Staten Island borough president James Molinaro’s angry and impassioned press conference earlier today seems to have drawn attention to the plight of the borough’s citizens. Molinaro appeared live on “Anderson Cooper 360” Thursday night to continue to plead for help for Staten Island.

Molinaro told Cooper that he realized that “governing by yelling” wasn’t the ideal approach, but his angry words had brought attention to the needs of his borough.

What outburst? This outburst, in which Molinaro called the emergency response an “absolute disgrace” and advised the people of Staten Island to not donate to the Red Cross:

Where is the Red Cross? The organization reached out via Twitter mid-afternoon, perhaps in response to Molinaro’s stinging criticism.

It was just announced that Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano will visit Staten Island tomorrow morning to survey the damage.

  • Leroy Whitby

    Guilianni on Hannity said that a reason it is taking so long to get power to people is the antiquated energy infrastructure that the NY left has given us. People must be freezing there.

    • Cosmo

      Hmmm. They have the highest taxes in the nation but have antiquated infrastructure. Where is all that money going?

      • SDN

        For Big Gulp Police.

      • BeautifulAmerica

        To support Welfare frauds and illegals, of course

  • RosiesSeeingRed

    Heartbreaking. Staten Island should not have had to beg for help. This entire area has been devastated, though the media focuses on the Jersey shore. I live in NJ, and there are towns 15 minutes from here (nowhere near the shore!) that were totally flooded — homes that have NEVER gotten water were washed away. I agree with every tweet about the marathon — they have GOT to be kidding me. Bloomie has no perspective. He’s worried about climate change, which isn’t even real, as he goes forward with the marathon plans while people are still missing in Staten Island and elsewhere. Talk about clueless. Unbelievable.

    • Laura Douk

      I couldn’t agree more, clueless. While I understand the training, anticipation and excitement each runner experiences, this is not the time to sponsor this event. Perhaps with the lack of response from FEMA and the Red Cross, the runners will come in and offer their support by helping to find, feed and house unfortunate individuals that have sustained major loss, instead of seek praise for participation in an event that is going to suck needed, and I mean needed, resources away from an event that can take place at another time. This was not a terrorist attack, it was a natural disaster. There is nothing that needs to be proven here to outside entities, only Staten Island residents and that is that U come 1st.

      • shortstack5

        I’m a runner, and I can’t imagine that I would pick a marathon (no matter what the entry fee was or how many miles I logged in training) over helping people. I’d skip the race once I got there and find out how I could help. But that’s just me. While I don’t necessarily believe that the privately-owned generators MUST be used for other purposes, it’s shameful that the organization didn’t even offer them for use (unless we just didn’t hear about that). I don’t think I could sleep at night knowing that I could have helped people in need, but chose not to. Yes, people should have been prepared as much as possible. Now’s not the time to point that out, however. Let’s get them heat, food, drinkable water etc. first. We can argue about personal responsibility later!

  • Guest


  • Guest

    This isn’t a primarily political issue. I supported Bush, but how he handled Katrina was unacceptable. Seven years later, we really should have a better idea of how to approach natural disasters in major cities. It’s outrageous that anybody isn’t getting help this long after the storm.
    Now if you want it to be political…all Obama had to do to win this election was say, “My campaign is over, and I’ll be focusing all my efforts and leftover funding on helping storm victims get the aid they need.” He’d be the hero, Romney would be forced to call off the dogs, and momentum might change in these last days.

    • jetch

      a bureaucracy is *never* going to do things well, it’s filled with paper pushes whose job is to push paper, not do everything within their power to help others in need.
      bush didn’t and obama and christie won’t magically change this. the answer is clear, local governments should be responsible for these emergencies. local governments could afford such efforts if most of the tax payer money wasn’t going to a bloated, unsustainable federal government.
      i wouldn’t put it past obama to *say* “my campaign is over…”, actually doing that would be something completely different.

