You gonna bring a knife to that gun-fight, eh? Lol.

          • ceeli

            no, honey… if *YOU* don’t like it, TOO BAD. *YOU* can leave but my state ain’t going anywhere.

          • FriendOfReality

            I agree. As a republican, I’m hoping and praying that Boehner and Mcconnell will get together with the rest of the Republicans and basically just tell everyone to vote “present” on EVERYTHING that Obama wants to do with the economy and Jobs.

            In a few short months most of the country would be brought to it’s knees. Just the fact that Obamacare is getting ready to go in effect is already causing employers to start laying people off and cutting hours.

            What do you think is going to happen when he raises taxes on anyone (business or FAMILY COMBINED INCOME) making 200K or more (it was 250K, but they just dropped the threshold)?

            As it stands now, 20% of the population is effectively “taking care” of 20% of the population – Between Obamacare and increased taxes, that 20% will quickly drop to about 10% or less.

            Right now, the government with their QE3 is dumping BILLIONS into the market every month – That’s billions we don’t have. When the other #$#% hits the fan – Easing will be done with, the market will crash, inflation will hit (it already has to a certain extent – have you been grocery shopping lately) and even if a family is getting $600 a month in food stamps they won’t be able to eat for more than 2 weeks.

            I say the republicans get out of the way and let Obama take us over the cliff, and simply vote present so he can’t blame it on anyone else when it happens. Although, I have a sneaking suspicion that whoever runs on the left in 2016 will still be blaming Bush, because they can’t take any responsibilities for their own policies.

            What many fail to realize is that YES, the economy did start to go south under Bush, but WHY? The housing market crapped out…and WHOSE POLICIES caused that? The left are the ones that forced the banks to lend money to people that didn’t qualify and who couldn’t afford the loans – Bush tried to stop it, but because the dems controlled the house and senate, there wasn’t anything he could do.

            Republicans need to get out of the way, stock up on food, guns, and bullets and let Obama drive the bus over the cliff, just so we can get it out of the way and done with.

          • Thomas Martz

            check out the following URL, it clarifies the crash of 2008..

          • GreenEyedGal

            Don’t forget the other (perhaps biggest) factor that caused the economy to begin its downward descent under Bush: They refused to stop spending. They actually increased spending. Tax cuts with spending increases is mindless. And of course, Republicans couldn’t do anything about it. Democrats had the majority in both houses of Congress. Amazing how they did that: Break the economy, scream that the Republicans broke the economy with “tax cuts for the rich” to get their man elected president, dynamite the hell out of the economy for the next two years with their supermajority, scream for the next two years that those evil Republicans are obstructing them from saving the economy and get their guy re-elected.

            I don’t swear often, but the more I think about these things, the more I want to swear…

          • cmdr-buzz-corey

            Good luck to you loser after you lose you job because of this fool and his job killing policies you voted back into office. Hope you enjoy pounding the street looking.

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            He just won’t be able to obtain any more leases for oil.

          • JamesBenson

            Well, I suspect you are going to be very right about the “pathetic lives” part. Coming to a neighborhood near you, very soon.

          • ceeli

            Sounds like your’e way ahead of the curve on that already.

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            They got 3,000 signatures in the space of 5 hours, last night. I checked before and after work. And up 2,000 from when I looked last, to a net total of over 5,000 signatures. In less than a day. Your point?

            Just fyi, that makes a grand total of 8200 signatures.

            Oh, and one more thing. Only a stupid liberal would use a term such as ‘republikunt’ when trying to get their point across.

          • jsolbakken

            Yeah, just like the DemonicRats always do.

          • Tim Crowley

            Na Na Na na, hey hey, good bye.

          • ruberick

            Well put. The most accurate depiction of spending allocation i.e. red vs blue is by congressional district. Also when Pinkos throw out the per state spending argument, they include military spending.

        • Lt_Scrounge

          Yeah, the “red” states are considered takers…. when you count all of the military bases and the soldiers based at them as being the same as welfare recipients. Otherwise, Texas, and Arizona pay out a LOT more in taxes than they get back. If you take out the military bases, the numbers go the other way VERY quickly.

        • CommonSense033

          If the red states seceeded, the blue ones would look like Staten Island currently does within weeks.

          • john_koenig

            Indeed. These smug blue state leftists seem to be unaware of where their food comes from and from where their hard goods are warehoused and distributed. Shut down four major distribution points…Columbus, Indianapolis, Louisville and Memphis…and everything east of the Mississippi comes to its knees in three days. All the locations I mention are in red states, save Columbus, but Columbus is a mere island of blue in a sea of red; of 88 Ohio counties, 74 went for Romney.

          • angelccorr

            Breaking news: Louisiana is now asking to seceede peacefully.

        • Harold Stonle

          So what? Nobody cares about red vs blue. PRINCIPLES.

        • $289547

          Sure they do. And also, the alien bodies are hidden at Area 51.

        • RioSam

          What rock do you live under? Or maybe your water has some of that yummy Obama mandated fluoride in it…Makes you instantly stupid!!

          • ✰Ҡℒăąẗμ βℜąḋⒶ Ñîḵẗø

            Provide proof now of “Obama mandated fluoride” or lose all credibility here.

          • UnCL3

            can’t argue with stupid, Stupid!

        • Edward Repper


        • William Dockson

          So the “RED”states are voting themselves off food stamp and welfare for jobs, hence why they vote RED, and it’s the broke blue states you claim have all the money and you choose to keep voting for the welfare and food stamps, by voting BLUE. Are you forcing welfare on red states is that what your saying? Your are an idiot because your statement makes no sense, maybe to only other libtards.

        • carl6352

          dont know what you smoke but all the cities are filled with welfare queens and pimps . not much of those if at all in the bergs of the country side. also you can policy mic up your a%^

        • plus_tips

          So in your estimation all the people from Red States are Republicans or all from the Blue are DemoCrats? Every State in the Union has a lot of Welfare Recipients who vote DemonCrat so they can get a raise. If you look at the ‘So Called’ Battleground States where Barry the Blamer won by hook or by crook he eked out narrowly by a few Decimals or a Point at the most. He is the American Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Robert Mugabe.

        • intothewind

          Well divide us off then, I assure you we won’t shed a tear. You will find very little real estate stays on your side of the border, the blue side that is but it will be very crowded.

        • Kevin Pearson

          Uh, that’s because the majority of the blacks in this country are in red states.

        • jminsandiego

          Bad bluff. Didn’t you know that can be checked? The states with high Food Stamp use are almost all low in population.

          In fact, “Blue” California has about one third of the nation’s Welfare cases; blue New York has about 8%; blue Massachusetts and blue Pennsylvania each have about 7%. That’s more than half. The chances of you being right are exactly 0%.

        • Bill Gryan

          This stupid “statistic” is something every liberal has to post at least once in his life. The fact that people think its relevant only shows what a bad public education system this country has.

          Bottom line: most taker PEOPLE are blue voters, and by a wide margin. Red PEOPLE are wealthier and better educated. It is folks like YOU who cost the country.

        • KarenWI

          Factually CA, Illinois and other states with democratic governors are in the worst financial state…with HUGE debts. Now I’m sure they’ll want the rest of the country to bail them out. Why should we bail them out for their FAILED policies.

        • Jerry

          And those takers are liberal Democratic mooches , you idiot!

        • JamesBenson

          Wow… Talk about somebody not being able to figure anything out…

          You just won the grand prize in that department.

        • mwayne09

          Lets keep this simple: You are an IDIOT.

        • UnCL3

          you fvckin’ idiot

        • Annathule

          I see. So all the wheat that feeds the WORLD, the corn that not only feeds the world but ALSO makes ethanol you libtards demand we use (and ruin our engines w/ it) – that doesn’t come from the bright red heartland? In Montana I believe it is, where unemployment rates are at like 4%? They ALL take more than they give out?? You’re stupider than a box of bugs. Except a box of bugs might taste nice once you run out of food, cuz, oh wait, most of the beef and pork, not to mention milk, etc., comes from the heartland too and we’ll be GLAAAAAAD to sell it all to you……At OUR prices, and you’ll pay it too, cuz starving ppl will pay any price. There will also be NO unemployment for the first few years, cuz we’re gonna build a fence around us that would quake the heart of Hannibal and most of you libtards will be too doped or liquored up, or too lazy, to get up and fight, eh? Build one like I hear they have on MEXICO’S southern border! HAHAHA Shoot to kill, no prisoners taken.

          And believe you me, you give them a chance and we’ll all secede from the blue states faster than your brain can comprehend it and then you’ll be paying OUR prices for wheat and corn, etc., etc. It’s the big cities and the coastal states that suck up all the welfare money, open your eyes, you blind bat. You manufacture stuff…sorta. So long as you have the raw materials, but most of the major raw materials in this country lie under RED STATES. You’ll STILL be dealing w. China. Oh we’ll be GLAD to leave!! Just give us the word and we’ll be gone-zo, “in a NY heartbeat”. (Besides, we’ll have Jesus on our 6, atheists live in the same places libtards do.)

        • jsolbakken

          You pretend to complain about red states making out like bandits, but, is it not YOUR POLICIES at work? Why would the red state bandits be the ones who want to stop their own gravy train? And why would you defend the system you complain about? Something doesn’t add up. Just like nothing liberals ever say adds up or makes sense. I want to change the wicked evil dishonest BS system, and I don’t care if I happen to personally benefit from it. You talk to us conservative, libertarian, and Christian people like we would be swayed by such an argument. Shows how stupid dumb and thick and slow you are.

      • reg5

        Great answer!!!!!! You nailed it.

      • PennyRobinsonFanClub

        MegaLOL! And a Taliban fist-bump.

        BTW that’s re; “Applebees doesn’t take food stamps.”

      • Dingus

        logic is kryptonite to liberals.

        • Cka Redstate America

          Or maybe its the Cross of Christ to Dracula and the other vampires?

          Wait, though: Aren’t Obama and the Democrat/liberal/leftist Party part of the blood-sucking-vampires family?

      • Jasonn

        Yes! I think I’m getting a woodie.

      • BarryOduma


      • teajue

        obama voters will not be able to go because they are the foodstamp group

        • cmdr-buzz-corey

          Romney was wrong about the 47%, they are more like 55%.

        • UnCL3

          we MUST make ALL restaurants take foodstamps / EBT!!!
          It’s just not FAIR!!!!!

      • sardiverdave

        You win the internet with that one. LMAO!

      • freddy

        That’s worth $100. Do you accept Paypal? LOL

      • Mark Woodworth, Ph.D.

        Man that was a ZINGER! ROTFL, GREAT!!! keep hammering ’em.

      • C. Adkins


      • John Doey

        Funny but it’s the blue states and their tax revenue that pays for the food stamps in poor red state hellholes like Miss. and Arkansas, who are the poorest states in America. Strangely enough they are also the most conservative. Go figure?

      • Mickey

        AHAHAHAHA!!!! Oh….my….GOD that was funny! Indeed, I’d LOVE to see every Obama voter boycott EVERYTHING. Please. Boycott being a parasite and protest by getting a freaking JOB and paying some taxes for a change.

        • Bill Gryan

          My guess is they won’t boycott food stamps and free phones.

        • Cka Redstate America

          If they boycott, won’t that make the restaurants more pleasant and cleaner for the restaurants and us?

          That’s not funny, given that the staffs are having their hours trimmed or potentially face job loss.

      • Glen C

        So funny. I agree.

      • irishamrep

        My favorite post of all time. Gratitude, I had not laughed since Tuesday

      • Tim Crowley

        Have you ever expressed an emotion other than hate? And you wonder why the GOP took such a beating. They courted extreme hate filled individuals like you and the American people rejected you. Deal.

      • David

        Unfortunately, They can, With new EBT card, they simply take out cash..and instead of buying drugs or alcohol, they wold of course, head to papa johns…..nah, I think they will stick to buying drugs and call it a boycott.

      • csbubba

        Yes lot of food stamp moochers eat at Applebees, and Red Lobster, and others, because they have more DISPOSABLE CASH than the middle class! Add up what they DON’T have to pay via SNAP, WELFARE, UTILITY ASSISTANCE. FREE CELL PHONES, FREE HOUSING, and SECTION 8 housing and then see what they have to SPEND compared to what YOU HAVE TO SPEND! As the news reported “Welfare Recipient get and ADDED $60,000 in BENEFITS, all of what was listed above and Medicare/MEDICAID!

      • rich34952

        Most of the negative comments ridiculing Applebee’s seems to be coming from the Huffington Post readers. Not surprised at all, when their #1 Muslim’s policy is challenged.

      • UnCL3


      • Velo Rific

        GREAT one!

      • Ed McKnight

        I think, “Chuck-O-Rama, All You Can Eat,” might; I see a lot of fat people going in there?

      • bubbinator

        +! for that! I don’t go to Applebees now due obama supporters overcrowding and bad attitudes.

      • Max Derpin

        Obama losers? Who was it losing again? Glad to see you people still have your heads up your asses. Next stop 2014!

      • Press

        Best post I’ve seen of the thousands out there. Good job.

      • brad rebers

        Maybe the Obama voters could spend their welfare or unemployment checks.

      • montanalablover

        Your comment is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. Exactly. Papa John’s and Apple Bees are non food stamp zones. This is what happens when you strangle small and large business owners. They are going to do what they need to do to protect their business and their family. Every libtard in the US can boycott them but they’ll still be in business because non kool aid drinkers will still spend their money there. I wouldn’t think many dependacrats go to those places since they only eat granola and tofu. The foods they serve aren’t on the list of approved foods that MOOOOchele has demanded that we eat. Not to worry, we will go over the fiscal cliff, the economy will collapse and the bottom feeders will be out of luck.

      • John Shannon

        so true

      • oavery

        Perfect comment.

      • submod

        it is upon us. we can come to far towards socialism. we will become Europe and we will fold. the only real question is – what is the timeline for collapse?

      • Tai Pan

        That is one of the best post I seen. To the point.

      • Kelly

        Awesome post and so true

      • geewhiz1962

        So true

      • HowYaDoing?

        Bobby that was funny!

      • JP

        That there is a WIN!!!

      • Brian Astby

        Most of the Obama losers can get cash with their food stamp cards. How else you think they buy their tobacco/alcohol/drugs?

      • AlkalineGrind

        I am literally sitting here watching your upvotes accumulate before my very eyes! Great post.

      • cooldela1966

        Most astute observation ever!

      • blastah

        uh, middle class did vote for Obama, dumb dumb.

      • balloonpilot


      • Sam Pyeatte

        I guess I go to Applebees to eat today – and I don’t have food-stamps.

      • Jay

        Agree..Post of the Week bro!!

      • SUMBICH

        Think i’ll eat Applebees today and Papa Johns tomorrow. They have been very generous to our area to begin with. Screw Obamacare cause it surely is going to screw us.

      • zZipster

        Thats real funny, if you are a di|ck.

      • stumpCHUNKMAN

        I just shot my coca-cola through my nose on that one.

      • 1GregM

        Now THAT’S funny – I don’t care who you are!

      • itchy

        public education zombies

      • Thomas L Sams

        People are so quick to criticize and use humiliating remarks against others as if they have it all together and can do a better job at running this country. If the truth were to be told about everyone that make downgrading and slanderous comments against others – I wonder how well would we stand against integrity and accomplishments in life. A lot of the bitter and negative cries are just reflections of the miserable failed lives we live and we feel better about it when we can knock someone down

      • Waxsaxso

        There is no way they could

      • Helicopoter277DB

        Thats hilarious and so true!

      • ericd

        Made me giggle….thanks.

      • Summer

        Bobbybstrd…. Wild… almost 3000 LIKES for your comment. You are right on.

      • Jackqulyn Mariea Herron-Rau

        This is still Am,erica and they have a right to do what they want, its there company and THEY BUILDED IT I will be sure I eat there !!!

      • catb55

        Just came from a wonderful Birthday meal for my son and lot of Veterans and active duty getting free meals on Veterans day. Thank you Applebees

      • Arlene

        They use their free Obamaphone and “phone a friend” if they have any.

      • bewolff

        How true.

      • MDABE80


      • Tom Bonnell

        This is great. The Bottom-Feeders are rewarded for being losers!

      • Dustin Tarditi

        You, Sir, win 1 shiny (slightly used) internet. +1 for ya!

      • Donna Kay Bynum


      • darryl1145

        Bobby you are so right just have LOL keep up tge good work

    • Mike Johnson

      You’re implying that liberals possess logic and common sense.

      • brianmouland


    • EastValleyConservative

      I was thinking JUST that. But we aren’t dealing with people who have any common sense. They prove this over and over again. Good thing they believe solely in evolution, so it should come as no surprise that “survival of the fittest” is a real thing….

      • Lt_Scrounge

        Ben Franklin said that the true pity of common sense was that it was so uncommon.

    • Karen Foster

      No because we’ll take the business elsewhere thus keeping up demand.

      • PennyRobinsonFanClub

        Which ones? Which business will you patronize? What exploitative capitalist will you enrich?

    • brianmouland

      Worked in the food service industry for years. Simply put the guys running the restaurants are not corporate millionaires and every extra cost will either be passed on to the consumer or be a call for action in another department. This is not Rocket Science

      • Cindy Brooks

        Its rocket science to liberals silly

      • Lt_Scrounge

        Rocket science they can handle because it involves abstracts unrelated to the real world. Economics on the other hand is WELL beyond their comprehension. Look at Steven Chu. He has a Nobel prize in physics but thought painting roofs and highways white to help fight the fictitious man made global warming sounded like a good idea. I guess the fact that it would cost billions and have no positive impact didn’t even cross his supposedly brilliant mind.

    • Rascal69

      Julia, you are assuming that the same people that voted for Obama actually have intelligence. As you can see, they have proven you to be very wrong.

    • Harold Stonle

      This is EXACTLY what happens in the novel, Atlas Shrugged. The next step by the Obama administration will be the creation of a czar or implement Directive 10-289, killing the very last glimmer of any kind of capitalistic freedom. A government that demands businesses creat jobs, then purposefully take away absolutely everything those businesses need to create those jobs.

      • $5571095

        Well, this is better than what happens in the novel “Jennifer Government”. I will take the end results of “Atlas Shrugged” over the outcomes in “Jennifer Governmnet”.

    • $289547

      Yep, it’s baffling Julia. The state of utter stupidity that is overtaking this nation is appalling.

    • John Houghton

      Liberals have no logic……just feelings, oooh

    • freddy

      “they walk among us”

    • jsn2

      They’re all idiots and Obama voters. More evidence that dems target dummies with their policies and political ads.

    • Jaxter

      Careful. Logic will make their heads explode.

    • proletaria

      Liberals gutted economics in the public school system long ago.

      When I was in grammar school, lo many decades previous, you had to learn book keeping and know something about how the market works before you got into a high school. These days you can graduate with a PhD and never hear an utterance of Adam Smith or know the meaning of the words “supply and demand.” It is absolutely mind boggling just how far we’ve fallen in economic literacy over the last half century, but the proof is in the pudding.

    • Havebikewilltravel

      There dumber than box of rocks

    • Paula Kay

      I agree Julia. People are consistently more and more foolish. Half the time they don’t even know what is real and not real any more. Do they honestly believe they will be ok in 2014?!

    • RichardC55

      The critical fact those upset over these announcements are missing is that businesses are in business to make money, not to employ people. If they don’t think they can earn a profit with the staffing they have, once ObamaCare kicks in, it would make absolutely no sense for them to retain those employees/employee-hours/etc. These are business decisions, even if there is anger on the part of these executives over the election. These foolish critics then compound their intellectual failures by wanting to punish these companies and their employees for those business decisions.
      Folks, businesses are in business to turn a profit, and they cannot employ people merely for the sake of those individuals’ economic welfare, if doing so means the businesses will not be sufficiently profitable. Doing so would merely drag the companies down, and in time result in people losing their jobs anyway.

