With only the first percent of voting results in, most attention is on exit polling, and the Drudge Report has some conservatives in a panic with a headline claiming an Obama lead in New Hampshire, Michigan, Nevada and Pennsylvania. Cooler heads on the Right, though, are reminded of a similar trend in 2004 which almost guaranteed a President John Kerry.

In case you don’t remember or weren’t paying attention, Twitter is at your service.



That boom was a bust. Drudge’s original headline touting a “boom” for Obama was been changed to “Exit Polls Tight.” Also, Ohio, which had been listed in Obama’s in the original post, has been moved to “toss-up” already.

Keep monitoring Twitchy for election updates.

  • http://pinterest.com/j0s1395/ Josephine (D)

    My stomach hurts, I’m so nervous. ;-;

  • Abigail

    THANK YOU for quashing (maybe) my fears. That headline had me freaked out. I was a huge lib back in 2004, so what do I know?!?? 😉

    • AlThompson

      Abigail: Welcome to the conservative family! A lot of us were “huge libs” at one time in our younger days!

  • WheresPatton

    Drudge has changed his headline now.


    R: NC, FL

    O: NH, PA, MI, NV

    TOSS UP: OH, VA, CO, IA”

  • http://www.facebook.com/steve.koval.9 Steve Koval

    Early exits in 2008 favored Obama too. Who won that election? LOL!

    • Achilles Plunket

      I think one exclamation point works better.

  • http://www.facebook.com/steve.koval.9 Steve Koval

    Early exits favored Obama in 2008 too. Who won that election? LOL!!!!

  • Love of Country

    I just want to go on the record …. win or lose (win) …. that I don’t trust electronic voting machines. Who’s to say they aren’t programmed to start secretly flipping votes after voting begins? That way, they would work fine during testing before the election, but once actual voting begins they start giving every 3rd or 4th Romney vote to Owebamao. Presumably these machines and their software were engineered by Democrats ie Apple and Microsoft.

    I don’t like it. There should be a way for each of us to confirm our vote went for the proper candidate and was tallied as such!


      That’s why I chose a paper ballot. But, they can screw people over that way too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/steve.koval.9 Steve Koval

    More good nooz!!

    Closing time – State

    7:00 – Virginia – Tied

    7:30 – North Carolina – Romney +1

    7:30 – Ohio – Obama +4

    8:00 – Florida – Romney +1

    8:00 – New Hampshire – Obama +3

    8:00 – Pennsylvania – Obama +4

    9:00 – Colorado – Tied

    9:00 – Minnesota – Obama +4

    9:00 – Wisconsin – Obama +4

    10:00 – Iowa (wave 1) Obama +3

    10:00 – Nevada (wave 1) Obama +5

    • Kate

      You can see into the future?!? You must be able to, considering it’s only 6:30 in Wisconsin and 5:00 in Colorado.

      • MrSnuggles2k2

        I think those are the exit polls and the poll closing times.

    • MrSnuggles2k2

      I just saw obama is up 51 48 in florida, how can that be if exit polls showed romney up 1?

  • http://www.facebook.com/steve.koval.9 Steve Koval

    Alex Castellanos looked defeated on CNN just now when talking about the exit polls. Said they must be wrong. Ouch

  • http://www.facebook.com/steve.koval.9 Steve Koval

    CNN: Romney’s Internal Polling on Ohio — Obama by 5