  • Donna Jackson

    She’s coming to survey the damage? She better have a load of FEMA trucks with her, or I would be furious. I guess Obama’s FEMA is no better than Bush’s. FEMA is FEMA.

    • David Raineri-Maldonado

      It’s…hard to say, as, although FEMA had resources ready to go, Mayor Nagin and the Governor of Louisiana refused the help.

      • Angie (D)

        THIS is 100% true.
        In fairness, IMO, there was plenty of blame to go around on both the state & fed level with Katrina, but the widely accepted MSM narrative that Bush was *solely* to blame is b.s. Gov. Blanco (D) & Mayor Ray Nagin dropped the ball majorly *first.* I was smart enough to evacuate to Houston ahead of the storm, but I was there for the aftermath & it was a circus on the state & local level. (Nagin, btw, is being investigated for kickbacks in connection with FEMA contracts given to his son’s company).

        Obama makes a statement with big fanfare that he told FEMA officials to “cut through all the red tape” but no one bothers to ask why in the last 4 years he hasn’t done anything to streamline FEMA & make it more efficient so he wouldn’t need to direct FEMA to “cut through red tape.”

    • Nookie Green

      Gee. The same people who run FEMA will run Obamacare. Scary, huh?

  • toreilly

    Why aren’t we flying fuel and rations in to these people? Who is running things?

    • ceemack

      The same people who were in charge of Benghazi and “Fast and Furious”.

  • Donna Jackson

    Oh, and back to Christie. He has some nerve to go on TV, complaining about the roller coaster he grew up going to floating in the ocean. He said that in 3 different news conferences. He needs to get off his emotional run and grow up to lead. A roller coaster is the least of their problems. Pitiful!

  • agroulx

    I hate to talk sh*t about Red Cross… but screw them if they complain about Mitt Romney giving food donations instead of money. Beggars can’t be choosers.. and frankly, let’s be honest – Why should anybody donate money when they are just going to take a huge percentage of it for their books? If they are buying food with it, why not cut to the chase and just give them food, etc? I’m not giving a homeless person money, because i know he’s going to buy a pint with it… I’m giving him food!

    • Angie (D)

      Consider donating to the Salvation Army — they’ll happily accept food & clothing at a local office near you (and you can donate $10 via texting “STORM” to 80888). I’m not affiliated with the Salvation Army in any way, but they were there in NOLA after Katrina way before the Red Cross was & they do good work too (as the Red Cross does) but they are often overlooked at times like this because everyone thinks of the Red Cross first.

    • jetch

      the only thing i disagree with is your hating to talk sh*t, what your saying is the truth!
      you are right on that they only want money so that they can pay themselves *first*. don’t tell me they don’t already have enough cash donations to hire a couple of trucks to ship that food and supplies immediately.

      • Elaine

        If ROMNEY had been allowed to send actual SUPPLIES, some people would HAVE food. You can’t EAT MONEY! Now they are getting a taste of what Bush went through during Katrina. It’s not HATE, it’s logisitics and being BLOCKED by FEMA regualtions and approvals. Romney is CORRECt on so many levels about keeping help on the STATE level! Praying that food and supplies are HAND delivered SOON!

      • EastValleyConservative

        Exactly, after hearing what the CEO’s salary was, I was appalled. Though still private, they have turned quasi-government agency which lessens their effectiveness and reputation. Private organizations always do better. Always.

  • agroulx

    Government and disaster relief can only do so much… People need to start helping themselves like many people do and learn to hunker down and prepare better… God Bless them, but they also had a huge chance to drive themselves further inland and or buy food, water, etc.. If it was me, I just wouldn’t rely on the government or other organizations to come help me.. But hey, that’s just me.

    • Elaine

      They TRIED and FEMA stopped neighbors from helping neighbors. Even turned away NON UNION help. That’s PATHETIC. Romney BUSSES filled with supplies were LAUGHED at and turned away. SCREW FEMA, leave the peoples’ money and resources in their OWN hands!

  • Jack Deth

    So, Janet and FEMA’s second in command are going to ‘tour’ the island tomorrow.