    • cppthis

      Basic logic would require the understanding that stuff costs money, which is apparently a foreign concept to those who support Obamacare.

    • Ricky Lee

      But the morons calling for a boycott voted for Obama!!

    • mwayne09

      Never ever, never , never ever use the word logic and Liberal in the same sentence again. -50 points. ..K ?

    • Ellabella

      That’s your Obama voters speaking. They’re clueless or they would never have voted for 4 more years of hell.

    • Brad

      Liberals aren’t known for using logic.

    • CruzerDog

      You cant fix stupid…

    • cmdorsey

      Point WELL MADE, but they still won’t understand. They are zombies.

    • CruzerDog

      Go over to huff where these tweets come from. See what your dealing with and you will realize that there is no hope for us. These kids are just plain out and out dumb as a box of rocks. I pity any fast food that would have to hire these kids.. I think we would be better off to have NO school and these kids be illiterate At least they would have an excuse for being stupid. And, I could get my property taxes lowered. I mean, my GOD, this is what I’m paying taxes to the local county for ….

    • Press

      You’re dealing with Obamabots. They’re entitled. They should renounce their citizenship and move to Europe, Cuba or Venezuela. Let’s watch them racing back to the United States kissing the shores on arrival to again realize how good they had it. Bunch of stupid, dogmatic liberals that don’t read and live their lives through the prism of the Kardashians, the Jersey Shore and MTV. Sad time in our history.

    • Bigfoot Steve

      Does it make zero sense to anyone else that people angry over lay-offs would call for a boycott?

      Of course it doesn’t make sense, but, to be fair, these folks are a few fries short of a happy meal, so not making sense is to be expected.

    • mkenneth

      no kidding that would require adult thinking (wrong crowd)

    • Worry

      You are dealing with people who have not had to live in the real world. If you increase costs, things happen. People not being hired or laid off represents the “Silent Scream” of the Affordable Care Act. Hispanic workers, unless they work under the table, are in for an ugly surprise if they hold entry-level or hourly non-management positions.

    • TheDefenderOfTheFaith

      Boycott’s would lead to more layoffs or at a minimum less revenue for the company which, in the real world and not in a High School Popularity Bizarro World we now have in the USA, would in turn cause a reduction in spending. Whether it be on staff or product.

      In Bizarro World called Obamanation, logic need not be applied.

      Tax the rich so that the annual revenue generated funds the Fed slobs of 8.2 days of wasted spending.

      When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt as Europe.
      Thomas Jefferson

    • rennyangel2

      You expect the left to be rational or that they acually care about anyone’s business of jobs but their own?

    • Syttende Mai

      Wait…you expect LOGIC from these fascists???? Really?

    • Captain America 001

      You expect the Bozos who voted for BHO to show insight and understanding?!

    • $229905

      Yeah how many boycotts have worked in the past! They boycotted BP this that and everything else. Don’t believe the hype and BS!

    • Tai Pan

      You can’t fix stupid. Most Obama voters are truly stupid. I’m serious, not name calling. When you try and discuss these issues with facts, their eyes glaze over and they start name calling. Seriously, present facts and watch the response.

    • Nemesis_Dwarf

      These folks don’t use logic. They react based on emotion and without thinking about the issue or taking into account the facts of the matter.

    • Walter Lawrence

      You are asking Democrats to think logically, but their base (women, minorities, parasites, etc) are incapable of logical thought.

    • HowYaDoing?

      Being completely void of logic, reason, and fact based conclusions is what makes a lefty a lefty in the first place.

    • GeorgiaPeachie

      Hate to break it to you libs, but there are going to be a TON of businesses laying off workers as a result of obamacare in 2013!! It has to do with money being finite…something you people don’t understand. Reality sucks doesn’t it?!

    • yiddishlion

      Liberals don’t possess basic logic. Only base emotions……

    • Indy

      You can`t fix stupid.

    • yiddishlion

      Liberals don’t possess basic logic. Only base emotions.

    • Lela Klajman

      Econ class is too hard but arithmetic should be within their perview.

    • Jim Robinson

      They also either didn’t take a Government class either, didn’t pay attention or graduated within the past twenty years from a public school.

    • lambeauleepin

      The Chick-fil-a boycott worked so well, I hear some companies are wishing they could get boycotted.

    • Donna Smith

      No because all they see is that it’s racist or we are against Obama/obamacare….what your suggesting is someone using their brain.

    • hoxadmin

      No it does make sense. Corporations are interested in making profit. And not wanting to provide health insurance for your employees is what some greedy corporations want to do. Some of them have idiot CEOs. When threatened with a boycott, they will follow commonsense. You cant alienate half the country and hope to stay in business. So a threat of boycott ought to straighten them out.

      • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

        How did that Chik-Fil-A boycott work out for them?

    • kidpags

      Yup. It just displays the stupidity of the people who support this administration. You don’t’ need to be a big-time business mogul to understand how a boycott would make things worse, you just need to have common sense.

    • blastah

      unless the business owner does not mind going out of business, no it would not lead to more layoffs. it would lead to the owner breaking under pressure; a very effective tactic, I might add.

    • Zach Martin

      I wonder how many have held a productive job, i.e., one that doesn’t rely on tax dollars and actually creates wealth.

    • GregB

      This is truly amazing. The “new society” beats their chests over “bullying” and yet that’s exactly what they propose in this boycott. Punish anyone who doesn’t agree with their agenda. They want to bully Applebees into keeping quiet about the costs of the policy. But as you cite, doing so will reduce employment. We have run out of options once we squeezed surplus worth out of the masses.

    • Cancel_NPR

      It DOESN’T HAVE TO MAKE SENSE… ! Millions of morons voted for unsustainable debt increases, more fees & taxes on them as individuals, more on THEIR EMPLOYERS ( if they have one ), 12 million illegals made legal so that they can compete for what jobs are left, and a medical system which will reduce the NUMBER & quality of doctors so that you can WAIT LONGER for treatment…
      Boycott Applebees ??
      HOW ??
      FIRE ANY OF ‘EM in your sphere of influence…
      HIRE CONSERVATIVES in their place…
      Give ’em a taste of the UN-employment which OBAMA KNEW was going to occur & his LAST FOUR YEARS has CAUSED…
      He’s a LIAR… You morons voted for him because HE’S PROMISED YOU FREE STUFF…

    • Rodney Dellafield

      There are other places to eat. They’ll be needing help. Free market at work. Vote with your dollars.

    • henrynakk

      Absolutely correct. I wonder if the Obama drones can use food stamps to take Econ classes

    • fande3rls

      Can’t fix stupid . These liberals have no idea what it takes to run a resturant or business , Obama care is a heavy cost , you cannot make that up with market share , you eather raise prices , or you cut cost , he is cutting cost .

    • MaryRedWhiteBlue

      No these people don’t think like that. Wait until January 1st when the Obamacare taxes start. And more massive layoffs begin. Surely, they’re not that naive.

    • Dallas_Guy

      The dems’ BS worked for a reason. They count on the ignorance of their constituents, and/or are ignorant themselves. Insurers stopped offering individual health policies for kids out of spite, not because Obamacare regs made them untenable. Service employers will pare back out of spite, not because Obamacare will massively increase their costs and wipe out their margins. Then when the businesses react predictably, the dems say “See! They’re evil and need to be regulated more!!”

    • Anne Crockett

      It’s sad because it only makes the conservatives want to do biz with conservatives and vice versa. I don’t think it’s good for the country. Ill wind is blowing.

      • PeterM

        Exactly Anne. I will heed to my list of ONLY conservative businesses that I will patronize as much as possible. For example by not buying an American made GM or Chrysler product, just think of all those Ohio UAW folks that you can punish. The list goes on and on. This war has just begun.
        “punish your enemies” and “vote for revenge” – no truer words were ever spoken. I will give Obama credit for that much.

    • hahahahainfinity

      This is the sort of thing that happens when you are elected by people who support a personality instead of a country, instead of an economy, instead of common sense. They are pushing back under the notion that Applebees is doing something in retaliation to Obama. No company under good management is going to base business decisions based on political retaliation. Management makes decisions based on what is best for the finances of its own company. Obamacare is a policy based on winning voting blocks using political might. Nobody cared what was in the best interest of businesses or the economy when they crafted the policy. Obama can’t lose because he bought the votes he needed with smoke and mirrors and when the economy takes a hit for it he can turn his mindless fools on the company’s that were affected by the policy and blame it all on those companies. A political win, and an economic nightmare.

    • Jim

      You are absolutely right on all points Julia

    • DrRob

      Wow this is such a great point. – These people don’t have a business.clue.

    • Manny

      Econ class? They need to take basic math first!

      Cassandra Duffy’s brilliant business argument is to “Treat people like they’re deserving of healthcare.” Ah, the feel good about myself and judge others strategy is so solid; it always leads to economic growth.

    • Bob USAF(ret)

      Makes as much sense as voting for a man with a failed record.

    • Ed

      Liberals aren’t that bright.

    • Ken Gibson

      Whoever said that Libs were logical???

    • sdgirl1

      Julia, I was thinking the same thing. Stupid people don’t get it.

    • sickofgovt.

      LOL Same morons who voted for Obama. All these companies said this would happen. Economist said this would happen. Now we all pay

    • TK miller

      Awesome post! This boycott crap goes to show their maturity level and common sense is below average. GROW UP LIBERALS!

    • Joseph Langone

      Most of them lack common sense and a basic understanding of economics

    • doryinaz

      that’s what i thought you’d say….but, i say…shut a few of these bad boys down, and save all the others who’s bosses will think twice, before they pull the same stunt!…otherwise, we are just bending over…..and, after the point is made, it will time for some lawyers to run a few class-action lawsuits!….if they wanna play dirty, we can too! ( i AM a small business owner, so, yes i can have an opinion!)

    • larry Potts

      The 50% of the country that voted for Bozo don’t have a clue how business and economics work. Govt is the problem not the answer.

    • Shawn Walsh

      in their universe it makes complete sense. they have no understanding of what it takes to run a company. so nobody buying anything from the company at all would , in our world, bankrupt it.. in their world, it will sit there indefinitely, continually paying their employees while nobody purchases anything from them…

    • $910553

      They figure the Chimp in Chief will nationalize them if enough of his chimpettes raise hell. After all, he’s gonna need SOMEPLACE to serve the Soylent Green…

    • Schteveo

      it doesn’t have to make sense. Sense requires thought, and as we know, those types of folks who think a boycott will only hurt the CEO or the franchise owner don’t tr to think.

      They’d rather ‘feel’ about everything and they ‘feel’ like businesses being run in sound and fiscally responsible way is just a stupid thing business people say when they want to screw their employees or customers.

      So long as boycotting and killing jobs makes them ‘feel’ better about themselves, I ‘feel’ like it’s OK for me to make fun of them.

    • Sally

      These Twitterers obviously do not understand basic economics. You either free up employers to hire workers or you saddle them with significant additional costs, and they will have to let people go.

      And if they boycott, no big deal. This just means Applebee’s will have more paying customers who can say, “I want my baby back, baby back, baby back ribs.”. Not hard to understand.

    • USshrugged

      Lack of logic is what got us here, Julia.

    • tomtoth

      Yes. It would lead to more layoffs, but i think the boycotter’s goal is to reduce corporate profits.

  • RichardBlaine

    Boycott! That’ll encourage hiring!!!

    • Slam1263

      This, more than anything else, just cracks me up.

      Let’s boycott!!
      It’s like having some hop head trying to explain to me how Keynes said that debt is good.

      Then I have to explain exactly what he said, and his numerous cautions of prolonged indebtedness.

  • Just saying

    When people decide to open businesses it’s to make money. Just like I go to work to make money. If owners can’t profit why wouldn’t they freeze hiring and or lay off? Makes sense to me. If my job wasn’t profitable I would find another one.

  • LibLieExposer

    I’m boycotting union thugs, Caligulafornia, NYC, Illinazi, Hollyweird. I’ll support Papa Johns & Applebee’s.

    Obama and his criminally corrupt administration and union goon buddies can go straight to hell.

    • SpinMeNot

      I applaud you, but lets correctly identify your behavior. Its not a boycott. You don’t want them to change because you perceive them to be bad, you know them to be bad. You simply have sufficient self respect to realize that where and how you spend what you earn is a reflection on who you are. And I respect you for that.

    • Just saying

      Exactly! If more conservatives would stop supporting these liberals they would go broke. I am paying so much more attention to where I spend my money! I wouldn’t buy another Beyonce CD or pay to watch another movie that starred scarlet johanassen or Eva longoria! I alshave cancelled HBO! Im sick of this bias!

  • Edward Tiegs

    Boycotting these places will reduce business and result in ACTUAL layoffs you MORONS!

  • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

    Economics is hard for the left and especially Obama. I’m thinking you’re upset for the workers being downsized, so you call for a boycott which would inevitably cause the stores to lay-off even more workers. Why don’t you sit down and read the Obamacare handbook, it’s full of fun and interesting requirements. I like page 1002, where the government requires you to allow a tracking chip be embedded in your hand as a guise to keep track of your medical information. They can insert that in me when the mortician is adding embalming fluid to my cold, dead body. Anyway, when you get through it, call your cool bruh, Barack, because I’m sure he hasn’t read it either. After that
    you can pick up a couple micro and
    macro econ books at the public


    • HumorSmith

      No, that section, HR3200 wasn’t passed. No microchips, but I like the rest of your statement.

    • yahneverknow

      “Math is hard.”


    • J_BAKE

      I guess old man bush tried that too back in the day.

  • stuckinIL4now

    Wait’ll these ignorant despicable dopes get hit by the consequences of Obamacare cuz they sure won’t see it coming.

  • Robert Phelps

    Business owners have the right to run their businesses however they want. The other option is to close up. Then who is going to run the businesses? The government? Then you have communism. We all know how well that works! Reagan proved that small government combined with tax cuts generates more revenue than raising taxes. What happens to something that costs more money? You end up with less of it. If you sell 1,000,000 items at $9.99 you get $9,990,000. If you raise that price to $50 each and people can only afford to by 1,000 then you get $50,000. Which amount has the bigger tax base. Hmmmmm it’s called economics. Duh! But a community organizer wouldn’t understand that would he.

    • MissJ

      On your last remark…I would disagree…..the community organizer understands exactly what he’s doing….dismantling American greatness and her values. This has been the plan all along. And his band of useful idiots on the left and his chorus.

    • Rascal69

      They can’t do that! They didn’t build it, so they should not be allowed to tear it down!!

  • Taradacktyl

    OMG. Right wingers are SO TEDIOUSLY BORING!!!

    I know you’re all thick and don’t function in reality… but I’ll break it down for you YET AGAIN. Americans ALREADY pay on average of $1000 per person in our premiums for the people who don’t have health insurance. In fact, we pay more than DOUBLE than every other nation – but not everyone is covered and we have worse outcomes…. AND MILLIONS go bankrupt each year WITH INSURANCE for committing he crime of getting sick. In fact, over 50% of all bankruptcies are the “uniquely American” “Medical Bankruptcy” – then, of course, there are the 45,000 who die because they can’t get health care. As it stood, the American health system was UNSUSTAINABLE.

    Obamacare is about PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.

    The Applecraps and Papa’s Junk’s CEOS are nothing but typical right wingers pooping their diapies and blaming others for the stink…

    Malignant narcissism is NOT an effective political philosophy. Of COURSE, you self-centered fools can’t see past your own eyelashes to understand that a healthy, economically vibrant workforce that is paid a LIVING WAGE is not only good for the workers themselves, but good for the community, the country and the BUSINESS itself.

    These whiney CEOS just don’t like that the people roundly rejected the puppet they tried to send to continue the history of Republican trickle down failure and continue the mission of turning the government of the United States into an appendage of the affairs of billionaires.

    Here’s an idea! Why don’t all you parasites who want all the benefits of living in a civilization without any of the responsibilities just “Go Galt!?” Move your malignant narcissist asses to “small government” Somalia. Send us a post card… that is… if you can find a post office.

    • Mongobaer

      Basic Econ 101: Business exist to provide a good or service. Employement or Employment benefits are a secondary concern, Unless your a goverment intent on punishing other’s weath.

    • J. Cox

      Thanks for your ignorant rant…about nothing.You and the rest of the leftist can run your business’s into the ground…we won’t mind.Of course,the drivel you posted kind of proved that it would only take you 1 week or less to make that happen.FYI…no one is stopping you from sending the gov more money,nor is anyone stopping you from taking care of these people.Hypocrisy,thy name is liberalism/socialism.Now piss off and come back when you understand econ 101.

    • Michelle

      “Tediously boring”? Tedious means…boring. So basically you just said, “Boringly boring” Brilliant and thank you, lets the reader know from your first sentence they’re about to read the rant of an uneducated person.

      “Malignant narcissism is NOT an effective political philosophy.” Then why did you vote for Obama?”

      “Why don’t all you parasites who want all the benefits of living in a civilization without any of the responsibilities…” That perfectly describes Liberals in a nutshell.

      If you’re so concerned about affordable healthcare, tell me your thoughts on the tens of millions of illegal aliens in this country who use the ER as a Dr. visit when they have a runny nose and then…never pay the bill. Ever look into WHY healthcare is so expensive? If you’re for lowering healthcare costs, but also for illegal immigration, then you’re the hypocrite. People like you don’t want folks to take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for themselves, you want them to take, take, take and make successful people pay the tab more and more.

      • Jim Denney

        Look at his avatar; Republican Dirty Tricks! He better hope Obamacare covers a severe case of projection.

      • Jack Deth

        Hi, Michelle:

        Excellent dissertation about one of an entire generation who wholeheartedly believe that ‘Fair’ has placed ‘Right’ and ‘Wrong’. And has no idea that life is incessantly NOT fair.

        Reality is going to come as a very rude awakening for these saps!

    • TugboatPhil

      If Obamacare were about personal responsibility, it would stop requiring Emergency Rooms to HAVE TO treat every NON EMERGENCY that walks through the door. We don’t have to treat all these freeloaders. Liberals believe in evolution? Survival of the fittest? Put it into practice.

    • V.L.

      Wow, that’s a heckofanessay with a lot of big words for us thick parasites! I really tried to understand what you’re saying, but it all sounds Greek to me! Although CEOS might be Latin; it’s KEA in Greek.

    • Back 4 More

      “Personal responsibility”…..that your boss has to pay for. Some people will never grasp the fact that many companies operate very close to the red and almost any extra expense makes them unprofitable, which in turn forces them to make cut backs or close down all together. Every buisness can’t be run like the auto industry where a product that costs 3 thousand dollars to make has to be sold for 30 thousand because employee pay and benefits cost companies an average of 60 bucks an hour per person. The government isn’t going to prop up Papa Johns or Applebee’s because they’re not union. What happens if Wal Mart goes broke like Detroit’s auto manufactuers did? The argument for bailing out the car companies was that they effected the livlihood of tens of thousands people. Wal Mart employs nearly a million people and directly effects the livlihoods of tens of millions. Would the government swoop in and bail out non-union Wal Mart? Of course not. You socialist wannabes seem to think that everyone that doesn’t agree with your socialist agenda is a rich, old white guy that’s just too greedy to share the wealth. If your company doesn’t make enough money to pay its employees then it will cease to exist. Like you said, health care is PERSONAL responsibility. It’s not your bosses responsibility to provide you with insurance and it’s not my responsibilty to pay for your food stamps and welfare. I’ve done hard manual labor my whole life and I’m paying for a bunch of lazy pieces of shit to sit on their asses and collect government benefits. Since you invited people to move to another country I’ll just say that there are still a few socialist countries in the world, try one of them for awhile and see how how you like it. I’m sure Cuba would love to hear your ideas about personal resposibility. Our pyramid scheming federal reserve can’t go on forever, regardless of what you mental midgets seem to think. Just sit back, turn on the tube and watch the media make excuses for your cult leader for the next 4 years.

