As the ever-shifting timeline of events in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11 finally begins to catch the attention of the mainstream media, anonymous U.S. intelligence officials have spoken out today to either clarify or further confuse, claiming that CIA security officers rushed to the assistance of American diplomats within 25 minutes of the first call for help and at no point were told to stand down.

A report published earlier today by Eli Lake quoted a senior U.S. Defense official as saying, “There was no request from the Department of State to intervene militarily on the night of the attack.” One week ago, a CIA spokesperson denied reports that CIA operatives were repeatedly given orders to “stand down” after hearing shots fired at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, insisting that “no one at any level in the CIA told anybody not to help those in need; claims to the contrary are simply inaccurate.”

The Washington Post reports:

U.S. officials said they decided to offer a detailed account of the CIA’s role, however, to rebut media reports that have suggested that agency leaders delayed sending help to State Department officials seeking to fend off a heavily armed mob.

Instead, U.S. intelligence officials insisted that CIA operatives in Benghazi and Tripoli made decisions rapidly throughout the assault with no interference from Washington, even while acknowledging that CIA security forces were badly outmatched and largely unable to mobilize Libyan security teams until it was too late.

The Post’s David Ignatius, an opinion writer, also includes a revised timeline based on this new information. The first call for help from the consulate was made at 9:40 p.m., and according to the unnamed senior intelligence official, a six-person rescue squad, including Tyrone Woods, was dispatched at 10:04 p.m. Ignatius concludes that there were “CIA errors but no evidence of conspiracy.”

Why so many questions, people? Are you suspicious just because the president was still peddling the “blame the video” line a week later on David Letterman’s show? You should be satisfied. Reporters for NBC and the New York Times like what they see, after all.

  • dan sprunger

    CIA reinforcement, including Glen Doherty, from Tripoli arrives in 45 minutes; but delayed at the airport for nearly 4 hours. Glen joins Tyrone Woods in the roof. 10 minutes later the fighting was over and both Glen and Tyrone dead.

  • MoabMom

    So, the Washington Post won’t print anything, but they will run interference for WH?

  • Pkruta

    Hey, President Obama. The people can spot a #bullshitter.

  • Quilly Mammoth

    * guys…..Lot’s of obfuscation that AFRICOM didn’t have a “commanders in extremis force”. Yes they did. It’s called the 5th fleet. And there is no mob or AQ force that can withstand it. Doherty arrives in Benghazi and Joins Woods on the roof. Pleading for air support as they paint Jihadi positions they are killed by mortar fire. Despicable.

  • kate_middleton

    Ridiculous. Ignatius calls them out earlier this week for not answering questions, so they then release things that have been proven false so he can say they’ve answered questions.
    I trust Catherine Herridge and Jennifer Griffin’s sources more….sorry.

  • wantthetruth

    Why don’t they just go back to the video story? Heck if they’re making up stuff, you’d think they could do better than that!

  • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

    Seriously, what has happened to our country? Do they, White House and CIA, believe that ‘we, the people’ are that stupid or naive to believe a load of horses¢!?. Maybe their story was the ‘load’ Biden was talking about. If any of this was true it would have been released weeks ago. I beg someone out there with morals and integrity to speak up, come clean and stop the charades. We know it was never about a barely seen You-Tube trailor, so stop digging yourselves a deeper hole. We are not going away.

    • ScaryCheri

      malarky? yep

  • Hourglassman

    l just hope that people think real hard about Obama’s inaction regarding Benghazi before voting on Tuesday. Too bad they didn’t in 2008 as this fits Obama’s MO to a T.

  • jetch

    so the people who would be doing the cover up, didn’t give ignatius evidence of a cover up??? do i have that right?

    • rivers

      Jetch for the win.

    • strat77

      Yep – same as the F & F report from the DOJ. They think we’re stupid. 4 more days people!

  • yviemarie88

    I was so mad at this BS story that I tweeted them No Go on your poor misleading attempt to fool the uninformed. This girl just ain’t buying it.

  • nc

    Oh, ok. We can just forget about it now…

    These media people are going to pay for the damage they’ve done to our country. Don’t know how, don’t know when, but they will.

  • Kate

    The AP actually mentioned Libya yesterday- it was this story.

    Anything to defend the Campaigner-in-Chief.

  • Pat Szucs

    If Amb. Stevens was black would he be alive today?

  • Joe W.

    O.K. I guess we all just over reacted a bit. Once again, Kaptain KickAss performed magnificently and did all within his power to protect the lives of Americans in harm’s way…..(((((SPIT))))) FOUR MORE DAYS and we are rid of this piece of whale shit.

  • MoxieLouise

    Lapdog [noun] 1: a servile dependent or follower. Synonyms: lackey, toady, minion, bootlicker.

  • Streetiebird

    No evidence of conspiracy!?!?! Now THAT’S evidence of a conspiracy! LOL you FOX news watchers crack me up!