    Yeah, that’s going to work REAAAAAL well.
    I hope there are hundreds of screaming people to meet them!

    FEMA is a massive bureaucracy that moves at a snail’s pace at the best of times. And much, much slower with outdated equipment, infrastructure and technology. If they decide that they want to run everything. You can write off parts of Manhattan, Long Island, Staten Island and New Jersey for at least a year,

    I also wouldn’t put it past Zero and his slimy minions to hold these victims hostage until the appropriate number of super-duper caring ‘Photo-Ops’ are had and properly disseminated to the lick spittle media throughout the weekend and beyond.

    Way too little. Far too late. Sandy is going to crush Obama.

  • Discontentwliars

    If the government and Red Cross can’t do it, maybe they need us to help. Since the Red Cross doesn’t need generators/food or stuff, is there a place we can donate that could get the stuff to them. Care & Share used to take truckloads of food. Guess I’ll check with Romney to see what they’re doing. There are 350M people in the US that can help.

    • pbnj30

      Consider the Salvation Army, they’re the only ones I donate to, besides local food banks and Goodwill, but for nation wide relief Salvation Army is the way to go.

      • Discontentwliars

        This is the 2nd time the Salvation Army has been suggested to me. Thanks. Here is their Link. The people say they need blankets and clothes, gasoline for generators, generators etc.

      • Discontentwliars

        This is the 2nd time the Salvation Army has been suggested to me. Thanks. Here is their Link. The people say they need blankets and clothes, gasoline for generators, generators etc.

  • dwsmokin

    Sounds like the SI folks could sorely use some of the canned goods, clothing, and blankets that Romney raised yesterday-and was roundly criticized for. I would think canned goods would be preferable to any of the add-water meals, since fresh water is apparently in short supply. Hopefully for SI some of the other charitable organizations (non-governmental) will get involved.

  • Judie

    If the government can’t help you then you need to help each other! Take care of your family first then go and help someone else. If enough people do this people will be cared for until the gov or Red Cross can get to them. The Red Cross is a volunteer-led organization so why don’t some of you able bodied folks volunteer to help your own get through this?!

    • jetch

      judie: you make too much sense!

  • Renny

    Can I just wonder why the heck these people did not evacuate?

    • Angie (D)

      Meh. As a life long Gulf Coast resident I cut them slack for not evacuating — they aren’t used to hurricanes up there like those of us who live in the more traditionally hurricane prone areas are.

      • Michael Rice

        Yeah, all those advanced warnings were just so hard to understand.
        I mean, they’ve never seen footage of the damage a storm like this does, nah….they had no clue.

        • Angie (D)

          No, smart*ss — First of all, I didn’t write that they had “NO CLUE”– brush up on your reading comp skills. Second, if you had good reading comp skills you’d know that my implication was clear that by not living in an area that gets a lot of hurricanes it is difficult for people to BELIEVE what will happen from pictures/warnings until they actually EXPERIENCE it. This is actually quite common with human beings in general — that’s why there’s ALWAYS — throughout human history — people going around saying “I didn’t think it would happen to me” or “I didn’t think it would be this bad” after these kinds of things happen.

    • BeautifulAmerica

      Cuz they’re New Yorkers. “This is New York!” said one, giving Shumer free ad time. They expect the world to take care of them, thinking themselves the Center of it.
      So says this ex-New Yorker.

  • 1776militia

    Barack Obama hates white people.

    • Proud2bfromtheUSA

      He hates black people too. He only likes his own people the muslim brotherhood.

  • Angie (D)

    I’m a former NOLA resident (I moved *after* Katrina) and I can tell you from my own experience that the FIRST people there were the Mormons, the Baptists, the Salvation Army and WalMart — the Red Cross didn’t get there until the very end of September (Katrina hit the Gulf Coast August 29, 2005). That isn’t to say that the Red Cross didn’t help a lot, but their lag time compared to the others I mentioned was what it was.