    • Liberal Hater

      I couldn’t get past the second paragraph there was so much stupid. But let’s assume the numbers you pull from your brain (ie: your ass) are true. If I’m paying $1,000 extra a year in premium, how exactly is it beneficial and helping me to have a one-size-fits-all policy that is going to cost me at least $2,500 more a year? How does it save a college kid to have to buy a policy he or she doesn’t need full of coverages they don’t need? Your logic is complete shit. Your opinion is complete shit. Hell you’re a liberal: COMPLETE SHIT!

    • Liberal Hater

      A liberal using the term “personal responsibility” is like a liberal using the term “family planning”… both mean the exact opposite of what you try to say it does.

    • Ironhawk86

      The Somalia straw man again? You morons need to really do some research about what goes on there. Roving gangs of thugs imposing sharia law on people is really more up your alley.

      “Malignant narcissism is NOT an effective political philosophy.”
      Yeah. I think leftists are assholes too.

    • jophysgirl

      I do believe I heard your heels click while you were saluting…reminds me of another time in another place…

    • tomtom1983

      You’re incorrect, personal responsibility isn’t involved with a government take over. So don’t spit that lie as if it were.

      How can personal responsibility define government rationing? Death Panels and higher premiums for those seeking health care is contradicting, who would knowingly place their lives in the hands of those who preside on a panel that isn’t vetted by Congress?

      A panel that makes your decisions for you because it isn’t cost effective if you are allowed to decide what is best for yourself. Responsibility would require a legislative branch to read every legislation from top to bottom before passing. And responsibility would seek the best options available with the best quality and higher merits and not by hear say or political promises.

      No, the only problem here is that you liberals somehow came to the conclusion that you deserve what others have worked for while keeping your base under the impression they’re victims and can’t survive without help.

      Really who would celebrate the need for Food Stamps? The need to tax 93 million Americans more but not the 47% that pays absolutely nothing. The left is by far the most detrimental ideology to exist, after the monarch center governance.

      You don’t have the slightest idea of what defines personal responsibility. Personal responsibility doesn’t blame others for actions he/she took upon themselves. Personal responsibility doesn’t take from others and redistribute that persons success. Personal responsibility doesn’t create a housing bubble by acquiring loans and debts beyond what he/she can handle.

      Personal responsibility doesn’t seize an entire privatized health system because 30 million people don’t have any, no matter the reason. And personal responsibility doesn’t cry about the successful paying their “fair share” when you don’t pay your share at all.

      So no it is not about personal responsibility because liberalism and self reliance are two conflicting ideals that can’t coexist, not even a little. To be liberal is to be reliant and dependent of an outside authority that isn’t your own. That’s it, slaves to a liberal defect and a one size fits all mentality.

      But please enjoy this wonderment that is ObamaCare, come Jan. 2013, you’ll realize just how wonderful that lie truly is. And we conservatives will be on stand by to cheer, “We told you dopes so!!”. How sweet it will be to watch your faces as you slowly understand that you just screwed yourself.

      By the way, how’s them jobs and the unemployment number looking? Cali taxes are going up and Boeing cuts 30% of its workforce. And guess what, its going to get worse……………….so much worse.

    • tomincol

      You will be out in the streets rioting in 12 months or less. See, “O” does not need you anymore. Once, you get kicked to the curb, you will no place to go.

  • VirginiaGirl

    Three words, folks: ELECTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES. Libs have no clue that there is an end to the money – do they expect this business and others to pull it out of their….well, anyway, you know what I’m saying…

  • riddler1620

    I love how people who have never run a business are the first to tell business owners how to run theirs. Kind of like our community organizer in chief.

    • MissJ

      Oh Lord….how I wish I could hit “like” multiple times.

    • brianmouland

      The takers telling the makers what to do. Obamas America

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      Yeah there was some twit on here the other day with her 2 or 3 copypastes from Media Matters just repeating over and over some spew about meanypants business owners not knowing what they’re doing and just firing people out of spite because they’re H8ers. Told her to go start her own business and hire all those poor victims of Republican rage. What a poutfest that got!

      • bunker32792

        Poutfest? You would know.

        Seems every one of your comments here points to a case of sore loser.

        • PennyRobinsonFanClub

          Sadly, the entire nation has lost this time. And it is not me who is hysterically shrilling that businesses being forced to make cutbacks in order to stay in business is some sort of “revenge.” Seems to me it’s your side being sore winners. I would now remind you of a couple old cliche`s in the spirit of being careful of what you wish for, and lying in the bed you have made for yourself.

          • not a lib

            Appeasing a Liberal is like feeding a crocodile, hoping he does not eat you until the very end

        • J_BAKE

          we all lost.

      • KarenWI

        That shows a TOTAL ignorance of business. No legit business owner would lay off people or cut hours because of a political event. They are in business to make money and provide jobs. By laying off and cutting jobs the restaurants can stay in business and keep employing some people. My heart is for the Small Business owners – many who will close up shop with new regulations and taxes. This is only the START of a huge shift in hiring. But at least obama will be able to add more people to food stamps and put us furhter in debt, seems to be what he wants to do as he does nothing to stop these events.

  • FreedomReigns

    Hey, everyone was told this was what was going to happen…now you want to blame the businesses! It’s their business and they deal with financial matters the best way they can. Who did u think would b the losers in all this. YOU WERE TOLD SO DEAL WITH IT.

  • FreelovingJ

    What a bunch of idiots. They are going to end up boycotting the whole country by the end of the year. Elections have consequences.

  • domremy03

    This really is the madness, the complete lack of reason, that is taking over America.

    • hownow

      The Obama Effect.

  • Fishin, Campin Chic

    Libs think (oops – can’t “think”) Libs believe employers have bottomless pits of money, that they can just print more or raise prices when their money is gone, like the gov’t does. Their brains are fried – who’da thought?

  • linnicy

    They all are going to be in breadlines, they are so utterly ignorant. Maybe they can line
    up in front of the WH and Michelle will throw them a piece of cake.

  • Jack Deth


    The stupid runs deep with these sanctimonious Tweeters!

    But what do you expect from post adolescent adolescents with short attention spans, who have had no intimate physical contact with the ideas of work or physical labor?

    Whose education has only barely touched upon the ideas of business, profit, losses, payroll and economics. Unless of course, those economics are Keynesian. And they have the self righteous audacity to send their less than 140 character blurbs and expect to be taken seriously?!!!

    Is it any wonder that these cable TV weaned, liberal cannon fodder are shocked when not given at least a 10.00 gift card from Walmart as a consolation prize for attending a jobs fair. After waiting hours in line and being summarily rejected either during or immediately after their interview(s)?

    Can’t wait for these whiny, snot nosed punks and perfect princesses to get an up close and personal encounter with the New ‘Three R’s of the Real World!





    It may make them humble. But I kind of doubt it.

    • Ironhawk86

      I’ve been meaning to tell you this for a while but you’re handle is AWESOME. Trancers are totally an allegory for leftists.

    • yahneverknow

      hahahhahaha… humble! (snort)

  • Eric Johnson

    I knew they would never blame Obama for any layoffs or hiring freezes and would instead blame the companies, not shocked a bit!

  • AmandaJeff Day

    I had some moron on Facebook tell me that Obama is giving us access to healthcare. I told him, “Forcing me to buy it is not giving me ACCESS to healthcare. Farm Bureau or Blue Cross gives me ACCESS to healthcare.” All I can do is shake my head at liberal logic.

    • Liberal Hater

      It’s called the unfriend button. Use it.

    • Ironhawk86

      “Access” is one of those lefty code words for “I want it for free”

    • Donald Landis Jr

      Here in Georgia all I have to do is go to a local major hospital and I will be treated even if I do not have ins. it is the law so the whole reason used to do Obamacare is because people will not get treated is a lie from the first moment of conversation. We alway let them set the tone for conversation and then try to argue it. If we continue to let them lie up front about everything this will conrinue to happen.

    • redheadgrl

      well, that “moron” will surely be surprise when “access” to doctors and facilities goes down due to the regulations of ACA and doctors leaving the profession. He/she may have coverage, but they will have less access to care.

      • Jacque Rowland

        And they will be the first to complain because they have to wait….

  • Maria Seeger

    Actually, these are the kind of people who, when called out on their stupidity, will try to pass it off as one big joke. Obviously, they don’t know the difference between a hiring freeze and a lay-off.
    The Applebee’s franchise owner puts their own money into the franchise. It’s up to them to make the choice to hire or not. You can’t force them to do that. If you think you can intimidate them into hiring more people by threatening a boycott, think again. All you’re doing is not only depriving the franchise owner of making a profit, you’re also giving them no option but to lay off the workers that they were trying to keep from laying off in the first place. So, go ahead and boycott for all the good it’ll do you.

  • JoeMusgo

    How dare Applebees think they are entitled to earn a profit. They didn’t build that! The purpose of private enterprise is to provide jobs and healthcare. If they need to raise revenue to cover the increased costs for Obamacare they should raise the price of their meals for people who earn over $250K per year. Or, if they showed their support for Democrat politicians they could seek a waiver from Obamacare. But by making Obama look bad, they need to feel the pain of a boycott. That’ll teach them.

    • Maria Seeger

      You forgot to add the /sarc tag to your post.

  • Lisa 670

    I will be eating at Applebees…the libs want all businesses to stay open and just accept these things but I got news for them…they had their freedom to choose Obama and Obamacare and businesses have the freedom to choose how they will run their organizations.

  • Ironhawk86

    I’m actually really disappointed in Applebee’s corporate office for failing to stand up for their franchisee when they all know he’s telling the truth. PC Cowardice is not what the country needs right now

  • Johnathan Miller

    yall^^^^^ are so stupid. they cant afford the fees. its not there fault if they cant afford it. you know running a business doesnt just mean pay the wrokers and go home you have a much bigger over head to worry about than just insurance for employees. smh.

  • jerry


    • SpinMeNot

      Had mine last night, thanks Papa.

    • lainer51


  • KateNE

    Explains a lot why Obama won – liberals don’t understand math or the concept of a Profit & Loss statement. When there is more loss than profit, cuts are made. In this case, the loss is caused by Obama’s policies. They will never admit it and will demonize those who are just trying to make a living in this vastly changed economy that Obama is now responsible for.

    • Elaine

      It’s so very sad that people do not understand the GOVERNMENT does not have it’s own money. THEY give you nothing. It’s the working tax payers who are paying, even when the gov’t BORROWS from China, it’s on our children’s credit cards, as Obama well knows and SAID SO! He’s a CON.

  • jerry

    When the leftists are all out of work they can beg O for food stamps and grovel at his feet!!!

  • Donald Landis Jr

    I think it is funny how all of you people condem a company or owner when a company or owner realized that obamcare is going to increase costs so much it will affect the bottom linem, which is really affecting the jobs market by making it more costly to hire more employees, so in reality Obamcare as you guys call it is costing us more jobs. just what we need is less jobs!!! smart di you forget the these comapnies are for profit??? duh

  • Donald Landis Jr

    it is hard to to beat Sant Clause free free free
    Free is the new “f” word

  • writer59

    The Left’s answer to layoffs because of Obamacare? Boycott the businesses who have been forced to lay people off. Because that won’t cause more layoffs or anything. They were told repeatedly by economists, CEOs and business owners that if Obama was re-elected and Obamacare wasn’t repealed, there would have to be layoffs. Now they act surprised as though this came out of the blue and they had never heard anything about layoffs. Clueless, clueless people.

    • KarenWI

      Hey writer – I’m with you, wished I lived around more people like you….in stead of the INTOLERANT fantasy world of Madison WI

  • RogueRose

    One other thing these fools don’t seem to grasp, if you boycott the business, all those employees they’re so worried about won’t have healthcare or a job. Thinking and reasoning is hard.

  • tomtom1983

    Just like the liberal rats in Greece, funny how these assholes don’t feel outrage when Boeing cut 30% of its workforce the very next day after Obama stole the election.

    These libs need to be hit with a gamma ray burst. Oh what sight to behold, libs ceasing to exist. One can hope can’t he?

    • Smitty 

      “Obama Stole The Election” God Damn man, stop being a moron.

      Boeing laid off those workers because of the Sequestration (Which *both* parties agreed to enact)

      Sequestration should be noted that it does not affect current contracts in bidding, or currently being performed, but FUTURE spending.

      and your statement is misleading. By leaving the word “EXECUTIVE” out of your sentence, it changes the entire point you were trying to make.

      • Hiraghm

        The Sequestration agreement wouldn’t have been necessary had the administration and Democrats in Congress not been the social-engineering Marxists that they are.

        • Angie (D)

          This is why the Republicans in Congress right now just need to vote PRESENT on whatever tax bill Obama wants passed — no negotiation, no addition of anything — just let him have the tax hike he’s ready to sign right now by voting PRESENT — because if there *is* any negotiation on it the dishonest moron horde who are actually stupid enough to still support Obama after the last 4 years will claim that what Obama forced through is something BOTH parties AGREED & absolve Obama of any responsibility for the bad effects it produces.

      • Trish P

        The Sequestration idea was hatched by a budget director in the White House, Bob Woodwood learned from white house staff. There’s been massive voter fraud. 99% of inner cities in PA voted for Obama. How likely does that seem? Military ballots “accidentally” sent to a warehouse in Afghanistan, so never received until after the deadline, etc., etc.

  • Maria

    Do these idiots not realize that money DOESN’T grow on trees and that these businesses were non-partisan except for the fact they wanted the candidate who would guarantee they could KEEP their businesses? That is ALL they cared about! They have NO choice but to do hiring freezes! These people are the lowest of the low on the I.Q. scale.

    • Jacque Rowland

      Remember this is the generation that was never told “no”. They have also received ribbons and medals for everything they have ever done. “OH you didn’t pee in your pants, here is a medal! OH, you showed up for school today, have a ribbon!” They believe they are special, and if you don’t agree….well you are just a big old bully, racist, conservative, taking away their natural rights. Have you seen them try to make change when the computerized cash register crashes….really you have to see it to believe it!

      • Maria

        You’re right, absolutely right! Yeah I have seen that. I had no problem making change when the register malfunctioned because I could do the math in my head. This generation perplexes me to no end. Back when I was in school if you didn’t place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in something you got an honorable mention which basically meant “try harder next time, loser”. It strengthens you to do better next time. But now there is no 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes..everyone’s a winner! Spare me, people!

  • Nana Taylor

    So These idiot liberals are also talking over at puffyhost comment threads and want lawmakers to FORCE these businesses to keep employees they cannot afford.

  • Cynthia Ingraham

    I can see were someone has come up with the term libtards. Need I say more.

  • C J

    HOW MANY PEOPLE tried to tell you this was coming …. IT IS not revenge but, companies CANNOT AFFORD Obamacare !! You had a chance for a real
    turn around and you blew it !! YOU WERE WARNED !! SUCK IT UP AND FACE

    • C J


      Pepsi….. Laying off 4000


      Oh…there is so much more than Boeing.

      Small Business Employment, Revenues In Downward Trend, Says Intuit

      That uncertainty was removed when the OBAMA got
      re-elected, they now know for certain the business climate is hostile.

      Then there is the massive power grab known as ØbamaCare, which will
      see millions of hourly workers having their work week reduced to 29
      hours to avoid the ØbamaCare 30 hour work week cut-off.

      Welch Allyn

      Welch Allyn, a company that manufactures medical diagnostic equipment
      in central New York, announced in September that they would be laying
      off 275 employees, or roughly 10% of their workforce over the next three
      years. One of the major reasons discussed for the layoffs was a
      proactive response to the Medical Device Tax mandated by the new
      healthcare law.

      Dana Holding Corp.

      As recently as a week ago, a global auto parts manufacturing company
      in Ohio known as Dana Holding Corp., warned their employees of potential
      layoffs, citing “$24 million over the next six years in additional U.S.
      health care expenses”. After laying off several white collar staffers,
      company insiders have hinted at more to come. The company will have to
      cover the additional $24 million cost somehow, which will likely equate
      to numerous cuts in their current workforce of 25,500 worldwide.


      One of the biggest medical device manufacturers in the world, Stryker
      will close their facility in Orchard Park, New York, eliminating 96
      jobs in December. Worse, they plan on countering the medical device tax
      in Obamacare by slashing 5% of their global workforce – an estimated
      1,170 positions.


      In March of 2010, medical device maker Medtronic warned that
      Obamacare taxes could result in a reduction of precisely 1,000 jobs.
      That plan became reality when the company cut 500 positions over the
      summer, with another 500 set for the end of 2013.


      •Smith & Nephew – 770 layoffs

      •Abbott Labs – 700 layoffs

      •Covidien – 595 layoffs

      •Kinetic Concepts – 427 layoffs

      •St. Jude Medical – 300 layoffs

      •Hill Rom – 200 layoffs

      For those idiots celebrating OBAMA’S re-election you won’t be exempt from the misery that is coming AND THE ONES WHO TRIED TO WARN YOU DON’T WANT TO HEAR YOU COMPLAIN… YOU BROUGHT IT ON YOUR OWN SELF !!!

      • Lt_Scrounge

        Don’t forget that Kroger is going to limit all of their hourly employees to 28 hours to avoid paying the fines under Obamacare. Those are primarily unionized employees who are going to have to find a second job. Tens of thousands of unionized employees. Of course they may have to hire more part time employees to make up the difference. Unemployment might go down, but average income is about to tumble even further than they already have under Obamao.

  • kbielefe

    Dear liberals,

    Your friends in Washington KNEW THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN! Otherwise they would have let us experience the full joys of Obamacare before the election.

    • John

      So true

  • Tom Kramer

    The only thing they had right is that Applebees food sucks. But, just to piss the dumbass libs off, I’ll eat there regularly during their half price appetizers happy hour.

  • Scooter

    i like how they want to boycott so that all the people that already have jobs mostly waiters will go without pay…makes a ton of sense, what a bunch of brainless twits

    • Hiraghm

      I know, it’s stupid logic. Don’t BOYCOTT Applebees if they threaten to fire because of increased costs… FLOOD their store with paying customers demanding service. They’ll have to hire more people whether they want to or not.

      And that helps the economy and employment. Which is the better response seems a no-brainer.

  • Nana Taylor

    Just FYI for those new adult liberals getting those pell grants Im paying for- Business Admin > Sociology . Okay? Thanks.

    • Lovetorun2

      LOL – awesome Nana!
      Sadly, as a college prof who has to deal with the products of K-12 public education everyday, I doubt any liberal will understand:
      Business Admin > Sociology

  • MFrame

    You people are brilliant!! Your worried about people loosing (or having hours cut back) their jobs and can’t believe its due to the massive costs that will be incurred by forcing high priced health care on the employers. SO YOU ANSWER IS BOYCOTT!!! IDIOTS..even more people will lose their jobs then. But I don’t blame you…its what Obama would do!

  • John McClelland

    In light of the unemployment bomb can someone please explain why John Boehner is saying “Obamacare is settled, it’s the law of the land” instead of- “Obamacare is a terrible piece of legislation that’s harming the economy, small businesses and is putting thousands of people out of work”? The 2016 election starts right here GOP.

