Last night, Twitchy brought you updates from the #RomneyOhioMegaRally that drew 30,000 supporters to West Chester, Ohio to see the GOP candidate “lose ugly” and “close angry” in front of a “low energy” audience (according to Obama campaign staffers and an AP reporter, that is). Tonight, Romney appeared before a crowd of 18,000 in Englewood, Colo.

For what it’s worth, Obama for America’s Lis Smith rated Romney as “downcast” and “well short of confident.”

If so, Romney seemed to hide it well for the photos, at least. Maybe this is why he looks downcast.

And yes, it was quite a crowd.

On Sunday, Romney will attend rallies in Iowa, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

  • phineasfahrquar

    Pennsylvania? Verrrry interesting. Be afraid, OfA. Be very afraid.

    • Penmar

      Yup, they should be, I’m originally from PA and my high school friends, though we were all raised as Kennedy Democrats are supporting Mitt.

    • PSUbrat

      Desperation, OfA haz it in PA.

      Friday I received “A communication of Organizing for America Pennsylvania, a project of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, which paid for the communication.” It was addressed SPECIFICALLY to me. The title in big, bold letters says, “When it comes to women’s health, Mitt Romney’s positions are shocking – and dangerous.”

      Hmmmmm…it specifically targeted ME. A woman. My husband wasn’t included on the address. It’s full of lies about women’s health issues that have already been debunked. I have never, in the 24 years since I could vote, received one piece of mail from the state Democratic party during a presidential election. I’m really not sure why they bothered to waste their money on this. I’m considered a super voter, have contributed money to only Republican candidates over the years and have run for Judge of Election as a Republican. How they could possibly believe, for even one moment, this mailer would change my mind is ridiculous.

      If PA wasn’t in play, then why in the world would I get this?

      • yahneverknow

        Yup. Plus, they are sending Bill Clinton in there tomorrow (well, I guess it’s actually today) to 4, yes, FOUR rally locations in PA.

        It’s gonna be a Romney landslide… wheeeeeee!
        A win is a win, but I want a landslide to squelch the silly people who will cry voter fraud. 😀

      • yahneverknow

        Yup. Plus, they are sending Bill Clinton in there tomorrow (well, I guess it’s actually today) to 4, yes, FOUR rally locations in PA.

        It’s gonna be a Romney landslide… wheeeeeee!
        A win is a win, but I want a landslide to squelch the silly people who will cry voter fraud. 😀

  • Josephine (D)

    I love the shot of Ann hugging Mitt. =) <3

    • Love of Country

      It is fabulous. It’s the kind of shot that coins phrases like “a picture is worth a thousand words” …. I think it personifies quite well how each of us are feeling right now, no?

      • RDPortland

        Absolutely agree. They can feed us all the garbage, partisan polls they want, but we know who’s going to show up on Nov. 6, and which side has the momentum.

        We’re going to win.

        • nc

          Please God!

      • nc

        She’s hugging him for all of us.

        • Daisy76


      • Robert Haney

        And compare it to shots of Angry Mrs. Obama, who stands BESIDE her husband, scowling at everything around here. Its a BIG comparison. :) Which couple would YOU want in the White House???

    • Bob Khan

      They look like such a nice couple. Ann is going to make an excellent First Lady, Mitt will be an amazing Commander In Chief!

    • Gingernlw

      Me too! I hope we get to look at that for the next 8 years!

  • Kimberly O’Neal

    I watched him live and he was sure confident looking to me and it was wild! Of course the liberals will think up anything and everything to “try” to bring it down but they need to realize it ain’t gonna happen lol…. Go Romney/Ryan 2012!!

  • Love of Country

    A new day in America is just right around the corner … and I’m more excited now then when I was a young child the night before Santa Claus was due to arrive …. can hardly wait!!!

  • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

    Sure, Lis Smith, I’ld be downcast and short of confident standing in front of a packed crowd of 18,000 excited Colorado supporters. Who wouldn’t be?

    • RDPortland

      Yeah, he looked really bummed to have so much enthusiasm and support at his rallies. He’d probably feel much more confident if he had trouble drawing over 100 people, like Joe Biden’s attempted campaign stop this morning.

      • SAndrews

        An Obama Rally featuring Stevie Wonder drew 200 people, but I’m sure they meant to do that. They know they could have always gotten 10 more if Sandra Fluke wasn’t busy.

        • RDPortland

          I think Biden got about 100 for his rally this morning, but most of them were probably just waiting to see if he insulted the President or claimed to be some random ethnicity again.

          • SAndrews

            Or playing the Where’s Joe game, where he gets the state wrong.

      • Penny Robinson Fan Club

        He needs to start limiting his rallies to a hundred or so supporters like Dear Leader does.