  • SusanMG

    Red Cross has done a lot for disaster victims so I’m reluctant to criticize BUT… The Salvation Army and others provide assistance that has not been commended. The elected officials should be doing whatever is necessary to get help to Staten Island. Americans are generous and will pitch in if they know what is needed.

  • jetch

    the real problem here is that citys and states waste their money and never have anything saved for such emergencies. why isn’t someone pointing this out!?! its only been 2 days and they’re crying for help. is the city government really incapable of sustaining themselves in an emergency for 2 days??

    if staten island had a well funded emergency fund, their citizen would be okay until more help came. should citizens of that city be demanding that? seems to me it’s just as important as paying for “teachers” and “fire fighters”.
    this is what happens when you run deficits every year and have no fiscal responsibility.

    • kbielefe

      It’s called moral hazard. Individuals don’t prepare because they think the government will rescue them. Local governments don’t prepare because they think the feds will rescue them. I think the Katrina propaganda made the moral hazard worse. People assumed Obama would never let that happen, when really there are logistical issues in play that can’t be avoided.

      When a natural disaster hits, there are people chomping at the bit trying to get into the area to help. Officials have to tell them to stay away for a little while. Why? First, life threatening issues need to be addressed. First responders need the streets free from traffic as much as possible. Second, roads need to be cleared and unsafe conditions like trees about to fall need to be addressed. Third, anyone who comes in must be able to take care of themselves and not add to the burden. It’s not helpful to add more people to the long gas lines.

      It just so happens that process usually takes around 3 days. Tomorrow, you’ll start to see the ice and food distribution, but it will take a few more days to get into full swing.

      You’re blaming the cities and states, but really it is individual households who need to prepare for those first three days. Until then, local officials can barely keep up with the injured and people whose homes are uninhabitable.

  • TJCrane_NCC1701

    So Jan is going to FINALLY assess there ? After how many days ?

    “Heckuva a job Nappy” !

    While she’s “assessing” before actually “helping” I hope that she hands out fliers for Michelle Obama’s “dumpster diving” nutritional guidlines and Bloomberg’s restrictions on the size of dumpster water that they can consume.
    WTF !
    The American Red Cross is as much charity as the United Way (more money paid to their executives than actual charity). Professional liberal “charities” workers.
    I don’t really mind that ARC gets blamed, but what happened to blaming FEMA ?
    Did blaming FEMA become “out of style” along with ANY war, gas prices, and unemployment ?
    We need W 43 (wasn’t really a fan but…..). Nice job Bammy ! You screw-up !

    • TJCrane_NCC1701

      Best to donate to the Salvation Army. Yes, they are religious but they’ve got the FIRST feet on the ground while the American Red Cross is figuring their cut (assessing) and FEMA is showing up TOMORROW.

      New Yorkers can sing the chorus to Annie, “tomorrow, tomorrow, it’s only a day away”.

      • TJCrane_NCC1701

        I hate to sound callous but these people wanted and DEPENDED on this. GOVERNMENT.
        Not working out for you is it ? No kidding !
        Tried to tell you. You didn’t listen. Hard facts from the “college of hard knocks”.

  • Max Artifice

    Hey, someone please explain to me just what a borough president’s responsibilities are. Because it seems to me that his most important and vital responsibility is to bitch and moan at the top of his lungs for free stuff. Me? I’m wondering why it isn’t his responsibility to prepare for disasters so that he could actually do some good for his people…something other than standing in front of a mic/camera and complaining about what isn’t being done for him by someone else.

  • Max Artifice

    Oh, yeah…and someone please call me when the riots start in earnest. Funny thing…there aren’t riots where there are armed citizens.

  • Max Artifice

    I’m hoping that Janet Napolitano brings hot dogs. Hot dogs are great. Hope she brings all the good condiments. Yay, Janet!

  • rbtpowell

    Hey wheres the king, why just the other day I saw pictures of him saving New Jersey….is he tired?