    • Maria Seeger

      Because while it’s true that Obamacare is a terrible piece of legislation, it’s also a moot point. The Reality is that the Supreme Court upheld ObamaCare and only the President can repeal it, because it’s not a constitutional amendment. Now that Obama is president, there’s no way in hell the law will be repealed.

    • Grumpa Grumpus

      @John McClelland:
      Oh. I’ve explained that before, but people tell me I’m a conspiracy nut.

      The DumperCrats move us to the Socialism part of the spectrum.

      Progressive-Republicans (know as “Establishment Republicans” to lessen the emotional impact) are there to consolidate the gains of the Progressives and acclimate us to the loss of Liberty.

      That includes fighting loud, hard, and — ineffectively to repeal Liberty-stealing & Constitution-bypassing laws.

      It is why, since 1951, not a single important piece of Progressive Liberty Stealing legislation has be repealed.

      And why, when they “repair” or “fix” legislation it becomes even more parasitic than the original law it replaced.

      But don’t listen to me— I’m a senile 96yr old paranoid tin-hatsman!

    • JP2012

      because he is a spineless a-hole.

  • Mary

    The ignorance of these people is astounding, if not for the uncertainty of Obamacare you’re country may well have been way ahead in a recovery, common sense dictates that any expansion etc under such uncertainty would have been completely MAD!! NOW employers are aware of what is DEFFINATELY coming they would be remiss NOT to prepare!! Dems WONt get this but “cut you’re cloth”!! thats, for grown ups, BUDGET!!!!

  • Ronald K

    Safe to say, that none of the above leftists or just flat out media thought controlled idiots are business owners.

  • YERMOM182

    Awesome does this mean that there will be no more Commies in Applebees?

  • Catie Gustitus

    Don’t you get it people! Obamacare is NOT FREE! Good Lord people WAKE UP! I just got a letter from my fiance’s employer stating even though the costs have gone up for their insurance plans under the ACA.. If Obamacare is upheld.. His rates are going up 8-12% The part that the Employer must pay on the premium is going up 30% DO YOU GET IT? They either have to get rid of the insurance benefits they have now.. and FORCE them to go on obamacare… or they have to CUT JOBS… Because in this economy they CAN’T AFFORD to expand their businesses… hire new people… or TAKE CARE OF THE ONES THE HAVE! You JUST DONT GET IT… Take a business course for cryin out loud before you Spew the Rhetoric CRAP they have been feeding you,

    • tomincol

      Anyone with any sense has to think the following will happen in some form
      1. company gets health insurance, but the employee will have to pay % of cost
      2. company transitions from full to part time workers.
      3. company stays under 50 employees
      4. company pleads for an “exemption”
      5. company lays off employees.

    • Kim Andrews

      Thank you! Brilliant post.

    • Lovetorun2

      Bravo Catie L! Awesome post!

  • Paul C.

    These are the same lemmings who voted for Obummer, to them it’s free.

  • gman213

    Hey….stupid liberals…calling for a boycott of Applebees because of a hiring freeze will help who? A boycott means you don’t want customers to go there…when that is successful Applebees then fires workers…you idiots get that right? No…you don’t..your emotion over rides any intelligence

  • digitalPimple


  • Jens Christian

    Hopefully these leftists morons will lose their job, that is if they have one.

  • Joe W.

    Show me ONE intelligent liberal and I will show you the Easter Bunny. Neither exist.

    • Daniel Munkelwitz

      Never mind the chicken egg, Just look at the pretty colors*!#@*$.

    • $23643181

      But the Easter Bunny brings you stuff. Liberals take it away.

  • Brett McMicken

    i don’t see what they are whining about…..anyone who loses a job or isn’t hired will automatically be hired by an obama supporter.

  • Brett McMicken

    let’s see: smug, loud, obnoxious, know-it-all, holier-than-thou liberals boycotting a restaurant. sounds like a place i’d like to go for a meal!

  • Vivian Perez

    Ahhhhhhhh…. This feels good: TOLD YOU SO!!!

  • Andrea3000

    Funny… They say boycott, I say I AM supporting.

  • vonvervengarten

    Understanding the basics of a balance sheet? No.

    When Romney hammered on and on and on about job killing policy, what did the liberals think he meant?
    Now they have to live with the consequences of their votes. Enjoy!!! Maybe they’ll catch a clue in the next four years….silver lining.

    • JP2012

      Just wait until the Bush tax cuts expire, you know the ones that only benefit the rich…guess what America…they applied to everyone and now they will be gone.

  • TocksNedlog

    One wonders if these libtards realize that boycotting the restaurants will ENSURE that they will have to freeze hiring, if not engage in layoffs? Idiots.

  • Conservaguy

    So, business’ have told everyone that if Obamacare wasn’t repealed it would result in massive layoffs, then when that happens they lay people off, the left is surprised and outraged. This is what happens when you have a media that covers up for a woefully unqualified man to be president. They don’t get the information they need to make an intelligent decision. Or quite simply they are incapable of making the intelligent decision. Or they are just socialist morons. But they can’t be genuinely shocked and outraged. They knew it was coming.

    • Webster

      socialist morons. you had it right

  • Mike Johnson

    Consequences, meet stupid liberals. Stupid liberals, meet consequences. God, this is going to be a wonderful next 4-years to watch. I’m popping the corn as I type.

  • John Fitzgerald

    I’ll patronize every business that lays off workers because of Obama’s re-election, and boycott all that get a crony waiver

  • littleones

    I haven’t been to Applebees since they stopped cleaning their bathrooms.

  • Nushka62

    So people who work in restaurants as servers or dishwasher or cooks or cashiers
    don’t deserve healthcare? Adults working full-time in a restaurant shouldn’t
    have insurance? Do the people who work in the corporate offices do so without
    insurance? Are Tankel and his family covered by insurance? If this man had any
    regard for his employees, he would offer them an affordable insurance plan. Read
    this NYT article from last year where this same man boasts about his enormous
    successes and profits (each of his 34 locations average $4.25 million in revenue) and then tell me that he can’t afford to offer his employees an insurance plan like most people reading this have through their job:

    • Elaine

      DESERVE?? No one DESERVES anything. You work for it. Most companies can’t AFFORD private insurance for employees thanks to rising premiums due to OBAMACARE. Benefits up front, PAYMENT after January 2013 and PLANNED that way! It will be cheaper to just pay the fine. HOW does that help people? Having a peice of paper you deserve for health insurance will NOT get you actual HEALTH CARE. Before the FEW who needed it were always covered and had a safety net. What part do you NOT understand? Now there will BE NO DOCTORS who will take your worthless piece of paper. Save your money. You will need it if you get sick since that’s all they will take, just like in Canada!

      • Nushka62

        It is my understanding that his employees “do work for it”….they work, hence they deserve insurance. Just like I do (my employer and I split the cost). You can bet that he has insurance as do the people who work in the corporate offices (payroll, HR, logistics, etc.). You didn’t answer my question…why are the restaurant workers treated differently than the owner when it comes to healthcare? What should these full-time hardworking minimum wage employees do for insurance? What should they do when they get sick?

        • Grumpa Grumpus

          As a man who ran a very successful baker the old fashioned way, let me explain this to you:

          In your bosses ledger is a subhead “employee costs”.

          That category contains many other subdivisions, and lots of those are specific to business type. You’d not expect a quarry to track spoiled dough, and I can attest I never tracked “damaged marble blocks” in my ledgers.

          But there are commonalities. One is “salary” and another is “benefits”&m no matter the actual category labels.

          Here’s the secret: the employer adds those together! The employer doesn’t think of it in separate terms, just a compensation target he must be under — in essence a financial version of a “deadline”!

          Because to an employer it doesn’t matter if the dollars he compensates employees with are spent for healthcare or salary, or split between them! It’s still just dollars (i.e. employee cost) to him!
          In short:
          You & your employer split NOTHING! Any split of monies comes from ONE POOL called “EMPLOYEE COMPENSATION”

          The split itself is what’s known as an “accounting fiction” because it exists nowhere but in the columns of accounting figures! It is all dollars and it all comes out of or taken from that column of figures called Gross Profits!

          The historical basis that led to this piece of schizophrenic accounting has its roots in the exceedingly high taxation that preceeded WWII.

          Employers were trying to find a way around the taxes so that employees could earn a wage that would let them keep a reasonable amount of the fruits of their labor.

          The way found was contract health care, originally via “the company doctor”. In time enterprising businessman saw that there was a market for health insurance.

          I started my working life,(off the family farm), in the pre-health insurance era.

          You received the entire compensation, and contracted your own heathcare.

          There are laws that prohibit private national healthcare, which would allow the insurance companies to balance risk pools. The insurance companies are also required to pay for things that across the board that couldn’t possibly apply. Viagra for women. Not the equivalent, but the drug for men. Hysterectomies for men. The money must still be set aside for these things, so it’s not there for other stuff.

          There’s a lot nore to say, I’ve only touched the subject in the broadest of terms.
          This should be enough to get you started, though.

          Well, this post is long enough.

          • Nushka62

            Thank you. So, why are the restaurant workers treated differently than the owner when it comes to healthcare? What should these full-time hardworking minimum wage employees do for insurance? What should they do when they get sick?

        • JP2012

          No one deserves employer provided insurance coverage, does your company pay for your homeowners or auto insurance? It is a benefit voluntarily provided by an employer to encourage people to work for him. If the cost becomes prohibitive the employer is free to discontinue the benefit and if you don’t like it…go work somewhere else.

    • Mary

      Will the Obama family, the family of Pelosi, Reid and the whole administration be on the same HC as joe bloggs!!! what about Hollyweirds!!! MMmmm I dont think so!!!

    • Supporter_DC

      If you knew ANYTHING about business, you would know that these people already had access to benefits. It’s just a lot more expensive with the government stepping in, as it always is. Also, a big chunk of that $4.25 million in revenue (not profits) goes to wages and benefits. Restaurants are not huge money makers.

    • StarResident

      They do offer affordable health care plans to their employees. Plans that are illegal under Obamacare.

  • Marcy Cook

    The boycott statement is idiotic…there will be no need to boycott when people realize they don’t have money to go to any restaurant. These idiots believe obamacare is free health care. No sweetie…everything has a cost and you will soon find out. The rest of us who warned you are in full preparation mode. We’ll be fine. You liberal takers? Not so much.

  • Dethanial Hayes

    Let me see, hmmmm, an individual opens a business, it is my understanding the object of opening a business is to make a profit. In order to make a profits he must get people to work for him therefoe giving them jobs. For they work he gives them money. No profits where does he get the money to pay them to do the work for him. If there is no profits how long can he keep pay them to do work. If he has to pay for something he has no money what the hell is he suppose to do. STUPID IDIOTS.

    • JP2012

      Don’t you know all money comes from the government? These people have most likely never held a job and haven’t a clue of how a business runs.

  • Jedd McHead

    Boycott Chi-Chi’s! That would be more productive.

  • People Corporation

    Hopefully they make a good faith effort to fire the democrats first.

  • Ben Monroe

    Let’s boycott big corporations because we’re angry at them. We all know the first place they cut costs DEFINITELY WON’T be the low-level blue collar workers we’re so fond of defending. Liberal Logic 101.

  • SuperLogic

    I think I’m going to go to Applebees today to support them! :) Love their food!

    • yahneverknow

      I don’t think I’ve ever been there. But this will prompt me to at least try it.

      Who’s #winning now? lol

  • SuperLogic

    The difference between the left and right boils down to this. The conservatives try to bring people up the ladder, whereas liberals try to pull the rich down the ladder. The right are the givers (jobs, taxes, etc), the left are the takers! What happened to the American dream of everyone succeeding by their own sweat? Ask not what the country can do for you, but what you can do for the country! It’s been taken over by the sense of entitlement by the lib left! Buy me food, buy me health care, pay for my birthcontrol, pay for my abortions….

  • JCRocks

    This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. These employers said this would happen before the election. The cost increases caused by Obamacare are going to restrict hiring and probably lead to layoffs for companies to survive in this weak economy. Libs just can’t stand bad news…especially when the One is the reason for the bad news.

  • Linda Clark Setters

    I will be sure to patronize these places as I hope the rest of the educated people do. Ignorance is so sad…glad to be a republican

  • jerry

    Support APPLEBEES by eating there as much as possible!! Let the libs turn to BHO for food stamps and that gubmint check, when they lose their jobs and their homes!

  • brianmouland

    Hope the boycott goes as well as say the one at Chick-Fil-A

    • sgthwjack


  • JMY3000

    I noticed women are mostly tweeting about this. That’s because they don’t think logically, but see things emotionally. Which is why they voted for Obama in droves. Ok, not all women, but most. They don’t understand economics and this fact: businesses don’t exist to hire people and provide healthcare. They exist to make money.

    • UpChuck.Liberals

      Liberals thrive on Emotion and Ignorance, seems to fit perfectily.

    • Jacque Rowland

      Well buddy, I’m a woman, and I do understand what will happen. I am good at math and economics. I love capitalism, and I am a conservative! Don’t lump me in there with all the others!


    NEW FLASH: It is the goal of every business to earn a profit. I have never seen such a long string of IGNORANT comments.

    • JP2012

      That’s the problem…in their eyes profits go to people that are already rich 1%ers…all profits should be confiscated and redistributed to the people that sit on their ass all day.

      • Cathy

        Have you ever even owned a business? If not you don’t have a clue

        • JP2012

          ??? do you read before you comment?

          • Cathy

            Maybe you should have worded it a little clearer. Reading it again I agree with you. Sorry I misread your statement.

    • $5571095

      And true to their nature, these business are putting profit before people. Heaven forbid they make a little less profit so thier employees, you know the people that actually generate the profit, can have health insurance.

  • orringtonmom (D)

    “so… you’re going to lay off people because your guy lost the election. well, i’m going to show you, you rat bastards! i’m calling for a boycott so you go out of business and EVERYONE loses their jobs!! cuz i care more about people than you. obviously.”

    we are officially living in bizzaro world.

    • Dusty Thompson

      Yes bizarro World. 0bama getting re-elected after the single worst Presidency in American History that will eventually destroy America as we know it.

      Joe McCarthy was right and you and the entire Democrat Party are the “useful idiots” that let it happen.

      History will not be kind to this generation.

      200 years after the fall of Rome many Romans still believed Rome existed. This is where America is.

      • orringtonmom (D)

        i guess you missed the sarcasm in my post. i’ve never been accused of being called a democrat before… feels weird.

    • Havebikewilltravel

      When sober up come on back and make sense

      • orringtonmom (D)

        sure. you first.

  • blurtle

    The Obama Depression continues …

  • ModdKenwood


  • the_new_guy91

    Boycotting businesses is supposed to help their employees, now?

  • Dingus

    yeah, boycott them so they’ll have to lay off the rest of the workers, you stupid liberal douchebags.

  • Mr.McGwire

    One word. Secession. A block of Southern and Western States…federal deficit will belong to the Northeast and California. Sound good? Give me a check

  • Warren Stallings

    Duh, economics and accounting 101. He should operate at a loss, like your federal welfare government? Get an education, preferably funded by someone besides me.

    I, nor your government, owes you shit. Produce rather than consume.

  • lainer51

    lovin Applebee’s more and more… glad they built one near me last year… will frequent often over the holidays.

  • itsspideyman

    Good work tweeters. Threaten businesses with boycotts for trying to stay alive. Bet not a one has ever had to meet a payroll.

  • missbutterfly

    They CAN’T hire more employees – it’s too costly now. Boycott ALL the restaurants if you want to, but it won’t change math.

  • NetizenKane

    We warned the Marxists, Morons, and Moochers what would happen. But then, they’re Marxists, Morons, and Moochers…

  • Jasonn

    What did President Obama keep saying while he was shoving Obamacare down our throats, “erections have consequences?” Well one of the consequences of Obamacare will be fewer full time jobs. If you voted for that Marxist A-hole then you can’t complain about it.

    • UpChuck.Liberals

      ‘erection’ ??? The only time Barry gets and erection is when he’s behind one of his buddies.

  • DuchessofDownton

    “Deserving of healthcare” No one is “deserving” of anything other than what they work for.

  • rickbob

    Hey. Twitees, elections have consequences. . .

  • demmi

    Boring….phony boycott. Those dolts know nothing.

  • Truck Monkey

    Retards. All of them. This is what 50 years of Public Teachers Unions and Ivory Tower Universities have brought us. Let’s demonize the few who make this economy work. That makes sense.

  • hwy505

    And the lefties yell for a Boycott LOL So if Obamacare wouldn’t make people lose their jobs – lets boycott and assure it – schmucks!

  • Jennifer Lambert

    And the hate messages on the left continue.

  • Cindy Brooks

    Piazza for lunch and applebees for dinner.

  • C0zmo

    Sniveling liberals whining because Obamacare makes running a business more expensive? You were told this would happen three years ago, whiners! Businesses cannot take on this kind of expense and turn a profit. Don’t blame THEM for something YOUR party imposed on them. Time to reap what has been sown.
    And you’ll be boycotting a helluva lot more businesses if you boycott for this reason, dummies.

  • dwboston

    At this rate, soon there won’t be any restaurants left for liberals to eat at. I’m guessing Obama and his people knew exactly what the reaction would be from business owners to higher health care costs and higher overall taxes. In fact they’re counting on it. Cloward-Piven anyone?

    • Denny Craneftw

      They eat in soup kitchens. If they could earn the money to eat in a restaurant, they would have voted Romney.

  • hownow

    Hey yeah, another liberal/progressive boycott of a business. Make it necessary to slash employees’ hours even MORE than the downward effects of ObamaCare do. That will show exactly how bad reelecting Mr. Obama was – more unemployment caused by his nasty, vindictive, selfish supporters. Makes sense now.

  • Guest

    boycotts from the left don’t work. You need a job to buy things.

  • Jakester

    If I ran a business, I would fire lots of people because of Obamacare.


  • putupjob

    Omugabe won. Let everyone live with the result.
    He went golfing today.
    A business can decide to cut staff whenever they want.
    This isn’t personal. It’s just business.

    • hownow

      B’rackass drives again.

  • buckofama2010

    Well Applebee’s supports Veterans and offers free meals Monday on Veteran’s Day. I will give Applebee’s even more business for standing up to odumbass. Oh, in case you morons in the gimmedat racist party (dems) has forgotten, they won’t take your foodstamps and they have a dress code at Applebees so not going someplace you already do NOT patronize is, well, it DAMNED sure isn’t a boycott. HAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHA

  • calvin76

    Bunch of morons. They obviosly dont know anythign about running a business. I cant stand the twitterati.

  • Indiana Jones

    Stop eating at franchises. That would be America’s first great step. It’s all the same sh*t food.

  • Jakester


  • buckofama2010

    Too bad there are no liberal businesses to boycott or we could retaliate

  • starrrgirl

    waaaaah! how dare a business owner think about his bottom line?

  • Mark Burningham

    I didn’t know or care about the politics of Applebees. Now that I am aware that he’s not just republican but anti-healthcare for his underpaid employees; my last meal at Applebees is in my past.
    Too bad, I’ll have to find somewhere else that makes mushroom steak tips. (won’t be too hard)

  • Rascal69

    And if they think that laying off people is terrible, wait until they start to see the effects of inflation resulting from their fine government’s continued printing of money. Gas should head back up to $5+, Milk at $4.00/gal, corn for $2.00/ear…the fun is just beginning.