  • RDPortland

    That’s the momentum right there that partisan pollsters and media don’t want to acknowledge. Obama and Biden’s rallies have been shrunken affairs–and yes, Romney is drawing bigger crowds, though unlike Obama doing the same thing to McCain in ’08, you won’t hear a word of it.

    Republicans are energized, and the vote turnout will show it. Remember, at this point in 1980, pollsters were saying Reagan/Carter was “too close to call”.

    • 1kateexists

      Thanks RD. I’m so worried.

      • Robert Haney

        Don’t be, 1kateexists. It is THIS enthusiasm which the Obama campaign is so worried about. Hence Lis’ comments trying to downplay things. Obama et. al KNOW that in ANY state where they (Obama and Romney) are tied or within the margin of error stands an EXCELLENT chance of going to Romney due to this enthusiasm gap. Independents will flow into Romney’s coffers. Add to this the horrifying news for Obama about early vote turnout…and they on the left are SCRAMBLING. Everything is looking bad for Obama.

  • Soopermexican

    awwwwwwwwwwwww snuggle!

    • Household_Prophet

      lol reading all these posts and strangely, this just fits…

  • waltzingmtilda

    Cannot wait for the rally tomorrow!!!

  • medicinewomantwo

    Lis Smith says shes something for Obamas rapid response….snicker………….she’s actually a liar but she is rapidly doing it!

  • Daisy76

    “Mitt Romney’s eyes appear to tear up as he looks out at crowd in Englewood, Colo.”

    I like Mitt’s humility. It seems to be quite genuine. And he says he wants to be worthy of all of the support. Contrast that to Obama who acts like he’s entitled to and is totally deserving of all of the adulation, and projects a ME, ME, ME attitude.

    • RDPortland

      He seems to be a genuinely good man, and immensely humble. We need that sort of down-to-earth approach. No more marble columns and hero worship. No more promising to lower the rising oceans. No more disdaining us as bitter clingers, or blaming the guy who was in office before you. Just work–hard work, responsibility, and a love of nation over self.

  • ken bowser

    After the last 4 years, I need a hug too.

  • Adela Wagner

    He looks great for only getting about 3 hours sleep last night. Heard Carl Cameron talking bout that today. Time for some rest later, right now, gotta save our country. Beautiful photo of them. You can feel the love

  • Rockstar_Don

    For the first time in the last 4 years I am proud of my country.


    • Pete Futz

      For the first time in the last four years I have hope.

  • nc

    Did you hear Romney tell the story at the end of the Englewood CO rally about the American Flag from a CO Boy Scout troop that was on the Challenger that exploded, but was later found in perfect condition? He introduced the man connected with it who showed the flag, now on display. It was a surprising and moving metaphor for the resilience of the American spirit in spite of great tragedy (like the storm) or adversity (like the economy).

    Three More Days!

  • Teresa Cowart

    The younger generations may not remember this, but Mitt and Ann remind me of the love that was shared between Ronald and Nancy Reagan. Their love for each other, and for our country could be felt nation wide. It was quite tangible.

    • Lanforce

      Very good point – wish I had thought of it. Totally agree. Heartfelt love (as opposed to political marriages a la Billary, or narrowly averted divorces) can’t be faked.

  • FtheLeft

    oDumbo is toast!


    The pic of Mrs. Romney hugging the Governor just made me tear up. They are such a handsome couple…:)

  • alohasteve
  • Love of Country

    ————▄▌▐▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀​ ▀▌
    ——▄▄██▌█ ………….Romney/Ryan/2012………..▐
    ▄▄▄▌▐██▌█ ░░░░░ Thanks Ohio! ░░░░░░░ .▐
    ▀❍▀▀▀▀▀▀▀❍❍▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀❍❍ ▀▀ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    • Owen007


  • LadyLiberty1885 – A.P. Dillon

    Downcast? Did anyone stop to think he’s been going non-stop for days now and might be oh, I don’t know… TIRED?

    • Owen007

      Meanwhile, Obama always looks rested because he’s sleeps through 3 a.m. calls.

  • maureen houser

    I was one of the thousands who couldn’t get in at the incredible event at Red Rocks. I had arrived forty-five minutes after the doors had opened and wasn’t able to make it in..but I received an email from the romney event team…they had gone through all of the RSVPs at Red Rocks and sent emails to all those who didn’t make it in. We were seated in a VIP section at Fiddler’s Green, right up front! It was something that not many campaigns would ever consider…just made me love Mitt more!

  • Jack Deth


    Aren’t these the kind of numbers Zero was getting…. I don’t know…

    Obama’s going to lose badly. And it won’t be pretty, either!
    Too many voters from both parties are too pissed to make
    me think otherwise.

  • cacman93

    Ann Reminds me of Laura and Barbara.

  • Owen007

    I’d be worried if Smith had positive things to say about Romney’s rally. The fact that she doesn’t is very reassuring.