  • Jim Latham

    All Mayor Broomberg is worry about is a race, when his people are cold and out of food and water. He needs to take his global warming, and 32 Oz Sodas and join Al Gore in the NUT house.

  • tjp77

    Why would they care about Staten Island? The only people living there are working class Italians and Irish, and they don’t even have a super cool mayor like Corey Booker.

  • Russell88

    It is regretable that relief operations have not been as effective as we’d like. But the question is whether the Red Cross or FEMA could operation in a relative information vacuum.
    I would expect that the Red Cross, FEMA, etc. were operating based on inputs and information from the local government, some designated entity responsible for coordinating the relief operation. So if some place is not covered by something like a emergency network, say like the old Civil Defence organization, it would not be too surprising if nothing went to that uncovered place. If you don’t know that a the next neighborhood has been devastated, you might not send scarce relief resources to that neighborhood until you know what the score is.

  • B.J. Newton

    Oh hell, its Bush’s fault! LOL sorry couldn’t help myself. This is ludicris where is the MSM reporting on this, they hammered the hell out of Bush with Katrina and in the end we found out it was the Gov of LA and Mayor of New Orleans fighting for power and blocking FEMA and Feds. There is no excuse for this one, but the only way we find out the struggle of Statan Island is via Tweeter or Twitchy, wtf he is right, this is AMERICA, WTF, Obama needs to go and all his union thugs, and minions. TIME TO TAKE BACK AMERICA AND GET NYers, NJers the help they need and deserve!!

    • B.J. Newton

      Another thing, Mayor Bloomberg, if the gun goes off to start that Marathon sir, you might want to run yourself and keep going in exile to maybe …….oh… California

  • Linda Sue

    Let’s stop blaming, I include myself, I could go on for hours about the incompetence; but I think we should start doing what American do in times of trouble. Find an organization in our community that is helping, and give, then give again. If you have no money or goods to give I’m sure workers will be needed to handle the goods donated.

  • Penmar

    I think they should contract FEMA out to Walmart, How Walmart got 7000 generators to it’s stores during Sandy

  • Back 4 More

    The Red Cross is a racket. Fema is even worse.

  • Cosmo

    I hate to see people suffer, but why didn’t they evacuate? They had over a week’s notice that this storm was headed their way. It got more media coverage than any storm since Katrina. It seems that way too many people are standing around with their hand out.

  • Right Wired

    When Katrina hit, they blamed Bush for the (non-existent) lack of response.
    When Sandy hit, they blamed the Red Cross for the (non-existent) lack of response.


  • dave lewis

    The Red Cross dropped the ball on 9/11/01 with donations. I gave money to them then and won’t anymore, strictly Salvation Army. I DO give blood through the Red Cross. Kind of hard to play games with blood.

    That being said, how dare anyone, including someone who lost their home demand that a private organisation give them something.

    How would you like to be donating your time on scene, and you are handing out supplies and you get “About time” instead of “Thank you”?

  • EastValleyConservative

    The mayor certainly had time to let Chuck Shumer put up his seal before his “outburst”. The media isn’t reporting it because it would look bad on Obama right before the election. Elections before people for this man…..the bigger problem is the 100% reliance on the federal government over and above everything else. Help is sometimes turned away or ignored or marginalized because the “big guns” are coming. Just like the joke that was the complaining about Mitt Romney’s drive that the Red Cross needed money, not goods. This is pathetic. No one is reporting the looting or the wolfpacks (bands of teens looting) and the absolute anarchy. These people won’t see major results until after the election. And if Obama doesn’t win, he’ll be off to his beach house and not give a damn. What does he care? He gets salary for life despite putting this country further in the toilet.

  • littleones

    Isn’t there some kind of Affordable Health Care Act FEMA Army or something? where are these people? are they on site?

  • Badgirlsofthenorth

    I bet the people of Staten Island would gladly welcome Mr Romney’s campaign bus full of food . You can’t eat money regardless of what Waandrea Mitchell of MSNBC says