  • ConcernedOne

    ickth! Disgusting to see so much ignorance following the Huffington Compost for news….They just don’t understand Gov’t healthcare and the enormous taxation penalties

  • UpChuck.Liberals

    And the socialist dumb$hits don’t quite get the concept of a business needing to make a profit in order to keep going. Must be the static from their Obama Phones. I know where I’m having lunch tomorrow, best part is, it’s a tax write off so I shaft Barry at the same time.

  • Chriss Markey

    You left nut idiots. You really think a business WANTS to lay off people? You really think they WANT business slow downs? They really want bad press? They want costs to increase and profits to fall? No wonder you have a clueless leader; you are all KlooLess yourselves.
    Witness the fall of the American Experiment. Soon to be just another third world Kountry.
    You asked for it … you got it … Oh Bumma.

  • agreatsign

    Boycotting a company that is planning to make adjustments to their staffing in order to survive what will be a withering and failed socialized health care system, makes as much sense as a proven failure of an administration stating that we will spend our way out of debt.
    It’s a sad statement of our society that over 60 million Americans are inept enough to fall for the same lie twice in a row.

  • herdzcatz

    Nothing like an uneducated populace to angrily blast with the indignance of the entitled when others who work 16-20 hours a day, 6-7 days a week to run a decent business, have to cut back due to the financial load imposed on them by the king tut himself. WE WANT our BABY BACKS! We WANT OUR PIZZA! We Want OUR LOBSTER and CRABLEGS! Why are you owners so evil as to lay off our servers whom we refuse to tip with the money we carry on our demanding selves?! We don’t want to work, but you work 20 hrs. a day and have a big house! THAT’S NOT FAAAAAIR!!!!!!!!

  • Ltpar

    Well, well look at this. All the bottom feeders are out in mass on this story, most with no comprehension of what it takes to run a business, the overhead costs and the profit margin. You clowns voted for the Pied Piper of Chicago, embraced his vision of redistribution of wealth and now you whine like a bunch of schoolgrils when business prepares to deal with the end result. Grab your undershorts and hold on, because these companies will not be the only ones across the nation to reduce employees to meet the new cost of government under Comrade Obama. You made your bed, now be prepaed to sleep in it for the next four years.

  • hownow

    Mr. Obama – the ultimate Blue Meanie. Mrs. Clinton – the vice-ultimate Blue Meanie.

  • Janet Inifares

    I applaud Applebee’s and all other businesses making sound business decisions based upon the new taxes levied on them for Obamacare. Us business owners have to make cuts to make our company profitable and cutting staff is the first thing we must do. Sorry Obama, but your far left wing policies are going to make things very ugly for the Democrats the next 2 election cycles.

  • Kelle75

    I imagine this will go as well as the boycott on Chik Fil A. More Business for those who stand up for freedom to run business as they choose. I have a list of Obama business endorsements, they won’t be getting my business or my money. Besides apple-bees doesn’t take food stamps anyway so no loss in revenue for them. Why are ppl so ignorant to not comprehend obamacare raises costs, and will raise the cost of meals. Nothing is Free!

  • mike

    But,But michelle has such nice arms! Hey lets boycott and then wonder why they lay off!!! Do you realize how much O’bummer care is going to cost the company’s? East coast dipwadds!!! I hope you helpless pieces of crapp get what you voted for!! LOL!LOL!LOL!

  • Gary Hopkins

    When the cost of doing business increases cuts need to be made. Obamacare has caused many business owners to re-think things, and it appears that because of Obamacare the employees will be suffering. The company I work for closed one of their four locations because they wanted to decrease the number of employees to less than 50. This was in response to Obamacare. It’s one of the new facts of life. The majority wanted it. They got it.

  • Chriss Markey

    ah got me my obamma fone .. he gived me a free fone … you gots ta vote obamma – he gonna give you more free stuff. Hey stupid … NOTHING is free.

  • Damo1000

    Boycotts work both ways. I won’t buy a cough drop at WalMart after they went in the bag for Obama. Nor will I hire anyone who voted for Obama.

  • Don

    Sounds like a bunch of Liberals whining. They have a difficult time comprehending reality.

  • CommonSense033

    So they’re angry at the reality of keeping a business afloat.

    I bet they’d be happy if Obama nationalized all the businesses and forbade firing.

    • johnrhett

      That will probably be next.

  • Empowered

    This will only continue. Liberal governments always stifle economic growth and shutter doors of REAL progress.

    • JumpStart

      And when their ill conceived plans do not work they simply blame the republicans or conservatives and the clueless lap it up.

  • la4fsu

    Why do liberals think having a job is a right and a business should be required to hire people they do not need. Only government can do that because they use what they consider a never ending supply of tax dollars. These idiots have no idea what it takes to run a business profitably.

  • Dmanlat

    Comments like these show the lack of business sense that elected Obama in the first place.

  • fmadsen

    I think Applebees needs an Obama bailout. We bailed out Wall Street bankers and the GM/Chrysler unions, not to mention $Billions to Obama’s ‘green energy’ cronies who returned about $1 for every $8 invested. If the employees don’t like the job quit and go somewhere else. I’m going there tomorrow for Veteran’s Day. My wife and I like Applebees and the staff at our local restaurant.

  • Eileen Dover

    Who is John Galt?

  • R_OMC

    If you’re gross pay is equal to or less than $30k a year you should quit your job and get on the government handouts. You can actually fair just as well and not have to work. Use the time to better your education or as Nancy Pelosi would say, learn to play an instrument or how to paint. Spend time with your family playing a board game.

    If you’re gross pay is equal to or more than $30k a year you should go on a savings binge. Only buy what you have to have to survive on a daily basis. The bare necessities and don’t spend a dime on anything else. Spend time with your family playing a board game.

    If we all did this it would shut this thing down. The dollar rules. They, the government, would have to see the insanity of their current course of action and America and our families would be the better for it

    • CommonSense033

      You don’t need to do that, that just hurts businesses.

      Just do things in CASH as much as you can. Buy and sell items used on Craigslist, cash only.

      Cut off the tax income, and it starves them.

  • areasonablepersonwithabrain

    SOOOO many loopholes in Obamacare… just find the one that suits you’re business and you’re good to go. The funniest part is how these same people criticizing Applebees forget how some of America’s biggest employers have received waivers to be exempt from Obamacare. Shows me how ignorant some of these people really are… but this is the internet afterall.

  • Kelle75

    Thanks for the list of Great Restaurants to spend my money now. Support Free market, not free ride.

  • U LIE

    MORONS: the fastest growing religion in the world today, obama approved, obama was even considering converting from islam, but he found it’s really just another islamo sect.

  • Eileen Dover

    The logical response is to pass a law prohibiting layoffs – Wesley Mouch

    • Grace656

      Scary how prophetic Rand was – logic is being gutted by the progressives and their lemmings.

  • rdknyc596

    The people criticizing these employers and more closely restaurants do not understand the business. It is not called a business of pennies for no reason. The profit margin in a restaurant is extremely slim and the costs keep escalating due to commodity prices, regulations, tip regulations, penalty hours and now Obama care.
    There are almost zero restaurants, whether a mom and pop or a large chain that can afford the health plans for their workers. These people who voted for Obama and think his health care plan is a great thing, are simply naive and do not understand the ‘cost of doing business’.

  • visceralrebellion

    I wonder how many of these idiots are teenagers in Denver trying their first bong?

  • Fa John

    chaps my hide?? These friggin idiots calling for boycotts of businesses
    because they cannot afford full coverage for every single employee YET
    say nothing about how much the insurance carriers are for coverage and
    how much the doctors charge!!

    They overcharge for everything.. here a simple Drs. visit can range from $250-350
    for them to barely touch you and simply think prescribing pills is the cure all.

    Insurance carriers charging horrifying amounts and denying many
    coverages.. I know.. I was in the health isnurance field for over 15
    yrs.. seen it and had to deal w/it and hence why I’m not in it anymore

    • CommonSense033

      So, what, you want doctors to work for a government set rate?

      • Fa John

        so, what, you want the gov’t to dictate that the businesses give insurance for employees therefore giving the insurance companies all the money??? The only ones not losing in this deal are the insurance companies really

        • CommonSense033

          I want government out of the picture entirely.

          • Fa John

            I agree but too many idiots out there who want the gov’t to take care of them. Not enough people for Ron Paul :-( or Gary Johnson

  • John Peterson

    Elections have consequences. Businesses are not charities.

  • fmadsen

    If you want to see some of the pain caused by our current economy suggest you go to: People have jobs because a business makes money providing quality goods and services. Without business we have nothing. A government without a viable business community has nothing.

  • Steve Fitzpatrick

    what a bunch of loosers i know how hard it is to run a restaurant and make a profit
    its no surprise this is happening i bet all restaurant chains and other business will only hire part time. it always happens liberals hurt the same people they try to help . its too bad this country is being taking over by Cry babies and Slackers this is not the country i grew up in thats for sure

  • The Anti-Obama

    I like the idea of a revolution against this overbearing socialist government and the entire DC bureaucracy…dragging those effers out into the street to tar and feather them. Enough…we can run our own lives and we don’t need you effing libturds to try to do it for us.

  • Bob Coco

    Let’s divide the country. You get to pick what part you want to live in, conservative or socialist. Then we build a wall and you are stuck in the part you chose to live in. Let’s then see what part thrives and what part collapses.

  • Howzah123

    The Left is using twitter to stir up mobs

  • Indiana Jones

    Oh, no! How will America’s economy ever survive?! They won’t hire anymore $6/hour employees for sub 40-hour/week waiting jobs that don’t qualify for full-time? And I will have a tougher time eating their sh*tty, processed-crap they call food?! China is gonna take us over! Oh, no!

  • gauffrette

    I think I’ve decided what to give the liberal relatives for Christmas: Applebee’s gift cards.

    • J_Biggs

      I love it. What a great idea!

  • dbe451

    Seems to me people think that businesses are here to make everyone money but the people putting money into the business.

  • U LIE

    And all these osama obama lovers need to get a sense of islamo humor. That’s some funny shitte!

  • Harold Stonle

    Fuckwits that boycott Applebee’s over this will put the chain out of business. How many jobs will Applebee’s create then? Morons.

  • ocb2

    Give me free pizza or else! The politics of obama, race, division, class and envy. Hey, you didn’t build that pappa john

  • Fa John

    These friggin idiots calling for boycotts of businesses because they cannot afford full coverage for every single employee YET say nothing about how much the insurance carriers are for coverage and how much the doctors charge!!

    They overcharge for everything.. here a simple Drs. visit can range from $250-350 for them to barely touch you and simply think prescribing pills is the cure all.

    Insurance carriers charging horrifying amounts and denying many coverages.. I know.. I was in the health isnurance field for over 15 yrs.. seen it and had to deal w/it and hence why I’m not in it anymore

    • somatic60

      I spent many years in health insurance negotiating contracts with providers. Don’t worry. Your revenge is coming. The health insurance industry will be destroyed by Obamacare. In 10-15 years there will be only a shell remaining, administering Obamacare and selling insurance privately to wealthy people.

  • moreisbetter

    These freeloaders are such trash ghetto. Boeing just laid off 30% and Lockheed 120,000 because of Ghettocare. Lockheed also announced they’re closing all California plants

    • ConcernedOne

      LOL! Too funny reading Ghettocare…..nice one

    • JumpStart

      Lockheed going Galt.

  • allan

    such silly responses. All this “free” stuff comes at a cost, sadly to usually those who can least likely afford it.

  • skswig

    I think they are saying that they CAN not hire not that they WILL not hire a dead company is no good to any one

  • Foudini

    I hope the people shown here with their twitters follow through on their boycotts. Maybe then I can eat in peace for a change.

  • somatic60

    Idiot libs don’t get the concept of no free lunch. What the hell did people think would happen when Obamacare passed? Did they think that all these new taxes and fines and regulations would just be absorbed by businesses without any changes to their operations or capital structure? Did they not think that every action has an equal and opposite reaction? Note to libs–start paying attention in school. Pay attention in science. Pay attention in economics. These people embarrass themselves.

    • Webster

      Remember, only the top 1% were supposed to get taxed more…that was going to pay for the debt, 0bamacare, entitlements, welfare, Medicaid, Medicare….you get my point.

  • Bryan

    Imagine all the businesses not saying anything, just making all employees part time and reducing the number of them because of Obamacare. To call them unpatriotic is crap for trying to survive nonsense laws !

  • myself98


    Poor liberals won’t be able to eat anywhere.


  • $372161

    The business community has told everyone who will listen that Obamacare will result in higher unemployment. When you raise the cost of labor, you will get less of it. That is a simple concept and yet is seems to have escaped Obuttwipe and the 50% who reelected him. The irony is that the Obamaphiles will not like what they will get from Obama but they are too stupid to understand that he is responsible. The nation is doomed.

    • JumpStart

      You are so correct, we could overcome Obama and his minions but we can’t overcome a nation of stupid people. We’ll have to bottom out before we can fix it.

  • Gooseontheloose

    The ignorance of not understanding that one is ignorant of the basics of managing a business is so abundant in all of these tweets.

    • $30199254

      I agree. It blows my mind… the complete ignorance of economics and business, but they are willing to pass judgement.

  • RightStuff

    Hitler destroyed businesses. He didn’t want any competition. Many, if not most businesses were owned by Jews. At least the mom and pop businesses. Business people were also pretty smart, and they saw that he was a dangerous person.

  • Fa John

    These friggin idiot Nobama supporters/voters calling for boycotts of businesses because they
    cannot afford full coverage for every single employee YET say nothing
    about how much the insurance carriers are for coverage and how much the
    doctors charge!!

    They overcharge for everything.. here the state I live in a simple
    Drs. visit can range from $250-350 for them to barely touch you and
    simply think prescribing pills is the cure all.

    carriers charging horrifying amounts and denying many coverages.. I
    know.. I was in the health isnurance field for over 15 yrs.. seen it and
    had to deal w/it and hence why I’m not in it anymore

    • D

      And just wait until the insurance is completely taken ver by the govt, which has zero accountability and no competition.

  • Webster

    I hope all liberals boycott Applebees and Papa Johns. There are plenty of conservatives who have jobs and can support them. We didn’t win at the polls but we can win with our wallets. heh, heh, heh…

  • phil di

    what did you libs think was going to happen, with obamacare right around the corner if he won, LAYOFFS, so you libs would rather they keep all employees to the point where the business would have to close, yea makes sens

  • Ralloh

    This shows how incredibly stupid the twitter people are. I guess they think businesses are only there to provide jobs for people. Profits? Parrish the thought. Anything that the government throws at them that increases their operating costs should just be absorbed. You twitter people are sure dimwits when it comes to business.

  • somatic60

    If these crazy libs think these layoffs are the worst that’s coming, we haven’t seen anything yet. What they don’t realize is that you cannot make these types of changes to the payor side of healthcare without substantially impacting the provider side. When quality continually goes down, when access goes down, when certain specialites become increasingly rare, when you want to see a doc and instead wait for hours to see a PA, then maybe a light bulb will click on with some of them. Unfortunately most will still blame the evil Bush. Such a sad ignorant lot.

  • Lingam

    I predicted a peaceful revolt of American business owners. Maybe it’s already started.

  • Robert Jones

    Imagine that.. a business has less money because the government has taken it and now they have fewer resources to higher people. This isn’t a novel idea. People were warned about this when they started with this nonsense. Instead of developing plan to put people back to work, they passed this garbage through in the House where even Pelosi admitted she had not read it. So, now you want to cry a river and blame the business owner. It’s just going to get a lot worse. The concept is quite simple…When someone doesn’t have money to hire someone, they don’t. And when costs go up in other areas, they have to make cuts somewhere.. Where do you think a restaurant will make cuts? In electricity, food or rent? That can’t happen because those costs are increasing.. Let’s see.. What’s left? Just like everyone else, they have to do more with less.. People will be laid off. It sucks.. It really does.

  • Barry Evans

    Unlike the federal government they must make money or close their doors, than every one has free Obama care and Obama phones. After reading the above, they all must live in Grease.

  • Robert Burns

    Hopefully when the economy collapses or social unrest happens soon. All the REAL Americans throughout the corruption in Washington like Iceland did.

  • creekrat

    The left really hurt Chic Fil A did they not!!

  • Retired Veteran

    Who is John Galt?

  • somatic60

    These people give directional schools a bad name.

  • Tarmangani

    This is the reason why the Obama party is the party of OWS. They feel they are entitled to everything they want without having to put forth any effort. Financially, Applebees should not worry about these people boycotting them anyway. All that means is there will be fewer people going through their dumpsters. But Applebees does have to worry about property damage. Liberals tend to vandalize places that they think are unfair.

  • Webster

    I thought only the top 1% were supposed to get taxed more…that was
    going to pay for the debt, 0bamacare, entitlements, welfare, Medicaid,
    Medicare….you get my point.

  • Well Read

    Ah, the Obamacare deniers are out in force tonight. Here is the reality:
    The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act both redefined (through IRS regulations recently issued) full time employment, and the obligation of so-called “Applicable Large Employers.” This means that a lot of companies in VERY competitive, commodity type industries (restaurants, airlines, wireless phones, etc) are going to have to cover a whole lot more people in their health plan, or lower their hours.
    Pre-PPACA, you could work 35 hours/week and still be classified as part time for benefits. Post-PPACA 30 hours/week is the standard for health insurance. So the Act has given the restauranteurs the choice of taking away hours from part-timers, or increasing costs so much that they have to hire lots less folks. None of them are doing very well right now margin-wise, all with net profits between -1 and +3%, no more.
    The Act imposes these new rules at a particularly bad time in the economy, but hey, everybody voted for Obama, so these are the new rules.
    Deal with it…

    • JumpStart

      We tried to warn them, they just rolled their eyes and called us nasty names, teabaggers, neocons, haters. I don’t want to hear a single Obama voter whine, “I can’t find a job”.

  • Dr9Love

    Anyone paying attention is aware of the consequences of another 4 years with this administration. You can deny it, or try to wish it away, or you can simply accept the truth.
    My plan is to just be aware, and plan to live through it as best I can.

  • eagle1jim

    It is obvious that most of the posts on this article do not own a business and are either unemployed or soon to be after Obamacare is totally in operation. Better check and see how soon your health care will be too expensive and your taxes go up. All of you better get your soup spoon and bowl out because you are going to need it.
    Wait till you read about the thousands of defense jobs lost when 1 trillion dollars are taken out of the military budget over the next ten years. You all wanted our failed President for four more year and you got him. Are you going to boycott your own President?

  • marshallz

    Where will the obama voters shop when wal mart starts the layoffs. They r coming.

  • tubaman

    apple bees,papa johns,etc. can’t afford obamacare so they have to lay people off or go out of business.You fools that voted for Obama,what did you think was going to happen!!!! There are going to be many more companies who are going to lay off workers because of Obama Care.

  • SparkleSalt

    Of course boycotts would harm Papa Johns, add to their woes, and make hiring more problematic. And of course Democrats’ first instinct is to boycott. Their goal is not to help Papa Johns, it is to punish Papa Johns. Papa Johns is having trouble implementing ObamaCare, so it must go. That’s it, game, set, match.

  • RightStuff

    Hitler destroyed businesses, too. Didn’t want the competition. Many business owners were Jews. Hitler’s deal didn’t end too happily for a bunch of people, including Hitler.

  • Donald Crow

    dont be mad at applebees..didnt we all see this coming? bussiness’s have to make a profit to stay open..b’c of the high end tax of obama care, bussiness’s wil either layoff or go up that much higher on the food..this is basic logic..ppl wanted they got it..but in doin so, this country will go even further into bankrupcy..

  • Phred E Smith

    For the economy to have any chance of recovering it requires the 58 million people that voted against Obama to open our wallets and spend spend spend. I for one will not cooperate. I have have just reduced my monthly expenses by $200 per month by eliminating and reducing services. I also fired the pool guy. I will not buy a new car, purchase new furniture, conduct any renovations and pull back my entertainment dollars. No California vacations, no resorts. I will use the savings to maximize my retirement savings, reduce my tax liability, pay down the principle on my mortgage and increase my holdings in gold. The more frugal we are with our hard earned dollars the less of it gets circulated in the economy.

  • EmeraldAl

    These idiots think that businesses hire and fire people for their own entertainment. They don’t understand it and they elected someone who doesn’t understand it.

  • Greg

    elections have consequences….

  • mzstitch

    Romney was right, there’s 47 percent that just want things handed to them. What part do you liberals not understand? Businesses cannot afford Obamacare! They aren’t uncaring companies. Go ahead, boycott these businesses and you can put even more people out of work! You’re not hurting the rich CEO’s as much as your fellow neighbors who are struggling just to make ends meet by waitressing, etc. Why do you think so many businesses, including McDonalds were handed exemptions? When those go away you will se McDonalds laying off as well. A business isn’t going to layoff people just because they don’t like the President, they are doing it because they are a business and they are looking to stay profitable! Educate yourselfs!

    • Jon Weiss

      Even if MickyDs keeps its exemption, there will come a point where costs will overrun income and when the Obamabots end up paying $35.00 each for Big Macs, they might get the hint.

  • Fa John

    HELLO men and women (and Nobama voters)

    Why all the beef w/the businesses to supply INSURANCE coverage for all the employees which would kill them financially

    But no beef w/the Insurance carriers for overcharging on premiums, OOP deductibles and still denies coverages and no beef w/the Doctors who overcharge for EVERYTHING and all they do is prescribe a pill for everything

    Who makes out like a bandit w/this Nobamacare? INSURANCE CARRIERS..not the businesses that provide jobs and paychecks but INSURANCE CARRIERS AND RICH DOCTORS

  • Jazz OZ Hamilton

    I’m buying Papa John’s like a mofo, and plan on visiting Applebees this week. It’s too bad so many people can’t handle the truth and think if they ignore something it doesn’t exist. Sorry, but you cannot ignore the fact that ObamaCare is not free, and SOMEBODY is gonna have to pay, nimrods!

  • Allsaid

    Yeah boycott the restaurants and see how that helps the employees. HHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • JimmiP

    Good luck boycotting every business that quits hiring, cuts hours or lays people off because of the stagnant economy, higher taxes and Obamcare. You won’t have many places left to purchase goods and services from. I don’t blame you liberals from not paying attention in economics class in high school but I am a little dissappointed that as adults functioning in society you still haven’t figured it out yet.

  • yoshi

    Applebees has deals for Veterans tomorrow on Veterans day. They are very patriotic. Many obama donor businesses were granted exemptions from obamacare

  • Observer

    Let’s see: liberal economics 101. We want Applebees to hire more people, but they say that Obamacare will prevent them from hiring more. That statement is turned on its head and understood as, t”hey will lay off people,” so the solution is to boycott, which if successful will only result in more layoffs. Brilliant. The more people on food stamps the better I always say. Obama says that, too.

  • Semmy Johansen

    its not to spite idiots that they do this, its to keep from having the cost of doing business go over the profit from running it…thats when everyone loses their jobs but lets forget about that and narrow our minds as much as possible. you hateful drones are sadly the majority now so enjoy the road to hell you have paved. we will be here to pick up the pieces when you bring it all down and you will then have no choice in the matter..

  • Lite Wave

    Based on the twater photos …looks like the 47 % are bipolar lesbians with art degrees from Harvard…. Or ..they are all related to Elizabeth Waren …the Cherokee.

  • $9389733

    You might as well boycott all restaurants since all reastaurants will do far less business and lay off millions of employees during the Obamapression.

  • RichPorardo

    Applebees and Papa Johns just won my business!!!! Obama and his minions can go eff themselves.

  • $30199254

    The only way for leftism to work is through violent coersion. If all business owners quit working then they will either be forced to reopen there businesses under the direction of those that know better, or they can attend a re-education camp. The true left wants to see a complete failure of our system. Conservatives, please give your business to other conservatives, stay focused, and don’t give in.

  • Travis Busbar

    Yea Applebees. Stand up for what is right. Walk away from what is wrong.

    • Moonbattery

      What makes you think they are doing this to make a political statement? Ever think they may be doing it because they can’t AFFORD Obama’s costs?

  • rayban64

    The problem with these idiots is they think that businesses exit to give people jobs. Businesses exist to make profit and when they can’t make profit people lose jobs. All Hail Obamcare!! You asked for it; you got it!!

    • Moonbattery

      They seriously do think that. They think the world is some big TV sitcom that people write a plot for. un-freaking-real how mentally ill liberals really are.

  • WinstonGalt

    Becoming more common. New name for it – Twitter lynching.

  • aberdeenvet

    The imbecile twitterer’s who object to valid business reasons to alter staffing and/or other operations to offset increased expenses due to government regulations could not run a lemonade stand successfully just like our president and most of his party couldn’t. The low level of intelligence of Americans today seems to be centralized in the Democrat party.

  • rayban64

    Obama’s goal has always been to bankrupt small business right along with America. Uneducated morons now control most of the vote and we are doomed to Europe’s fate. But that was always part of the plan anyways.

  • Thomas D. Hall

    How about we just tax all American businesses 100% and become a pure socialist society? While we are at it why dont we just tax every person in America 100% and have the gov’t decide what we do and dont get. Sounds Ideal right?


    It’s called Business people. We do it to make money, not to make your fat lazy a$$ happy.

  • Becky

    Employers,comb your employee parking lot and look for those Obama bumper stickers, and you will know who to fire!

    • kellis91789

      Check their attitudes on Facebook and Twitter, too. They may be smart enough to remove bumper stickers.

  • OsamaBinLadenWear
  • matt

    it’s not a political decision, it’s an economic one.
    obamacare will be a disaster, a jobs killer, then hopefully they’ll repeal it, after much damage.

  • Edward Repper


  • Tom

    Elections have consequences.

  • john

    When your a Protest Punk It’s just another Beef ! To Bitch over

  • Joe Davis

    I’d like to support Applebee’s with my business but since I’m unemployed and struggling to keep current on my bills there’s no way I can do that. I know that makes Obama’s supporters happy though–so at least someone is pleased with my situation.

  • Texasooner

    Shows a great many people don’t understand what goes into managing a business. Also demonstrates a fair number of them think businesses exist to provide benefits to its employees.

  • BluzLover

    Remember Chick fil A? They were threatened with a boycott and massive protest for exercising their right to free speech and what happened? Millions of people showed their support and bought their food, and then a few hundred showed up to protest and “boycott.” In other words, when American left wing fascists raise their angry fists and threaten violence and retribution, the target businesses benefit financially because real Americans understand the economics of the real world.

    • Dusty Thompson

      Then how did any Democrat get elected to any office anywhere?

  • Moonbattery

    Liberals just don’t get it. They think the world is some big play that people write a script for. HEY LIBERALS: these are things called BUSINESSES. They exist because someone wanted to succeed, and built a business from the ground up to make a thing called PROFIT. When Obama’s socialized medicine kicks in, it eats too far into that profit. Without MONEY, you cannot PAY people. This isn’t government where you just borrow it from China. sheesh!

    • Dusty Thompson

      They live in a “theoretical” bubble. Only watch or listen to other “bubble dwellers”. They are so intelligent reality can be safely ignored and justified to fit their Bubble. They go to Law school to learn how to get around the words, meanings and intentions of our Constitution. These are America’s enemies and they are Progressive, and, as McCarthy so intuitively knew so insidious.

      200 years after the fall of Rome many former Romans still believed they lived in the Roman empire.

      That dot you see in the rear view mirror is “The Cliff”… One Liberal tells the other, “such a smooth ride it’s like we are floating in air, thank God we re-elected 0bama, Liawatha and McCaskill”… To bad the rest of had a gun pointed at our heads with threat of imprisonment and forced into the trunk of this car during the Joy Ride…

      Historians will not look kindly upon our generation due to the actions a few.

  • $22013213

    companies all across the country said they were going to have to lay people off, fire or not hire anyone because of Obamacare. Now that they have to do it….people act surprised? I have 250 people that work in my company and I will close it down and sell everything before the years is out. In about 2-3 weeks people are going to show up and there will be a note on the door saying we are closed forever.

  • gliderdriver

    So what is Obama goingto do. Send the guy toi Libya?

  • Dabute-101

    I guess all you Obama fans didn’t pay attention when u voted. U idiots better get ready to start boycotting just about every business. Dems r clueless. Boycott…..hope u enjoy ur next four years.

  • Beth

    Seriously, what is wrong with these inbred idiots?? This isn’t in retaliation to “their choice” not winning, it’s in order to not lose MILLIONS on Obamacare! Do these fools REALLY thing this s*** is all for free??

  • John Winkler

    This is the most juvenile group of nit wits that I could dream of–you cant make this crap up! This is so far out in space I first wondered if it was a spoof — I guess not; apparently these are the types of mentally deficient loons who just elected the dictator.

  • econprophet

    The reason for the firms’ announcements about reduction in hours, number of employees, and/or hiring freezes are learned in a basic economics 101 course and/or common sense——-The new law will increase the cost of operating a firm. Increases in cost are: a) either passed onto the customer via price increases [INFLATION], or b) reductions in net revenues to each store, or c) some combination of a and b. This results in small businesses and individual restaurants, Pizza stores, etc. generally doing a and b. Other comments on this site are by obviously economically illiterate posters.

  • BluzLover

    I’m going to Applebees tomorrow because they offer Veterans a free meal on Veterans Day. That’s the kind of business they are, that’s the kind of business that thoughtful Americans support.

  • Terrie Hutchins

    You don’t seem to realize that businesses are in the business of making money. They hire people to get the product out. If the gov’t (obamacare) gets in the way of the business. They have to do what’s needed to stay in business. That’s how the job market works. So don’t get mad at the company, which is paying outragous taxes, get mad at the current administration, which is doing it’s best to make our country rely on Gov’t not the private sector to keep the economy going.

  • Tony C

    Liberals………………..Too stupid to actually know the facts so they make up things to suit their needs.Wow,four more years of this :(

    • Dusty Thompson

      Four more years? We will be very lucky to see another Presidential Election. The hammer is falling the World over and after this fraudulent election the World has run out of places to run and no hope of a rational reasonable financially sound solution. Living in California I can clearly see the Road Warrior in our future. Its already happening throughout the Central Valley. Liberal elites all live in their nice secure little gated HOA utopia’s. I can see a day soon the barbarians completely ignore those gates. Its happening to many of us right now.

  • kelly ciolino

    What has happened to reason? Has common sense become obsolete . This is just the tip of the iceberg. Can’t squeeze blood from a turnip. Time to leave Wonderland, pull up your trousers and see what these businesses must do to survive. Grow up.

  • Travis

    If I was a business owner i’d be cutting my labor force as well. There’s going to be a lot more companies following Applebees lead and I can hardly blame them.

  • Michael Patrick Cahoon

    I read so many of these mindless comments with zero sense of what it takes to run a business. I have had several business over last 40 years starting out when i shined shoes and delivered newspapers at 14 before daylight on a bike.

    Useful Idiot: Unthinking proponents of socialism and/or communism.
    You can usually find them swarming the internet, participating in riots to promote tolerance, attempting to think up questions for themselves to answer, or sitting in Starbucks with their friends discussing the failings of capitalism over a light frappuccino.

  • Jack76

    More jobs that Obama voters will not be filling.

  • Havebikewilltravel

    Have any of you obama followers noticed the huge lay off announced by BOEING? Makes Papa Johns look like a mom & pop store. Did you twits also remember obama telling defense contractors to not give lay off notices as required by law until after the elections? How do you fools justify breaking the law to get elected? Your all dumber than a box of rocks.

  • Michael

    Businesses make decisions based on incoming revenue projections and the underlying outgoing costs. Everyone knows that profit margins are very slim in the restaurant industry and in groceries. The competition is too great to have huge profit margins as someone like Apple has. There is no surprise that Applebee’s, Papa John’s, or any other restaurant will be forced to reduce their employee levels and eliminate many more full time positions. Any time the federal government steps in to change capitalism, there are unintended consequences. Only Democrats are stupid enough not to realize that. Our nation will suffer even more during the next four years.

  • carl6352

    let the rate rise. you clowns were warned. no smart busines leader would just kneel down and take it. whats sad is the employees who did not vote for this clown will suffer for the idiots who did. all the while the black community will be killing each other more and more and unemployment among black youth will get higher and higher making it more dangerous for people outside the community. also all those college students who sat at the feet of socialist professors profess lordship over them will be trying to find work at the apple bees and papa johns and moving home to mommy and daddy. while getting screwed in there tax returns for not having health insurance. by the way you earned income credit people will not be getting any money as 2k of it will be the so called mandated tax for health insurance taken out. welcome to obama world beta 2.0

  • Daniel Munkelwitz

    FBI sources have indicated that by chance they may have discovered that George Bush may have been an Applebee’s patron as well as a frequenter of Papa John’s.

  • Moonbattery

    …and not only are businesses across the country laying off and raising their healthcare payroll deductions – now when they DO hire, they are going to replace full-time employees with part-timers who don’t get insurance. The goal of the radical left is to get EVERYONE on a government plan – forcing businesses to stop offering insurance to employees is just the start. After insurance companies all go bankrupt, the left has won. The prize? An entire country of dependent voters. healthcare is always the first thing the Marxists go after. Control healthcare, and you control the population.

  • Cordstreet

    LMAO! So Obama’s minions think by targeting CEO’s and franchisees they’ll force them to hire employees huh? What country are we in anyway? They won’t be happy until all businesses are shuttered.

  • Charlestownjack

    This is great. Obamabots managing Fortune 500 corporations from their parents’ basements in their underware. Somehow I never envisioned this.

  • $1130239

    We must destroy obozo…obstruct him at every turn!

  • Eduardo Kong

    Everyone I know who has a non-government job has had there health care costs go up since Obamacare, including me. My employer sent just the facts on why they went up and what the costs were. All the folks complaining CEO’s are spiteful are either misinformed or unaware that Obamacare has hit businesses and their middle class working force hard.

  • Alfred King of Wessex

    Leftist Obamabots are freaking out over this……and calling for a boycott. Because of their absolute inability to understand how a business operates, they can’t process the fact that the requirements of Obamacare ( as well as the new regulations and other taxes coming down the pike) severly impacts the bottom line of the company. The CEO does not want to make these cuts….but it is necessary to keep the company afloat. Unlike the Federal Gvt which can print more money to pay for its needs (cheapening the currency)….Applebee’s does is not permitted to print their own money to cover these
    onerous costs.

  • Michael Patrick Cahoon

    I left a post and i saw it here. Then it was gone. so much for free speech.

  • somatic60

    These crazy libs will jump for joy when they realize that Obamacare will destroy private health insurance. Its only a matter of time. I’ve worked in healthcare for over 20 years, and spent 15 years negotiating contracts with providers. This is the beginning of the end. We will still have a small smattering of private health insurance sold the the very wealthy. The rest will administer Obamacare. Even the unions will be forced to come on board. Blue Collar union healthcare business is the biggest money loser out there for insurance companies. They are the sickest, most unhealthy people out there. Trust me on this. Health insurance is on its way out. Another industry killed by the Obama era.

    • John Doey

      That’s pretty much the idea. Single payer was the way to go from the beginning because its the most cost effective and the most efficient. Only brain dead right wing reactionaries believe that a system that denies 50 million people access to healthcare and still costs more than any other system in the world is the “right” system. No country models their healthcare system on ours because it sucks.

      • somatic60

        Except you are wrong. Government is inefficient, choice and competition are better, and Obamacare is already driving quality and access down the tubes. In the long term, the greatest healthcare delivery system in the world has been destroyed by its own citizens. There were other ways to fix the existing coverage problems, but democrats rushed in with their brains behind their backs and threw the beautiful baby out with the bath water. I say this with 20 years in the business. Obamacare is a massive screw up. But as most people know, it was about more than that. This is a government take over of private industry and the economy. That’s the main point.

  • BajaDreamer

    Let’s get real and honest here for e sec. Every one of these asshats who are complaining about this was told it was a probability so that the company could afford to remain in business BEFORE the election took place. They made there choice, voted Obama into office, and now they want to bitch and moan about something they were informed of before the fact? What a bunch of morons. Let them all reap what they have sewn.

  • AAL


  • Straigt Talker

    Looks like it’s starting…………..Layoffs are increasing, taxes are coming from ObamaCare, and more adverse regulations. You probably don’t won’t to identify your 2012 voting preference because your going to be kicking yourself in the @ss for re-electing Santa Claus. Those of you bitching about these companies obviously are part of the problem and do not have any business sense.

    • Havebikewilltravel

      Hey lets not drag Santa Clause into this, Liberals have already ruined Christmas

    • Cathy

      And do these stupid people realize they will be paying for this Obamacare before it kicks in? Feel like a fool now?

  • Goo Gwaba

    When you re-elect a Marxist, this is what happens. You were warned.

  • Screaming Eagle

    boycott obamacare.

  • George70

    I cannot believe that most here have ever had to run a business. I have. My company hired and paid 150 individuals. It is obvious to anyone who has had to meet a budget that there is only so much money for personnel, equipment, supplies and the big one now overhead – which includes health care. EXAMPLE: A company has $100,000 for personnel and pays each person $10,0000. Hires = 10. New government mandate happen that will cont $20,000. That reduces personnel funding to $80,000 = 8 people hired, and 2 people laid off. This is not rocket science people, this is reality.

    Some will say raise prices to cover new expense of health care (ObamaCare) If done, that reduces competitiveness and ultimately reduces income – same result. If our product is necessary for many to maintain their lives in a healthy manner, increased prices means that some cannot afford the product. Not a good end.

    BTW : The company was a health care company that provided care for beaten and abused children and adults. Thus, by reducing the staff to pay for health care – ObamaCare, we care for fewer patients/clients. Since most of our clients were poor or minorities, they now face a hostile environment where health care is not readily available.

    For those of you who rail against food chains described in the article above, think a bit before embarrassing your selves.

    • Jeff

      Well said.

    • somatic60

      Some matters in business are difficult to understand and explain. This particular issue is not, and you have articulated it well. What is happening right now with layoffs was so predictable most people with half a brain could see it a mile away. This one was obvious.

  • fred

    Support Papa John’s P{izza and Appleby’s …..obamacare SUCKS!!!

  • Rod M.

    Massive layoffs are already underway. Employees who have Obama regime bumper stickers on their car or have favorable postings on Facebook or Twitter, or are known leftists should be considered for job cuts first. Allow the conservatives to keep their job. What comes around goes around. This is a real war with the cultural left who want to destroy and destruct the American Ideal.

  • disqus_XduyoQv08F

    How many of you actually run a business? Must be one of the 51% who voted for Obama now live with it!!!!!!

  • Bill Catz

    Election choices have consequences. Thousands are either laying off employees or reducing them to part-time status. You voted for it so you get to live with it.

    It isn’t the employer’s choice – it was the choice of the voters

    • Moonbattery

      if they actually did their research, they would have been making a choice. They didn’t “choose” Obama – they blindly followed the marching orders of Unions, Hollywood, and the corrupt left-wing propaganda of the “news” Media.

  • herbtheR

    You all forget- you voted for Obama, Socialism and Obamacare- the consequences are your choice.

    Support Applebees fight socialism…..

  • Pete Becker

    Boycott’ing Applebee’s will backfire on you because it will result in more people unemployed.

  • ChangeThis

    Applebee’s for lunch tomorrow!!

  • Charles Poulnot

    interesting that these companies are being forced to accept the financial burden of obamacare but mcdonalds, waffle house, jack in the box, etc, etc, etc as well as the 100’s of thousands of union members whose union bosses have negotiated(pay lobbyists/bribes) exemptions from obamacare. do any of you realize that 80% of walmart employees qualify for foodstamps and medicaid which effectively transfers $2.6 BILLION worth of medical care and wages onto the governments tab! nice biz model

  • Russell Diehl

    Comrades Listen UP….Everyone in Business has done the numbers….ObamaCare is NOT affordable unless you are a super large company or have less than 50 employees.
    Every Business in the middle has some hard choices…. I can assure you it has nothing to do with politics and everything to do with Cash Flow. The Middle market and smaller companies will truly struggle to survive. Let’s wish them Luck, and not castigate them for trying to stay viable as a business….. admit it … you have no idea the stress these folks are going through.

  • Orwellian States

    Going to the local Applebees this week. Libs can just suck it.

  • Joe Davis

    I’ve been just trying to hang on until Romney was elected but now all hope is pretty much gone. There’s no way I’ll get a job now. I’m going to go under. The Democrats and the Unions are going to make me homeless for the first time in decades. I went through that as a young man but don’t think I can survive it again–and now without family to help out. Democrats will either laugh at me and call me a loser or say I’m stupid or should go to the government for help. The government people just give me the runaround. I’m white, old, and Republican–they’d prefer I die.

    • Supporter_DC

      Move to a red state. We’re still doing ok for now.

  • IllinoisRed

    It won’t be very long before the MSM stops covering stories about individual companies doing what Papa John’s and Applebee’s are going to have to do to stay solvent. Obamacare (plus punitive taxes on private business owners who make >$250k; and an unshackled EPA; and IRS agents on scorched-earth searches; and plummeting stock, IRA, and 401k values; and soaring unemployment again; and….hell, there are dozens more). The focus will shift to how many hundreds and thousands of companies are going to have to go this way.

    Great job, all of you dumb-asses who re-elected this Socialist regime–if any of you could read then you might have learned something from the fairy tale about killing the goose that lays the golden egg. Small businesses are the goose in this country and Obamacare and his other policies have their hands around the goose’s neck ready to choke it. Guess what, suckers, when Big Gov can’t pay up, all of you will have to work like the rest of us. Good luck with a skill set that includes sitting on your ass and waiting on someone else to support you.

  • Jeff

    I work for my father who runs a small company. He is not firing anyone, but we now have a hiring freeze. He knows what in Obama care. These idiots tweeting about how awful these businesses are a freaking morons and have not idea what’s in Obama care. Nor do they run a small business. The probably don’t know that the government now can access all of our bank accounts legally to pay for Obama care. Look it up. It’s in the bill. And he’s hiring thousands of new IRS agents.

  • kellis91789

    These are the same idiots that treated the election like it was a popularity and ‘coolness’ contest. People who actually voted against Romney because he had earned a lot of money in his lifetime and saved hundreds of businesses. They spit in business’ eye. If employers can identify them, they should be the first to go.

    • Jeff

      Look for the Obama bumper stickers. And, if you have an employee who is a chitty employee, but feels they deserve a raise. You just found a liberal to fire.

  • Moonbattery

    I wish there was a way to just lay off these dumbass liberals – they are the ones who voted for layoffs, inflation, taxes, and debt. Let them sleep in the bed they made for all of us.

    • Guest

      Do you mean the Obama liberals, or the Romney liberals?

      • Annathule

        Go pi$$ up a rope, ‘k?

  • randallrkniess

    Good for these businessmen. A business is created to make a profit, not to give jobs to people too stupid to not know that. Elections as well as stupid thinking has consequences. And often it results in stupid people getting hurt.

  • Chesyre

    Who eats out ? Waste of money , cooked off and on for years for a job. Very easy to pump put a meal buy a cookbook and have at it. Hell thanks to the nice folks at a thrift store for the le creuset collection of unused cookware for 80 dollars the othe day )

  • Phil Mypockets

    I guess you brilliant minded, boycotting drones better get ready to purchase nothing from any American business. That will teach them to dare try to survive in an over regulated atmosphere you have helped to encourage.

  • stronghorse

    obama voters don’t get this isn’t a petulant post-election pout but economics. Obamacare has multiple levels of tax and expense that will stress employers. That is why so many large well connected corporations have scrambled to be able to opt-out of obamacare. There are also storm clouds on the horizon over deficit spending and the Grecian Formula effect on the economy!

    • Moonbattery

      Not to mention that most of the Obamacare waivers were given to the Unions who were demanding Obamacare in the first place.

  • opossom

    There are only two types of people in barry’s world, the poor and the government employees. So who’s going to pay for the poor when nobody has a job to pay tax’s?

  • John Doey

    So? Applebees is another shithole chain with sub par food polluting the American landscape with it’s restaurants. You can always eat at a Ruby Tuesdays or a Fridays or some other place that doesnt consider it’s employees healthcare needs as irrelevant to it’s bottom line. Amazing that right wingers think that the majority of the public is going to have any sympathy for a group of rich execs that make 400x the amount of ther lowest paid employees. It will be just as it has been for the last four years. The majority will demonize the employer which will cause bad PR and force them to start paying insurance costs. The culture is now on our side, not yours.

    • Jeff

      Have you ever run business? And no, selling drugs does not count. I guarantee you that Ruby Tuesdays and Fridays will start doing the same thing. No more full time employees and they will raise their costs. You are absolutely clueless. It’s welfare losers like you who ruined America.

    • somatic60

      You are not even close to being correct.

  • David Middlebrooks

    I wonder when people are going to realize that what the government offers a program that is “free” or low cost, comes at a huge price. Businesses must maintain profitability to stay in business and they pay the lion’s share of taxes. You can’t have your cake and eat it too!

  • Guest

    Uhhh… won’t a boycott make matters worse for the employer? We don’t want them to cut jobs yet a boycott will reduce business and ultimately force the business to reduce it’s labor force due to the lost income. DUH!?

  • mttorley

    Wow, wow… to only look at restaurants and not note the countless other companies in industries from defense, to medicine,to equipment to media who fired 10s of 1000s in the past 4 days…Foolish obamasupporters.

  • Derick Moore

    Don’t you get it?

    They are supposed to hire people because people need a job, and people need a job so they can buy ‘stuff’.

    Who is John Galt?

  • Bill Gryan

    My wife and I will take our kids there for lunch tomorrow. I haven’t been to one in about 10 years. I can’t remember if the food was good. But I’ll eat broken glass and pay for it.

  • jrjlas

    No surprise there will be layoffs. The obvious goal of business is to make a profit and be successful. When factors are introduced that adversely impact the success of a business adjustments have to be made.

    In this case it’s Obamacare and the 21 taxes included it. The supreme court upheld obamacare as a tax, which incidentally is why the IRS is hiring 14,000 agents to enforce it.

    Don’t be surprised as thousands of other employers start laying off workers.

    Obama’s cancelling of oil drilling permits yesterday certainly isn’t going to help.

  • Gene Simmons

    Good job Barry voters. Glad to see you endorse massive layoffs. That’s just what we need. Hey, as long as we can subsidize illegal aliens and professional welfare recipients, what else really matters?! That is, until you run out of money.

  • Aaron

    You people are idiots criticizing these restaurants. But that’s to be expected of Obama voters who have think you can run a business like Obama’s running the country—spending more than you bring in. The goal of a business is to make a profit.

  • Teresa Litherland-Wheeler

    Are people really this stupid? Seriously- ignorant. If costs go up for healthcare a company has to cut. Its business and unfortunately this mandate has caused this result

  • Moonbattery

    these Obama-zombie liberals should be jumping with joy. The more people that are laid off means the more people who end up right where the left wants them – on welfare. Once they are under the wing of welfare, the liberals have their vote for life.

  • Caral Freeman

    So sad that so many are so misguided and ignorant of how businesses work. The more the government takes from businesses in taxes, regulations, insurance costs now, licensing and fees, the less revenue there remains to hire people, or as in the case of obamacare costs,, the less revenue available to KEEP employees. All of those who are complaining obviously never looked past the statement that govt was going to give them something, as in healthcare. How stupid. The govt has to take the money to be able to give it to others, the govt does not manufacture anything and has no income over what it takes from its citizens. The more you want from the govt, the more the govt has to take. And considering how few people are actually working now a days, that makes for a mighty heavy burden on those that do. Don’t complain about the businesses that are unable to uphold the burden that gets heavier every day. You could have helped them in the election but no, you voted for more taxes, more regulation, more takers and fewer makers. I am sure we will be hearing more from all you whiners when things really start going downhill after the first of the year. Just pat yourself on the back. You did it to yourself and screwed the rest of us in the process.

  • rudy311

    It’s called business folks, and if you don’t make your shareholders happy you will cease to exist in the corporate world.

  • gary coon

    Are we becoming a country of fascists? I’m going to eat at Applebee’s tomorrow.

  • Mickey

    Costs go up. Jobs go down. I don’t understand why this is complicated for some people. What did you think was going to happen? You think trillions of dollars worth of Obamacare is paid for by unicorns and pixie dust? God liberals are stupid.

  • mouell

    Idiots think it is the purpose of a company to hire people rather than make a profit. No profit, no employees. This is not rocket science.

  • tbone51

    I’ll say it again. The democrats should never have enacted their “Affordable Health Care Act”. It was all a lie to begin with and filled with deceit and cronyism. What then should they have done – if anything? They should have socialized all legal professions and placed them under governmental wage scales. Every citizen could then be availed true equality under the law instead of pleading for a public defender. Where the poor could get the same justice as the rich at the same costs. But then again, unlike republicans, all congressional democrats are lawyers and they’ve got a nice ‘racket’ going when they pursue medical malpractice and punitive damage awards – which in fact is what has over the past forty years destroyed America’s healthcare providers.

  • Mickey

    “I’m angry that they’re laying people off, so I’m going to boycott them and cause more layoffs. That’ll show ’em….” Liberals get dumber by the second.

    • John Smith

      Exactly, hell maybe the whole country should just quit working. The liberal politicians love to hand out goodies as long as we are paying for them. One day it is going to hit the tipping point and everyone is going to say screw it.

  • plus_tips

    All the Parasitic freeloaders that voted for Oblamer deserve to choke on their free Birth Control Pills, Lose their Homes and Jobs, Starve and live under a freeway. Karmic Retribution is a Bitch. Marxists are Destructive.

  • Joe Mellon

    All these people bitching and saying to boycott are as dumb as the day is long and don’t have a clue about running a business.

  • John Smith

    Well all the Obama whiners that don’t like it..start your own restaurant. You all wanted socialism, this is what happens so enjoy)

  • gary coon

    Beware! Cliff ahead!

  • Tbird_

    Just the first of many businesses who will be cutting hours…Liberals and Progressives who live in a fantasy world will soon see the ramifications of their actions! You reap what you sow!!!

  • ForTehNguyen

    Welcome to Obamaland kids!

  • [email protected]

    What do the liberals expect? They don’t have a clue what Obamacare even stands for of what the consequences of it are going to be. They just voted for this guy because he has promised a bunch of lies and they fell for it! Go ahead, Applebee’s and Papa John’s! You’re 2 of our favorite restaurants and we’ll still eat at both places. Do what you have to do. This pres doesn’t have a clue! And neither do his followers!

  • William Jaudon

    I wonder how many of these people have actually read the ACA and understand what burden it puts on the employers? It’s mind boggling. If a company is of the size required to provide access, the plans must be “affordable” this means premiums cannot be more than 9.8% of an employees income. That said, if even ONE employee decides NOT to go with the company plan, then the company must pay a fine on ALL the employees, at $3000 per. So how is an employer supposed to control what an employee chooses to do?

    I HAVE read the ACA and keep reading up on it a few nights a week. I have it saved on my laptop. Unlike the 99%, I have chosen to educate myself. I am for health care for all, but this sure as Hell is not the way to do it.

  • Moonbattery

    I’m betting money that this months unemployment goes up at least a full percent. Why would Barry care now? he’s a lame duck who no longer has to worry about getting re-elected. He can now go all-out Marxist on our asses with nothing to fear.

  • Aaron

    The first people I hear that complain about the economy if they voted for Obama, I’m gonna bitch slap them and say, shut the hell up

    • KarenWI

      YEA! I’m going to say ‘You voted for him – even TWICE STUPID – NOW LIVE WITH IT”

  • Alan Beasley-LegacyofSuccess

    If they don’t freeze hiring they go out of business – if they continue hiring they go out of buisness. Why do Liberals think Business Owner take a risk and invest to lose their money and go broke? They do it to make a profit – no profit, no reason.
    Study the Soviet Union – free Healthcare, free Education, all make the same.
    But instead of “brining people up” – socialism makes EVERYONE POOR. Wakeup!

  • $4560728

    The stalinists are feeling frisky.

  • teapartydoc

    You get what you vote for, morons.

  • angelccorr

    LOL! @twitter-737520242:disqus and @bobbybstrd:disqus I had the very same thoughts! These Obama supporters are pure idiots. Hey Liberals, boycott all you want. You are just digging your graves a little deeper!

  • Damien_Son_of_Hussein

    I’m going to enjoy watching these tweets when they are homeless and starving to death. You have no idea what’s coming primates.

    • Moonbattery

      They will blame it on the GOP, and the media will spit out the propaganda for the brainwashed ‘useful idiot’ liberals to absorb.

  • Jennifer

    Everybody who voted for Obama shouldnt be mad at Applebees. This is what you voted for. Most restaurants are privately own and pay a franchise fee to whatever chain they open. Before Obamacare was even passed you were warned that this would happen because of all the extra cost they put on business so for each dollar they send to Washington is one less dollar they have for hiring. They are not like government. They cant tax people or print money. They actually have to have a budget and at the end of the day they have to protect their business because most small business owners have their whole livelihood wrapped up in the business. If the business goes bankrupt, they loose everything and they cant get any government help. Elections have consequences. You made your choice now the business’ have to make theirs.

  • JamesR.

    Don’t eat at Applebees or Papa Johns,I go to the local hometown shops.But didn’t anyone see this coming there are a whole bunch of various business’s that are cutting hours or not hiring since Barry was re-elected.But hey his first term he created 5 million jobs so the second term should be another 5 mill.These business have a right to do what they want it is still a free country,I think.And on another note a lot of business’s are honoring the vets Denny’s and Subway just to name two.

    • RestlessLegs

      “CNN Fact Check: About Those 4.5 Million Jobs (touted at the DNC)…” There has been — now, look at me — the real number is a net gain of 300,000 jobs over the
      course of the Obama administration to date. They talk about 4.5 million
      jobs, but some of those are existing, repetitive. The net gain,
      literal new jobs that didn’t exist, is 300,000.”
      Also, “For Every Person Added to Jobs Rolls Since January 2009, 75 People Added To Food Stamp Rolls.” Can’t wait for a second term!

    • Moonbattery

      mentally-Ill Liberal thought process on display. business needs to cut costs and is forced to layoff and scale back, and the liberals solution is to try to cost them even MORE money forcing even MORE layoffs.

    • Moonbattery

      If unemployment went up under Obama, how did he create 5 million jobs? You see, my liberal grasshopper it involves higher math: 7.9% unemployment is HIGHER than 7.8%. That means there have been more jobs LOST under Obama.

      • gekkobear

        “7.9% unemployment is HIGHER than 7.8%. That means there have been more jobs LOST under Obama.”

        Sorry GA, not true.

        We’ve added workers. We haven’t added jobs for 92% of them so unemployment goes up; but we need to add 175,000 – 200,000 jobs every month to keep up wiht population growth.

        We do have more jobs.. that’s true.

        But having 10 new jobs and 20 new workers doesn’t help unemployment any, or the workforce situation as a whole.

        We have more jobs… it’s just not enough to keep up.

        • Moonbattery

          ahhh! Obama math! higher numbers are really lower numbers, when they make barry look bad.

          Taking the lame attempt at spin off, unemployment went up and remained up for Obama’s entire term. No matter how you try to spin it, Obama’s policies LOST JOBS. 7.9% is higher than 7.8%. Spin all you want, and talk about “saved jobs” bullshit. it doesn’t change the fact that 7.9% is more than 7.8%.

          end of story.

      • JamesR.

        That was sarcasm,If You can’t see that You must be blind or a rino

    • gekkobear

      5 million new jobs, so the jobs market is good?

      Horse excrement.

      Pre-recession, 62-63% of the workforce had a job.

      June 2009, bottom of the recession, 59.4% of the workforce had a job.

      after THREE YEARS of “recovery”? 58.8% of the workforce has a job. Yep, we lost ground AFTER THE RECESSION ENDED.

      We’re adding people faster than we’re adding jobs… four more years of adding jobs slower than workers will NOT help.

      It’s like bailing a ship slower than water pours in… I’m not going to be happy that we’re bailing water while the boat SINKS.

      Why is that so hard for people to understand?

  • Tbird_

    Expect over the next 6 months there will be thousands of small businesses cutting hours. Sign of the time and Comrade Obama will be powerless to stop the juggernaut!

  • Paula Kay

    Wake up you fools. The new healthcare plan leaves business owners but no other choice. If they are to stay in business they have to freeze jobs and possibly stop providing healthcare. Do you think this is “Never Never Land?!” WAKE UP! There is no Utopian society on this earth!!!

  • James4545

    Papa John admitted the total increase would equal a whopping 14 cents a pie — he’s simply doing it because he’s all ticked off Obama won, and wants everyone to know. Please — don’t even argue, because he could’ve done this quietly instead of making a federal case in public. This is the guy who can afford to give away one — no make that two!!! — million free pizzas, but can’t survive a few extra cents per pie. Gimme a break.

    Any business person knows you pass along increases to your customers — not penalize your employees. This doesn’t even work in a capitalist sense. No, it’s simply a little tantrum, pouting like they are right now on FOX News.

    • jminsandiego

      If he’s ticked off because Obama won, I’d say he has the right to show it. If a lot of his ex employees blame Obama, then John wins.

      You don’t get a vote, so be sure to rant real good here — where nobody cares.

    • Moonbattery

      Good Lord. Another brainwashed liberal reading things on their Media Matters newsletters again. Businesses do not exist to make little whiney political statements like you non-working liberals. They exist to make a profit for themselves and their shareholders. The world is not some primetime sitcom where people write scripts this is the REAL WORLD, not lala land where liberals reside.

  • RestlessLegs

    Most likely, not one of these Obamabots has ever run a business or had to meet a payroll. They don’t have a clue about the costs that go into running a business. How dare Papa John’s try to make a profit!


    You know what, screw the left, I am sick and tired of their bullcrap and I am going to call them out on it. YOUR BOY KING did this.. HE MADE It mandatoryu to cover emplyees, so dont come crtying when your JOB is gone because of you RETARDED president.

  • ZombieProcesses

    Idiots. The same fools who voted for this walking disaster. They cannot see what they have done to us.

    Obamacare makes it more expensive to have employees. As such, employers will have fewer of them. It’s not a political protest.

  • Dick Hertzer

    Let Obamacare begin. I’m a retired business exec. There is NO WAY I would start a business today unless it was gov funded. No way.

  • Jay Smith II

    Applesbees is not complying with law, goverment should take over the applebees chain and nationalize it, law-scoffs should not be tolerated.

    • Joe Davis

      When everyone is out of work it will be impossible for the “Workers of the World” to Unite. That’s the big error in ObamaVision. We’re not going to Unite anytime soon I think, Comrade.

    • Jeffrey Wnek

      unless of course they are illegal immigrants

  • $16179444

    facts – liberals hate ’em. just toss a few crumbs their way and promise more freebies…

  • frankstclair

    Neither chain takes food stamps, so who cares?

  • Rod M.

    Massive layoffs are already underway. Employees who have Obama regime bumper stickers on their car or have favorable postings on Facebook or Twitter, or are known leftists should be considered for job cuts first. Allow the conservatives to keep their job. What comes around goes around. This is a real war with the cultural left who want to destroy and destruct the American Ideal.

  • Guest

    Yeah… now what did I do with that passport?

  • Jerry Erickson

    Love the liberal comments from the non risk takers that have no idea that business owners put everything they have into a business. Boycott it losers, liberals dont tip anyways.

  • Joe

    You liberals are funny. You won. You will get what you want, but you are STILL whining. Can’t make a liberal happy. You had to know going in that Obamacare was damaging to business. You see the business as the evil person, ignoring the fact that it is the evil government causing the problem. So boycott Applebee’s and put LOTS of people out of work. That’ll show ’em.

  • Bruce Clemens

    So… boycott Applebees? Because they are going to cut back on employees’ hours? Real smart. Let’s make them even more likely to cut back. Libtards.

  • rlo

    All part of the long term progressive plan. Get workers out of the company plan so they are forced to join a collective and eventually insurance companies will go under and the only thing left is Single Payer via the government. Liberal sheep never see the chute and corral they are being led into. It’s all about feelings and what they perceive as fairness.

  • Amazed

    You dumbasses still don’t get it, do you? Obama and Obamacare are going to put companies out of business. It’s too expensive to hire or keep full time employees. You will get exactly what you voted for you fools……

  • Jeff Vojtko

    Sadly the majority of people who support BIG government and the costs associated don’t understand the reality that those costs will just be passed on to the average Joe. Just plain ignorance.

  • John Peterson

    Welcome to the stolen election presidency. There is no mandate, there is no cooperation. I was democrat now I am survivalist. The more you raise, this more I hide. I am sadly now at odds with the USA, for the next 4 anyway.

  • garfent

    If the Dems are going to boycott, does that mean the rest of us are going to be able to go and eat now without the stink?

  • Frederick

    I have a solution. Just have the government hire EVERYONE. Obama can gradually replace all those private companies with government ones where everyone will work, including the 23 million unemployed, Soon everyone will have a job.

    Who needs Appleby’s when you have all that government cheese?

  • Dan Thompson

    So let me get this right. You people want to boycott a business because they may not be able to keep on the same amount of people due to the high cost of your new health program? Shouldn’t you all be rushing there to spend large amounts of money in order to assure the hard working employees that they get health care? No wonder you guys suck at economics, you can’t do math.

  • Enuf Alrdy

    If you love Obamacare so much, then you should be looking at boycotting all the companies that obtained exemptions from it. Not boycotting those who will be paying for your healthcare. Morons!

    • fmadsen

      A large number of exemptions were for unions. Boycott unions.

  • sparbanie

    The morons above protesting these restaurants because of possible hiring freezes and firings over ObamaCare™ don’t realize that BOYCOTTING the restaurants will make it worse for the employees—as MORE people will lose their jobs! The idiots who’ve re-elected the worst president since 1923 simply do not understand basic math. We’re doomed as a nation. And the downward spiral continues…

  • hawkmo99

    Typical Leftists responses… None have a clue of what it takes to run a business…or a household for that matter. If you have $10 and you must spend $5 to run your business…the other $5 for paying employees…and Obamacare comes along and says hey…you must pay another $5 for healthcare for everyone…guess what..? That $5 dollars that COULD have paid for an employee now goes to Obamacare…no employee. Kind of simple but then….socialism never counted on thinkers did they..?

  • Shasta Eidell

    I honestly don’t think most people realize ‘who’ is going to pay for this. Look companies that are forced into this will either close because they cannot afford to do this or they will pass the cost off to the consumer, i.e. meal prices raise, clothing costs are higher, etc. Before you bash a company please understand not every company makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year or billions for that matter. What about the small independent business man, I guess he’ll have to increase his prices and therefore most will not shop because it’s too expensive so he will close. Come on people how much more unemployment can this country handle? Our government cannot sustain what is there now. We all have to work together, if we don’t we will see very grave circumstances unlike this country has ever seen before.

    • RightStuff

      Great, Shasta, but the loopy leftists who need educating, are snockered by now.

  • pnkearns

    I guess I don’t understand the hostility. If Obama-care raises costs, then Econ101 says something has to give. Where do all these pro Obama-care people think a business without money will have funds magically appear from to pay for increased costs? What kind of economic morons are the schools turning out?

    • Moonbattery

      Money comes from unicorn farts. Every liberal knows that.

  • B.f. Caffrey

    Oh, the brain dead twit(terer)s. Why is it that the left seem to think that mandating businesses spend more on employee health insurance won’t cause businesses to cut back in other areas? Why should businesses accept much smaller profits, slower growth and higher borrowing costs? Suppose you earn $4k/mo and pay $300/mo for insurance on a tight budget. Then suddenly you’re required to pay an extra $10/mo for any worker you hire (gardener, plumber, painter, etc.) where do YOU make cuts? You stop paying the kids for chores, fire the gardener, paint your own house and do your own minor repairs to avoid paying lots of extra money. What is the result?

    If the result you envisioned is that painters, gardeners, plumbers will be forced to work less (part-time) that’s only part of it. They’ll lay off unneeded workers too. Worse is that they will be forced to raise their hourly rates to make ends meet. More unemployment, more under-employment, slower growth (i.e. fewer new business to hire folks).and higher hourly costs. Thanks BHO.

  • ChefJim Tebow

    What, are Obama voters so stupid as to think that increasing businesses costs due to Obama care won’t increase prices? Seriously, do they think businesses just print their own money like Obama does too?

  • Justin

    This whole health care bill was designed to fail anyway. By the time this all shakes out, the sheep will be begging for the single payer government run system that Obama wanted in the first place.

  • RestlessLegs

    This is what happens when you have to pass a bill to “find out what’s in it.”

  • Anthony Ventarola

    These morons don’t understand, they’re not firing people because “Obama won”, they’re firing people because of the mandates and costs that are going to be incurred on them next year. A sensible business liberal would have to do the same thing.

  • kmcalistersr

    Seems like the Twitter universe is where dumb people go to comment on things.

  • Moonbattery

    Why are liberals whining about layoffs? None of them work anyway.

  • FriendOfReality

    It really just goes to show how moronic the left really is.

    A business is in business to MAKE MONEY. If their costs are increased, as they will under Obamacare, what choice do they have? How can they keep hiring people if they can’t pay them or if it drops their margin to a point where it doesn’t make sense?

    Please boycott these businesses so they can FIRE OR LAYOFF all of their employees. Besides, it worked out so great when you decided to try and hurt Chickfila!

  • Jeffrey Wnek

    I don’t understand why these businesses are going to be cutting back. I’m hiring thousands of people…. signed…IRS

  • somatic60

    These fat liberal tool bags will boycott Applebees and PaPa Johns until their fat asses are driving down the interstate and its lunch time. I have zero concern bout liberal boycotts, especially after CFA.

  • George Lindell

    yahoo changed my email password to nobody knows, cant get in in any way, because i expressed anti obbaba sentiments, you might be next, no more freedom in usa, the crazies took over everything. we realy lost the election.

  • thorgodofthenorth

    Much ado about nothing. A number of Obama’s brown shirt twits go on and think they will change the world by causing problems carping insults on the comments board. These companies are merely explaining the impact on their businesses because of Obamacare. They are about to find out that it isn’t just these companies but thousands upon thousands of companies that will adjust and scale back causing unemployment to rise. Truth is John Galt is figuring out that more free time and less time busting one’s balls is kind of nice, now everyone relying on his ability to produce are going to be sucking wind. Good they deserve it. Trust me I live in California we are leading the way on the path to self destruction with a democrat tyrannical ruling class, at least for now.

  • Banksters_Rule_the_World

    Their answer is to boycott Applebees and help drive the company out of business in support of the employees. All because the employer can’t afford Obamacare. These are the same people that don’t want to pay higher prices, so that the employer can afford paying the insurance. This just keeps getting better and better.

  • Dietrdeb

    Turns out the douche bags didn’t really win now did they. Time for people to pay for their choices!

  • RightStuff

    Attention all posters. The people you are trying to educate are not smart enough to understand you. They are the bottom of their graduating classes.

  • AS55423

    People slit their own throats we are headed towards another depression. I guess these companies suck also ?

  • Tim Crowley

    It’s garbage food and the man has garbage politics.

  • disqus_XgtQTvWi3q

    applebees is gross anyways i hope they go out of business

    • Guest

      Wasn’t popular the first 10 times you posted it democrat faggot.

  • SaintLo

    Like these twittering twits make a difference of any kind in any business environment. They voted Obama, let them find jobs and restaurants in the fantasyland where they live. Morons.

  • gekkobear

    So their argument is “I CARE about Applebees workers, so lets put the entire company out of business”?

    I mean I get that most liberal policies do more harm than good to their recipients; but they’re usually a bit harder to see why than this.

  • George Lindell

    obama now controls yahoo and yahoo controls internet exporer, they are total mobsters, all is now lost. our lives are next, bank on it.

  • NorCalSister

    I hope they let go so many people and I hope everyone of them voted for Obama!…

    I think the ignorance of the people who voted to either get free stuff or voted because the Kardashins told them who too… should suffer! No sympathy for this country now!

  • Moonbattery

    healthcare takeover-under way. Next up? The “Civilian Police Force” that Obama proposed, that would report directly to the White House, and would be “just as well-funded as the military”. Obama’s own SS. (Yes, Liberals, he proposed this)

  • George Lindell

    we have assumed control. we have assumes control we have assumed control.

  • Roger Jones

    Apparently Obama voters are in complete denial of the reality that some of Obama’s policies are causing unemployment, underemployment and loss of benefits. They act like Obama is a god. They believe, apparently, that whatever Obama says is true and anyone that disagrees is pure evil. They simply do not understand that restaurants, unlike government, must balance employee costs with customer demand for their product, or they will eventually go bankrupt.

  • GarandFan

    I see the Democrats are in full “outrage” mode. Knowing nothing about how a business is run, they’re upset that a business would have the absolute gall to pass on rising costs to their customers.

    Since Democrats like “free” stuff, perhaps the current administration should work “for free”. You know, set the example for all those private capital enterprises.

  • $23684532

    Ah, to be a moonbat progressive where all good outcomes are only a government dictate away and where economic reality is forever banished.

  • TJ Miller

    The funny part is, most of the lib tweeters fail completely to recognize simple economics.

    …I wonder what they’ll do when the flood of other businesses begin doing the same thing, only quietly?

    (edited for typo)

  • Moonbattery

    …but when we boycott Obama, it is ‘racist’

  • vcbtn

    wanna $5 pizza from the private sector hot with meat and cheese?, they might not be able to afford to make it anymore; so get ready for gov’t free pizza, enjoy it cold on un-baked dough with cold marinara, maybe with a sprinkle of some cold spinach courtesy of michelle!

  • KarenWI

    How all of these hateful people can boycott a company that is trying to survive and be profitable is beyond me, shows the stupidity of these people about businesses.

  • fmadsen

    I’ve got a great Progressive idea…print 20 $1Trillion dollar bills. Pay off our $16T in National Debt and use the remaining $4T to pay for Obamacare. What’s the problem?

  • slconfidential

    Do the Obamanites want to pay 40 dollars a plate that should cost 12 dollars without Odum ba care? I can’t hear you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The money has to come from somewhere and its not from the tooth fairy. There are consequences of O bum bo care so live with it. By the way, if Romney was in, he would have gotten this straighten out. Great plan about boycotting. That causes headaches and lost wages for the remainder of the employees. THINK people.

    • 44guyton

      There is absolutely NO critical thinking Obamait. Its just some feel good socialist/Marxist crap!!

  • 1pfr2go

    Don’t file your taxes anymore. In my case they owe me. If you owe, file extension after extension. I refuse to comply with any form of ObamaCare….and absolutely no support of our government while Obama is at the helm. Muddy up the water so bad that the IRS drones can’t even begin to sort it out. Any forms or information that you receive from the government regarding ObamaCare, fill their envelopes with their garbage (and others) and return in their self-addressed, pre-paid envelopes and bring the feds to their knees. Let the country completely collapse and the economy fail. If we allow this to happen, the “OBAMA GAVE ME AN OBAMAPHONE” people will be be freezing to death in boxes…where they belong. Hateful? No less than the Obama supporters that live off our backs and deride us as being greedy old white people. It’s time to eliminate the parasites and their political party of “give me, give me, give me”. Oh, and I bet they lose their power also! They want “class-warfare”? It’s time to give it to them.

    • News Reporter

      I agree. Get yourself situated where you will survive 3-6 months up to one year on your own or with your family. Many of your neighbors may be the nicest people in the world, but 52% of them are Obama Democrats. Let them perish in arson fires, freeze to death in winter, starve to death for gluttony sins, die in agony from gunshot wounds. They created this mess. They shall perish by their own hands.

  • Terry

    You protest and ban the restaurants and they for sure will close and ALL the people will be on the street. Liberal are NOT very smart.

  • bcspace

    Most of my clients have had a hiring freeze in effect for the last two years because of uncertainty about Obamacare. Now they are cutting employees, reducing many others to part time, and reducing benefits because of it. Obamacare has been the largest tax increase on the middle-class in history.

    • KarenWI

      Yes but the leftys don’t understand business, they’d rather vote for a lying coverup celebrity instead of listen and think about what they are hearing.

  • IRDan

    Way to go Obama, now with more Part time employees, companys can hire more people and Un-employment will go down, but since you can’t live off part time wages, Food Stamps and Welfare will go up. Now that is a Plan.

  • J_Biggs

    I will be supporting both of these Programs

  • Sonofissachar

    Yes, boycotting Applebees and Papa Johns will certainly help their employees (not). For all of you who voted for Obama, welcome to reality. Obama supporters have depraved minds – minds that are unable to reason – so I am not surprised by the twitter response by that crowd.

  • Kate k

    Looks like another chic fa le day. Record sales and profit :). You women posting on here are so ignorent about business.

  • Ed

    Stupid idiots want to boycott a restaurant that might fire employees only to want them to fire more employees for lack of business. I hope Applebees does fire a bunch of people. In fact as Obamacare kicks in I hope most companies resort to these tactics. This country needs to suffer in order for the stupid sheep to realize what they have done by electing Obama again. The morons who voted for Obama are going to get everything they deserve now.

  • Norman_Dale

    Ate at Applebee’s today and had great food and fine service. My county in FL went for Romney 65% to 35%, so the Applebee’s in my area will thrive like never before.

  • vcbtn

    obamanomics is simply unsustainable, maybe not even for 1-2 yrs, “fully” implemented.

  • News Reporter

    Fuck these idiot liberals. Over the last 15 years, I have helped so many young people under 26. I’ve randomly ran across them, believing God intended our paths to cross so I could help them achieve their dreams of getting out of low paying jobs and into self sufficiency. I never preached to them, but I did tell them HOW to succeed. Every single one of these kids worked jobs waitressing, bartending, retail sales, food service, etc. During the past election cycles of 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2012, I read the Facebook posts of these young adults. I am sick and tired of them supporting Democrats and ridiculing Republicans. You give them everything they ASK to succeed. What do they do? They take my handouts, but do NOTHING to advance themselves. I’m done. Next kid that God puts before me, I will berate and let them know they should always remain a low life little parasite and leech the government for handouts and freebies. If I see them in public, I will shout at the top of my lungs and point, Whatever God commands, I will shout.

  • looneytoonsindville

    Tell the twits to go to hell.

  • IndieDogg

    I know Obama thinks Atlas Shrugged is for children but, then, he probably never read it (since we can’t see any of his academic records – they’re a national secret for some reason), but what’s next, requiring companies to hire people they don’t need and can’t afford to pay? Or do these yo-yo’s really believe the ice cream truck jingle song, that Obamacare is cake and circuses for all and won’t cost a dime. “It’ll just mean everybody gets insurance for nothing” I guess. Who knows how the indoctrinated mind works. If work it does, at all.

    • KarenWI


  • Hawkdriver1961

    Let’s see…liberals want to punish these companies for not firing anyone, just not building new stores, by boycotting these companies, which in turn will cause a drop in sales actually causing these companies to lay people off. Instead of telling people to buy food at these restaurants to insure business is good and thus reducing the risk of layoffs, Liberals want to bankrupt them causing everyone to lose their job. Obama’s version of social justice for all to see people. I hope you liberals get EVERYTHING that is coming your way in the years to come….

  • William.I.Am

    The Twitter-sphere won’t be able to keep up with the amount of companies that will be laying off / firing folks due to 0bamacare. Let them cry and whine – it will be like trying to dry oneself off with a handkerchief in a hurricane.

    • fmadsen
      • $63086627

        Here are the job cuts posted on Nov. 7, the day when America and the world woke up to read the headlines, “Four More Years.”

        – 30% of Executives at Defense Unit
        Medical Center – 17 Pink Slips
        U.S. Cellular – 980
        Commerzbank ( German ) – up to 6,000 Layoffs Poss.
        Spanish airline Iberia – up to 7,000 Possible
        Momentive Performance Materials – 150 Temp, Layoffs
        Brake Parts LLC – 75
        Gameforge Berlin – 20
        Vestas Wind Systems – 3,000 More Job Cuts
        Husqvarna AB – 600
        ING – 2,350
        Ericsson ( Sweden) – 1,550
        SRA International Inc – 222 in Arlington Va.
        PerkinElmer – 66 Layoffs During 3rd Quarter
        Majestic Star Casino and Hotel – About 80
        Center for Hospice / Palliative Care NY – 40 Temp. Layoffs

  • Rw Lawrence

    Brilliant – yes, socialists, boycott them. And what will that accomplish? Oh, it will cause more layoffs, because, idiots, you need to make money to pay employees and hire
    people. Just proves you don’t care about the people you pretend to care about,
    you are more upset that you may be able to force Obamacare on us, but you can’t
    yet force companies to not lay people off

    • circadia

      The problem is that these responses on twitter are by people thinking that that Applebees franchise was making a political statement. But the fact is that they were reacting to a law (that, because of the election, is now here to stay) that will greatly affect their operating costs. Though I do think the franchise kind of brought the outrage onto themselves by taking to twitter about it.

      • Rw Lawrence

        Obviously the decisions are rooted in the reality of economics, which is something socialists don’t understand, but I’m also fine with it is a political statement as well. People need to understand consequences and
        the closer to the election, the tighter the connection. In fact, if it made economic sense for them, I would suggest these restaurant chains think about future expansion or contraction in terms of red state/blue state demographics – don’t support those people and places that are predominately liberal if you have options.

  • Mike St James

    LOVE Applebee’s. Gives me additional reason to go there, and more often, In fact, if I DIDN’T like it, I would go just to stick a thumb in the eye of these ratty, stupid ‘BamaZombies. I enjoyed the bobbybstrd comment about the food stamps. Thanks! Needed the laugh. As you read through any string of posts from these turds, it’s clear they are as different from us as night and day. There ARE two sides. They ARE our enemies.